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My Role as a Big Brother

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    Even though I was only one year older than Landon, I always took my role as a big brother seriously. Our mom wasn't the most responsible parent; it wasn't unusual for her to disappear for a couple of days at a time, leaving my brother and me to fend for ourselves. Our dad was barely in the picture either. The last time I saw him was the week after my 15th birthday, when he dropped by our trailer to give me a smartphone, which I suspected was stolen, but I accepted it happily anyway since I really needed a new phone.

    "I saved a number in there for you. The name's Darren Baker," my father said as he handed me my gift.

    "Who's that?" I asked.

    "Your brother. I mean, half-brother, whatever. He's my son," Dad mumbled. 

    "Did he ask you to give me his number or something?" I asked, confused. I knew my dad had a bunch of children all over the area, most of which he didn't keep in touch with. 

    "No. But he's older and out of everyone I know he's a good person to call in case of emergency. So I thought you might wanna have his number, in case you and Landon ever… need anything," Dad replied awkwardly.

    "Oookay. Well, anyway, thanks for the phone," I shrugged. 

    Two years later, and our mother was off on another one of her benders… but this time she disappeared for three months. Landon and I used our own money to pay rent, but when we started to run low we had no choice but to go to our school principal. It was her idea to call Darren, which is how I went from being a big brother to HAVING a big brother.

    Although we weren't sure what to expect of Darren, he turned out to be pretty cool. The day after meeting us, he took us to the mall and he even bought Landon a dildo. When I found out about it later that night, I found it hilarious. Darren definitely gave off a goodie-two-shoes vibe at first, but the fact he was willing to buy a sex toy for Landon made me respect and like him more. 

    Then, two days later, I came back to Darren's house in the evening and I saw a surprising scene: my older half-brother was getting his cock sucked by Landon! I was the one who had originally suggested it, but that was supposed to be a joke more than anything. Now, here it was, happening right in front of my eyes… and making my dick grow harder by the second.

    "I see you took my advice," I said to Darren, who was balls-deep inside our cocksucking sibling's mouth. Then, I turned to Landon and asked, "You have that toy up your ass again?"

    "Mhm. I love having it up my ass while I'm sucking dick," Landon replied, taking Darren's dick out of his mouth for just a moment before continuing to deepthroat it.

    "How about… we use the real thing? You ready to get fucked, lil' bro?" I asked, already pulling down my sweatpants and extracting my hard prick, which made both Landon's and Darren's eyes grow bigger.

    Tonight, I was feeling even hornier than usual. I'd just spent a few hours helping my buddy tattoo a college girl's back. She was, of course, topless during the process, and she had no problem with flashing her tits in my face, squeezing them and pinching her nipples with a grin, aware that I was staring. I was super tempted to make a move, but I held back. Now, with all that pent up energy inside me, I knew just who to take it out on.

    I pulled my hardening dick out from my sweatpants. I rarely wore underwear as I loved showing off my bulge – plus, less laundry to do. My balls were damp with sweat from the day, and I could smell my own musk. The sight of my little brother's lips wrapped around our older brother's cock had me rigid in seconds. I slowly stroked myself while they both stared at me hungrily. Landon never took Darren's dick out of his mouth, but his eyes were still on me. Darren nervously licked his lips, his eyes darting from my cock to my face. I figured maybe I should put on a little show for them.

    Letting go of my dick, I crossed my arms at my waist to lift my T-shirt off. I tried to go slow, enjoying their eyes on me. I made sure to flex my abs and pecs as I tugged the shirt over my head. Then, I tossed it aside and dragged my hands down over my chest. I pinched my nipples until they were perky and erect. I held onto the back of the couch for balance and then stepped on the heel of one shoe to kick it off. I repeated this with my other shoe, fully aware that the motion caused my dick to wave at my brothers. I walked around the couch, my dick bouncing with each step. I stopped a foot away from them and turned around to bend over while pushing my sweatpants down.  I faced them again, fully naked.

    "Well, what're you waitin' for?" I asked, pointing at my crotch. "You want this dick or not?"

    Landon jumped up from the floor, pulling the dildo out and setting it on the coffee table. He got on his knees on the couch holding onto the back, his hips waving back and forth in anticipation. His tight teen pussy looked so eager and inviting, I couldn't wait any longer. I winked at Darren then stood behind Landon. His hole was already wet with lube, so I grabbed onto his hips and pushed my big-brother cock up his virgin ass in one thrust. I was bigger than the dildo he'd been practicing with, but he took it like a champ.

    "Darren, get over here," I said, looking over my shoulder. "Let's plug him up."

    My big brother didn't need any further convincing. He scurried around to the backside of the couch and Landon happily swallowed his cock once more. Darren and I kept intense eye contact as we spit-roasted our baby brother. I started slow, still being mindful this was Landon's first time getting fucked, no matter how much he had practiced with the dildo. Landon had his hands firmly gripping the back of Darren's legs and he moaned each time I slid in and out.

    Meanwhile, Darren kept running his fingers through Landon's hair and let him do all the work with his mouth. Darren's head lolled back, and his eyes closed, clearly loving every second. I spread Landon's cheeks wide and enjoyed the sight of his hole gripping my dick. I kneaded his ass and started to pick up my pace now that I knew he could take it. 

    "Oh, fuck, this is so fucking hot," Darren gasped. "I don't think I can last much longer."

    "Have him lick your balls, bro. Don't cum yet," I encouraged. I wanted this to last.

    "I'll try!" my big brother panted, willing to humor me. 

    Landon overheard me and let Darren's cock pop out of his mouth. A stream of saliva dripped down onto the couch. Next, Landon went right for Darren's sack, lapping at his nuts. Darren's spit-wet meat rested on Landon's cheek while Darren's balls enjoyed a thorough tongue bath. I leaned over and held onto my younger brother's shoulders for more leverage as I pounded into his virgin hole. Sweat was starting to bead on my torso, same with Landon's back. Even Darren looked like he was flush from the combined heat of our brotherly lust. My hips slapped against Landon's ass while he grunted into Darren's taint and balls. 

    "Fuck. I love your tight little ass, baby bro," I moaned. "I should've been fucking you months ago!"

    I stepped one foot up onto the couch cushions so my balls could swing freely. I was pounding into his ass so hard it felt like the whole house was shaking. I freed one hand and grabbed a fistful of Landon's hair, pulling his head up before pushing his mouth back on Darren's cock. I used my own fucking momentum to make Landon's head bob up and down. Acting like the best brother in the world, I made sure both my bros were getting pleasured.

    "You want your big bro's cum?" I groaned, not slowing down. "You want my cum up your ass, huh?!"

    Landon nodded while slobbering on Darren's pole, too lust-crazed to speak. I had both hands back on Landon's waist. My grip was tight, and I went even faster, fucking my little brother like a jackhammer. I could feel my balls tensing and sweat was dripping down between my pecs and abs. With a final strangled cry, I slammed into his ass and dumped my load deep inside him. 

    "Fuck... ah, FUCK!" I panted. "I needed that."

    "I'm gonna shoot!" Darren's eyes bulged in amazement as he looked down at Landon, his own orgasm getting closer. 

    "Get over here," I commanded him, and my older brother obeyed wordlessly.

    I slapped Landon's ass and pulled out, seeing a trickle of my creamy load start to seep out of his loosened hole. I pulled Darren by the hips until he was directly behind Landon. Then, I grabbed my big brother's cock, lining it up with Landon's cummy hole and whispered in his ear:

    "I know a better spot where you can cum."

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