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Thanks, Daddy

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    During the first three months of 2023, I was busier than I'd ever been in my life. I juggled a full-time job, 12-step meetings in the evenings, and the most important mission: reconnecting with my kids. I used social media to message women and children who I hadn't talked to in years. A couple of them blocked me and wanted nothing to do with me, but the majority of them agreed to get together if they still lived in the area. 

    These initial meetings were inevitably awkward. Over time, some relationships grew more cordial than others. Of all of my kids, the one I was getting closest with was Landon. He was one of my youngest sons, and he didn't seem to harbor much resentment for my past actions. He was a good kid – the first to ask to visit me and spend a night at my motel. He got VERY comfortable during that overnight stay: when he thought I was asleep, he tried to get away with a sneaky jackoff next to me in bed. Even though I could tell what Landon was doing, I didn't interrupt him and let him know I was still awake. For one, I didn't want to make things awkward between us; but also, I figured the boy deserved to have his fun. 

    Landon and his brother Reed still lived with their half-brother Darren. While Reed tried to build a bond with me as well, Darren was still standoffish and skeptical. I didn't blame him, but I continued to hope he would open up to me someday. One evening, I happened to be driving close to the town where Darren lived, so I figured I'd drop by for a spontaneous visit. When I got to the house, the lights were on so I knew the boys were at home. When I walked up to the door, I could hear the TV playing loudly on the other side. I knocked and waited, but after a minute or two there was no answer so I decided to just open the door just in case it was unlocked… which it was.

    "Hello?" I said as I entered Darren's house. I'd already been here on quite a few occasions so I didn't feel like I was intruding. After all, didn't most parents think it was okay to let themselves into their children's homes? My relationship with Darren was rocky, however, so hopefully he wouldn't get mad over this. 

    I passed the living room with the TV on, but there was no one there. I kept walking toward the bedrooms. I got to the first bedroom which had the door cracked open a few inches. The light was on, and I peered in, expecting to find my boys. I saw Reed in the room… and he wasn't alone. My son was sitting on the edge of the bed with his eyes closed. He had both of his hands on some guy's head as he was receiving a blowjob. 

    I knew I shouldn't have been watching, but I was in such a state of shock that I couldn't look away. I never would've guessed Reed was gay… Landon perhaps, but not Reed. I watched and listened for a few minutes as my son was clearly enjoying the oral service he was getting. Then, as I got a better look, I started to realize the guy blowing Reed looked sort of familiar. If I could just see his face... And then… HOLY SHIT! It was Landon! My son was giving his older brother a blowjob right in front of me.

    At first, I was taken aback and totally shocked. I couldn't help but stare as Landon made love to Reed's cock with his mouth. Landon seemed to be enjoying this just as much as Reed. I couldn't quite see, but I could at least tell by the movement of Landon's arm that he was jerking off at the same time. 

    I was no stranger to man-on-man action. When I was in prison, many of us took what we could get. I even had a young prison boyfriend, who I fucked on the regular. Many years ago, I also sucked a few dicks in exchange for drugs or money. I wasn't wholly unfamiliar with other men's cocks and because of that, I was able to appreciate how large Reed's seemed to be. Equally as impressive was the fact that Landon was able to deepthroat him with ease.

    Next thing I knew, Reed opened his eyes and saw me looking in from the doorway. He didn't flinch. If anything, the corners of his mouth twitched, almost into a smile. He stood up and grabbed a fistful of Landon's hair. While continuing to make eye contact with me, Reed started fucking Landon's mouth aggressively. I heard sounds of gagging from my younger son, but he did nothing to stop Reed. There was no way this was their first time doing this; shit, they looked like they've been engaging in this for years. Reed looked down towards my waist. Sure enough, I was hard as a rock by now, and my loose sweatpants made it all the more obvious.

    "Bro, don't freak out, but we've got an audience," Reed said to Landon.

    Landon turned towards the door, doing his best to keep Reed's dick in his mouth. I pushed the door open and stepped into the room. Landon's eyes widened with shock, but he didn't stop. Reed sat back down on the bed and patted his hand on the spot next to him. Like walking through mud, I moved forward slowly and then sat next to my son.

    "I can tell you like what you see. Why don't you just relax and take your dick out," Reed suggested. He smiled at me, and I realized how much he looked like the kid who I called my prison boyfriend. 

    I didn't know what to think, let alone what to do. My hands seemed to move on their own as I pushed down my sweatpants and boxers. My hard dick flopped out and a small trickle of precum oozed from the tip. I took my meat in my hand and started stroking while Landon continued to enthusiastically blow Reed. 

    Then, Reed instigated the scene even further. He grabbed Landon's hand and brought it to my cock. My younger son knew exactly what to do. He took hold of my dick and started stroking me, giving me a handjob while continuing to provide his brother with a blowjob at the same time. I couldn't believe this was actually happening! I knew this wasn't right, but Landon's hand felt sooooo good. It was so nice to be touched again. I even had to slow down his pace or I was going to cum!

    "You know Pops, Landon here sure knows how to give amazing head," Reed commented, stroking Landon's hair.

    "It looks like it!" I replied, almost with too much excitement. "Must be nice, I haven't had a good blowjob in months," I blurted.

    "I've been letting him practice on me the last few years," Reed continued, confirming my suspicions. "Maybe we should give you a turn. C'mon Landon. Suck Dad's dick."

     Landon looked at me expectantly, almost like he was waiting for my permission. I nodded quickly, and my teenage son moved between my legs. He put both hands on my thighs. He looked at me and held eye contact as he slowly took the head of my cock into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the tip, savoring the first taste of the dick that made him. 

    I groaned in response, loving the warm and wet sensation of his mouth. Landon started to swallow my meat, inch by inch. I was bigger than either of my sons, but I could tell that Landon was determined to take it all. Reed merely sat back, stroking himself and enjoying the sight of brother sucking off his dad. He reached with his free hand to push down on the back of Landon's head, encouraging him to deepthroat me. 

When Landon finally had my entire dick down his throat, I couldn't stop moaning. His throat muscles had a tight grip on me, and it took all my concentration to stop me from blowing down his gullet. Reed then started pushing and pulling Landon's head, essentially making his younger brother get skull-fucked. While all this was happening, Landon was furiously masturbating, clearly just as turned on as Reed and I. 

    "What do you think, Dad? Does your boy have a good mouth or what?" Reed questioned with a mischievous smirk.

    "Fuck, son, he really does! You've been lucky to have this for so long," I moaned, still caught up in the pleasure.

    Landon bobbed up and down faster and faster. He was determined to get my load and I was just about ready to give it to him. My breathing became quicker, and I could feel my nutsack tense up. I put my hands on the back of my son's head, forcing my cock as deep as it could go. Seconds later, I erupted down his throat, sending his little brothers and sisters down into his stomach. 

    At the same time, Reed shot his own load, spewing over his abs with some cum even landing on my thigh. When Landon was sure he'd milked every drop out of my dick, he licked Reed's jizz off my leg before moving over to finish cleaning up the rest of his brother's load. Finally, Landon sat back on his heels with a satisfied smile.

    "Thanks, Daddy."

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