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Flight 2F6

    "Are you okay?" I put my right hand on my husband's knee. His leg was bouncing up and down like crazy.

    "Yeah. I'm fine, Miguel. Just a bit anxious before the flight."

    Vaughn usually got nervous on planes, but I've never seen him have it this bad before. I wondered if it had anything to do with the fact we were going to see my family. In particular, my younger twin brothers who we'd be sharing a room with again, just like last year...

    "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard Flight 2F6 with service from Chicago to Los Angeles. We are currently third in line for take-off and are expected to be in the air in approximately seven minutes' time. We ask that you please fasten your seatbelts at this time and secure all baggage –"

    "This is me," a teenage boy startled me by addressing me. He was smiling and pointing at the seat on my left, currently occupied by my jacket.

    "Sorry," I apologized and moved my jacket under my seat. "I was wondering if anyone was gonna sit there."

    Of course, it being the day before Thanksgiving, I should've known the flight would be booked solid.

    "I almost didn't make it," the boy said, breathing fast. He was the very last person to take his seat. When he took his own jacket off and sat down next to me, I saw small drops of sweat running down his face. "I'm connecting flights from Boston and we were late," he exhaled. 

    Having buckled his seatbelt, the sweaty boy pulled up his sweatshirt. As he did so, his T-shirt stuck to it, revealing his bare torso. He had a nice six-pack and developing pecs, with hardly any hair on him. If I had to guess he was probably around 18; he looked like someone transitioning from a skinny teenager to a bulkier young man. 

    When his sweatshirt was off, I focused on his face for a second. A white boy with brown hair and green eyes... I have to admit he was cute. I noticed my husband checking him out as well. When he saw us, the boy smiled.

    "I'm Sam," he offered me his hand.

    "Hi, Sam. I'm Miguel, and this is my husband Vaughn."

    We shook hands. On my right, Vaughn seemed to get even more nervous as the plane was about to take off. Or did it have to do with Sam?

    We started to ascend and for about five minutes we sat in silence. As soon as the engine's noise calmed down, I started chatting with Sam again.

    "Headed back home for the holiday?" I asked.

    "No. Yes! Kinda," he stuttered. "I grew up in Massachusetts, but my dad just moved to California. So I'm going there for Thanksgiving."

    "Nice. First time in California?"

    "No, I was there over the summer with him. I liked it."

    We continued to talk about me growing up in California until the seatbelt sign went off, and Sam excused himself to go to the restroom.

    "Are you okay?" I turned back to Vaughn and repeated my question from earlier. 

    "I'm fine."

    "Okay. You're just being very... quiet."

    Things have been less than ideal between my husband and me for years now, but hey, that's every relationship. But this weird behavior of his started exactly a year ago, when we went to see my family for Thanksgiving. The reason why I suspected it had to do with my twin brothers is because of the way Vaughn kept looking at them after the first night we spent there.

    Mario and Mateo were 12 years younger than me. They were also professional models for most of their lives. When we were there, the four of us shared a room and... long story short, the twins like to sleep in the buff, even when they're sharing a bedroom with others. Seeing them undress in front of us didn't even leave me indifferent, and I was their brother. I can only imagine the effect it had on Vaughn. 

    For years now, our sex life had been if not non-existent, then severely decreased from what it was at the beginning. Again, I knew this was normal. If my job as a therapist had taught me anything it's that literally everyone has sex and relationship issues. Sex just wasn't a priority for the two of us lately. 

    Vaughn and I both worked a lot. We owned our house in an excellent neighborhood. We worked out at the most expensive gym in the city. Our Instagram feeds were full of pictures of exotic places we traveled to and cute selfies with our dog. "#RelationshipGoals," both friends and strangers commented under our photos, unaware of the truth behind the façade. 

    When Sam got back from the restroom, I noticed Vaughn checking him out again, a bit longer than necessary. During our chat, Sam revealed to me that he was indeed 18 and just started college in BU. My twin brothers were a few years older, but they were also very young compared to us. Is that what Vaughn was attracted to now, younger guys?

    Settling into our flight, Sam pulled out his iPad and a pair of headphones, and my husband and I each took out a book. I tried to read while Sam watched a movie on my left, but I couldn't concentrate. My eyes kept wandering off to his tablet. Whatever he was watching was, although not porn, full of sex scenes. I shifted in my seat as much as the confined sitting space and the legs of the two men sitting next to me would allow. In my pants, my dick was starting to get hard.

    "Excuse me," I got up and asked Sam to let me through. Instead of getting up he just leaned back and I squeezed past him. Stupidly, I did it with my front facing him, so my crotch was literally in his face as I passed through.

    I locked myself in the restroom and took a few breaths. I washed my hands and splashed some water on my face. "Fuck," I thought. This lack of sex was really getting to me. It wasn't the first time either. For a while now, I'd started sporting erections in inappropriate situations. In traffic, if a cute man drove by. At the grocery store, if a hot guy bent down in front of me, his pants sliding down to expose his ass or his underwear. Even at work, in the middle of sessions, for fuck's sake!

    I waited for a few minutes for my hard-on to subside, then opened the restroom door. To my surprise, Sam was standing right in front of it. 

    "Hey," he smiled at me. Or was it a smirk? "Thought you might need a hand."

    I stood, awestruck. There wasn't a lot of decision-making time, someone might come and see us. I either needed to leave and go back to my seat, or pull Sam in.

    I quickly nodded for him to come in, and closed the door behind him.

    "What do you mean?" I acted dumb, when we both knew perfectly well what was going on.

    "I noticed this," his hand went straight for my crotch, "and thought it might make the flight more enjoyable, for both of us."

    My bulge wasn't quite as big anymore as it had been when I unintentionally flaunted it in Sam's face; but with his hand holding it, it was getting there again.

    "My husband and I aren't open," I blurted. "So don't say anything."

    Sam seemed surprised. Did every gay guy just expect everyone to be in open relationships?! 

    After a second, the smile returned to Sam's face. "Okay," he nodded.

    I stood there still surprised and unsure, as if this were my first time. I guess it was. My first time with anyone else but Vaughn, in years

    Sam was the one steering the wheel. He went down on his knees and unzipped my trousers. The small airplane bathroom didn't leave a lot of room for foreplay (literally). Within seconds, my uncut dick was all the way in the kid's mouth, continuing to get harder. Sam took it out for a second to pull back the foreskin, then put in back in his warm mouth.

    "Ah, fuck!" I moaned out loud.

    Fuck, I couldn't remember the last time my dick was in someone's mouth. I was usually the bottom in my marriage, both when it came to anal and oral. This... this felt amazing.

    And to give Sam the credit he deserved, he worked it like a pro. The tip of my dick hit the back of his throat without him gagging. After that, he'd pull it out a bit and focus on licking and sucking the head while stroking the shaft, before diving back in, his nose buried in my pubes. 

    "I should've trimmed," I thought. I wasn't expecting to get sucked off over the holiday.

    I was so focused on the intense pleasure I was feeling, I hadn't even noticed that Sam's own dick was out. He was jerking himself off while sucking me. I wanted to reach down and help him get off, but the space we were in didn't allow for that. "Ah, fuck it," I thought. "I deserve to be treated for once."

    I closed my eyes and slowly got more comfortable. The enjoyable sensation intensified. My husband's face flashed in my mind, but I made the image scatter off. Instead, I thought of all those hot guys at the supermarket. In the street. In the chair across from me at my office. In this airplane restroom, sucking my dick.

    Then suddenly, the image of my twin brothers flashed to mind. The way they seductively pulled their briefs off in front of my husband and me, showing off their perky asses, wiggling left to right more than necessary. Those little cock-teasers, they knew exactly what they were doing.

    "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," I started to pant as my cum started shooting out in Sam's mouth. Never missing a beat, he swallowed all of it as it glided down his throat. His strokes intensified, and soon he was shooting his jizz all over the restroom floor.

    "Fucking hell," I said a minute later, both of us standing up straight and zipping our pants.

    "Thank you for that," the boy said, licking his lips.

    "No, thank you."

    "Happy Thanksgiving," he smirked again, and sneaked out of the bathroom. I remained for another couple of minutes, catching my breath, before I returned to sit next to my husband. 

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