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The Best of Both Worlds


    I met Howard at a naked yoga class for men, and after about three years of being with him I was fairly certain we were in it for the long haul. He was open minded and relaxed, happy to just chill at home when we were together, which was something that I needed in between all my traveling. The only thing that I would change is our relationship with his son. At Dustin's age, sulkiness hardly came as a surprise, but I did wish to build a closer relationship with the teen before he went away to college. He was a handsome, fit boy and kinda reminded me of myself when I was his age, but as my boyfriend's son I did my best not to look at Dustin in any inappropriate way.

    Even though I'd traveled to over 60 countries, I'd never been to Europe. I was more interested in locations in Africa, the Caribbean, and Asia, which is what my travel blog was all about. I was raised by my mama and grandmama, who were both very eccentric and spiritual, and I'd taken after them. During my travels, I'd heard all sorts of hard-to-believe stories from people, but I didn't expect that the most amazing one of them all would come from so close to home.

    On Saturday morning, I found myself at Howard and Dustin's house, listening to the father and son tell me that they were in each other's bodies. I know most people would be utterly convinced that this was a prank the two of them were pulling, but I believed them. For one, I found the concept of Dustin willingly participating in any sort of prank more unbelievable than the possibility of switching bodies.

    "I'll make a phone call and try to track down the merchant who sold me the wishing stones," I told my boyfriend and his son, "but y'all gotta understand: this was an open-air market in Delhi. It don't come with a customer service number. He might be impossible to find."

    "Great, so we're stuck this way forever?!" Howard's middle-aged body paced in front of me. I could tell it was Dustin in it; Howard never paced.

    Next to me, Dustin's teenage body sat on the couch with one arm around me. 

    "One thing the merchant specified is that the wish would come true within two days," I stressed. "I know it ain't the same as saying 'everything will go back to normal within two days,' but maybe that's what will happen."

    "Great, so we're basing everything on a 'maybe,'" Howard's body spoke in a voice uncharacteristic of him, sounding panicked and stressed out.

    "Well, what'd you have us do, D?" the real Howard asked, sitting next to me.

    "I dunno, tell a doctor, tell anyone?! But…" Dustin sighed and finally stopped pacing. "I know we can't do that. Everyone'll just think we're crazy, and I can kiss my scholarships goodbye."

    We sat in silence for three minutes. Finally, Dustin spoke again.

    "Okay, so here's the plan. We stay at home this weekend, we don't go anywhere, we don't talk to anyone. That way we avoid anyone finding out. Marcus, you try to get in touch with the seller in India. And we… And we just fucking hope this is all over tomorrow. Now, I'm gonna go to my room and do some studying."

    With that, Dustin left the room and climbed up the stairs, holding his lower back to soothe the ache he'd inherited. Just a couple of minutes later, he was back in the living room.

    "Forgot my glasses," he said, taking Howard's glasses from the table, which he now needed to see.

    My boyfriend and I retreated to his bedroom, where Howard opened a window and lit up a spliff, which he shared with me.

    "Dustin will kill you for putting this in his body," I noted, handing the joint back and forth with Howard.

    "Ha, I know!" he laughed.

    Alone in my boyfriend's room like this, this would usually be the part where we start kissing. Doing it with Howard while he was in his son's body was different, however. We just sat on the bed next to each other like two nervous teenagers until I leaned to my left and started pressing my nose against the neck of the young teenage body that was sitting next to me. The sensation was completely different than nuzzling against Howard's neck! Not only were his neck and chin now silky smooth, but he also smelled different. I closed my eyes and breathed in Dustin's pheromones, immediately feeling my dick start to twitch.

    My boyfriend could sense my excitement. He grabbed my face and shoved Dustin's tongue in my mouth, taking me by surprise. I thought Howard might want to abstain from sex while he was in his son's body, but to my great delight, he placed a hand on my bulge and started rubbing my dick. 

    I sucked on Dustin's tongue and made out with his soft lips as his nimble hand worked my dick to a full erection. Then, we broke off our kiss and stared at each other's eyes as I asked,

    "Will you fuck me like this?"

    "Yes," Dustin's voice replied. He let go of me and got up off the bed, slowly pulling up his T-shirt over his neck. I was faced with a tight teenage torso. Although Dustin was no football player or a track star, I could easily count to six on his abs. I ran my fingertips through them, starting from the bottom and moving on up until I reached Dustin's protruding pecs, crowned with two perky nipples. I pulled him in closer and started sucking on his right nip. With my nose so close to his armpit now, his musk took over me. Howard never wore deodorant, and he'd maintained that habit even now that he was in his son's adolescent body. With Dustin's hormones still working overtime, the scent he was producing was overpowering. In my mind, I was instantly transported to the boys' locker room in high school. While nursing on Dustin's nip, I lifted up his right arm and a moment later I buried my face in his armpit. His armpit hair was fairly short but enough to capture several droplets of sweat that were on there. I used my tongue to lick and taste them, reaching into my pants and pulling out my hard dick.

    After a few minutes, Dustin's body pulled away from me. His eyes looked at me sensually, the way Howard always looked at me. He licked his lips and unbuttoned the waist of his jeans, pulling them down ever so slowly to reveal a pair of red boxer briefs.

    "These are Dustin's," he announced, but I wasn't paying much attention to the underwear; I was more focused on what was in it. A train of hair started at Dustin's belly button and led down to his trimmed pubic hair, exposed over the low-waisted boxer briefs. Packed in them was a hefty bulge, exposing an erection and even a wet spot of precum on the cotton where the red fabric was a dark maroon. 

    "Show me your dick," I asked my boyfriend, slowly stroking my tool while admiring his new youthful body.

    "Yeah? You wanna see my son's dick?" Howard asked me, biting down on his lower lip.

    "Fuck yes," I admitted, unable to hide my attraction anymore. 

    With a devilish look in his eyes and a shit-eating grin on his face, Howard lowered the jeans and the boxer briefs simultaneously, down Dustin's thick thighs and long calves until he was standing there in nothing but a pair of white athletic socks. 

    "What do ya think?" he asked me, thrusting his hips forward and pointing an incredible boner right at me like an arrow; precum staining the mushroom head of his young dick.

    "I think Dustin has you to thank for a lot, 'specially this," I replied, grabbing hold of the teenage prick pointing at me with my left hand. My arms now pumped in unison, stroking myself at the same time as my boyfriend. Howard always had an amazing dick, and even though Dustin's was slightly smaller it captivated me with its beauty. It was clearly a younger version of his dad's; a dick I never thought I'd get to see in my life, let alone have my fist around while it was rock hard like this.

    I licked my lips and brought my face closer to my boyfriend's son's crotch, smelling his teenage pheromones again. I opened my mouth and moved it toward Dustin's dick extremely slowly, half-expecting Howard to tell me to stop. I'd sucked his dick countless times but in a way, this was his son's dick! But no stoppage came from Howard, so I carried on until the tip of his son's prick was grazing my lips. A little more, and I was sucking on it just like I'd been sucking on his nipple earlier. This time, I was granted a spurt of precum as a reward, and I almost lost my shit at how good it tasted. 

    "Fuck. It feels like I'm swallowing your son's prejizz," I revealed to Howard, looking up to see Dustin's eyes staring down at me.

    "That's cuz you are. Keep going," he encouraged me and I slid my lips further up the young dick I was sucking on. I went all in, burying my nose in Dustin's pubes and feeling the tip of his dick hit the back of my throat. His precum was now freely oozing down my gullet, giving me no choice but to swallow. 

    I took a short break to get rid of my clothes, getting down to my socks. My boyfriend and I looked each other in the eyes as I held my legs up and asked one more time,

    "I want you to fuck me."

    Dustin's young face grinned at me again.

    "You wanna feel this young dick up your ass?" Howard asked me, slapping his teen meat against the palm of his hand. 

    "Fuck yeah. I wanna know what it's like for your son to fuck me," I admitted, pulling my asscheeks apart and flashing my hole at Howard. With one final bite of his lower lip, he climbed on the bed on his knees, his hard dick pointing at the bullseye that was my asshole.

    I watched the sinewy teen body straddle me while holding on to my ankles. My hole started pulsing in anticipation. I looked right in Dustin's deep-brown eyes and I could see both him and his father in them. That was when I felt a pressure against my hole as Dustin's dickhead started to slip inside me.

    "Ah fuck!" I yelled, thrilled that this was really happening.

    "Fuck yeah, Marcus. Take my dick," Howard said. He never called me by my first name but I got the impression he was trying to make it feel like it was really Dustin fucking me. At that moment, I really DID feel like it was my boyfriend's teen son making his way inside me! The verbal play continued when Howard said, "I've always wanted to fuck you, Marcus. I've heard you moaning when you take my dad's dick. Y'all fuckers are loud. But I bet I can make you moan louder."
   "Ahh, yeah," I moaned, letting my hole relax as I felt Dustin's dick slip inside of me balls-deep. We continued to make eye contact as he began to thrust back and forth in a way that Howard never did! I realized that now, for the first time since I met him, Howard was free of his chronic back pain and able to really give it to me, fuck me on a whole 'nother level!

    "Fuck yeah, you're good," I assured him.

    "Yeah," he grunted, grinding slowly up and down, winding his whole body in a flowing S-formation from his chest to his knees, accelerating the rhythm with each thrust. As he went faster and deeper, I felt his dick tap-tap-tapping my prostate and making me almost lose my nut right there and then. 

    "Fuck. Shit. Dustin –" I whimpered. "I ain't never been fucked this good. You gon make nut real quick."

    Instead of slowing down, the devilish look reappeared in Dustin's eyes and he went even faster. Like I'd predicted, even though neither of us was stroking my dick, I started to cum and shoot my load all over my chest. All the while, my boyfriend never stopped for a moment. He fucked me as I emptied my nuts and carried on when I was done, completely ignoring my cumshot. The look on his face assured me we were just getting started.

    It had been a while since I'd had sex with a much younger man; I'd forgotten the energy that came with that age. Currently, Howard had all the stamina of a teenager and the experience of a grown man who's been round the block and knows exactly what he's doing – the best of both worlds.

    My partner fucked my ass until I'd blown my load no fewer than three times in the next thirty minutes. This was unheard of for me! All of them were handsfree cumshots, stimulated solely by anal pleasure. 

    "You gon give me a heart attack," I whimpered as Dustin's dick continued to thrust inside of me and I laughed, even though a small part of me was worried that it might really come to that.

    Finally, after an hour of fucking and drenching Howard's sheets in our sweat, I saw his newly youthful face contorting in a way that let me know he was about to cum, as much as he tried to fight it. I didn't have the tightest hole in the world but I squeezed it as firmly as I could, ready to milk Dustin's dick and get that teen jizz of his up my ass.

    "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck," Howard panted in a voice so deep that it almost sounded like his real voice before the switch. He leaned down to kiss me which only lasted for a second because he had to let out a loud grunt. "AAAARRRGHHH!" he roared so strongly that I felt his breath smack my face. Deep inside my ass, I felt myself getting filled with a copious amount of teenage jizz.

    "Fuck me. Fuck me. Fucking shoot that cum inside me," I panted as I got bred, and I nutted one more time all over myself. My most recent cumshot was tiny; my balls absolutely parched by this point. Unlike me, Dustin's dick was shooting a huge pool of cum inside my guts, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as he unloaded, looking eerily all-white for a second.

    At last, we were spent. With Dustin's dick still inside my hole, he plopped on top of me to catch his breath. We were done… except, I had one more idea.

    Sometimes, after fucking, Howard liked to eat his own load out my ass. This time, it would really be Dustin's load he was tasting, but I figured what the hell. I straddled his head and sat on his face, letting him know what I had in mind. I didn't open my hole just yet; I waited to see if Howard would pull away. Instead, I felt his tongue reach up and prod inside my asshole. With that, I loosened my hole and let out a waterfall of adolescent cum flow out my ass and down my boyfriend's mouth and throat. 

    "Mmmm," a muffled moan of satisfaction came from between my asscheeks as Howard ate his own son's nut.

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