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Twin Pride


    "Morning everyone," I strolled into the changing room at Taste, large sunglasses covering my eyes.

    "Which one are you? And where's your brother?" barked the manager as soon as he saw there's only one of us.

    "I'm Mario. Mateo'll be here in a minute."

    "He better hurry up. And you too! Everyone else is ready, we're leaving soon," he shouted before disappearing.

    I walked across the room, past my coworkers who were all dressed up… or dressed down, in this case: they were all just rocking speedos, and were currently busy applying glitter or makeup or drawing rainbow flags on their faces. 

    "You know," I said to a fellow gogo dancer while taking the seat next to him, "I took this job because I wouldn't have to be up in the morning. Like, ever! This some bullshit."

    "Yeah, well, happy Pride. Where is Mateo, anyway?"

    "He's with our cousin who just came here from Mexico. He's gay as well, Mateo's showing him where to go to watch the parade, so he can see us when we pass by."

    "Fun. Just please don't tell me he's about to start working here as well. It's bad enough having to compete for tips with you two."

    "Nah, he's barely 18. He's starting UCLA in the fall, that's why he moved here."

    "Aight. Mateo better hurry up, though. He needs to get here before his flowers die."

    "What flowers?"

    "Those flowers," my friend pointed to a large bouquet in every color of the rainbow sitting on one of the vanities. "His new man sent them to him."

    "Argh, gag," I said out loud and rolled my eyes.

    A month ago, at the Cinco de Mayo party, a horrified John pulled me to the side to talk to me as soon as he got a chance.

    "Do not tell your brother about what happened between us!" he said strictly.

    "What, you mean the fact I still have your cum in my guts? Why?"

    He sighed, before continuing.

    "Mateo and I have a… thing going on. At least I hope it becomes a thing. I thought I was fucking him down in the garage. I had no idea there's two of you!"

    "So wait, this whole time we've been talking…"

    "I thought you were the same person!"

    "Oh my god: you're the guy from downstairs!"

    "What guy from downstairs?"

    "The guy Mateo's been pining after for months."

    "Aww. He's been pining after me?" John's expression softened.

    "Gross. Don't get me started. Why haven't you texted him this whole time?!"

    "Because. We went on a really good date earlier this year. I wanted to ask him out for Valentine's and everything. Then I saw him downstairs at the garage getting fucked by this guy –"

    "With blond hair? That was me!"

    "Well I thought it was Mateo, and I thought that meant he wasn't that into me, so I ignored him. At least I tried to. I've been thinking about him this whole time."

    "For fuck's sake."

    "So I really wanna see if he and I still have a chance. But I don't wanna start by saying 'hey, I just shot my load inside your brother's ass, wanna date?'"

    "Okay, okay, listen. My brother and I don't keep secrets from each other. But I've noticed him moping around on his phone. There's obviously something there. I'll give you some time to figure stuff out, but we have to tell him soon."

    "Thank you," John grabbed my shoulders and shook them.

    "Mmm. I love it when you manhandle me. It's giving me a boner."

    John quickly let go and turned disapprovingly, as I watched him walk away to my brother.



    Having to get up early and join the Pride parade was hell. Thankfully, the flowers my boyfriend sent helped lift my spirits a little. Getting started was exhausting, but as soon as we were in the groove of things, as soon as the music was on and we'd had a quick cocktail, we were ready to go!

    The crowd did not disappoint. Their cheers filled us up with energy, as my brother and I danced on the Taste float while our coworkers handed out condoms and stickers. We were given rules not to go "too far" with the sexy dancing, but of course Mario was always up for breaking rules and being provocative. He ground against my body, both of us nearly naked and with our dicks shaking in our tight speedos, as the naughtier members of the crowd egged us on.

    A few hours later, exhausted and drenched in sweat, we finally got off the float and joined our little cousin in the crowd.

    "¡Hicé fotos de ustedes!" Antonio jumped up like a puppy when he saw us, enthusiastically showing us the hundreds of photos he took of us as we were passing by.

    "That's nice. Now if you excuse me, Zach and Riley are here,"[1] Mario left to join his two hookup buddies, and the three started kissing immediately, running their hands all over each other in the middle of the street, all three of them shirtless.

    Zach and Riley were a couple who my brother was spending more and more time with lately. So much so, that I was beginning to wonder if he'd joined them as a part of their relationship.

    Looking around the crowd, I finally spotted my boyfriend, John. I waved at him and smiled the entire time as I watched him fight his way to get to where Antonio and I were standing.

    "Hey honey," John came in and gave me a kiss. His shirt was off; he was holding it in his hand and he used it to gently dab the sweat off my forehead. See, this is what I like about dating older guys: I love when they act like a gentleman.

    "This is my cousin, Antonio. The one I was telling you about," I introduced them.

    "¡Hola, bienvenido!" John said in his gringo accent.

    "Thanks. Nice to meet you," Toni gave him and hug and a kiss on the cheek.

    "Where's your brother?" John asked me, yelling over the sound of the music and the crowd.

    I pointed to Mario, engaged in a threesome kiss with his buddies a few feet from us, which was getting more and more explicit by the second.

    "Listen, my roommate Star is throwing a party at our apartment. Do you guys wanna come? There'll be far less people, so we can actually talk."

    "As long as I don't have to be 21 to get a drink," my cousin said.

    "Okay, let's go," I agreed. "Just let me tell Mario we're leaving."

    I walked up to my brother and had to break up his make-out sesh to give him the news. As I talked in his ear, I noticed Zach's hand was in my brother's speedos, stroking his hard dick, while the other guy they were with was trying to keep them from view.

    "Okay," Mario said and went to give me a kiss on the cheek, which coincidentally ended up being a peck on the lips.

    "Do it again!" Zach demanded. I smiled at him, remembering the time my twin and I gave him a lap dance on stage at Taste.

    "C'mere," I pulled my brother in and kissed him on the mouth openly, as Zach continued stroking Mario's cock and eagerly watching us.

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    After Cinco de Mayo, things happened quickly between Mateo and me. We started seeing each other every evening, and before long we started using the term "boyfriends." 

    It was easy to push Mario to the back of my mind. I rarely saw him anymore, and it was easy to pretend like what happened between us was just some sort of dream. Even though he initially insisted that we have to tell Mateo, he didn't seem to spill the secret yet, and I grew comfortable with things the way they were.

    After the Pride parade, we went back to my place and joined my roommate and a few of his friends. As fun as they all were, Mateo and I were mostly interested in each other, and spent the whole time making out and groping each other like horny teenagers.

    "You know, my apartment is empty," he hinted after about an hour, once it was clear we weren't here to socialize with anyone else.

    "Let's go," I said with my eyes wide open.

    We made our way upstairs quickly and continued making out the whole way. Mateo's mesh tank top was driving me wild, letting me play with his nipples but still keeping them somewhat inaccessible. My hands were down the back of his shorts (which were so small they were basically low-cut briefs). Up against the wall outside his apartment door, my fingers almost found their way into his hole right there in the hallway, before we finally moved inside.

    Mateo pushed me into one of the living room chairs and immediately got on his knees between my legs. My own tight denim shorts were off in a flash. I had been freeballing since it was Pride and I felt a little daring, and as Mateo had suggested when we had modeled our Pride outfits for one another the previous day, I had a cockring on. So after everything we'd been doing, my cock was a rock hard sticky mess as my boyfriend took it into his soft and wet mouth. He stopped only briefly so that I could pull off his tank top.

    Mateo loved sucking cock and often said he felt like he could suck mine for hours. I wasn't sure I was even going to last a few minutes, he had me so worked up. Then suddenly, he stopped and I watched as he grabbed some strips of fabric out of a drawer nearby. I grinned as he tied my wrists to the wooden arms of the chair. Mateo kept me on edge by brushing my hard cock with his forearms as he worked, and gave me the occasional quick stroke as well.

    We didn't talk while he was doing this; it only took about thirty seconds but the heat of our passion felt thick between us and the time stretched out. I closed my eyes for a moment and was surprised to feel Mateo place another strip of fabric around my head, covering my eyes. As he secured the blindfold, I finally spoke.

    "Mmmm... babe, this is new. You don't want me to see what's coming next?" I asked playfully.

    "Don't worry about it, baby," he replied. "You just sit back and relax. I'm gonna put on some music on and then... Ugh! Dammit."

    "What?" I asked, suddenly feeling a little concerned since I couldn't see what was happening.

    "My phone's downstairs in your bedroom. I wanted to put on a playlist I've got. I made it especially for you… Hold on, I'll be right back."

    I heard him stand up and move toward the apartment door.

    "But wait, you don't need to leave me here like –" I started to shout, before I heard the door shut.

    "– this," I finished, now alone in my boyfriend's living room.



    I was a little surprised to find the apartment door unlocked. My brother had said he'd be at John's party, so I expected there to be no one at home.

    Stepping into our living room, I was taken aback by the sight that greeted me: John, blindfolded, naked, and tied to one of our side chairs. His dick was rock-hard with a leather cockring at its base, and his shaft glistened with wetness. As I stood there surprised, the only motion in that moment was John's member bobbing slightly in time with his heartbeat.

    "That was quick," John said out loud. Another moment of silence followed. I was tipsy, verging on drunk. Still, I was able to quickly piece together what was going on. Mateo was getting kinky with John, and maybe he'd left him to wait here as part of some teasing game. Or maybe he'd be back any moment. Either way, I saw a fun little opportunity in front of me.

    "Mhm," I said, doing my best to sound like my brother. I knew John could barely tell us apart even with his eyes open. I stepped closer to him, close enough to see he was really worked up, sweat glistening all over his body. His cock throbbed again and I remembered when it had been inside me that time down in the garage. Damn, that was a hot fuck! My own cock started to swell at the memory. 

    I knew it might get me in trouble, but in my uninhibited state, I made the decision to have a little fun. I slipped off my shorts and reached back to feel myself with one hand. My hole was still lubed from the fun I'd just had with Zach and Riley after the parade. They'd taken turns fucking my ass in the bathroom of a local bar. Even though neither of them had left a load inside me yet, the plan was to go to their place and keep going. But first, I'd come home to change; there was lube and sweat all over my clothes. I didn't want to keep the two of them waiting, but I couldn't pass up this moment with John.

    "What happened to the music?" John asked, sounding a little puzzled. Without responding to him I turned around to face away from him and crouched down, putting my hands on his knees to support myself. I moved my ass up and down, rubbing it against his hard cock. I heard him breathe in sharply, maybe in surprise or maybe because he was so erect and sensitive from whatever my brother had been doing to him earlier.

    "We don't need any music," I said. I arched my back a little so that the tip of his cock brushed up against my hole, teasing both of us with the slight contact. I heard him react with a low moan and felt him clench his muscles so his cock moved higher, as if it was reaching for what it wanted.

    Without a second thought, I lowered myself back down and took him inside me. With the combination of John's precum and the lube that was still in my ass, he slid in easily. Just a moment later I was pretty much sitting in his lap, gently grinding on him.

    He cried out in pleasure, and I felt shivers up my spine. His cock was big enough to hit that special place high up within me and I made sure to keep him right there as I writhed in small circles without putting my weight on him. I had removed my hands from his knees and so the only parts of us touching were his cock and my insides.

    I was just getting into the groove when I heard the apartment door open. Mateo entered and his expression mirrored the one I'd had on my face five minutes earlier. I was relieved when a short moment later his look of shock turned into one of devilish delight. He slowly walked toward us until he was standing right in front of me as I rode his boyfriend. If John had heard the door open he gave no sign, he was lost in the moment. But not for long.

    "Looks like someone got started without me," Mateo said playfully. I felt every muscle in John's body tense up at that moment. He'd heard his lover's voice but knew it wasn't coming from the person he was fucking.

    "Who... what…? Mateo?!" I heard him say behind me, as my brother and I kept looking into one another's eyes, our smiles getting bigger by the second.

    "Yes, babe," Mateo said. "I'm here. But it's my brother you're fucking." Apparently, Mateo didn't want to prolong John's confused state. By the look on his face, my twin was clearly enjoying this; and I was hoping John would be willing to go along with it as well.

    "It's not the first time, either," I said, still staring into my brother's eyes. I saw his perverse delight turn to surprise and puzzlement again. He started to speak but I cut him off.

    "Before you were together, John fucked me once," I filled him in while still grinding in John's lap, his dick still inside of me. "He thought I was you."

    My brother and I may be young, but we've committed plenty of perversions, both together and apart. We'd always shared the stories with each other; this was the first time I was holding anything back. I was happy it was now out in the open. As for John, I wasn't sure how he felt but his dick was harder than ever! I took that as one helluva good sign.

    "I didn't know... Mateo, I promise…" John stuttered. My heart was beating fast during the moment of silence that followed. I was drunk enough to keep everything going but not so far gone that I didn't recognize the potential for this to still go off the rails. Luckily (but not surprisingly), my brother just smiled.

    "John, baby," he said tenderly. "Don't worry. Let's save the talk for later and just have a some fun for now."

    I felt John relax. He exhaled deeply and I felt his breath on my neck. A moment later, I could feel him resume his thrusts as I kept riding him. Mateo took a final step forward and pulled me toward himself as I buried my face in his chest. I wrapped an arm around my twin, which let me shift my weight and bring myself down onto John a little harder.

    After a minute or so of the three of us in that position, Mateo gently pushed me back and we made eye contact again.

    "Excuse me," he said, playfully, "but I think you're in my seat."

    I smiled and slowly stood up. John's cock slid out of me and I heard him gasp as the head passed my quickly-contracting opening. Mateo and I were holding hands, both of us hard, our cocks touching as I stood up. Turning his back to John, my brother reached behind himself with one hand and grabbed his boyfriend's slick cock. I stood in front of him and held his other hand, helping him lower himself down gently. Mateo wasn't lubed up, but there was more than enough lube on John's cock now (lube that came out of my ass!) to make for an easy entry.

    My brother moved himself up and down slowly, and soon was going at the same pace I'd been at. John's moans had been stringing together more and more, and by this point his head was fully thrown back as he lost himself in the sensation. I knew he was probably getting close, but I also knew Mateo could keep edging him until he was ready. Until we were all ready.

    I thought back to earlier today when we'd been in a similar configuration out in the crowded street.  Zach was behind me as my brother and I stood face to face, Zach's hand reaching around into the front of my speedos as he encouraged us to kiss. As I looked into my brother's eyes, we didn't need any encouragement from anyone else this time. We were of the same mind, as was so often the case. Our eyes closed and I leaned forward so our lips could meet. It was electric and my asshole pulsed as I remembered how John had felt inside me just moments before.

    "Oh God," I heard John cry out as their motions got faster. My tongue deep in my twin brother's mouth, I kissed him passionately just as his boyfriend came inside of him.

    "Keep going," Mateo moaned right in my face. I wasn't sure if he was talking to John or me... but most likely, it was to both of us.

    I continued kissing Mateo, more passionately than I'd ever kissed anyone. He continued to bounce on John's lap, as John yelled out louder and louder due to his extremely strong orgasm.

    My right hand quickly moved to my boner, and I started stroking it. With his tongue still in my mouth, my twin started jerking himself off as well.

    "Ah, that's good. Fuck, that's good!" he moaned in my face again and I could just feel it: he was close.

    "Let's do it together," I whispered so that only he could hear me.

    John was shouting and wiggling in the chair he was tied to, as Mateo continued to take his dick. It was like a countdown, I could feel it: 4, 3, 2...

    "AAHH, FUCK!" all of a sudden my brother started to shoot his load, his lips touching mine, our sweaty foreheads against each other.

    "There we go. Yeeees!" I encouraged him and started to shoot my own load. It came so strong, I could hear it as it hit my brother's chest and started to slide down his torso.

    Meanwhile, his own cum was still shooting out of his dick, hitting his chest and his stomach as well, mixing with mine. We continued to kiss for another minute, after which things started to slow down. John's body finally relaxed, exhausted. 

    I smiled and rubbed my brother's belly, getting the cum that was there and bringing my hand up to my lips.

    "Want some?" I offered to Mateo. After all, it was only fair to share, after he'd shared his boyfriend with me.

    Without saying a word, he just nodded his head, and I put my fingers against his lips. He sucked both of our cum that was on there, leaving only a little bit left.

    "And some for our guest," I said and put my hand against John's lips next.

    He could tell what was going on, and opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out.

    "Whose cum is that?" he asked after he'd swallowed it down.

    Mateo and I grinned, looking at each other.

    "Both of us."

The End


[1] Zach is the narrator of the audio story You've Got One New Voice Message 

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