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"His juicy ass shook to the beat of the music wrapped in nothing but a neon-green jockstrap that glowed in the dark, drawing eyes to him. As if he needed help attracting attention with a body like his."
Fresh out the closet, John moves to West Hollywood and gets much more than he bargained for. Twice as much, to be exact.

Chapter 1

Freshly out of the closet and divorced from his wife, John moves to West Hollywood to start a new stage in his life. Out one night, a gogo boy catches his eye. Little does John know the boy and his very identical twin live in the same building as he...

Chapter 2

John's mix-up with Mario and Mateo continues, resulting in a kiss on New Year's Eve. But first, the twins give one very lucky audience member a lap dance he won't soon forget... just check the stains on his shirt.

Chapter 3

Feeling lonely, Mateo decides to invite John on a date. Meanwhile, his twin brother Mario is on a date himself, which ends with Mario getting bred in the garage by a hot Australian. What they don't know, however, is that they're being watched.

Chapter 4

Mario tries to cheer up his twin brother with a photo shoot of the two of them in their underwear... until the undies go down and the brothers are left naked. Soon after, Mario's new fuck buddy Zach gets the threesome he'd been dreaming of.

Chapter 5

The twins are throwing a Cinco de Mayo party. Mateo and John are still thinking about each other, neither of them making the next move. Mario gets lucky in the garage again… only this time it leads to confusion and a huge revelation.

Chapter 6

It's Pride time in LA and Mario and Mateo are a part of it. John is still handling the outcome of mixing the twins up. That evening, the two brothers have a surprise for John when they decide to show him just how much they're willing to share...

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