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    "Fuck!" I swore loudly as I bent down to pick up the keys I'd just dropped. I fumbled around with them in the unfamiliar lock for a few seconds before finally getting the door opened.

    I started sweating immediately as I entered the stiflingly hot room. The heating had been left on high for days, a stark contrast to the freezing winter weather outside. It was my brother Richard's apartment, who was at the hospital. I walked to the thermostat and switched it off. "Great," I thought, "just what we need, more bills."

    Now what? I looked around, happy to be somewhere new if nothing else. The circumstances were less than ideal, but at least I wasn't at home by myself like usual, trying to control my urges and miserably failing to do so.

    I took off my coat, gloves, and scarf and left them on the sofa. I walked to the kitchen and noticed all the empty bottles in the trash and arranged all around it like bowling pins. "I could use a drink," I thought. It'd been a fucking exhausting day at work and then at the hospital so see Richard.

    I rubbed my tired eyes and my temples, then walked to the whiskey bottle already set on the counter. Half-empty. ("Or half-full, ha.") I poured some in a glass and walked to the fridge. Nothing in it but booze and takeout boxes. I grabbed some ice from the freezer and added it to my glass.

    "Ah! Much better," I thought after taking my first sip. I looked around. I guess Richard and I weren't so different after all. Not now, after my divorce. At least Richard got a head start, living like a bachelor his whole life. I had no fucking idea how to take care of myself. My fridge was just as empty; my trash just as full of empty bottles. 

    I realized that all those years together with Mona and the kids, I never thought of how my single brother might be doing. Now that I knew how lonely it felt to come home to no one... God, I'm a fucking shit head. 

    I slumped on the couch, looking at my reflection in the dark TV screen in front of me. I knew people thought I was handsome, but I felt pathetic. I took a sip, trying to ignore the reflection in the TV. It felt like he was mocking me. "You had it all," he said. "A woman taking care of things at home. Kids who loved you before they found out what a dick you are. And then you fucked it all up! All cuz you couldn't keep it in your pants."

    "Shut up!" I yelled out loud. My reflection smirked at me. Or at least it felt like he did. 

    But he wasn't wrong. I'd been chasing pussy all over Chicago for years now. It started off with happy-ending massages. Telling myself I just needed to relax after work. Then it was sex with sex workers, then when that got too expensive affairs with various mistresses and sugar babies.

    Mona probably suspected it for a while. She was just as reluctant to end our Catholic marriage prematurely. But when she found out I was fucking someone our daughter's age, she flipped out and the camel's back was broken. 

    She kept the house. The kids sided with her, and I couldn't blame them. I found myself banished from my own home I'd helped build.

    "You have to be stronger, Patrick," my pops always told me. "You're the oldest." I was Patrick O'Sullivan III. The one shouldering the family's legacy. The one with the Roman numeral behind his family name. A family that had gone from poverty after immigrating to respectable wealth while my grandpa was still alive. Much of that was lost after my dad's premature death. And I continued to squander it, and disgraced the family by being the first one to get a divorce. I took another sip of my whiskey. Maybe Patrick IV will do better.

    I was starting to wonder if there was some sort of curse on our family. First what happened to Ollie. Then our parents' health issues. Now this thing with Richard...

    NO! I stood up violently. No: I will not let this end in tragedy as well. Richard will be fine. I will see him through this no matter what. We were buddies as kids and even though we've drifted apart since I will fucking make sure everything ends well, so help me God. 

    I downed my drink, watered down by the melted ice by now, and slammed the glass on the table before getting to work.

    "Where do I start?" I thought, looking around my brother's bedroom. 

    I'd promised him he can stay at my place until he recovers, and I was here to pack up the basics. Looking around, I had no idea what "the basics" even were. I felt like I was packing to go on vacation. Except, Mona was always the one doing the vacation packing.

    I walked to the closet and took out a suitcase. It was on top, right where Richard said it would be. I looked at the suits hanging there. He'll be taking some time off work, so he won't need those, I guess.

    "Underwear and socks," I thought. Something you can never have enough of.

    I went through my brother's underwear drawer and I laughed. I wore whatever boxers Mona would get me, usually ones that came in a multipack. My brother's underwear drawer was more colorful than a pack of Skittles. He seemed to be a fan of tight and small underwear, mostly briefs. Going through it, I noticed quite a few jockstraps, that didn't look like they were to be worn at the gym.

    "For fuck's sake," I rolled my eyes in amusement. I'd know for years now that my brother was gay, but there was nothing "particularly gay" about him that I could pinpoint. Maybe he had a whole different side to him, a life I knew nothing about. I guess it just goes to show how little I knew my only remaining sibling, through no one's fault but mine.

    Some of the underwear... looked good, though. It looked like it was made to make your bulge look bigger. I was intrigued. I took my shoes and pants off, and pulled down my plain black boxers. 

    I looked at myself in the mirror. It was time to trim my pubes, they were getting really bushy (still no grays, though). They made my dick look smaller when they were this long. I was curious what a pair of bulge-enhancing underwear might do, visually.

    I picked up a red pair of briefs and put them on. Fuck, they did make my junk look bigger! 

    Looking at myself in the full-length mirror, I felt sexy and started stroking my dick. "Yeah, looks good, doesn't it," my reflection said to me while I rubbed my crotch through my brother's briefs. "That's why all the ladies love it."

    I continued rubbing until my cock got too big to be contained by the briefs. It popped up and I lay down on my brother's bed, closing my eyes, and starting to jerk off.

    "I hope he doesn't mind that I'm masturbating on his bed," I admired myself in the mirror, "and wearing his underwear."

    "What he doesn't know won't hurt him," my reflection winked at me.

    Fuck yeah! I may be a failure at other things, but this, this I was good at. At 6" my cock may not be the biggest in the world but it was nice and thick I sure knew how to use it. I was cut like everyone else in my family, with a very large mushroom head on top that was already leaking precum.

    I was just getting into the swing of things when I heard a knock on the front door of the apartment.

    "Fuck!" I thought and quickly pulled up my brother's underwear and put on my pants.

    "Hey," I answered the door, and I'm glad I did: a cute, petite Asian girl stood looking at me. 

    "Hey. Is Richard home?" she asked, holding a box.

    "No. No he's not."

    "Well can you give him this?" she handed me the box. "It was delivered earlier today. I live next door, they left it with me."

    "Sure thing," I smiled.

    "Is Richard okay?"

    "He's... He's gonna be fine. He got in an accident and he's at the hospital but we're expecting for him to recover. I'm his brother by the way, Patrick."

    I offered her my hand.

    "I'm Kimi," she handed me her soft, manicured hand. "I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope he feels better soon. He's really nice. I just moved from LA recently and he was really great, helping me move my stuff."

    "Would you like to come in?" I offered.

    "I'm in the middle of something," she said. "And... you seem busy."

    She pointed at my crotch and I realized I'd left my fly undone. My hard-on was completely noticeable, bulging in the briefs, whose red material stood out compared to my black slacks. Holding the door with one hand and the box with another, I had no way to cover myself up anyway.

    "Maybe some other time," Kimi winked at me. "And please give your brother my best."

    "Will do," I shut the door behind her.

    I smiled while walking back through the living room. "You still got it," I thought. The woman was much younger than me and very pretty, and even though she chose not to come in she didn't seem completely disinterested. 

    "What's in this anyway?" I sat on my brother's bed and used my Swiss Army knife to open the box, just in case it was something important.

    "Well, that oughta teach you not to open other people's mail," my reflection in the mirror laughed at me. In the box, there was a huge black dildo.

    "God damn," I thought, picking it up. "Richie can take all this? I've never even had a pinky up my ass. This can't feel pleasant, can it?"

    I put the dildo back in the box and put it away. In my pants, my cock was still pulsing, even more so now after the brief flirtation with Kimi.

    I pulled down my pants again and took off my brother's briefs. I continued to jerk off, thinking of Kimi's head bobbing up and down on my dick, and my cock in her tight little pissy. I jacked faster and faster until my socked toes curled as I started to moan out in pleasure. I shot my load all over my leg and my brother's sheets. To wipe it off I used the first thing that came to hand, which was his pair of red briefs. 

    Three days later, Richard was out of the hospital and in my apartment. It was a small apartment, not really made for two adults who weren't a couple to comfortably live in, but it was what needed to be done. 

    After dinner, my brother went to his new room, and I watched some TV before going to bed. Once in bed, I instinctively reached for my cock, fully aware it was taking over control of my life but unable to control myself.

    Images of various women's faces (and pussies) flashed through my mind, as I closed my eyes and jerked off. This is exactly what landed me in so much trouble, this obsession with women, but I just couldn't stop. I wondered what things would be like now that Richard was here. I usually had girls over for sex in my own apartment. Would I be able to help myself, with my brother here?

    I came on my belly, used my jizz rag to wipe it off, and dropped it under the bed. I fell asleep, but I was woken up a few hours later by some movement in the other room. I wasn't used to noise in the middle of the night, so I went to check it out.

    Richard, whose drunk driving had landed him in the hospital and in all this mess, was looking at my bar and holding a bottle of scotch. "For fuck's sake," I thought. "I'm such a fucking moron. Why didn't I get rid of the booze?"

    I told my brother he's sleeping with me in my room, so I could keep an eye on him. When we were kids, Richard was told to do what I say because I was older. Now, as an adult, he still did just that and obediently followed me to my bed without objecting. 

    "Patrick... I'm sorry." 

    I'd started to fall back asleep, but a whisper from my brother's side of the bed woke me up. I turned around and put my hand on his chest to comfort him.

    "I feel so fucking lonely," he continued.

    "Aww, Richie," I thought, but didn't say it out loud. Instead I moved closer and hugged him tightly. We were both wearing nothing but underwear, and our bodies felt warm next to each other.

    "Shh," I said, hoping we'd fall asleep.

    After a few minutes, we'd turned around and it was my brother hugging me from behind now. Just as I was falling asleep I felt something poking me from behind, right between my ass cheeks. Was Richie getting a hard-on? So what if he was? I for one knew all too well what it was like to be horny 24/7. No big deal.

    "Thank you for everything, Patty," my brother leaned in and whispered, his dick making its way deeper between my cheeks.

    "Shh. It's what brothers do," I said, and we fell asleep that way. 

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