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"'You're all I have!' he said with his voice breaking, visibly fighting the tears that were gathering in his eyes."
After getting in a serious accident, 45-year-old Richard has no one but his recently-divorced older brother to take care of him. After decades of estrangement, the two find they need each other more than ever...

Chapter 1

One too many disappointments lead to carelessness, and Richard ends in the hospital wondering if his life will ever be the same. Seeing no other way out, his brother Patrick takes him in. After so many years, the two find themselves reunited...

Chapter 2

Patrick goes to Richard's apartment to help pack his stuff. Going through his brother's intimate things, Patrick is amused by what he finds. Later, when the two brothers share a bed, they start to get very close fast, in more ways than one.

Chapter 3


Patrick assures Richard there's no reason for the two to be embarrassed in front of each other now that they live together. Then one evening, Richard can't believe the words coming out of his brother's mouth as Patrick pulls out a tape measure.

Chapter 4

When Patrick's kids come to visit for the holiday, the two brothers have to share a bed. Patrick continues to get more and more comfortable in front of his brother. Ultimately, though, it's Richard who really surprises him with what he does.

Chapter 5

Patrick and Richard both go on dates that leave them wanting more. Then, home alone, Richard finds a folder titled "XXX" on his brother's computer and starts exploring its contents, stumbling upon a video he just can't resist.

Chapter 6

Patrick lets Kimi in on a family secret, and learns something from her as well. When Richard sneaks into Dr. Martinez's office, he walks in on something he's not supposed to, resulting in a hard dick and a steamy fantasy. 

Chapter 7

Patrick and Richard get used to living together and the walls between them continue to fall. One night, Rich is in for a surprise when his straight brother suggests a mutual jerk-off session and then wraps his hand around Rich's dick.

Series Finale

Home alone, Patrick realizes he's wearing his brother's underwear. Going through his brother's closet, he finds a box full of sex toys and uses one right there. Richard walks in on his straight brother doing what he least expected of him...

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