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Nothing Little About You Anymore

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    "Sam! My man."

    "Brady. Hey! Good to see you," I walked to my roommate's bed and gave him a strong hug. "How was your spring break?"

    "Oh, good. Chill. Just hung out in bed with my daddies."

    Brady was in a relationship with two handsome men in their 50s. I'd never told him about everything that'd happened between my father and me; but the fact my roommate was in an "unconventional" relationship encouraged me that maybe what I was feeling wasn't all bad.

    "Ah, nice," I replied.

    "It was. It was hardly fucking spring weather here, though. And look at you! You've gotten so tan in Mexico."

    I continued to chat and catch up with my roommate while I unpacked. I was happy to be back, even if a part of me missed Dad.

    About half an hour later, I got a notification that he had posted a photo, and I swiped it open immediately.

    "Speaking of tan," I said to Brady, "check out my dad."

    "NO WAY! Holy fucking shit, dude. That's not your dad?!"

    Brady had never seen a photo of my father before, and this one was quite an eyeful. Dad was completely naked, taking a mirror selfie of his behind, showing off his tan lines and every inch of skin he could get away with without getting flagged. He'd probably just gotten home, taken a shower, and thought to show off his ass for all of his followers. 

    And with an ass like that, no one could blame him. The speedos he wore to the beach while we were in Cancún left very little to the imagination, but they were enough to give him a tan line that only drew more attention to his huge ass. He showed it off with a cheeky grin on his face, receiving hundreds of comments by horny admirers from all over the world.

    Having so many people lust after my father felt… unusual. The mere thought of my step-dad who I grew up with posting a photo of his ass on social media (much less getting so much admiration for it) was so outlandish it made me laugh. And my roommate Brady was obviously one of those many, many people lusting after Dad.

    "Yup, that's him," I confirmed with a note of pride in my voice.

    "Holy fuck! I've never met my dad, but let me tell you, if he looks anything like this?! And posts thirst traps like this online?! DNA connection or not, I would be all over that."

    Brady laughed. I couldn't tell if he was joking, or exaggerating, or not. I laughed back, fighting the temptation to confess the truth to him.

Untitled_Artwork 3.png

    "Ass for days 😜🔥."

    "Can I have some of that?"

    "DADDY!!! 😍😍🥰🥰"

    I scrolled through my dad's hundreds of comments while sitting on the toilet, feeling a weird mixture of jealousy and pride. On the one hand, I wanted to be the one that he showed off for, no one else. On the other, I wanted the whole world to see just how hot my daddy was. The reason I was hiding away in the bathroom was to hide the fact I was growing a boner while looking at a photo of my own father.

    When I was done scrolling, I took my clothes off and looked at myself in the mirror. I started flexing the muscles I'd gained since starting to work out. Turning around, I checked out the part of my body I'd been paying the most attention to: my ass. Indeed, my glutes were the only part that might rival my dad's. I took my phone and, inspired by his post, started taking photos.

    "Oh, hey!" my roommate barged into the bathroom, both of us startling each other. "Ah, I see what you're doing!" he said when he noticed me with my phone in my hand, sticking my ass out in the mirror.

    "Here, let me have that for a sec," Brady said and grabbed my phone before I had a chance to react. I was planning on sending some of those photos to Dad, so I really hoped Brady wouldn't delete them by accident.

    "There you go," he handed me my phone back after a few taps. In a state of shock, it took me a few seconds to realize what he'd done.

    "Brady!" I yelled.

    Not only had my roommate posted the best of the ass shots online on my own account, he'd followed it up with the caption "like father like son" and tagged my dad in it!

    "What?" he just smiled back. "Your dad's got millions of followers. Don't you want some of that attention?"

    I almost yelled out that no, all I wanted was the attention of one person.

    But I had no time to argue. I had to delete the photo as fast as possible. 

    Fingers shaking, I was further derailed by the amount of notifications I was instantly getting. Dozens of unknown usernames liked my photo. Just as many started following me within seconds.

    Before I knew what was happening, I'd gotten a comment… from Dad. 

    "Are we turning this into a family business?" he asked jokingly.

    It felt like someone had pressed the fast forward button, and I was experiencing my life in sped-up motion.

    "YAAASS, pleeease!!" someone left a reply under Dad's comment.

    "Ben, is this really your son? 😳"

    "Takes after his dad 👍🏽" people kept commenting.

    "Brady, I need to make a phone call," I said to my roommate seriously.

    "Shit. Sam, I'm sorry. I thought this would be funny. I'm sorry if I crossed the line."

    "No, it's not that. It's fine."

    "Listen," he said, "I'll go to the library for a bit. You can have the room so you can talk. I'll text you before I come back. Sorry again."

    As soon as I heard the door close, I walked to my bed and FaceTimed my dad.

Untitled_Artwork 4.png


    "Why, hello there," I smiled as soon as I saw my son's face flash on the screen. "You're coming after my bread and butter, I see," I quipped.

    "Sorry about that. My roommate thought it'd be funny. He posted it."

    "Sorry about what? Oh, the photo? Don't be ridiculous. You look great."

    I could tell that took my son by surprise, but he looked proud to hear it.

    "You think so?"
   "Sam, honey, I always think you look great. But that photo in particular, it's very good. I'm proud of you."

    I was happy to see this made my boy's ego swell up a bit.

    "I was gonna delete it. But if you think it's okay…"

    "It doesn't matter what I think. It's your profile. Do what makes you happy, Son."

    "Well, it's not like Mom or her husband follow me…" he thought out loud.

    "Danica and I haven't been close in a while, but the girl I knew would think this is hilarious."

    True, I didn't know Danica's parenting style anymore, but I'd think it was a shame if Sam didn't get to know the cooler version of his mom.

    "Okay, fine," Sam said with a smile.

    "Now, let me see that famous ass of yours," I said to lighten up the mood.

    "Well, I gotta do what my father says," Sam replied tongue-in-cheek, and set his phone on his desk so he could step back and pose for me. I could see that in between taking the photo and calling me, he hadn't bothered to put any clothes on.

    I'd been looking up porn on my phone when I got the notification that Sam had tagged me in a photo. I was already half-hard, and seeing my son show off his bubble butt for me on camera got me all the way there very quickly.

    "Yup, I've definitely got some competition," I said, holding my phone in one hand so my other hand could slip down and wrap itself around my boner.

    "Dad?! Are you hard?" Sam stepped in closer so he could look at his phone.

    "Maaaybe," I answered flirtily.

    "Wow. You really did enjoy that photo," Sam winked at me.

    "I'm enjoying this little show right now as well," I continued to jerk off without trying to hide it.

    "Who you calling 'little'?!" Sam stepped away again, shaking his juicy ass for me.

    "You're right. There's nothing little about you anymore."

    My son had proven just how much can change in less than a year. This time last year, we didn't even know each other. We'd gone from strangers, to father and son, to lovers.

    "I love you, Sam," I said, still stroking my cock. The words almost came out by themselves.

    "I love you too, Dad," Sam's smile grew, as did his dick.

    "Why don't you prove to me how much?" I grunted, jerking faster, finding it harder and harder to talk.

    "And how do I do that, Daddy?" 

    "I can think of several ways," I licked my lips. "But for now, cum with me."

    "Very well," he winked obediently. 

    He stood up straight so I could see as much of his young body as possible. Again, in less than a year, he'd gone from a skinny high school kid to a growing young man. I felt proud, on several different levels, to see him that way.

    My son's cock stood as erect as mine by this point, and we were both jerking ourselves off. As we started to get closer and closer, Sam stopped and reached into his closet for something. Catching a glimpse of it in the camera, it looked like a small white rag.

    "Do you remember this?" Sam put it up to his nose and mouth, while still stroking his meat with his other hand. It was then I realized that wasn't a rag: it was the white jockstrap I'd let him borrow from me last summer!

    "Fuck!!" I said, almost ready to cum right then, seeing my son sniff my underwear.

    "I've been using it as a cum rag ever since you gave it to me," he said, his voice muffled with the jock right up against his mouth and nose. "I've cum in it so many times. And I've never, ever washed it."

    I spread my legs open even wider, my balls pulsing, ready to shoot out my jizz.

    "Ahhh, FUCK! I'm cumming, Son. I'm cumming," I panted, my seed shooting out all over my stomach and chest, as I tried to hold on to my phone and tilt it so Sam could see what was happening.

    "Fuck yeah!" he pressed the jock even closer to his face, and shot out his own load all over his dorm room floor. For the next minute, we both yelled, cussed, and curled our toes together as we came.

    After a long, intense orgasm, my boy finally put down the jock and used it as a cum rag to clean himself up.

    "I could use a cleanup service here myself," I smiled ear-to-ear, still enjoying the amazing aftereffect of my orgasm, stroking my dick slowly.

    "Speaking of servicing you... When are you coming to Boston?" Sam stepped closer to his phone again and winked.

    "What are you doing next week?"

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