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"I had no idea how to continue. There was no precedent for what had happened. It felt like we were the first people in the world to ever do this..."
After everything that's happened between them, Sam and Ben are left with the question: where do we go from here?

Chapter 1

After going all the way, Sam and Ben have to decide what to do next. It's Sam's last planned day in California, which doesn't leave them a lot of time. Will Sam decide to stay with his dad, or continue with college in Boston?

Chapter 2

Sam visits his dad during Thanksgiving break, and the two jump back in bed as soon as they get the chance. From there, Sam's question is: Could the two ever be a real couple? Ben helps answer that by taking his son on a date to the beach.

Supporter Exclusive |  Illustrated 

Rory, Taylor, Owen, Ben, and Sam all get together in Cancún to throw Rory a dadchelor party. Whether on the beach, in the pool, at the restaurant, or in the hotel room, the five men get very close during this sexy holiday.

Chapter 3

After a week spent together in Cancún, Sam finally opens up to his father and tells him how he feels. In return, Ben gives his boy exactly the reward Sam was hoping to get. The two start to make plans about the future of their relationship.

Chapter 4 |  Illustrated 

Back in his dorm room and reunited with his roommate, Sam finds himself already missing his dad. Lucky for him, Ben is always willing to share a lot of himself. A sexy selfie leads to an even sexier video call between father and son.

Chapter 5

Sam and Brady get into a little disagreement between roommates, which leads to the two of them talking frankly about Sam's dad. Ben visits his son in Boston and takes him out for a night neither of them will forget anytime soon.

Chapter 6

After the date of Sam's dreams, he and his dad are in Ben's hotel room and spend the whole night together. The next morning, as Sam tries to wrap his head around everything going on, Ben pops a question that surprises him even more.

Chapter 7

Sam has an answer for Ben's question. The two celebrate by spending the whole week in bed together. When they do go out, they don't bother hiding their relationship anymore. But not everything is smooth sailing for the two…

Chapter 8

Ben is back in Boston for his son's 19th birthday and he has several surprises for him. Sam gets a story and several presents from his father, one of which includes Ben getting up and going down on his knees...

Chapter 9

Sam sends his father a naked photo, and two weeks later they're back at the hotel in bed together. Even Ben is shocked by some of the stuff that comes out of his son's mouth. Alas, not every surprise is a good one.

Chapter 10

Ben and Sam are left dealing with the aftermath of their last conversation. With summer right around the corner, the father and son need to decide if they'll see each other at all this summer, or if this means goodbye...

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