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Is He Your Father or Your Boyfriend?


    There have been several occasions in the past year since I met Dad where I felt like I were living in a movie. I was overwhelmed by the intensity. As I lay in his hotel bed this morning, I couldn't believe this was really happening. Dad had really just asked me to be a couple?! "A romantic one? Just the two of us?"

    Of course I'd said yes immediately! Actually, I don't even know if I'd managed to get the word out my mouth. My smile and vehement head nodding were answer enough, only to be interrupted a second later when Dad jumped on top of me, straddling me and starting to kiss me.

    After half an hour of a passionate make-out session, we finally took a break. Dad announced he's gonna go jump in the shower, leaving me the large, comfortable bed all to myself. 

    I clutched the room service coffee in my hands, looking out the window. It was April and the long, depressing Boston winter was finally coming to an end. Through the large windows, the sun shone brightly, announcing good things to come.

    "If my life were a movie, what would it be? A romcom, with a dash of porn?" I wondered, and laughed to myself. 

    A knock on the door woke me up from my reverie. "Come in!" I shouted, pulling the sheet over the lower half of my naked body.

    "Sorry, just here to pick up the cart," the same server who'd delivered the room service earlier came back in. 

    "Go right ahead," I smiled. And then, I had an idea. 

    "Honey! Where's your wallet?" I shouted, getting out of bed.

    "What?" Dad came out of the bathroom with a toothbrush in his mouth.

    "Your wallet, honey?" I said, ignoring the fact we were both standing there stark naked.

    "Over there, babe," he pointed at his pants on the floor and went back to the bathroom, walking slowly and giving both the server and me a good view of his amazing ass.

    "There you go," I bent down, took out some cash, and tipped the boy, who seemed to be just a couple of years older than me.

    "Your boyfriend's really hot," he said to me discreetly.

    "He is, isn't he?" I replied fondly.



    For the remainder of my time in Boston, everywhere we went people assumed Sam and I were a couple. And now… I guess they were right.

    We held hands wherever we were. We kissed all the time; sometimes discreetly, sometimes less so. Other than the occasional disapproving looks by homophobes, which were unfortunately unavoidable anywhere,  there was nothing to make us feel ashamed of what we were.

    Sam spent the entire week with me in my hotel room. He only returned to his dorm once to pack a bag. Not that he needed much stuff, as we were naked most of the time. I finally realized this was exactly how he'd imagined our time in Cancún would be like. The entire time, I don't think I ever saw his smile leave his lips.

    That is, until my last evening here. Sam started to get melancholy, obviously bummed out by the fact I was leaving. 

    "Let's do something fun!" I suggested, jumping in bed next to him. "See a show or something. What do you feel like doing?"
   "Nothing," he mumbled.

    "C'mon now, there has to be something." I tossed his phone to him. "Look something up and let's go! We'll go out for a nice dinner as well."

    "There is a drag show that's 18+," Sam said after a few minutes of scrolling through his phone.

    "A drag show?"
   "Yeah. I've always wanted to see one, but I'm usually too young to go."

    "Where's it at?"

    "This cabaret joint nearby."

    "Done. We'll do that after dinner. But first… I think I want to start with dessert," I said, and crawled on the bed until I was on top of him, making him laugh and starting to kiss him all over his body.

    I wasn't used to being the oldest person in a room, especially since I looked younger than I was. But for tonight, the place Sam took me to was full of teenagers, making me feel like a senior citizen. The only person older than me was the bartender (and potentially the drag queen, though I couldn't tell through all the makeup).

    "Anyone you recognize from school?" I asked my son, looking around at the college crowd.

    "A couple of familiar faces, but no one I know personally," he replied, as we waited at the bar to get our nonalcoholic drinks. As soon as we did, we went to sit at one of the tables in front of the stage. I've seen my fair share of drag shows and I was not too impressed by the setup here, but Sam seemed to be having a good time and that's all that mattered to me.

    The show was standard: lip-synching, with little comedy routines and audience interaction in between acts. It wasn't long at all before the two of us caught the drag queen's attention.

    "Aww, you didn't have to bring a chaperone, sweetie," she said to Sam as the audience laughed. "Is he your father or your boyfriend?"

    "If you only knew," I thought to myself, looking at Sam, holding his hand across the sticky tabletop. 

    "My boyfriend," he replied. I squeezed his hand firmly.

    "Now, what is it with you kids and being into daddies?" the queen addressed the cheering crowd. "Every time I go online: 'Daddy this, Daddy that, rearrange my guts, Daddy.'"

    The crowd laughed.

    "Cheer if you're into daddies!"

    The crowd, consisting of both straight girls and queer boys, went crazy.

    "Tell me now," the queen turned back to Sam, "do you call him 'Daddy' when you're having sex?"

    Everyone laughed again. Sam smiled at me.

    "Yes. Yes, I do," he answered, to more cheers from the crowd.

    My plan seemed to work: our night out brought Sam out of his broodiness. However, as soon as we were back in the hotel, with hours to go until I leave Boston, he pulled back in again.

    "C'mon now, baby, don't be sad," I said to him, pushing his back against the large windows and kissing his neck. "We'll see each other again soon."

    "What time's your flight?" he asked somberly.

    "I canceled it. I'm going to New York tomorrow." 


    "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. Taylor texted me, suggested I drop by since I'm already here. I'm taking the train to New York tomorrow and flying out of there."

    Suddenly, Sam pushed me off of him, as if he wanted nothing to do with me.

    "Why didn't you tell me?!"

    "Honey, I told you I forgot. Besides, I didn't think it'd be a big deal."

    "If you don't have to go back to LA yet, why didn't you just stay here longer?"

    I could tell by his tone he felt betrayed.

    "Baby. It was never about me having to go back to California. You have to go back to school. You've already skipped a few classes while I've been here. I'm obviously a distraction."

    "No! You don't get to decide that for me!"

    "Maybe not as your boyfriend. But as your father, yes, I do."

    Sam seemed bewildered by my comment.

    "I'm an adult!" he said defensively. 

    "I know you are. As am I. I don't see what the big deal is. I'm going to New York for a couple of days, then flying back home as planned."

    "So you can fuck Taylor in the process."

    Ahhhh. So that's what this was about.

    I finally understood his reaction. I took his hand, and guided him to the bed, where we both sat down.

    "Honey," I said gently, still holding his hand, "I'm not usually one for monogamy. It breeds jealousy, and it's just not fun. But, I told you I'll try it out with you. We're already way in over our heads with how complicated this is, but I'm willing to try. I promised you that, and I'm sticking to it. So no, I will not be fucking Taylor in the process."

    Sam looked at my eyes, a puppy dog expression on his face.

    "I'm sorry," he mumbled finally.

    "That's okay. I'm sorry I forgot to tell you sooner."

    The one good part about lovers' quarrels is the make-up sex. There's something about fucking after fighting that makes it so fucking intense. Within seconds, Sam and I were all over each other. Ripping our clothes off as if we hated each other. In the heat of the passion, I put one hand around his neck, gently choking him.

    "Daddy," he whispered, as much as my chokehold would let him.

    "Yes, I am," I grunted. "And you've been a bad boy."

    I flipped him around and smacked his bare ass so loudly, it echoed around the room. Straddling him from behind, I wrapped my right arm around his neck, feeling his Adam's apple with the pit of my elbow. I used my left hand to pull his hair, feeling him choke again. Just as I started to wonder if I was maybe being too rough, I looked down and noticed his dick hard as a rock. I took that as permission to continue.

    I choked and smacked my boy around before tossing him on my lap, with his bum in the air.

    "Daddy wasn't there to spank you when you were little," I grunted, "which is why you're acting this way now. I think it's 'bout time we took care of that."


    I spanked his ass, making it turn in pink after just one slap.

    "You gonna be a good boy from now on?"


    "Yes, Daddy," my son mumbled.


    "I didn't hear you boy."


    "YES, DADDY!"

    I felt his boner grow even bigger, trapped between my thighs. As I continued to spank him, I realized Sam was rubbing his dick against my legs, fucking my muscular thighs.

    "You're fucking insolent, boy," I threw him on on the bed. I was now just as hard as he was. "It's about time Daddy teach you some respect."

    I put my index and middle finger in my mouth, then without much warning, shoved my index finger in Sam's ass.

    "FUCK!" he screamed, tilting his head.

    "Language, boy!" I smacked his ass with my other hand, fucking him with my finger. I pulled out, only to shove two fingers in this time.

    "Ah, Daddy!" Sam continued to moan, his hole loosening up, his precum dripping all over the sheets.

    "Will you continue to talk back to your Daddy?" I barked, finger-fucking him like I was out for revenge.

    "No, Daddy!"

    "Will you be a good little boy?"

    "Fuck yes, Daddy, I'm your good little boy."

    "Yeees. Yes you are, boy," I said, pulling my fingers out to stroke my dick, before putting it between Sam's ass cheeks and starting to push in.

    "Ah, Daddy!" he moaned, his ass shiny and pink as I started to fuck it.

    I put him in a chokehold with my arm again, pushing it to the limit, going as far as I thought I could without having him pass out. Sam seemed to love every second of it. Whenever he managed to catch his breath, he begged for more.

    And more is what he got. We fucked this way all night long. I came in his ass, then flipped him around to suck the boy cum out of his dick. As soon as he was done, I bent him on my lap again for some more spanking. As Sam's yelps and my smacks reverberated around the room, my dick got hard again and ready to dump another load in my boy's hole.

    "Fuck, Daddy. I love you," Sam moaned as the sun started to come out. We were lying in bed and cuddling, gasping for air. The sheets were soaked in our cum and sweat by now..

    "I'll miss you," my son whispered to me, his fingertips caressing my chest.

    "Told you it doesn't have to be long. What are you doing for your birthday in two weeks?"

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