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    I finished my last set of chest flies and got up off the bench, sweat dripping down my face. I used the bottom of my T-shirt to wipe it off, exposing my abs in the process. Checking myself out in the large gym mirror, I felt proud and accomplished in a way only a good workout session can make you feel. I grabbed my towel and water bottle and headed for the locker room.

    "You done for the day, Sam?"


    "See you around, bro."

    I said goodbye to some of the guys who were on the same workout schedule as me. Nodding at each other as I walked past them on my way out, I was starting to feel… popular.

    It was a college gym so I knew a few of them from my classes; straight jocks who I never thought I'd be friends or have anything in common with, being the mousy kid I was in high school. Now, not only was I friendly with them, but I was starting to look like them. Strutting that way, in the designer gym clothes I'd gotten on Dad's credit card, I felt more confident than ever.

    After my shower, stepping out with a towel wrapped around my waist, I stopped to admire myself in the locker room mirror some more. Pulling the towel down as low as I could, exposing some pubes but stopping at the tip of my dick; I took my phone out my locker and snapped a pic to post online. Then, feeling frisky, I let the towel drop to the floor and took another photo to send to my boyfriend. To Dad.

    "Looking good, baby 💪🏼😘," came an instantaneous reply. I hadn't even picked up the towel off the floor yet.

    "Thanks 🥰🥰 Can't wait to see you in two weeks!"


Two Weeks Later


    Walking into hotel rooms while savagely making out had become a tradition for us. Not only was Dad staying at the same hotel as he did on his first trip to Boston, he's even managed to book the very same room.

    "I love you," I panted between kisses, as we started to rip each other's clothes off before the door had even closed behind us.

    "I love you too," Dad said, throwing my shirtless body on the bed and climbing on top of me to continue kissing me.

    My hands roamed all over his bare torso, feeling the tight muscles I'd admired since the very first day I met him. With his tongue still in my mouth, Dad's hands started to slide down my body as well, feeling up my pecs and my abs. I flexed for him, happy to show off just how much like him I was starting to look. 

    The lust was palpable. I could imagine him sitting on that cross-country flight this afternoon, thinking about me the entire time. And now here we were. I reached down, pulled down his pants, and released his rock-hard cock. What once felt taboo and forbidden, by now felt familiar. I held it for a couple of seconds, recognizing every detail, every vein, every freckle; before closing my eyes and taking his dick in my mouth.

    "Ahhh," Dad exhaled loudly. "That's my boy."

    We flipped positions so he was the one lying down. I climbed on top and started to suck him off, feeling his dick tense up but every other part of his body relax.

    As always, the curtains were open. Our love was exposed for the whole world to see. It was dark out, and with the bright hotel lights on, I knew everything we were doing was visible to the hundreds of people in the large building across the street.

    That didn't stop me; it only encouraged me more to do a good job. To give Dad the kind of pleasure he's never felt before.

    I sucked his cock while kneeling down on the bed, starting to feel my hole pulsing. I crawled up and put it against the tip of Dad's dick, wet with his precum and my saliva.

    "There's some lube in my bag," he mumbled, barely able to talk straight with how good he felt.

    "No need," I reassured him, starting to slowly slide down his dick, feeling him deeper and deeper inside me.

    "Fuck!" he yelled out when he was all in. I'd managed to take it in record time. "Fuck baby, you better go slow, or I'm gonna bust any minute."

    "Who said I don't want you to cum?" I teased. "And who said you'll only be doing it once tonight?"

    I started to bounce on his dick, feeling like a pro by this point. If he'd stayed true to his word, Dad hadn't had sex in over two weeks, since he was here for my birthday. I couldn't wait to get him off.

    "I want your cum inside me," I grunted, as I bounced faster and faster. He might be the one with his dick up my ass, but I was the one fucking him.

    "Oh, yeah?" he made eye contact with me and reached for my hands, intertwining his fingers with mine.

    "Yeah. Deposit my little siblings inside my gut."

    Dad's done some kinky shit in his life, but I could tell this threw him off.

    "You're becoming one sick fuck, you know that?" he said. I took it as a compliment.

    "And you love every second of it, don't you?" I leaned in so our faces were closer together. Looking my father dead in the eye, I clenched my asshole, taking him over the edge and getting him to cum. I saw it on his face and I felt it in my guts, his warm spunk filling my insides. He moaned, losing all control as I milked his cock, getting out every last drop. The full deposit.



    I woke up in the morning with a warm body in my embrace. It only took a second or two to realize where I was. This hotel was starting to feel like home by this point. 

    I held Sam's sleeping body tight, happy to be here and to have him here. Granted, I had to cancel a few plans in LA, yet again. People there were starting to wonder why I traveled to much. It was taking its toll on me as well. The point of buying the house in California was so that I'd finally settle down. After two decades or traveling for work, it'd lost any appeal. I was too old for that shit. But I'd made a promise to Sam I'd see him more often, and I couldn't back out of it now.

    It was my own fault for committing to something without asking for the terms and conditions first. When I said "more often," I never asked just how often that was. In the few short weeks since our trip to Mexico, I'd already been to Boston three times. Whenever we were apart, Sam often texted me about "this restaurant here we have to go to" or "this show we should see," making me feel like it was never enough.

    Not that I blamed him. He was still a teenager, this was his first relationship. It was normal to jump in head-over-heels. But this wasn't my first time. A big part of why Mateo and I broke up was our age difference, and being in different places in life. And now here I was, lying in bed with someone even younger in my arms…

    Just as my thoughts started to veer toward scary territory, a welcome distraction came. I noticed my phone flashing on the nightstand, and I carefully wiggled my arm out from underneath Sam to reach for it.

    Still sleepy and with blurry vision, I looked at the text preview on screen:


you seriously skipping the stats final today?? c'mon, don't fail 😫 i want us to take stats 102 together again next sem

    It took me a few moments to realize it wasn't my phone I was holding, it was Sam's. 

    He was about to do what?! Maybe there's still time to fix this. I turned around and shook him awake.

    "Are you skipping an exam today?!" I demanded. 

    "Wha'?" my son mumbled sleepily. 

    "Do you have a final today that you plan on skipping?" I enunciated, as if speaking to someone who didn't understand English all too well.

    "How do you even know?" he slowly came to himself, but still looked confused.

    "I saw your phone."


    "I wasn't going through it… Don't change the topic, answer the question."

    "Well if you really have to know," Sam said defensively, "I wanted to spend the whole day with you. Because I missed you! Because I thought you might miss me too."

    "What time is your exam?"

    "It's tonight. And I'll fail anyway, I'm shit at math. Instead of just enjoying what little time we have together –"

    "I'm calling you an Uber right away. You're gonna go back to the dorm and do whatever revision you can before tonight. You don't know for sure you're failing anything."

    "You can't do this! You can't order me around!!" Sam shouted.

    "Watch your tone and do not yell at me," I said, getting out of bed. "This is insane. I'm gonna go take a shower."

    I walked the few feet to the bathroom. Unlike usual, I shut the door behind me. It slammed louder than I'd intended it to.

    "That's right, walk away! Go ahead and leave me!! Wouldn't be your first time!"

    I was in shock. I couldn't believe the words I was hearing from the other side of the door. I slowly opened it to see Sam still in bed with tears in his eyes.

    Very calmly, I continued.

    "Your car will be here in five minutes. I expect you to be in it when I get out of the shower."



    As soon as the words came out my mouth, I regretted it.

    It was a low blow, but I was desperate. I wanted a reaction. And I got one. The bathroom door opened slowly, and Dad reappeared. 

    I wanted him to come to me and hug me. I wanted him to apologize so I could say I'm sorry too and things could go back to normal. Instead, he coldly and dismissively just said, "Your car will be here in five minutes. I expect you to be in it when I get out of the shower."

    He shut the door behind him and locked it, something we never did! Hearing that lock felt like a punch to the gut.

    I got up, walking around the bed in a trance, going for my phone charging on the nightstand. I almost tripped on Dad's duffle bag, lying on the floor with its zipper open. Tears filled my eyes, blurring my vision. I wiped my eyes and noticed a pink envelope in the bag with my name on it. 

    I reached in and pulled it out. It was sealed, but very clearly meant for me. 

    I opened it, confused by its contents. There was a brochure for San Francisco Pride ("The 50th Anniversary!"). A printout of a confirmation email for a booked apartment ("In the heart of the Castro!"). Two flight reservations for June: one from LAX to SFO in Dad's name. One from BOS to SFO in mine.

    My right hand started to shake as it held the printout. My left hand reached for my chest and clutched the pendant that was there. The one Dad had given me on my birthday. The one I hadn't taken off since.

    A large teardrop fell from my eye and landed onto the paper, smudging the ink and making it worse and worse by the second.

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