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"And there he is," Duncan jumps off the couch when you walk into the living room. He introduces you to the boy sitting next to him, before turning to you and adding, "and this is my son, Marty."
My first series with YOU as the main character!
Meet your partner and his son and decide where to go from there

Chapter 1

Before you get married, you need to meet your fiancé's son. The boy is nothing like what you expected.

Chapter 2 |  Supporter 

You and Marty have a conversation, before you meet his best friend Sean. That evening, you're in for a shocking surprise.

Chapter 3 |  Supporter 

You continue to keep a close eye out on Marty. That's not very difficult, seeing as he seems to enjoy being watched...

Chapter 4 |  Supporter 

Just as you're about to come out to your fiancé with everything, he leaves town for the day. You and Marty stay home alone.

Chapter 5 |  Supporter 

You and Marty spend a week home alone. You wake Marty up one morning, getting more than you bargained for.

Chapter 6 |  Supporter 

You witness a hookup you weren't expecting when you catch Marty with his best friend Sean's father.

Chapter 7 |  Supporter 

You are surprised when Duncan suggests you do it in his son's bed... but not as surprised as when you see Marty there.

Series Finale |  Supporter 

It's your wedding day. You find yourself alone with Marty and his father, and a sexy suggestion is made.

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