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Don't Wake Marty Up

    "Mmm," you hear Duncan moan as you give his cock a squeeze through his underwear. "Is that what you want for breakfast?"

    He leans down and the two of you begin kissing. You feel his tongue in your mouth as you start to get up off the chair, sitting down on the table instead and tilting back further and further as Duncan moves in, pushing you back while kissing you. You hook your fingers in the bottom of his T-shirt and with one swift move you take it off.

    The passion heating up, you hold your lover's face with both hands before sliding them down to his arms and giving his biceps a firm squeeze. Your back is now flat on the tabletop, as Duncan continues to kiss you, both of your heart rates accelerating. You go for his chest and pinch his nipples, twisting and turning them as he grunts "yeah." You feel his smell fill up your nostrils; he hasn't taken his morning shower yet.

    Reaching down, you finally get ahold of his cock again and you're happy to see your kissing has made it hard. You squeeze it and start stroking it; it's a little dry at first but it doesn't take him long to start leaking precum. He's always been heavy on the precum! It gets all over your fingers and you keep using it to jerk off his rock-hard cock, feeling it pulsate in your hand. Still kissing, you pull down your own underwear and reach between your asscheeks, using Duncan's precum to lube up. 

    "You want it here?" he teases you. Sure, you've fucked in the kitchen before, but that was when it was just the two of you in the house.

    "Aha," you nod, feeling your heart racing. All the sleepiness you were feeling mere minutes ago is now out the window.

    "Just keep it down, okay?" Duncan asks of you, before grabbing both of your legs behind your knees and propping them up. He gives you one final kiss, his saliva dripping down in your mouth, before retreating his head and going down, burying his face between your asscheeks.

    "Mmm," you moan out quietly, as promised. You close your eyes and enjoy the feeling of Duncan's tongue on the outside of your hole. You feel him rimming it, going in little by little. His hands let go of your legs and move to your ass, spreading your cheeks wider, giving him access to your insides.

    "Ah!" you try to keep it down but it's not as easy now that Duncan's tongue is inside your ass, his fingertips holding your hole wide open. You feel one of his hands let go, and by the smacking sound that follows, you can tell he's stroking his cock, glazed in his own precum. 

    You open your eyes, tilting your head to the side, and just then… on the shiny surface of the refrigerator… you see Marty's reflection. 

    Duncan's son is standing on the stairs, hiding behind the wall, wearing nothing but the underwear he probably slept in. You're not sure if he was just headed down to get some water, or if you and his dad were so loud that you woke him up. Either way, he seemed to be standing still and eavesdropping now, definitely able to hear everything going on.

    It takes you a couple of seconds to understand what's going on. Just as you wonder if you should tell Duncan his son can hear you, you feel his dick push up against your hole.

    "AAH!" you moan out loudly. You were distracted and not quite ready for it.

    "Shhh," Duncan soothes you. "Don't wake Marty up," he whispers as his cock starts to slide deeper inside you. 

    Your hole pulsing, you feel him stretch it out as he glides his dick inside it, lubed up with his precum. You bite your lip, trying to hold yourself back from shouting out. Even if you wanted to let Duncan know about Marty now, you find it hard to speak with his cock thrusting in; soon enough, he's in balls-deep.

    "Fuck!" you swear quietly, closing your eyes for a second. When you open them again, you half-expect not to see Marty's reflection anymore; maybe it was all in your hear. But nope, sure enough: he's still standing there, listening to his father fuck you.

    "Fuck me!" you say out loud.

    "Yeah? Fuck yes!" Duncan grunts at you, picking up speed and starting to thrust harder. He leans back down toward you and starts kissing you again, his hips never missing a beat all the while.

    "Marty is here and he can hear us," you want to say, but all you can let out is "Mmm, mmm," as Duncan invades your hole with his dick and your mouth with his tongue, leaving you breathless.

    "Fuck, I'm gonna cum soon!" Duncan grunts loudly, unable to control himself.

    "Fuck yeah, load me up," you beg, your eyes rolling back uncontrollably. You're at that wild point where nothing else matters anymore. 

    "Fuck yeah! Take that load! Take my fucking load," Duncan says to your face. You feel his breath on your face as he pumps faster and faster, going deeper inside your ass with each thrust. You can't tilt your head or see much, but out the corner of your eye you glance at the fridge again. Yup: Marty's still there, listening in.

    "Fuck! AAAH!" Duncan grunts out loudly, as you feel his load fill up your hole. He pulls up and rests his hand around your neck, choking you gently as he shoots his cum deep inside you. "Take that fucking load! Ah, fuck. Fucking take it. Ah yeah."

    It takes a couple of minutes for both of you to calm down from Duncan's explosive morning orgasm. His cock still inside you, he leans down and rests his elbows on the table, so as not to crush you under his body weight. You cuddle and laugh together. You feel like you're multitasking, keeping track of everything going on. When you look toward the fridge again, you see Marty's no longer there. Yet you are certain he was there until the very end...

    "What is this kid playing at?" you begin to wonder.

Chapter 2: "More Like Brothers"

You get a chance to talk to Marty one-on-one

and then you meet his best friend Sean.

Duncan tells you some stories about Marty growing up,

and that night, you make a shocking discovery

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