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Don't Wake Marty Up

    "Yes, come let me have some of that," you make Duncan turn around until his butt is in your face. You give it a playful smack and then pull down his underwear, and bite on one of his cheeks.

    "Mmm, nice," you say, playing with his ass with one hand and using your other hand to start stroking your cock. "Fuck, that's a nice fucking ass," you tell him as you continue to knead his cheeks. Flattered, he pushes it back, leaning against the table in front of you.

    You dick is now fully hard in all of its morning glory. You give it a few more strokes before reaching up with both hands again to spread Duncan's asscheeks wide open, gaining access to his hole. You spit loudly on it, before diving in with your face and starting to rim it.

    "Ahhh, fuck!" Duncan can't hold himself back from moaning. 

    "Shhh, quiet. You don't want Marty to hear us," you tease him, before giving his ass a loud smack.

    "Fuck!" Duncan swears before laughing quietly, pushing his ass out even more, begging you to dive back in.

    You continue to eat his ass, burying your tongue deep in his hole as he pushes it out as far as he can. All the while, his moans continue. You can tell he's trying to keep it down, he's not as loud as usual, but he can't contain himself as you go harder on his hole.

    "Get down on your knees," you say, knowing that'll shut him up. You kick back and relax in your chair, as Duncan obediently kneels down and takes your cock greedily in his mouth.

    "Mmm, yeah," it's your turn to moan out in pleasure now as you close your eyes and tilt you head back. You start to rub the back of Duncan's head in appreciation as it bops up and down on your dick.

    You spread your legs wide open, stretching them out. Your underwear is tucked in under your balls; Duncan's holding them in one hand, gently playing with them while he's sucking you off. You enjoy your morning blowjob for a few minutes, then you open your eyes. On the glass door in front of you, you see a reflection… Marty's.

    Duncan's son is standing on the stairs, trying to hide behind the wall, unaware that you can see him. You're not sure if he could hear you all the way upstairs or if he just stumbled upon you, but you're certain that now he is waiting and eavesdropping, standing there in nothing but the underwear he probably slept in.

    You have half a mind to let Duncan know his son is standing right there, when you feel the head of your cock hit the back of his throat.

    "Oh, fuck!" you shout in pleasure as Duncan starts deepthroating you. For a moment, you forget all about his son being there; you put your hands on the back of Duncan's head and start viciously face-fucking him.

    Barely able to pay attention to both things at once, and too horny to stop what you're doing, you forget all about Marty being there and go to town fucking his father's face, as Duncan slobbers all over your balls and the chair you're sitting on.

    "Aaaah!" he takes a long breath when you let him go and give him a chance to breathe, before he puts your cock back in his mouth and starts jerking you off with one hand. His face buried in your crotch, he has no idea his son is standing just feet away and that he can hear everything.

    "Yeah, you like sucking cock?" you ask loudly.

    "Fuck yeah, I love sucking your cock."

    "What did you say?"

    "I said I fucking love sucking your cock!" he repeats louder before shoving it back in his mouth, pleasing you faster and faster, getting you close to the edge.

    "Fuck yeah you do," you say and kick back again, letting him service you. Every now and then you look at the door to see if Marty's reflection is still there and sure enough: he doesn't budge from his spot.

    "Fuck, I'm gonna cum," you grunt a short while later. 

    "Fuck yeah, give it to me," Duncan begs. 

    "You want it?"

    "Fuck yeah, gimme all your cum," he jerks you off faster and faster, eager to get your load.

    One last glance at the door. Marty's still there. You've about to say something when…

    "Ahhh! FUCK!" you start shooting your load. As soon as he sees you cumming, Duncan gets right back on your cock, sucking off your cum and swallowing it all down. You feel your toes curl, your fingernails dig into Duncan's shoulders, as you moan out and bust your moaning load in his hungry mouth.

    "Shh," Duncan whispers, his mouth still full of your cum, as soon as you're done with your intense orgasm. "Don't wake Marty up."

    You glance at the door again. No one's there anymore. Yet you're sure: Marty didn't miss a thing.

    "Yeah. We wouldn't want that," you say, starting to wonder exactly what Duncan's son may be up to...

Chapter 2: "More Like Brothers"

You get a chance to talk to Marty one-on-one

and then you meet his best friend Sean.

Duncan tells you some stories about Marty growing up,

and that night, you make a shocking discovery

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