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Can We Do It in the Playroom? Pt. I


    My father stood across from me in his sex room, wearing a pair of short white shorts so thin they were basically translucent. His dick bulged in the front.

    "Looks like you found my playroom," he said casually, as if I'd found nothing more unusual than a coin collection. 

    "Oh, is that what you call it?" I tried to play it off casual as well, while standing next to the sex sling hanging from the ceiling. 

    "Yeah," he said, walking around the room and showing it off proudly. "I've known some people who have them and I always wanted one of my own. I always imagined it being very sexy but classy, you know? Not the easiest thing to achieve. I had to fly the interior designer in from London. Do you like it?" 

    "Well, I don't have much to compare it to. But some of these pictures on the walls are really nice. And all the subtle lighting... Yeah it's interesting."

    "I usually keep it locked so people don't stumble upon it," he said, his dick flopping in his shorts as he walked around.

    "Yeah, I noticed the door the first time I came down here," I said. "I just thought it was a storage room or something."

    "Anyway, were you looking for me? What did you wanna say?"

    I tried to think, completely blanking on what I was doing earlier.

    "I've started packing," I lied. "If you see any of my stuff around the house please just bring it to my room."

    "No problem," he smiled, standing by the door. His muscles were so defined he looked like he was flexing even when he wasn't.

    "I'll... continue packing now," I said awkwardly and headed out.

    "Only two more days," I thought the following afternoon, finally starting to fold some of my clothes and putting them in my suitcases. I'd bought a lot of stuff here over the summer, and I just hoped it would all fit.

    "Maybe I can leave some of it here," I thought, looking around the room. Was this my room now? Dad said I could always come back, but I had no idea when the next time was I'd be here.

    I reached under the bed for some of the stuff that was there and then I saw it: Dad's white jockstrap that I'd been using as a jizz rag all summer. His favorite jock. Something that would always remind me of him. I put it in a separate pocket in one of the suitcases.

    I packed slowly, using every distraction I could get on my phone. By the time I left the room to go down to the kitchen it was already dinner time.

    The table was set with way too much food and drinks for two people. It all looked delicious and beautifully arranged; Dad clearly had it delivered again. 

    "Do you regret not going to college?" I asked him after we'd started eating.

    "Not really. It was a different time back them. And the experiences I had when I was your age, I wouldn't change it for the world."

    I could only imagine.

    "You know, my parents never went to college either. So in a way, you're the first person in your family to do so, on this side."

    I smiled and took a sip of my third glass of wine. I'd never thought of it that way. Of myself as a part of a whole new family.

    After dinner, we were gonna watch a movie, like we did most evenings when we were home alone. 

    "What do you wanna see?" Dad asked, picking up his drink and heading to the living room.

    "Dad? Can we do it in the playroom?" I blurted out quickly.

    "Do what?"

    "Watch a movie," I answered. I don't know what made me suggest it. Probably curiosity to go back down there, and bravery encouraged by the wine I'd had. "There's a large TV and a couch. Thought it might be a nice change."

    "Sure," Dad chuckled. "Be right back."

    I watched him walk away, unable not to stare as his ass as he walked. A couple of minutes later, he was back and handed me a key.

    "I'll see you down there in a minute," he said and walked to the microwave to make popcorn.

    I took my wine glass and went down to the basement. In the playroom, I fumbled until the found the light switch. I sat on the couch, waiting for Dad.

    He came in a few minutes later, left the popcorn on the couch and grabbed the remote.

    "What're we watching, Netflix or something from my DVD collection?" he said, pointing to the shelfful of porn on the wall.

    "Are... are you serious?" I couldn't tell.

    "I mean, whatever," Dad shrugged.

    "You know, I've never seen a full-length porn movie, ever. Just like, bits and pieces online."

    "Well then, we gotta pop your cherry," Dad said amused. "I got some artsy foreign stuff, we can have it playing in the background while we chat."

    He played the DVD and came to sit next to me on the couch, on my right. The two male actors were naked from the get-go, kissing passionately on screen.

    "You know, this feels awkward yet normal at the same time," I noted. 

    "What, watching porn with your dad?" he smiled.

    "Yeah. You're... nothing like what I expected," I admitted.

    "Why, what did you expect?"

    "Well, you know, Mom and her husband are very... traditional, I guess. They're just like all my friends' parents I know back home. 9-to-5, two or three kids, maybe a divorce and a remarriage. You're not like that. You just... do your own thing."

    "I'm not sure what to say to that," he smiled and took a sip of his drink, as one of the guys on screen started to suck the other guy's cock. "It sounds like a compliment, so I'll say 'thank you.'"

    "It is a compliment. And it's made me feel more confident as well, I guess. I was worried about how I was gonna present myself in college, and now I see I can just do whatever, be my own person and not have to worry about it. Plus you were right: I feel better after working out over the summer and I'll definitely keep it going. We'll see. My goal's to steal all your followers by Christmas," I winked.

    He smiled.

    "I'm happy to hear that, son," he put his hand on the back of my neck and gave it a squeeze. 

    The couple on screen was starting to fuck. I felt my dick shift in my shorts.

    "I was jealous of Mateo when I met him," I confessed. "Especially cuz he's so close to my age. I guess I just wanted all your attention."

    "I was jealous of Greg too," Dad said. I looked down and noticed his dick wasn't fully soft in his shorts anymore either.

    Turning to the TV, I put my hand on my crotch. I gave it a squeeze, which felt amazing.

    I glimpsed on my right, and my father was doing the same.

    "You know, I saw you fuck Mateo the night of the party," I laughed. 

    "I know," I was shocked to hear Dad say. 

    "You do?!"

    We were both rubbing our dicks through our shorts more vigorously.

    "Well, I suspected it. Then when I saw your cum on the stairs I was fairly certain," he winked at me.

    We watched the movie for a couple of minutes. I was fully hard by now, my erection painful in the restraint of my shorts.

    Dad casually pulled up his T-shirt, then got up for a second to pull down his shorts. He was now fully naked, and spit on his hand before continuing to jack off, his dick fully hard as well.

    I swallowed spit and followed him in taking my clothes off.

    The couple was fucking faster and louder. Dad spread his legs as he gently pulled on his ball sac, his bare leg bumping into mine.

    "When Mateo said you might wake me up while you were fucking him," I said while we both stroked our cocks, "and you said you didn't care... that turned me on."

    "Oh, yeah?" Dad said in a deep tone I hadn't quite heard from him before.

    "I guess it's your shamelessness that's kinda... hot," I continued to jack off faster, pushing my leg further onto his.

    He didn't say anything, but I could now hear the sounds of both of us jerking off on the couch even through the bottom's loud screams on screen.

    "Have you ever done porn?" I asked my model dad. Guess it wouldn't be unheard of. It might explain some of the money he had made.

    "Nah, never. Just private movies I recorded for myself," he answered with a casual voice again, like we were just having a normal chat.

    I turned my head back to the TV.

    "Would you like to watch one?" I heard, and turned to look at Dad, feeling confused. "One of my private movies?"

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