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Can We Do It in the Playroom? Pt. II


    "You're... nothing like what I expected."

    It felt good to hear my son say that to me. I wasn't sure what he meant by that, and maybe neither did he, but it made me feel special.

    I was fully aware I wasn't a "typical dad." Mostly because I hadn't been much of a dad for the past 18 years since I became one. But also because of the job I did and the people I surrounded myself with. I moved in extremely sex-positive circles. And my son was an adult now. So having him learn about the fact I had a playroom or that I liked watching porn... It just didn't feel like a big deal to me.

    As nice as this summer was, it was about to be over. Sam was leaving in just two days. The plan was to have a chat and watch a movie, and since he wanted to do it in the playroom I picked a porn to play in the background. But as much as we tried to pretend that it didn't affect us, it didn't take long for me to notice my son's dick was hard under his shorts. Catching glimpses of the two hot guys fucking on screen, I started to get hard as well.

    Sam and I confessed the jealousy each of us felt seeing each other with another man. It felt good to admit my envy of Greg, both to Sam and to myself out loud.

    The action was getting hotter, both on screen and in person. My son and I were now watching the movie, stroking our dicks through our shorts, not saying anything about it. Doing it this way felt uncomfortable, so I quickly took my clothes off. A few seconds later, my son did the same.

    I was now fully immersed in the movie. I was too horny to think about anything else. My cock was fully hard and I spit on my hand and started stroking it faster. The fact my son was sitting right next to me didn't matter. He was doing the same, enjoying himself. Even though he said he'd never watched a full professional porn movie before, I'm sure the boy had seen lots of stuff on the Internet and jerked his dick to it until he cums.

    I was getting into it, pulling on my balls and spreading my legs, bumping into Sam's hairy legs right next to me. He pushed his leg against mine. I found the boyish playfulness of that act very cute.

    "Have you ever done porn?" he asked me while we both stroked our cocks.

    "Nah, never. Just private movies I recorded for myself," I answered. "Would you like to watch one?"

    Sam was taken aback, but I'd figured what the fuck. I liked being watched, and the boy was obviously curious.

    "Sure," he said.

    I got up off the couch and walked back to the shelf full of DVDs. My erection bobbed up and down as I walked and I noticed Sam looking at it.

    I picked a video that was almost ten years old that I had on DVD. I took out the movie that was playing and put the new disk in. On the blank TV screen, I could see my son's reflection, staring at my bare ass right in front of him. Bending down to put the DVD in, I made sure to give him a good view of my hole. How many men can say they've seen their father's asshole like that?

    I turned around to sit back down next to Sam. He was still stroking his dick, pumping up and down slowly, waiting for the video to start. I noticed the precum dripping down his shaft. I sat down and pressed play on the remote. 

    The action started in medias res. "Oké," a male voice behind the camera said as it started rolling. On the bed in front of it, I was already savagely making out with a beautiful young blonde in nothing but black lingerie. 

    "Damn," I heard my son say from my left, sounding mesmerized. "How old were you there?"

    "Bout 26 or so." I realized the me-on-screen is closer to Sam's age than to my age now. "In Amsterdam, with a couple I met there."

    My son and I both stroked our dicks as we watched me pull down the blonde's bra and suck on her tits.

    "Fuck, I looked good back then," I admired myself. I was a bit skinnier than I was now (that's what used to sell back then) but my youthful body was in amazing shape, my career at its peak. The girl, though not a professional model herself, looked just as good. Her lingerie and the black boxer briefs I had on did a great job at showing off our bodies, yet teasingly hiding the best parts.

    "Aww. You look even better now, Dad," Sam said and squeezed the back of my neck reassuringly. His hand was warm and wet with precum; it was the same hand he'd been stroking his dick with. 

    "Thanks, Son." I smiled and gave his right thigh a squeeze with my left hand.

    On screen, the male figure appeared from behind the camera. He was extremely tall, even taller than me; and blond just like his wife. The two looked so much alike they could pass for siblings. 

    The man walked to the bed, gave his wife's ass a squeeze, then lay back and made himself comfortable, watching the two of us go at it. His huge erection was clearly visible, leaving a precum stain on the white boxer briefs he was wearing. He rubbed his dick and licked his lips, as he watched me put my fingers in his wife's panties and start fingering her. A short while later, she pulled down my underwear and started sucking my cock.

    "Damn, Dad," my son said from the couch. "See this is why I don't watch professional porn. This shit's so much better!"

    I laughed. I reached for the drawer next to me and pulled out a bottle of high-quality lube. 

    "Want some?"

    "Yes, thanks," Sam reached out with his hand and I squirted lube in it, then watched him apply it on his cock. I got some for myself as well, then turned back to the TV.

    The blonde was now sucking my dick more and more vigorously, deepthroating it like a pro. 

    "You can go harder," came accented instructions for me from her husband. "She likes it."

    "Oh, yeah?" 26-year-old me asked looking down, and the blonde gave a nod while still sucking my dick. I then gripped her hair tighter and started pulling it, pushing her face in my crotch, making her choke on my dick.

    "Holy shit, Dad."

    This wasn't anything extreme by my standards, but I wasn't sure if my son had been exposed to stuff like this yet. Either way, he didn't seem to lose his hardon at all; if anything, he was just jacking off faster.

    There wasn't a lot of talking on the couch for a while, just the sounds of us stroking our dicks, louder now that we were using lube. Our legs kept bumping into each other and neither my son nor I tried to prevent it. On the contrary, it felt like such a bonding moment, having some body contact during all this.

    We watched the girl expertly suck my cock then take her panties off as I started to fuck her. By this point her husband and I had both taken our underwear off. He stroked his huge uncut dick as he watched me fuck her, and he pinched her tits and kissed her. A while later, I pulled out and she lay on top of him, taking his dick in her pussy. I came on top, and stuck my cock in her ass.

    "Fuuuck!!" My son screamed so loudly I looked to see if he was cumming. There was a lot of precum and lube everywhere, but no cum. He was just really excited.

    It was difficult to see the three of us fucking on camera now. There were no clear closeup shots, but the positions we were in made it obvious what was going on. We continued for almost half an hour, until the woman, getting fucked from both ends, started screaming in pleasure. 

    "Fuck," said Sam. "Did she just cum?"

    "Yup," I smirked and my son and I made eye contact, still beating off.

    A couple of minutes later, the three of us on screen started shifting positions. The girl lay down to catch her breath, then gave her husband then me a kiss. She stroked my dick as we kissed, then guided it to her husband's ass.

    "Fuck him," she said, barely audible for the camera.

    At the corner of my eye, I saw my son's eyes get wider as he stared incredulously at the TV.

    The man and I got in position and I started fucking him doggy style. His wife gave his ass a few smacks, then went over to the front to kiss him, pulling his shiny blond hair and making his back arch.

    Sam was now stroking his dick faster, watching me fuck the tall man's ass while kissing his wife. She smacked his ass again then reached down and started to milk his cock as he was being fucked. Noticing Sam's strokes get faster, I intensified mine as well.

    "Watch this now," I said. I hadn't seen this video in years, but I knew what was coming.

    A few minutes later, the man and I started grunting and moaning out loud as we both started cumming. I bust my load in his ass while he shot all over the sheets, milked by his wife.

    "Fuck, Dad!!" Sam yelled and I could tell he was about to cum as well. He lifted his ass off the couch and he stroked his dick faster and faster. In that moment, without thinking about it too much, I reached over and pressed against his perineum and his hole with my left hand. I knew this would feel amazing and make his orgasm even more intense.

    "Oh! Dad! Fuck!" Sam couldn't believe how good it felt. After an hour of edging, he was finally about to cum! My large fingers pressed harder against his taint. With my other hand, I was jerking myself off and about to cum any second as well.

    26-year-old me was still moaning on screen, filling the man's insides with jizz. Sam's eyes glued to the screen, he started shooting his load: big spurts of it spraying out like a fountain, landing all over the couch, his body, and my own. 

    As I felt the warm spurts of my son's cum hit my skin, I started to cum as well. My load shot out everywhere as well. It was almost like a competition who can cum higher. Finally my jizz shot back down on my son and me as we grunted in pleasure.

    After what seemed like a full minute of spurting cum everywhere, Sam's ass fell back on the couch. We both tilted our heads back and closed our eyes, breathing fast. I put my cum-stained arm around my son, and we rested like that for a while.



    I woke up in the morning feeling happy, sad, and horny all at the same time. This time tomorrow I'd be heading to the airport, leaving LA and going back to Massachusetts to spend some time with my mom before starting school in Boston. My dad, who I'd just met, would be thousands of miles away again. 

    I didn't have much of a chance to think about all that too much though, cuz I'd woken up with a raging hardon. I wrapped my hand around it, then let it go down to my balls. I closed my eyes as my hand pressed against the area behind my balls, remembering Dad's hand there yesterday. 

    "Fuck," I said out loud, thinking back of what had happened. I was so turned out I could probably cum in seconds right now, but I stopped myself. 

    I forced myself to get out of bed and go brush my teeth, by which point my dick finally started to go down so I could take a piss. 

    I threw some clothes on and went downstairs. Dad was sitting in the backyard. The morning was still a bit chilly so he had on a white dressing robe. He looked serene as he sipped his espresso, looking out at the beautiful view from his yard. I looked at him for a couple of minutes, smiling. It was an even more beautiful view.

    "Morning, Dad," I joined him at the table, helping myself to a waffle.

    "Good morning," he smiled back.

    "You're up early. Did you go to the gym?"

    "No, I was up talking on the phone."

    "Everything okay?" Now that I was sitting next to him, I noticed he looked a bit... off.

    "Everything's fine," he put down his coffee cup. "Mateo and I broke up," he added a couple of seconds later, looking out into the yard again.

    "Oh wow." I didn't know what else to say. I wondered what the reason was. Could it be... Could it be what happened between Dad and me last night?! Mateo hardly seemed like the most conservative person, but his boyfriend telling him he just jerked off with his own son might be a bit too much even for him. Was this all my fault?

    "So... what happened?" I tried to ask casually.

    "He and Mario finally decided to move to West Hollywood," he said of Mateo and his twin brother. "They paid the security deposit this morning."

    "Okay. But isn't WeHo just like a two-hour drive from here? You guys can still make it work."

    "It's not about the distance. I know exactly what's gonna happen after they move. Their whole lifestyle's gonna change. It'll be just like when I was in New York at that age. I speak from experience."

    I listened, not saying anything.

    "I'm too old for that, Sam," Dad looked at me. "Or maybe I'm not, I just don't want it anymore. The drugs, and the clubs, and the 'networking.' It gets old after a while."

    "So what're you gonna do instead, get married and have kids?" I tried to strike up a more lighthearted conversation again.

    "Nah, I'm not in a rush to get married. Besides, I already have a kid."

    He reached for my hand across the table and gently took it in his, then gave it a squeeze. We sat there, holding hands and smiling at each other and I felt better and more loved than I ever have before.

    "Okay, sun's finally out," he said after a couple of minutes, and he was right. The temperature seemed to have gone up 15 degrees in 15 minutes.

    He stood up and untied his robe as he walked toward the pool. He let it fall down behind him, exposing his muscular back and his amazing bubble butt. I watched him as he seemed to walk in slo-mo. The view of his ass and his big thighs made me salivate. I remembered getting a glimpse of his hole yesterday when he bent down.

    Images of him fucking that man on camera flashed through my mind. My one resolution before starting college was to get properly fucked by someone, and so far it still hadn't happened. I knew my chances weren't too good once I go back to my mother's house. And it was my last day here.

    I watched my model dad as he got to the pool. He turned around to smile at me before jumping in. His big, beautiful cock swung left to right as he did so.

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