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I Love You, Dad


    "Can't wait to see you tomorrow!"

    "Yeah, me too," I said unenthusiastically into my phone while packing.

    "Oh yeah, you sound thrilled," my friend Lamar said sarcastically.

    "I just... don't know if I'm ready to leave."

    I looked around my room. With most of my stuff packed it didn't feel like my room anymore. It looked like a generic room in a hotel somewhere, rather than my own father's house.

    "Cuz of your dad?" Lamar asked.

    "Yeah," I admitted. "Like, it just feels wrong, leaving like this. Right now."

    "Can't you stay a few more days?"

    "What's the point? My mom wants me back, and I'll be moving to Boston in a couple of weeks anyway."

    "Sam... I get that you just met your dad, and now that you're leaving it feels like it's... forever. But it's not! This isn't the end. You'll see him again, I'm sure."

    "I know, I know. I just... wanted more."



    Breaking up with Mateo gave me a sense of clarity. I was upset at first, then I realized it was never gonna last. Even if he didn't move to Hollywood, where were we gonna go? Barely 23, he was still a kid. At 36, I was just starting to feel like an adult myself. It was time to finally own up and take responsibility, and mending my relationship with my son was #1 on that list.

    As for my son, having him here really helped ease the blow of the breakup. I realized that no matter how many men I break up with, or how many men break up with me, I'll always have someone to call family. Someone who'll always be there.

    As I got into the pool the morning of Sam's last day here, I noticed him looking at me. I knew how much the kid admired me and I was so proud. Of myself, and of him. Of us, and what we'd achieved this past summer.

    After my relaxing swim, I got up and walked toward my son. I recognized that look of lust in his eyes; I'd seen it in plenty of men and women who saw me naked. But even more than lust, I saw love there. 

    Probably embarrassed to be caught looking, Sam quickly excused himself and went inside to pack.

    "All set?" I asked a couple of hours later when he walked into my room. I was reading naked in bed.

    "Yup. Everything's in my suitcases, except the clothes I'll be wearing tomorrow and this," Sam pointed at the T-shirt and shorts he had on.

    "And how do you feel?" I asked, putting away the iPad. I could tell something was bothering him.

    "Honestly? Anxious."

    "C'mere," I waved at him to come sit on my bed next to me. When he did, I gave him a big hug. We lay back and stayed that way for a couple of minutes, not speaking.

    "Anxious about what?" I finally asked. "Going to school?"

    "No. Well, yes, that too. But also... leaving here."

    "Sam, honey," I took his chin gently and tilted his head so he was facing me. "You know you can always come back. You can even stay if you wanted to."

    "No, I can't. But I'll miss you."

    His eyes glistened with tears, and I gave him another strong hug. We made ourselves comfortable and before I knew it, we'd both dozed off. 



    I wasn't usually the type for mid-afternoon naps, so when I woke up it took me a while to figure out where I was. Even with my eyes closed, everything around me felt foreign. A bed I'd never slept in before. And a person I'd never slept with before, in my arms.

    I slowly opened my eyes and took a deep breath. I started to realize where I was. The scent of the clean sheets mixed with the manly body in my arms. It was my father, naked. I looked at his face, still asleep, his eyes closed. His muscled chest and stomach went up and down as he breathed. And below that: his dick. Fully hard.

    My heart stopped and I lost my breath for a second. It felt like I was punched in the stomach, but I tried not to flinch as not to wake him up. "Holy shit!" I thought.

    I was no stranger to waking up with an erection, it happened to me pretty much every time I slept. Apparently it was the same with Dad. Like father, like son.

    I looked up at his face again. He was sound asleep. He looked so cute and serene sleeping. Lying on the crisp white sheets with the sun coming in through the window, his muscled body looked like a Renaissance statue. 

    My eyes quickly shot back down to his cock. It pulsed up and down as my dad dreamt about god knows what. It looked... beautiful. There's no other way to describe it. His neatly trimmed pubes made his cut cock look even bigger. His smooth balls seemed to contract and expand as his dick pulsed, begging to be emptied. 

    Slowly, very slowly, I started to move my hand down his belly and toward his crotch. I knew it was wrong, not only because he was my father but because he was asleep as well, but I couldn't help myself. I wasn't religious in the slightest, but thoughts of "God forgive me for what I'm about to do" shot through my mind.

    Moving a millimeter per second, I finally reached just below my father's belly button. The tip of his dick grazed the side of my hand now. It was just slightly wet, leaving a drop of precum on my hand. I was tempted to bring it up to my mouth, but I didn't want to make such a swift movement. 

    "I had a gay uncle. Stuff happened," I remembered my Dad admitting to hooking up with a family member once. This wasn't so different, was it? 

    "Of course it is," my conscience told me. "The connection between father and son is so much closer." But of all the times to ignore my conscience, I chose to do it now. My dick was hard by now as well and it was dictating my moves.

    My hand continued to move down, hovering half an inch over my dad's dick shaft. Even without touching it, I felt its warmth radiating. It felt like holding two magnets really close to each other and trying to keep them from snapping together. 

    Finally, I gave in. The magnets snapped. My hand grasped my father's cock.

    I held my breath, waiting for the world to explode. Nothing happened. My father didn't wake up. The only part of him moving was his dick, pulsing in my hand. 

    Clutching it, I slowly started to move my hand up and down.

    "Mmm, that's nice," I heard Dad mumble after a few seconds. He was up. Kinda. His eyes were still closed, and he seemed to be half-asleep. Did he even know what was going on? Still, it sounded like I had his approval. 

    That was all the encouragement I needed. I gripped my father's cock even firmer and stroked it unreservedly. With my head on his chest, I could hear his heartbeat accelerate as his pleasure intensified. 

    "Mmm," came another stifled moan. 

    Completely ignoring everything else, I pulled out my other arm from underneath my dad's body, and started to move down. His paternal cock was attracting me like a magnet again. Only this time the second magnet wasn't in my hand; it was in my mouth.

    "You're here now," my internal voice whispered, as the tip of my nose was an inch away from his precum-doused dick. "Might as well do it."

    I did. I opened my mouth and took my father's penis in it.

    As it went in, it felt like two pieces of a puzzle snapping together. It fit perfectly. The tip of it hit the back of my throat just enough to fill up my mouth but not to make me gag.

    "This is the dick that made you," said the voice in my head again. I reached for my dad's ball sack and gently stroked it while I sucked his cock. "The balls where you came from."

    The moaning coming from Dad got louder and louder. By this point it was obvious he was awake.

    I continued to suck his cock, as it filled my mouth with precum that I dutifully swallowed. I felt more and more daring. After a few minutes, I was going back up and straddling my dad's body, climbing on top of him and positioning my ass close to his cock.

    "Are you sure you wanna do this?" he spoke for the first time since I'd started.

    I looked up. His eyes were now open and he was looking at me attentively. Looking him straight in the eye, I nodded. I licked my lips, tasting his precum that was still on there.

    Dad tilted his body, reaching for his nightstand and taking out a bottle of lube.

    "Is it your first time?" he asked, making sure I hadn't let anyone fuck me since the last time he and I had a talk about anal sex.

    Still making eye contact, I nodded again.

    "Try to relax," Dad said, flipping the bottle cap open and squirting out some lube. He managed to do the whole thing singlehandedly, like an expert; while his other hand was around my waist.

    He reached down and applied the lube on his cock. Then, I felt his hand in between my ass cheeks. It felt cold at first, but in a matter of seconds it started to warm up. I breathed in deep.

    "You're really tight. Have you been practicing with the dildo I gave you?"

    "Only a few times," I answered truthfully. 

    "Did it hurt?" he asked with paternal concern.

    "At first. Then... it felt good."

    "This oughta be even easier, cuz it's a real dick. It's only more difficult if you get performance anxiety, and start to worry about how well you're doing. So don't worry. There's absolutely nothing you can do wrong, you understand?"

    I nodded, grateful to hear that. The concerns that were starting to plague my mind (What if I can't take it? What if it hurts? What if I'm not clean enough?) scuttled off. 

    "And if you want me to stop or do something differently, say so," Dad added.

    I prepared myself for initial pain as I felt the tip of his dick close in on my hole. I remembered the few times I'd used the dildo, and how it felt to to get it in at first. 

    I felt the head of my dad's dick penetrate my hole. I took a deep breath and felt it move deeper, an inch farther. I closed my eyes and grasped his arms like a handlebar. Another inch, then another. There was a slight resistance, but... there was no pain. 

    "There we go," I heard Dad say reassuringly. "All the way in."

    What?! I couldn't believe it! I opened my eyes, to see my dad looking and smiling at me.

    "Really?" I smiled ear-to-ear. "That was in so easy. It... It feels great," I said. Now that I was free of my anxiety, I felt the pleasure of being fucked and I loved it. I started to bounce on Dad's dick, gently at first, then faster and faster.

    It was pure bliss. It felt better than I ever could've imagined.

    Dad lifted his hips and starting moving as well, fucking me like a pro. He moved his cock back and forth all the way without letting it slip out. I moaned in ecstasy.

    Dad switched up the pace, fucking me slowly, then fast, then going slow again. His big hands grasped my hips, then moved all over my body, stroking my skin and giving me goosebumps. 

    I leaned forward and went straight for his mouth. We started kissing, meanwhile never missing a bit and still fucking. Our tongues went wild exploring each other's mouths, kissing passionately with our eyes closed. It was like no kiss I'd ever shared with anyone before.

    With my eyes shut, all of my other senses were at their peak. The smell of Dad as he kissed me. The sound of his cock going back and forth in my ass. The taste of his saliva as it mixed with mine. The feel of his fingertips roaming my body, and his dick penetrating my tight virgin hole.

    "Mmm," I moaned out as I felt a hand around my dick. It wasn't my own. I was hard the entire time but focused on my father's cock rather than my own. Now he started stroking me himself.

    Fuck, I was so close. I broke off our kiss, worried I might cum any second. Dad and I made intense eye contact. I saw my reflection in his hazel eyes and realized they were just like mine. Another legacy passed from father to son. Another bond that we'll share forever.

    "Aaah," I started to moan out in pleasure as I felt my orgasm coming up. Dad's strokes intensified. He milked my dick until my cum started shooting on his six-pack, and he started grunting loudly. We never broke eye contact for a second. As his face contorted in pleasure I could tell he was cumming as well. Cumming inside my ass. Filling my hole with the seed that made me. I clenched my hole, so I don't let any of it get away. The tighter grip around my dad's cock made his orgasm even stronger and his body jerked like it was being tasered. 

    Loud noise emitted by both of us echoed around the room, until I leaned forward again and kissed Dad on the lips. He put his left hand in my hair and pushed my face right against his, as his right hand continued to stroke my dick slowly. 

    We kissed and milked every last drop of semen from each other's dicks until we ran completely out of breath. When we did, I passed out on top of my father, his cock still up my ass.

    "I love you, Dad," I whispered. 

    "Love you too, Son," he stroked my back with his fingertips.

The End


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