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You Got Any Lube?


    I hate to admit it, but the party Mateo dragged me to was a ton of fun. I wanted to be the "responsible parent," who feels bad about leaving their kid at home and won't stop thinking about it. Those thoughts all went out of my head as soon as we hit the dance floor and had a few drinks (and a few lines). I was the first guy to take my shirt off while dancing, causing people around us to ogle at me even though they pretended not to.

    "Yes, Daddy," Mateo said to me with a sultry smile and pinched my nipples while going in for a kiss.

    As much as I enjoyed showing off, Mateo could give me a run for my money in the exhibitionist department. We had a hotel room barely a three-minute walk away, but I knew he'd rather make out at the club, making everyone jealous, even though there was no shortage of other hot guys in this and every other gay bar in WeHo.

    Shortly after midnight, the club was so packed you couldn't dance without bumping into people around you. Not that we were doing too much dancing, with our aggressive make-out session that lasted over an hour. I popped a boner several times during it, and my boyfriend finally noticed.

    "Mmm," he said, licking his lips and smiling at me. He tucked his right hand in the waistband of my shorts, then let it slide down and grab my dick. We were dancing so close than I don't think anyone around us could really see what we were doing.

    "Daddy's horny," Mateo said and started stroking my cock, my sticky precum leaking on his arm."And I'm horny too."

    He gave me another kiss and turned around. I hugged him from behind and continued dancing, grinding against his back. He stuck out his bubble butt to rub my dick with, then lowered the back of his shorts until they were below his ass.

    I put my hands on his smooth ass cheeks, giving them a squeeze. He tried to reach for my waistband again and release my cock. I knew exactly what he was getting at. Everyone around us seemed too drunk and busy to notice, but it was still too risky. 

    "Let's move to the side," I yelled in Mateo's ear over the music. He rolled his eyes in disappointment that he wouldn't be getting fucked in the middle of the dance floor, pulled up his shorts, and followed me. I tried to adjust my dick so my erection wasn't super obvious while I made my way through the crowd.

    We went all the way to the end, in the dark away from the strobe lights, and I leaned against the wall. There was no one else very close to us except for a small group of guys talking here where the music wasn't so loud.

    Mateo charged at my mouth again and we continued to make out. Within a couple of minutes, his back was turned to me again and he tilted his head to look at me. There was a devilish gleam in his eyes and a shit-eating grin on his face.

    I looked around a couple of times, licking my lips. No one seemed to be looking at us. I put my hand in Mateo's shorts and pulled down the back. My fingertips found their way to his hole and I started playing with it.

    "Aah!" Mateo moaned. One of the nearby guys looked at us and made eye contact with me for a split second, but he smiled and didn't seem to say anything to his buddies.

    In front of us, hundreds of people danced to the blasting music. If we were gonna do this here, we had to be quick. I pulled out my dick and guided it in between my boyfriend's cheeks.

    Mateo had started getting fucked very young. Even though he was only 21, his hole had seen a lot of action, and I managed to slip into it with only some spit as lube.

    "Aaah, fuck," I said as I went in little by little. When I was all in, I heard Mateo take a deep breath, and I started fucking him to the beat of the music.

    This felt amazing! Fucking with the music and the strobe lights, and the crowd in front of us, made me feel even higher than I was. I saw all the guys that were standing and talking nearby had noticed us by now. Luckily, they just smiled and raised their glasses at us. I smiled back. Phew, they weren't the kind to go tell security. 

    I reached for my phone in my pocket and held it up. "Can you take a video?" I mouthed to the group of guys.

    The tallest of them, a cute ginger fellow, was the quickest to leave his drink and reach for my phone. He filmed us for a couple of minutes while I pounded Mateo's ass, clutching his shirt in one hand and his neck in the other.

    "Just a bit longer," I asked of the ginger. "I'm gonna cum soon."

    "Go for it," he yelled with a huge smile, as if he couldn't believe his luck.

    Thirty seconds later, my cum was filling Mateo's insides as he screamed "Yes, Daddy!" and the music played.

    At the hotel room, we took a quick shower and jumped in bed naked. We had to get up and leave early, but we were too buzzed to go to sleep.

    "What are you thinking about?" Mateo asked me quietly, lying next to me on his back.

    "Nothing. Just Sam."

    "How are you guys getting along?"

    "Okay. He's a good kid."

    "Must be hard having someone else living in the house," Mateo said, stroking my chest with his fingertips.

    "What do you mean?"

    "Well I've pretty much never seen you wear clothes in that house, for starters."

    "I still walk around naked, occasionally. He's caught me at it, I don't think he minds."

    "And last night when we were fucking in the living room... you weren't worried about that?" he asked with a tone of concern, but reached for his dick with his other hand. Knowing him, he was more turned on than worried about the possibility of getting caught.

    "I mean, I still gotta live my life. Plus, I don't know if he's having sex but I'm sure he's watching porn, I'm sure he's seen two men fuck before."

    "Wait, what?" Mateo looked confused.

    "Oh. Sam's gay. Didn't I tell you?"

    All of a sudden Mateo jumped and got on his knees.

    "For real?!! How is he gay?"

    "Umm, are there multiple ways?" I turned to my side to look at him.

    "Oh my god, that's insane!" 

    In his eyes, I could tell he was now looking at Sam in a whole new light.

    "He's still the same person," I said.

    "Nuh-huh. If he's queer we've got like SO much more in common."

    Mateo was the kind of gay guy who thought nothing was inappropriate in front of other gay men: there were no taboos. We were all gay so we were all "freaks" which meant we could share everything with no boundaries. As much of an exhibitionist as he was, he kept it confined to gay spaces. He would've never let me fuck him in a "straight" club.

    "Oh honey, then you got nothing to worry about," he said with a flick of the wrist. "Let your freak flag fly."

    The next morning, we got up early (to a lot of grumbling from Mateo), hit up a drive-thru coffee shop and headed home. I felt bad enough for making Sam stay home alone, I wanted to make good on my promise to work out with him this morning.

    I got home after dropping Mateo off. To my absolute shock, I walked in my kitchen to a naked man standing there: my ex Greg.

    "What the fuck are you doing here?!" I said aggressively while keeping my voice down, in case Sam was still asleep.

    "I broke into your house and ate all your porridge," Greg replied, unaffected. 

    "Put some fucking clothes on, my son is here!"

    "Who do you think invited me over?" 

    He stood next to the counter, sipping a cup of coffee with a smirk on his face. I took a quick glimpse of his body. As enraged as I was, it still managed to distract me for a second. Fuck, he looked better than ever. He'd been working out even more. His sparse salt-and-pepper body hair did little to conceal his bulging muscles. And that thick dick of his! He was the only man I had ever let fuck me.

    "What the fuck did you do?" 

    "Relax," Greg continued, never losing his cool. "We didn't 'do' anything. We just saw a movie and got to some cuddling. Apparently you son's into older men. He's got daddy issues. Who would've guessed?"

    I walked up to Greg as if to punch him but stopped myself as we were nose-to-nose. He never flinched for a second. 

    "If you did anything to him..." I growled through my teeth.

    "Relax," he leaned over and gave me a condescending peck on the nose, and then handed me a mug. "Want some coffee, I made a fresh pot?"

    "Dad!" Sam's voice came from the bottom of the stairs. He came down wearing a pair of white boxer shorts. "I can explain!"

    I could sense the nervousness in his voice.

    "It's alright, everything's okay," I said calmly, to reassure him. I didn't want my son feeling nervous and guilty about Greg's actions.

    "Yes, Sam, everything's fine. Your dad's cool with it," Greg said, smirking at me.

    "Really?!" Sam said with a burst of relief. "Thank god. I really didn't wanna upset you."

    "I'm not upset," I lied. "Maybe we can talk about this later." I wanted Greg gone.

    "Okay. As long as you're cool," Sam smiled. He came forward and walked up to Greg, and put his hand on Greg's chest. "And how are you doing?" Sam whispered to him.

    "I'm good. Slept like a baby," Greg smiled. That's when Sam leaned forward and gave him a kiss, and Greg put his arm around him, pulling him in. While they kissed, Greg let his hand slide down Sam's spine and reach inside his boxers, giving my son's ass cheek a quick squeeze in front of me.



    After Greg left, Dad and I headed to the basement for our workout (that I was getting better and better at!) but he cut the session short after only half an hour. He seemed distracted throughout it. As much as he claimed to be "cool," I knew this Greg thing was throwing him for a loop. 

    "Dad? Do you want me to make us some smoothies and we can go by the pool and talk?" I directed the situation as if I were the parent.

    Dad looked at me with a kind gleam in his eyes and smiled at me. "That would be lovely, honey."

    Ten minutes later, I was in my boardshorts waiting for him in the backyard. I was somewhat surprised to see him walk out naked, in only a pair of flip flops and sunglasses. As always, I tried not to stare (especially at his dick).

    "I just really hate tan lines," he explained without being asked. "Plus you said you don't have a problem with nakedness so I figured..."

    "It's okay," I said, passing him a smoothie.

    He looked like he wanted to say something, but he bit his tongue and said something else instead.

    "So tell me about you and Greg," he said calmly.

    "Ah yes, Greg. It's just... You said it's okay if I met some guys. And okay, Greg's not really a 'guy,' he's like older than you, but he's been really nice to me, so I invited him over last night. I just thought you wouldn't mind... No, that's a lie," I stopped myself. "I thought he'd be out before you were back."

    "Sam," Dad took my hand in his. "That's fine. But when someone's that much older, and you're barely 18, I just wanna make sure he didn't..."

    "Oh no!" I saw where this was going. "Dad, it's fine. He didn't take advantage of me or anything, I swear."

    "You know there's more than one way to take advantage of someone as young as you?" he took a sip of his smoothie, looking worried. "You know he and I used to date?"

    "Yes," I said, taking a sip, but finding it hard to swallow. It was the one thing I'd been ignoring since Greg let me know last night. "Do you... Do you mind?"

    "Sam, honey, do I mind? I know a lot of things about him you don't. He can be a real dick sometimes. But I invited you over for the summer and I want you to feel free, I didn't want to tell you what to do or put boundaries on you..."

    "Dad, Dad, you're rambling. Listen, how about I continue seeing Greg, but only at the house and only while you're here. That way you can 'supervise,' in a way. Would that make you feel better?"

    "I don't want you to feel supervised. And I wanna talk to Greg as well."

    "Do what you must. Just, Dad... please don't scare him off. I really like him."



    I'll admit, at first I started talking to Sam to irk Ben. Granted, Sam was my type. I really liked younger guys. Luckily, I had the whole daddy thing going for me perfectly, so I never had trouble attracting them. Ben was really the exception, "only" 8 years younger than me, and that was only because he was fucking stunning.

    But as I started to get to know starry-eyed Sam... I have to admit, his naivety was endearing. He seemed like such a nice boy. I found myself wanting to show him things, take him places... Places his dad can't take him, not unless he starts fucking him.

    So this was a first for me. Attracted to someone I'd only intended to use as a pawn. Was I an asshole? Maybe. But that still didn't mean I was incapable of falling for people. 

    The first night Sam and I spent together started off innocently enough. We watched a movie, had popcorn on the couch. Before long we were cuddling. We'd both equally made passes at the other person.

    Sam offered me something to drink from his father's extensive bar, but I wanted us both to stay sober. Maybe that's when I started to realize I cared for Sam. I wanted him to stay lucid, and I wanted to spend time with him but not fuck him. Not yet.

    Cuddling soon turned to making out, which led to us naked in Sam's bed together. We both got hard, but didn't get any more sexual than that. Instead, we spooned and fell asleep, with my hard dick resting between Sam's teenage ass cheeks.

    We kept in touch over text for the next week. Honestly, I didn't know what I was aiming at. Until one day, I got a text from Ben:

    "Sam wanted to invite you over to dinner, the four of us, with Mateo. Honestly, I don't know what the fuck you think you're doing. If you're playing games, you've proven your point. Let me know so I can let Sam down easy."

    "I'm not playing games," I replied.

    "Whatever. We'll see. Saturday at 6?"

    I smiled at my phone and sent a thumbs-up emoji.

    Dinner that Saturday went pretty well, considering the circumstance. It was by far the weirdest double date I'd ever been on. Ben's new piece, Mateo, was a cute boy. He wouldn't stop talking, which would normally be annoying, but it was welcome now with the three of us not sure what to say.

    As we drank, nerves loosened up and it almost felt... like we were four friends having dinner together. Once you got over the initial awkwardness and focused on everyday pleasantries and anecdotes, things weren't so bad. Sam in particular seemed very shy at first and spoke very little. I held his hand, and saw him relax overtime and join the conversation, especially when it was a topic I'd started.

    Another thing the alcohol achieved was to make me horny. Holding Sam's soft, gentle hand at the table, made me want to wrap it around my dick. After drinking more than I should, it was clear I wasn't driving home tonight.

    "Can Greg stay over, Dad?" Sam asked as we were about to leave the table. Ben looked at us expressionless. "Please?" Sam shot him a puppy-eyed look.

    "That's fine," Ben said, rolling his eyes for just a split second.

    In Sam's room, the two of us got naked and got in bed together. He jumped me and started kissing me. He seemed more confident now that we had his dad's "approval."

    Kissing Sam got me hard very quickly. When he felt my dick, he grabbed it in his hand and pulled down the cover to look at it.

    "You've got a gorgeous dick," he said quietly and continued stroking it.

    "Now that I'm this horny, I have to cum. Otherwise I won't be able to fall asleep," I said.

    "I think we can take care of that," Sam replied with a mischievous grin and continued the hand-job. 

    "You got any lube?" I asked after a few minutes.


    "Hold on," I said and reached for my phone on the night stand. Fuck, I must be really drunk to be doing this, I thought to myself as I sent the text.

    A couple of minutes later, Ben walked into the room. His dick was half-hard; him and Mateo must be getting busy themselves.

    "What's up?... Oh," he said as he noticed me lying on my back, my dick standing up like a flagpole, with his son's hand around it jerking it up and down.

    "I'm sorry, but do you have any lube by any chance?" I tried to sound as casual as possible. "I would've come to get it myself, but we're... kinda busy," I pointed down to his son. Sam's strokes slowed down, but never stopped while his dad stood there looking at us.

    "Yes, sure," Ben said and headed out of the room, leaving the door open.

    Sam burst out laughing, and gave my balls a gentle smack. "Why did you do that?!" he said smiling, his cheeks getting rosy. He seemed embarrassed, but entertained at the same time.

    "I don't enjoy dry hand-jobs," I said very matter-of-factly.

    A few seconds later, Ben came back with a bottle of lube. He tried to hand it to me but I nodded my head downward to point at his son. Ben gave his son the bottle, then turned around to walk out again.

    "You can have it right back," Sam shouted after his dad. Ben turned back, as Sam squirted some lube on his own hand, wrapped it back around my erection, and started stroking me from my balls to the tip of my dick. "Here," he handed his dad the bottle with his free hand.

    Ben accepted the lube and walked out, shutting the door.

    Sam and I looked at each other in the eyes with intensity.

    "You're a naughty boy," I said with a low voice. "Naughtier than I thought."

    "I think you bring it out in me," he said and licked his lips.

    He started to jerk me off faster and faster. Experienced or not, he was a pro at this! I was close to cumming, and Sam grabbed his own dick with his other hand. I noticed he was fully hard as well. He scooted up, so our dicks were side by side.

    "I'm gonna cum. Ahh, I'm gonna cum," I moaned.

    "Come on, Daddy. Cum for me."

    That sent me over the edge. I shot a major load, all over my torso and Sam's sheets. Barely a second later, Sam shot his own load, getting it on my torso as well. 

    We took a few seconds to catch our breath, then Sam reached down under his bed and handed me a white jockstrap. This was obviously his cum rag, there was dried jizz on it already. I recognized it as his dad's favorite jock.

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