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Are You a Top or a Bottom?


    As June turned into July, my son and I were getting closer and closer. Working out together really helped: the best way to bond with someone was to have a routine together. Sam and I spent an hour or two at the gym each morning, and fitness became our go-to subject whenever there was a lull in the conversation during the rest of the day.

    I asked my boyfriend to see each other less, so I got more time with my son. Mateo wasn't happy about it, but acquiesced. Sam and I started going to the beach, the movies, or out hiking whenever the weather wasn't too hot. In the evening, we watched movies together. We were really starting to feel relaxed around each other. He had no problem with my nudity, and he rarely wore more than underwear round the house now.

    One thing that bothered me was the fact that he was still seeing Greg but I have to admit there was an upside to it as well: whenever the two of them were together, I got a chance to see Mateo or meet up with some friends, so my social life didn't completely falter while I was playing a paternal role.

    One of the people I got a chance to see was my friend (and former fuck buddy) Kimi[1]. She knew Greg, which made her a good person to vent to over coffee one day.

    "I just don't trust him," I concluded after telling her the whole story, "he must have an ulterior motive."

    "So wait. You guys were together what, three years? How did that go?"

    "Well, we broke up, so how do you think it went?"

    "No, but other than the breakup, how was the rest of those three years? Was he a dick to you?"

    "No, he was actually... really nice."

    "And is he nice to your son? Has Sam changed at all since they met?"

    "Yeah. Pretty quickly, actually. He seems much more... confident now."

    "So that's a good thing. Plus, if he's into older men, you gotta admit he can do much worse than Greg. This city's not lacking in middle-aged men praying on teenage boys. Greg's not that bad."

    "I guess..."

    "I got your laundry," my son walked into my room carrying a pile of underwear and socks. I was lying in bed, naked, taking some risqué photos for my Instagram.

    "Do you need help with that?" he joked when he saw me trying to hold up my phone and take a photo of my torso that showed just enough of my pubic area to not get banned.

    "Actually..." I said, "can you take a photo of me from the back?"

    The app wouldn't let me post photos of my dick, but pictures of my bubble butt were my most popular posts.

    "Um, sure," Sam said and took my phone.

    I got up and opened the window, making it look like I was looking out pensively. With these posts, you always want it to make it look like you were doing anything else but being a shameless slut online.

    "How does that look?" I asked my son as I heard the phone camera click. I stuck my ass out and tried to flex my glutes.

    "It looks... it looks great."

    "Take some from the front as well," I said. The light was too perfect to miss out on.

    I covered my dick with one hand to hide it from the camera, and leaned against the window with my other arm. "How's that?"

    "Your... your penis is in the shot," Sam said. Somehow he knew that's what I was trying to avoid.

    "Better?" I adjusted my hand. 

    "Not really." 

    "Never mind, I'll just crop it out. My dick's too big to hide with one hand," I laughed.

    "Yeah, no shit."

    I continued to flex my abs and my pecs, until my son had taken a dozen or so photos. 

    "Thanks so much," I said. As Sam handed me my phone back, I noticed a bulge in the front of his shorts.

    "Anyway," he turned away, "I wanted to put these away," he reached back for the underwear he'd brought in. Mistakingly, instead of opening the underwear drawer, the opened the one under it.

    "Oops, sorry," he said when he saw what was in it. It's where I kept all my sex toys: dildos, handcuffs, blindfolds, poppers, lube, etc.

    "No problem," I said casually and lay back on my bed.

    "So how are you and Greg?" I asked, trying my best not to sound accusatory, as Sam put away the undies in their proper drawer.

    "Um, good thanks. It's just... There was something I wanted to talk to you about."

    "Sure. What's up?"

    All of a sudden Sam seemed to get a lot more serious, and came to sit down next to me.

    "It's a bit uncomfortable, cuz... it's about sex," he mumbled slowly.

    "Okay," I said, moving to sit next to him and putting my right arm around him, hoping that makes him more comforted.

    "Thing is, Dad... I've never had sex," he said, making eye contact with me. "Like, not properly."

    "That's okay, champ. Nothing to be ashamed about," I squeezed his shoulder.

    "The thing is just..." he hesitated, "I'm worried about being too tight. You've seen Greg's..."


    "Yes, his dick. And he's really thick," he laughed nervously. "I don't know if I can take that."

    "Like father, like son," I laughed, hugging him tighter. 

    "What?" he asked, confused.

    "Never mind."

    Greg was the first man to fuck me as well, I'd been strictly a top until then. I knew very, VERY well just how thick he was. 

    I took my time for a couple of seconds, trying to think of what to say that was both sensitive and helpful.

    "If you're worried about... being fucked," I decided against the use of euphemisms, "best thing to do might be to do it gradually. Some people start by using a finger, or small toys like a dildo. It's gonna hurt at first, but when it starts to feel good, if you decide you like it, you can continue until you decide you're ready."

    He looked at me looking nervous, almost scared.

    "Here," I patted his knee and got up. I went to the drawer he'd just opened earlier, and took out the smallest dildo I had and a bottle of lube. "Try this. In the shower, make sure you're really clean, then put a lot of lube on this and on... your hole, and try it in different positions."

    "Thanks," he said with a faint smile, and got up and took the dildo and lube. He headed out of the room, but hesitated in the doorway. 

    "Dad... I'm sorry if this is too personal, but when you have sex with guys, are you a... top or a bottom?"

    I looked at him, weirdly proud that he had the balls to ask that. 

    "I'm usually a top. But I have bottomed as well, and I did enjoy it. Just remember, you don't have to do anything you don't like. Some gay guys choose not to do anal either way."

    "Thanks," he smiled and left.

    I breathed out. That went well, I thought. As awkward as it was, I think it was necessary. Growing up, there wasn't a single adult that I could ever count on for a useful sex talk. I was determined to break the pattern.



    When I first met Greg, and found out he was Dad's ex, I was worried that would destroy my relationship with my father that was just beginning. Turns out, Dad and I got closer since Greg was in the picture.

    Maybe having a guy interested in me made me more confident and comfortable in general. But I stopped feeling weird whenever I saw Dad naked now. I still admired his AMAZING body, but it was starting to feel normal. I myself got more comfortable with wearing less around the house. As for Greg, he seemed to like walking around naked just as much as Dad did.

    Working out daily with Dad boosted my confidence like crazy as well. I know it was mostly in my head and that it was impossible to see results that quickly, but every time I looked in the mirror now I felt more buff and attractive. 

    "Keep this up and you'll have me looking like a slob next to you," Dad joked when he saw me flexing in the mirror one day.

    He and I were really becoming friends. So much so that I felt comfortable talking about something I wasn't even okay talking to most friends about: sex. Greg and I would jerk each other off every time we saw each other now, but we never did anything more. I knew for a man his age this must feel ridiculous, but I appreciated his patience with me.

    Dad's course in Bottoming 101 was nothing I hadn't read on the internet before, but it felt reassuring hearing it from a real-life person. Not to mention, I had no idea where I would've gotten a dildo if he hadn't given me one.

    I wondered if he used it on himself or other people. The night of the party I'd heard him fuck Mateo, but I wasn't sure if Dad ever bottomed until he confirmed that he did. As soon as I walked into my room with the dildo, I closed the door and wondered: Has this been up Dad's ass?

    I was going to try it right away when I got a text from Greg. 

    "Can I come over tonight?" he asked, followed by a wink emoji.

    I smiled. "Can't wait," I texted back.

    That evening, Greg and I had dinner with Dad, after which the three of us decided to see a movie.

    "I'm gonna make myself comfortable," Greg said without asking for permission. Dad and I were wearing shorts and tank tops, but Greg was still in his suit. When we got to the living room he took off his tie, kicked off his shoes, and took everything off until he was in a pair of tight, white boxer briefs. His bulge was so big, it looked like he'd stuffed an eggplant in his undies.

    He and I sat on the couch, with Dad sitting on one of the armchairs next to us.

    Dad brought us all drinks. He and Greg went with scotch, and I asked for champagne. It was Dad's turn to pick a movie, and he picked a thriller that I found incredibly difficult to follow, which is why I usually picked comedies or action movies. Still, Dad seemed enthralled and paid close attention.

    Meanwhile, Greg and I couldn't keep our hands off each other. The movie wasn't romantic or sexy at all, but we didn't care. The lighting in the room was dim, and the alcohol made us feel frisky. I grabbed the thin blanket that was on the couch, and draped it over us. As soon as I did that, Greg took my hand and put it on his crotch. I smiled, and rubbed his dick through his boxer briefs until it popped out. For the next half hour or so, I continued to jerk him off under the blanket, with my dad sitting right there. At one point, when Dad got up to refill everyone's drinks, I held the glass with one hand while jerking Greg off with the other.

    This risky scenario made me more excited than ever! Greg and I continued to look at each other, smirking the entire time. After a while, I pretended to yawn and put my head down on Greg's shoulder, just to get closer to him. Little by little, trying to be discreet, I let my head slip down more and more until it was in his lap. I covered myself with the blanket as if it was a cloak of invisibility.

    I'd been daydreaming about giving a guy a blowjob for years now. Never once did I think it would be with my dad in the same room! For starters, I didn't even expect my dad to be in my life at all. Yet here he was, and he was nothing like I could've imagined.

    But it was also due to Greg: he brought out the naughty boy in me. In his fitted suits and expensive watches and shoes he looked like a conservative gentleman, but every time I looked in his eyes I saw the devilish side of him, and it woke up the daredevil in me as well.

    I tried to remember the countless blowjobs I've seen in videos as I put my lips around Greg's cock for the first time. Our movements were very slow and discreet, which gave me more time to focus on what I was doing. The taste and smell of it weren't what I expected, but I wanted more. 

    Time seemed to stop under the blanket, and I have no idea how long we went on for. Maybe five or ten minutes of me sucking on Greg's dick, first just the tip, then as far down my throat as I could take it without gagging, all the while trying to cover my teeth and keep quiet so Dad wouldn't hear.

    Greg wasn't so concerned with keeping quiet. He was running his fingers through my hair as I sucked him, and after a while started to moan and whisper. I could hear "Mmm," "Yes," and "Good boy." Gunshots blasted from the TV. 

    With time, Greg's voice got even louder and bolder. "Yes! Come on, suck it!" I could hear from over the blanket. His hips started to go up, raising himself to get deeper in my mouth. As I felt his pleasure rising, I started to go faster and faster, craving his cum, wishing nothing more than to make him happy. "Throat it. Suck my dick, boy!" I heard him say loudly just as there was a quiet moment in the movie.

    This turned me on so much! I felt all the pleasure even though I wasn't the one being sucked. I let go of my inhibitions and continued to bop up and down on his dick, stroking it with one hand while sucking it at the same time, feeling the tip of it hit the back of my throat. In that moment, I no longer gave a fuck if it was obvious what I was doing under the blanket. I went faster until I heard Greg start to inhale and exhale loudly. 

    "Ahhh. Fuuuuck. Fuck!" he exclaimed as he started to shoot his load in my mouth. This is it, I thought, I gotta swallow it all. I was surprised by how much jizz there was and how difficult it was to keep all of it down without spitting it, but I was determined to not disappoint. Greg raised his hips and continued to mouth-fuck me for a while, as his orgasm subdued, and he slumped down, breathing out loudly. 

    I smiled in the dark under the blanket. I gave his dick a few more strokes, and kissed the tip. A few seconds later, I came back out. The room was pretty dark, lit only by the TV and a couple of dim lights, but it was still a shock after coming out from being buried in Greg's crotch. I looked around. He and I made eye contact and smiled. He leaned forward and kissed me, feeling the taste of his cum on my lips and tongue. I turned around and looked at Dad. He was looking at the TV and clutching his empty glass tightly. If he was aware of what had just happened (how could he not be??!!!) he seemed  determined not to say anything.

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[1] Kimi is a recurring character in It's What Brothers Do

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