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Let Him See


    I started the day by running naked on the treadmill. It hurt my big balls as they swung in all directions, but I didn't care. I kept running faster and faster.

    I was filled with rage over what happened last night. I was mad at my ex for getting a blowjob from my son right in front of me. I was mad at myself for staying there, instead of interrupting them or leaving. I was mad at my son for... for falling for Greg.

    I turned down the speed until I was walking on the treadmill at a normal pace. I could hardly breathe, cold air stuck in my throat as I breathed through my mouth. Sweat was dripping all over my body.

    I tried to understand how my son felt. He was so young and inexperienced. A virgin, he'd told me himself. Even in a world that's not as homophobic as it used to be, it's hard for gay boys to figure out where to look for love and sex, I knew that. I didn't want to fault him for falling for Greg. 

    As for the shameless blowjob, I myself had gotten head in movie theaters, in the backs of cabs, on airplanes... could I really judge? Even if it did give Greg a chance to briefly make eye contact with me and show me his shit-eating grin while being sucked by my own son, while no one said anything.

    I looked at myself in the mirror in front of the treadmill. I flexed my abs, my pecs, and my biceps to make myself feel better. I remembered when Sam and I met. The first time he saw me shirtless by the pool. The first time he saw me naked in the shower. Like everyone else, he had looked me up and down. Like everyone else, he'd admired my body. I loved being admired. And being admired by my son filled me with a whole different sense of pride.

    I remembered the conversation I overheard him have with a friend. "He's hot," he'd said about me. "And handsome, and interesting... I like him a lot."

    It brought tears to my eyes to hear that. Since Greg came into the picture, Sam only seemed to have eyes for him. Was I... Was I jealous?

    I turned down the speed again, walking slowly, thinking back and remembering the night of the house party I'd thrown...

    "What if your son catches us?" Mateo said while I kissed him aggressively and pulled his shirt off.

    "He'll be fine. He's asleep upstairs," I said. 

    It was the middle of the night. The last guests had finally left and I was horny as fuck.

    "We could go to your room," Mateo said as I pulled both of our pants down. 

    "I want to fuck you here," I said, turning him around to get him to lean against the couch, and burying my tongue in his ass.

    "Ah! You know I can get loud when you fuck me," he moaned. "What if he comes down?"

    I stood up, spit on my hand, and started lubing my dick up.

    "Let him come. Let him see what a dirty fucking slut you are."

    "Yeah?" Mateo bit his lips and grinded his ass against my hard cock. His dick was hard as well, and he was jerking himself off with his right hand, turned on by the dirty talk.

    "Yeah, let him see you get fucked." I started to put my dick in my boyfriend's hole. "Let him see his own dad fuck you. He can watch me pound that hole. See what a strong, tough fucker I am. See the dick that made him unload in your ass."

    "Fuck," Mateo leaned forward and I started fucking him harder and faster.

    "Yeah, you'd like that, you perverted slut?"

    "Yes, Daddy," he moaned.

    "I bet you would. Take that dick," I thrusted back and forth inside him. "You like that big daddy dick?"

    "Yes, Daddy. Fuck yes."

    We spent the next twenty minutes fucking in different positions in my living room, me going harder and more aggressive all the time up until the point we were ready to cum, then slowing back down just to keep us going. 

    Mateo continued to moan and yelp out. He could be a loud bottom sometimes, but tried to keep it down this time because my son was sleeping upstairs. Which made me want to fuck Mateo even harder just to fuck with him. 

    "Give it to me, Daddy," he continued to exclaim. 

    Just then I thought I heard a noise, maybe someone coming down the stairs. I wasn't sure if it was all in my head because of our verbal exchange. I looked and there was no one there. In the dark, I thought maybe I saw the tip of a phone, maybe a camera aimed at us, but I was drunk, high, and horny; and honestly, I didn't give a fuck either way.

    I started to fuck Mateo stronger again.

    "Ah! Ah, fuck! Fuck, Daddy. We're gonna wake up your son," he said.

    "I don't care," I replied, slamming my dick in his hole.

    I picked up speed, this time really reaching the point of no return.

    "Fuck. Breed me, Daddy. Breed me."

    "Yeah? You ready for some daddy seed inside you?"

    "Yes, please. Please!"

    Two seconds later, I was unloading my cum in Mateo's hungry ass.

    "Ahh fuck! Fuck!!" I yelled out.

    As I filled my boyfriend's insides with my seed, he blew his load all over the couch. When we were done cumming, we kissed passionately. 

    "Let me get a towel real quick," I said and headed upstairs to my room.

    At the bottom of the stairs, where I thought maybe I'd hallucinated the camera, I saw what looked like a fresh, pearly puddle of cum on the dark hardwood step. 

    I crouched down to look at it. Is that what it really was? I put my fingers to it, then tasted it. Yup, it was jizz alright.

    On the treadmill, I was now walking at the lowest setting when my son walked into the gym.

    "Oh, morning," he said, sounding surprised. He was used to seeing me naked round the house now, but not at the gym while we worked out together.

    "Good morning," I said, jumping off the treadmill, dripping sweat. "We're doing bench presses today."

    "Okay," Sam said, and slowly went to lie down on the bench. 

    "Remember not to hold your breath. We'll start with some light weight first," I said, and went to stand over him. When spotting him, I didn't need to stand that close to him, but this time I went in as close as possible, basically straddling his head between my knees, so he was looking up directly at my junk.

    "Okay," Sam said, looking up and making eye contact with me. As he started to lower and lift the bar, I looked down. Down at my torso, and my dick, and my son's face underneath it. 

    "Okay, ten more!" I said and clapped my hands after he was done taking a short break.

    I noticed him look up at my body as he lifted. My dick started to chub up.

    "Ten more!" I said after another break.

    I was now half hard. I felt my own scent, intensified from all the sweat after running on the treadmill. The tip of my dick was starting to leak precum.

    I looked down. My son was done with another set and lay resting, looking up.

    Even though I wasn't fully hard, my dick was creating much more precum than usual. I saw a streak of it drip down on my son's face, landing on his lip and running down his cheek.

    "Okay, ten more!" I clapped my hands again.

    Sam licked his lips and reached for the bar.

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