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We Can Hang Out in the Hot Tub


    "So when are you coming back?" my friend Lamar asked me during one of our video calls.

    "I'm not sure yet. I just talked to my mom and she wants me back as soon as possible, so I spend some time there before going to college."

    "And what do you want?"

    "I wanna stay here as long as I can. Now that I've met Greg... What?" I asked when I saw Lamar furrow his eyebrows.


    "I saw your face when I mentioned Greg's name."

    "It's just... Sam, you went there to bond with your dad. And by the sound of it, he's a great guy. And now you're fooling around with this Greg, which honestly just sounds like a waste of time cuz he's not like your boyfriend or anything. You're moving across the country soon, and he's way too old for you, and..."    

    "Whoa, whoa, where is this coming from?!" I interrupted him.

    "I thought you just wanted to get laid before starting college," he said, "to lose your virginity. So I didn't say anything about Greg. But instead, you're going on dates and shit. Like, what's the end game here?"

    "I don't know. We're just having a nice time."

    "And how does your dad feel about it?"

    "He approves, I've told you."

    "Just because he doesn't vocally disapprove doesn't mean he's thrilled about it."

    I had no response.

    "Listen," Lamar continued. "I know we were like the only openly gay kids in school. But college isn't gonna be like that."

    "What's your point?" I didn't see the connection.

    "My point is, you're gonna meet tons of guys to date, or hook up with, or fuck. But you're only ever gonna have one dad. So why not focus on that, now that summer's almost over?"

    "I... I guess you're right," I looked down.

    "I'm sorry, I didn't wanna sound so harsh, but I don't want you to regret this. You don't even know when you're gonna see your dad next."

    Lamar was right, I decided, after I hung up the phone. It was one thing to fool around with Greg, but I was getting way too emotionally attached. But, Lamar was also right that I wanted to get laid before starting college. I've spent years now listening to straight kids at school talk about sex, and I didn't want to start college a virgin. Greg might be the perfect person for it. He was definitely experienced. Granted, his dick wasn't meant for beginners, though, so I'd have to put in some practice and start loosening up my hole. 

    I took off my clothes and reached under the bed, where I kept the lube and dildo Dad gave me. Lamar was right about that as well: Dad was a great guy! "Hey Mom, can you buy me a dildo please?" was never something I felt I could ask, but with him it felt alright. I felt safe. 

    Lately, he and I had been crossing the lines of what being comfortable around the house meant even more. Just the other day, he spotted me on the bench while he was naked, his dick right over my face, so close I could smell it, just like I could smell the sweat dripping down his body.

    And then, a single long streak of precum had dripped from the tip of his dick and landed right on my lip. 

    "Okay, ten more!" he'd clapped his hands, expecting me to keep lifting while he stood like that over me.

    It had taken all my strength and energy to focus on not dropping the bar. I licked my lips and tasted my father's precum, while looking up at his smooth balls, his long dick, and his eyes, peeking at me from between his bulging pecs. 

    My dick started to get hard while I was lifting. I did the ten reps as quickly as possible and put up the bar. 

    "A break. Please," I'd begged, lying down and looking up at him.

    "Of course," he'd said, not moving, letting sweat and precum drip down his body, sucking in his stomach so his abs were even more visible than usual. 

    He'd looked down at my dick, obviously hard under my shorts, then decided he'd teased me enough. He finally moved, with a smirk on his face. It was as if he liked the notion that he could excite me by making me look up to his beautiful body. He knew the lust he created in other people, myself included.

    Now, lying in bed alone, reminiscing about that time, I started rubbing my dick. I was fully hard in seconds, thinking of how sexy Dad looked. It would take me months and months of work to get my body in shape to that degree, but I was determined to look like that, so we could pose together, side-by-side, father and son.

    I closed my eyes, stroking my dick, imagining us like that. But then, I snapped out of it and forced myself to stop. The point now wasn't to jerk off, it was to take this dildo so I could loosen up my hole. I opened up the bottle of lube and applied some on my asshole and on the dildo, and took a deep breath.

    I tried sliding it in, but it was too painful. I took a few deep breaths then tried again. Maybe I need to play some porn, to get me hornier and distract me from the pain? I turned the TV on and connected it to my phone, then I looked up a couple of videos. Nothing seemed to be hitting the spot, though. Until I remembered: the video of Dad fucking Mateo.

    I'd never gotten around to watching it. It always felt... wrong. Even though eavesdropping on them fucking had made me cum that time. But lately, Dad seemed perfectly okay parading in front of me naked and half-hard, and marking my face with his precum. Would he really be upset if I saw a video of him fucking his boyfriend?

    I put some more lube on my hole, and started the video.

    The quality wasn't excellent but it was just good enough for me to make out what was going on. In the semi-dark living room, my father's amazing body was nailing his fit model boyfriend. The two looked better than any two professional pornstars. Seeing the way my father thrusted back and forth while fucking... I couldn't help but think "he's got the moves." 

    "Fuck, Daddy," Mateo's voice yelled out from the TV. "We're gonna wake up your son."

    "I don't care," Dad replied.

    That very second, I paused the video, pacing myself so I don't cum all over myself just yet. Fuck, this is hot, I thought, while breathing deeply, wanting to savor the moment, but knowing there's only few more seconds of precious video left.

    I tried pushing the dildo up my ass again. The tip was in. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth, pushing it in deeper. "It's gonna hurt at first, but when it starts to feel good..." I remembered my father telling me about the basics of anal sex. The thought made my dick harder, and brought me so close to the edge. Then the rest of the dildo slipped in, almost all the way up my hole.

    "Fuck!!" I screamed out loud.

    I looked at the TV screen and the video on pause. Dad had pulled out his dick from Mateo's hole and I could see it in all its erect glory. It was too blurry for me to make out every single detail, but the fact I was seeing this in the first place was such a turn-on for me!

    I pulled out the dildo just a little bit, ready to slam it back in as Dad slammed his dick back inside Mateo. I pressed play, and pushed. As both thing happened simultaneously, it almost felt like it was my hole Dad's dick was fucking instead of Mateo's. 

    Mateo and I moaned out in ecstasy at the same time. 

    "Fuck. Breed me, Daddy. Breed me," he demanded of my father, as I lay in bed fucking myself and watching them on the screen.

    "Yeah? You ready for some daddy seed inside you?" Dad asked.

    I couldn't tell what was turning me on more, their verbal play, watching them fuck, or the fact I had finally managed to take something up my ass. I was ready to cum, and with a dildo inside my hole, I already knew it would feel that much stronger.

    "Yes, please. Please!" Mateo begged on screen.

    A few seconds later, Dad and I started cumming at the same time, him on screen and me in real life. Simultaneously, just like the time when I came on the stairs while taking this very video.

    "Oh, shit. Oooooh, shit," I started to laugh uncontrollably as I watched cum shoot out of my dick like a geyser, more than I ever thought I could produce, while my dad shot his load inside his boyfriend's hole. My cum landed all over my upper body, the bed, and the carpet, making a huge mess all over the room. I continued to laugh from amazement more than anything else, barely able to catch my breath between laughing and cumming.

    It took me a full minute to calm down after everything was over. My right hand was still slowly stroking my dick, and the dildo was still inside me. The TV screen had gone black and I could see myself in the reflection. "Fucking hell!" I screamed out to myself.

    I pulled out the dildo and slowly started to calm back down. I felt my lungs fill with air, and looked around at the mess I had made.

    I reached under my bed again, and pulled out Dad's white jockstrap that I'd been using as a cum rag since he lent it to me. I tried wiping all the jizz off me but it was by far the biggest load I'd ever shot, and it made the underwear completely soaking wet. 

    "I should give it back to Dad like this," I thought, and chuckled.



    "Knock knock," Sam's voice came from the other side of the door, before he walked in my room.

    I was in bed, scrolling through some porn on my iPad, with the door half-closed. When I saw my son walk in I tucked my dick in the jock I was wearing and covered myself with the duvet.

    "Come on in," I said.

    Sam walked in wearing a pair of boxer shorts and a huge smile on his face. If I didn't know better I'd think he'd just gotten laid, but it was just us at the house. Maybe a great jack-off sesh?

    He approached my bed and got in it without asking, lying beside me on my left.

    "You okay?" I smiled. I put my arm on the pillow and my son propped himself up until he was lying on it. I gave him a hug and pulled him in closer.

    "Yeah," he said. "I talked to Mom earlier."

    "What did she say?"

    "Not much. Wants me to go back home soon."

    I felt a pang in my chest, hearing him call someplace else "home." But of course he would. This wasn't forever.

    "Oh," was all I could muster to say.

    "I don't really wanna leave," he said, gently tracing an imaginary line across my chest with his fingertips. He looked much younger doing that. Like the son I should have raised, I thought.

    "You know you can always come back," I said softly. "And Sam... if you want, this place is 'home' as well."

    He put his arm around my waist and gave me a squeeze.

    "I also talked to my friend Lamar," he said. "He thinks I'm a dick for spending time with Greg instead of you."

    I smiled, unsure what to say. Sam's fingers continued tracing abstract shapes on my chest.

    "I'm sorry," he apologized.

    "No need to be."

    "No. I... I came here to spend time with you."

    "But we have been spending time together. We work out every morning, we watch movies in the evenings..."

    "I know. But I still should be focused on you and not Greg or other guys. It's just that... I like him. And he likes me. And I've never had a boyfriend before and it felt nice--"

    "To be liked," I finished his sentence.

    "Exactly," he nodded.

    "I understand. That's why you got my support, if you wanna be with Greg, even with the history between him and me. And for what it's worth, Sam... I like you as well."

    I said it without much thinking. An innocent compliment. But it made my son sit up and look me straight in the eyes, changing the energy in the room. All of a sudden it felt more intense.

    As if in slow motion, I watched Sam close his eyes and lean forward, planting a gentle peck on my lips. For a brief second, my eyes closed as well.

    "I like you too, Dad," he whispered, pulling away, and smiled.

    I put my hand on his cheek, then leaned in to give him another kiss on the lips, to show the feeling was mutual.

    "Now, what're we doing tonight?" he said, bouncing up and changing the energy between us again.

    "Well Mateo asked if he can drop by, but if you want I can cancel and we can--," I started to reach for my phone to text Mateo there was a change of plans.

    "No, no!" Sam interrupted me. "No need. He can come, you guys do your thing."

    "We were just gonna hang out in the backyard, maybe start a fire in the pit. It's a nice evening. We can hang out in the hot tub. You're welcome to join us."

    "Sounds lovely!" he said, and gave me a kiss on the cheek before jumping up and leaving the room. 



    That evening, Dad's boyfriend was over an hour late so Dad and I got in the hot tub by ourselves after dinner. The sun had already gone down, and we were on our second bottle of champagne.

    Before we got in the tub, Dad took of the shorts and tank top he was wearing, and got in the water in his birthday suit. I had board shorts on and wore those. There were candles all over the yard. Dad had obviously planned for this to be a romantic evening between him and Mateo. 

    Looking at Dad's body next to me in the hot tub in the candle light, while sipping champagne, I still couldn't believe how much I'd lucked out and that somebody as cool (and gorgeous) and him happened to be my father.

    When the fire in the pit started to get a bit crazy, Dad got up to fix it. I smiled during that split second of him getting out of the tub, propping himself up on his muscles, water dripping down his body as his ass appeared from under the water and right in front of my face, 

    While he was busy with the fire, we heard the doorbell ring.

    "I'll get it," I said and got up and headed to the door, leaving a trail of water behind me.

    I answered the door and saw Mateo. He had a huge grin on his face, and half of the buttons on his shirt undone. I could see (and smell) that he was drunk.

    "Hey sexy," he said and winked at me. 

    This was way more forward than Mateo and I ever talked to each other but he was drunk, I thought, he was just being playful. 

    He walked in, scanning at me up and down like this was the first time he was seeing me, looking at my nearly-naked body both front and back.

    Just as I was about to shut the door, another person walked in. It was... Mateo.

    "Oh hi, Sam," he said. I looked left to right, wondering just how fucking drunk was I. "This is my brother, Mario."

    I looked at Mario, who gave me another wink.[1]

    "There you are," Dad appeared from the backyard as well. As his tall, muscular body approached us, he had three pairs of eyes staring at him all wet and naked.

    "Hola papi," Mario said then walked over to Dad, and gave him a kiss on the lips. As they kissed, Mario's hands went from the sides of Dad's chest slowly down his torso, and wound up on his hips.

    "Hey honey," Mateo was next and walked up to give Dad a kiss as well.

    "We got the champagne open and the hot tub all ready and running," Dad said, putting an arm around each of the twins' waists. "You coming?" he said, looking at me.

    I realized I was still standing there holding the doorknob, my mouth as open as the door. 

    "Yeah. Let's go."

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[1] Mateo and Mario are the main characters of Hollywood Twins, "Martinez Family Thanksgiving (2018)," and "Martinez Family Thanksgiving (2019)"

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