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Moving In With My Son is a story by Tom R. Chapters 1–11 are available on Nifty.

The author has decided to make chapter 12, the series finale, exclusively available to PhoenixStories readers. 

Tom R is also the cowriter of My Son's Boyfriend is My Age: Raising Eli


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Moving In With My Son

Chapter 12

   I stepped over to the bed and climbed on, and scooted up behind Kevin. I was the big spoon. Wrapped my arms around him like I had so many times with Jake over the years. Kevin sighed deeply and we just lay there for a while.

    "Thank you," he whispered.

    "Of course, Kevin," I replied, squeezing him a little tighter. After a moment of silence, I thought I'd see if he wanted to talk about what he was feeling.

    "That was a lot just now," I said. "I could tell your dad was nervous about opening up to you like that, but I know it was also hard for him to keep something from you. I'm sure there's a lot going through your head right now. If there's any anger at him... well, I understand that, but I hope you don't resent him for it."

    "It's... it's complicated," Kevin said after taking a deep breath. "I'm not mad at him now but there's... there's an older anger, I guess. It's been a while but I still have flashes of it and I hate it. But I can't help it. And I didn't want to say anything I'd regret. So I came in here."

    "Do you want to talk about it? Have you ever talked about it with anyone?" I asked, rubbing his Kevin's shoulder with the hand that wasn't underneath him.

    "Just with Jake," he said. "It's so... I mean, it's not the kind of thing I can tell anyone." Kevin turned to be a little more on his back, and I could see his eyes closed in frustration.

    "Well you know you can talk to me about anything, Kev," I offered. "No judgment, I promise. If it will help."

    "I just...," he started, seeming like he wasn't sure where to begin. "You remember I told you about when I was in high school, the last couple years? When I started really figuring out how fun sex could be and everything?"

    "Yeah," I replied. "And I know your dad was happy to let you explore all that." Kevin's story about hooking up with his dad's buddy Alexei still turned me on when I thought back on it.

    "So I guess it was during that time, my senior year", Kevin continued. "I'd been hooking up with this older guy. This was after Alexei and all that, another dude in his forties that I'd been having come over sometimes when Dad was out. We'd made plans and I was really excited, ready for him to come fuck the shit out of me like he liked to do."

    We shifted positions a little and went back to spooning, and I was rubbing Kevin's muscular chest gently as he spoke. I had the sense that he didn't want to be looking at me as he told the rest of the story.

    "So this guy, he canceled on me. For some legit reason I'm sure, but that hadn't ever happened to me before. I felt so bad. Like disappointed, and a little angry. And I was really horny of course. So I was just sitting downstairs watching TV and stewing in all that, and Dad came home from his night out. He was pretty sloppy drunk, unusual for him since he likes to keep it all together most of the time. He said his date had refused to fuck him because he was so wasted, and put him in a cab. I couldn't even understand a lot of what he was saying, he sort of collapsed onto the other end of the couch and was rambling."

    Kevin paused and chuckled.

    "I remember it actually made me feel less bad, to see that something similar had happened to Dad on the same night. That even he sometimes didn't get the sex he'd been hoping for. After a while of watching TV with him semi-conscious, I figured I should help him get to bed. He could walk on his own, but I still kind of led him up to his room and helped him get undressed. He pulled off his pants and then fell back onto the bed, and I remember he was just... like, rock fucking hard. It was sticking straight up and looked so big. I think he must have taken a pill that night or something because it didn't seem like a drunk guy's dick. And I don't know what I was thinking but I was horny and... I went for it. I got down between his legs and I started sucking his cock."

    When Kevin said that, I understood why he felt like not many people would understand the story. And I realized that right at that moment, my own son was sucking Brent's cock in the living room. The same cock Kevin was telling me about. It was easy to picture Kevin doing it since the visual of his father's cock in Jake's mouth was so fresh in my mind. I felt myself starting to get hard again, even as I was pressed up against Kevin's as he continued to talk.

    "It was... Tom, I won't lie, it was pretty incredible. I'd thought about it before that night, but I knew my dad would never let me do anything like that. So it felt wrong in so many ways but also 'oh so right' as the saying goes. I was probably only doing it for a minute and then my Dad started to respond and wake up a little. I could tell he was confused and probably was going to tell me to stop and I didn't want it to end so I... kinda climbed up him to be more face to face. And I made sure his cock was sliding up and down my crack, I was moving my ass around. I remember it felt so huge. And I wanted it in me so badly."

    I felt my heart beating faster, just from imagining this moment and how Kevin was describing his intense feelings. My cock was swelling up as well, and I was very conscious of the fact that my cock was in the same spot his father's had been during the event he was telling me about. I could feel Kevin pressing his ass back against my hardon gently, so he knew what his words were doing to me.

    "I kissed his neck and whispered in his ear," Kevin went on, his voice hesitating a little more. "And I... I was pretty much begging him to fuck me. Telling him how much I wanted it and needed it. I remember every single word I said, so clearly. And how his hairy chest felt against mine at that moment. And how my cock felt rubbing on his stomach. I wasn't..."

    Kevin stopped, and took a breath. I could tell this was tough for him, and I pulled him even tighter into me.

    "He was still really drunk and he pushed me off him, rolling me onto the bed next to him. He wasn't acting mad or anything but he said that he 'didn't want that' and how he loved me, but not like that. He seemed confused and then he stumbled off to his bathroom. I ran back to my room and fucking cried like a five-year-old. I didn't know what he thought or if he was disgusted with me or what. And I was so scared to talk to him the next day."

    "So what happened when you did?" I asked, feeling shocked myself at what I was hearing. Shocked, but I also had an odd sensation in the pit of my stomach. Like I was feeling guilt, on behalf of Brent. Or maybe my own guilt. I didn't know how to process that so I set those thoughts aside for the moment.

    "Nothing. Nothing happened." Kevin sniffled and I realized he had been close crying just now. "He didn't even fucking remember. I had been up all night trying to think of what I wanted to say and how I was going to say it, and I went downstairs in the morning and he just acted totally normal. He kept asking me what was wrong and seemed really concerned, but... he had no clue. He joked about how he drank way too much the night before and was going to have to go pick up his car. He didn't remember me sucking his cock or me asking him to fuck me. I was... relieved I guess, but pretty quickly I was mad. I... I don't know I guess maybe I thought he might be... open to talking about the idea. Or something. And I was mad that I couldn't even do that."

    Kevin let out a few deep breaths and I continued to rub his chest slowly, in a way that was comforting (or at least I hoped it was). My cock was still hard but I wasn't focused on that.

    "And you never brought it up or mentioned it?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

    "Nah, it was... too weird. And I tried to forget about it. And most of the time it was easy. But after that, whenever I would get fucked, it would come back to me. Not just the memory but like... the anger, the wanting, the regret, feeling like I messed up a chance I'd never have again. It was... well, it was fucked up to have that happen, definitely a mood killer, you know? So I pretty much stopped bottoming after that. It was just easier than trying to work around it all."

    I was still feeling a little shocked, to hear that there was this unspoken thing between Kevin and Brent. They seemed so close and so all-in on their father-son relationship. But Kevin had this eating at him and Brent didn't even know. Again I felt that same sinking feeling in my stomach that felt like guilt.

    "I'm glad you told me this, Kev," I said hugging him closer to me again. "Thank you for trusting me with it. I get why your dad's news affected you like it did. And I'm so glad you have Jake to talk to about this too."

    "Yeah," Kevin replied, and I could tell he was smiling. "Jake gets it. Early on, he and I really bonded about how we both..."

    Kevin stopped suddenly, sounding hesitant, before continuing.

    "… how we both had a thing for our dads."

    In the moment of silence that followed, I felt my heart sink. And suddenly I understood why Kevin's story had affected me like it did. Because of how familiar it felt. How personal it actually was for me, and for Jake.

    "I didn't… fuck, Tom," Kevin stammered, and I could feel him tense up in my arms. "I shouldn't have said it like that. I meant..."

    "I know what you meant," I said, stopping him from trying to backpedal. "I know, even though... even though I didn't let myself know for a long time. Since living here with you guys... I didn't really understand until now."

    "Listen, Tom," Kevin began. "I say Jake and I bonded about it but it's not the same. Jake... he's not fucked up about it like I am. He loves you no matter what. You've never let him down or anything."

    I let out a breath. Then so did Kevin.

    "Thanks, son," I said to him. I hadn't said that many times before, but it was starting to feel more natural. I felt closer to Kevin now than ever before. And not just because my half-hard cock was still nestled between his ass cheeks.

    I continued to hold him for a moment, both of us lost in our thoughts.

    Then we heard Brent cumming. He was loud, but I don't think he was trying to be. The first noise startled me and Kevin so much, we felt one another jump. Then Kevin turned his head back to look at me, and we both started cracking up. The emotions of the conversation we'd been having mixed with the weed, and a few seconds later we both were laughing so hard we almost rolled off the bed. There was nothing particularly funny about what we heard, aside from how it surprised us. But we needed the release.

    "Is your slutty son blowing my dad?" Kevin asked teasingly, after our laughter had subsided enough for him to talk.

    "Of course he is," I replied. "That boy can't keep away from a hard cock."

    That started another, smaller bout of laughter. There was relief mixed in for me, as well. I had been worried that Jake sucking Brent's cock was going to be a sore point for the two boys, given what Kevin had told me. But thankfully Kevin didn't seem bothered by what had clearly been happening in the other room.

    We were still giggling a little bit when I heard Jake's voice from the doorway.

    "Mind if I take your spot?"

    I looked over, and Jake was in the doorway naked, looking at us. He was leaning back against Brent a little, who was standing behind him. Brent was just as naked, and his right arm was wrapped around Jake, his hand resting right below my son's navel. They both had a satisfied air about them, though Jake's cock was still at least at half mast. They both also looked amused at finding me and Kevin in this position.

    "Huh?" I replied. I genuinely didn't know if Jake had meant the question for me...or for Kevin. It was a weird moment, I felt anxious because I wasn't sure what I wanted.

    "Mind if I take that spot, Dad?" Jake said. "It's getting late and I think we could all use a full night of sleep."

    "Yeah, um... sure," I said, scooting away from Kevin and doing my best to stand up, but going a little too fast. I was still stoned and it took me a moment to get my bearings.

    Jake stepped away from Brent and came up to me to hold my arm, steadying me.

    "Are you okay?" my son asked me, and our eyes met. I was suddenly very conscious of my own half-hard cock, close enough to his that I knew they were almost touching. I could feel the heat of it close to mine.

    "Yeah," I answered. "I love you, Jake."

    He smiled at me, and the warmth in his eyes was more calming than any words.

    "I love you too, Dad," he said. He squeezed my arm with his hand and then moved to go past me, toward the bed.

    I turned and watched him cuddle up to his boyfriend, right where I had been. Jake whispered something to him and Kevin whispered back, and they held one another. I looked over at Brent who was still smiling. He cocked his head in a "let's go" motion toward my bedroom. And I followed him in there.

    We both climbed onto the bed and lay side by side, staring at the ceiling. There was a lot to absorb from that brief conversation with Kevin. He'd opened up to me about some deeply emotional stuff. Things that I could tell he didn't acknowledge much, maybe not even to himself. I was amazed how this young man really had become like another son to me. And then turning my thoughts to my actual son, Jake... I really wasn't sure what to think.

    "Thanks for being such a good friend to Kevin, Tom," Brent said, breaking the relaxed silence in the room.

    "He's been a good friend to me, too," I replied. "I'm lucky to know him."

    "They really make a good pair, those two," Brent continued. "They have the same approach to life and they've got a strong bond. I always had a hard time finding that. Our boys are lucky."

    "It feels good to see that, I know what you mean," I agreed. "So often when Jake was growing up I felt like I didn't know what the hell I was doing, I was just... flying by the seat of my pants so much of the time. But he turned out okay. He's made some choices that I know not every dad would support, but..."

    "But you know they're his to make," Brent said, finishing my thought. "And you trust him to know what he needs."

    "Yeah," I said, after a moment. I felt that pit in my stomach again, and I turned over on my side, facing away from Brent. A few seconds later, I felt his hand on my upper arm.

    "And you know what he needs, right?" Brent said. He wasn't going to say it, but I knew what he meant. I realized I'd known what Jake wanted, even before Kevin had said it earlier.

    "Yeah," I said again. I felt Brent squeeze my arm, in a comforting way.

    "It's just..." I started to say, then faltered a little. "His world isn't my world. At least I didn't think it was, until moving here. Now maybe it is, in some ways. But being with him... like that anyway... it somehow feels like it could be okay. Which is crazy. And then if we go there... I guess I worry that I'll disappoint him somehow. I don't know how it will make him feel. Or how it will make me feel. Does that even make sense?"

    "He trusted you to steer him right, back in the day," Brent said. "Maybe you should trust him, now. Seems like you've already crossed some other lines recently and it's been a good thing."

    "I guess you can understand that, too," I said. "I'm sorry about what happened back home. With Javier, I mean. That... that sounds like it was hard to let go."

    "He definitely opened my eyes to a lot of things," Brent said. "Beyond just sex. Like I said, I found myself thinking about Kevin a lot of the time when Javi was with me. It was... weird. Something unexpected, part of something else unexpected. After Javi left I knew I needed to see Kevin, and then I got here and... I didn't know how or what to say to him."

    "And now?" I asked. "Now that he knows? What's next?"

    "I don't know," Brent replied. "I'm supposed to leave tomorrow night and... I need to figure things out with him, I guess."

    I thought hard about what I should say. Our situations were more similar than Brent knew. But it needed to be Kevin who told him that, and only if he wanted.

    "I think we both need some time with our boys tomorrow," I finally said.

    Brent made a sound of agreement, and we both drifted off to sleep.

    The next morning was Memorial Day, the last day of the holiday weekend, and the last day of Brent's visit. It was still raining and the morning light in the apartment was gray. It looked like a chill was waiting right outside the window. It was the kind of morning that makes you want to cuddle up with someone.

    Brent was already awake when I opened my eyes, and he looked over at me and smiled. Sleep had settled my mind and I felt a sense of clarity about things.

    "Should we go see if they're up?" I asked him. He just smiled and nodded.

    Brent was right behind me as I pushed open the door of the other bedroom. Kevin and Jake were both on their sides, spooning. And fucking. The motions were slow, and Jake was moving more than his boyfriend was. My son's ass pushing back on Kevin's hips in a gentle rhythm. Kevin's arms were wrapped around his upper body, and both had their eyes closed and satisfied looks on their faces.

    We stood in the doorway, watching them. Brent and I were still naked. We had been since the night before. He stepped right up behind me and I could feel the heat from his body on my back, and hear him breathing over my left shoulder.

    "It's a beautiful sight," he said quietly. And it was.

    A moment later, I saw my son open his eyes. He looked right at me, in a sleepy, relaxed way. His movements didn't change, but his smile got bigger. Kevin's eyes opened after that and he looked at us as well. His expression changed to that devilish grin I'd come to love. I saw him grab my son tighter and pick up the pace of the fucking.

    As we stood there watching our sons, I felt Brent's arm circle my midsection and I leaned into him a little bit. It wasn't so much a hug, more like something teammates would do. Or close friends. I could also feel Brent's cock against my thigh, and it wasn't soft. Neither was mine, I realized. But I didn't feel exposed, or feel any sense of reservation about getting turned on by what I was experiencing. I just felt good, and excited for what might be in store.

    We stood like that, and I realized we'd all been in these positions last night before going to bed, except it was me and Kevin on the bed spooning. And Brent and Jake in the doorway looking at us, my son having swallowed Brent's load a moment before.

    Kevin started letting out some small moans and moving faster, and when he stopped I could tell he was cumming inside Jake. His moans became sighs of satisfaction as he'd pause, then thrust gently into my son a few times before pausing again. Kevin was looking at me and his dad as he came. Jake was too.

    When he was done. Kevin moved backward and though I couldn't see it, I heard his cock slip out of Jake.

    I looked at Kevin as I asked him a question, echoing my son from the night before,

    "Mind if I take your spot?"

    Kevin got an intrigued look on his face, and then moved back and into a standing position at the side of the bed.

    "Be my guest," he said seductively.

    His cock was still hard, and slick from his own load, as we walked past one another. As I got to the side of the bed, Jake rolled to lie on his back and look up at me. I could see he was erect as well. We looked at one another and both smiled.

    I took a last glance at the doorway and I saw Kevin and Brent in a close hug, Kevin with his face pressed against his dad's chest, those muscular arms wrapped around him. Brent's eyes were closed and I could see him whispering something to Kevin but couldn't hear what it was. But I knew the two of them were good, the air already cleared from the emotions of the night before.

    I turned my attention back to my own son as I got on the bed and laid next to him on my side. My cock, still hard, pressed onto his hip. We cuddled together as I moved my arm under his neck, and he looked up at me with a curious expression.

    "Hey, son," was all I said at first. I used my free hand to rub his chest slowly. 

    "Hey," he said back. We looked at one another and I could feel his heart beating fast. My own was too.

    "If you're okay with it," I said gently, "can I show you how much I love you?"

    As I said those words, my hand moved from his chest, down across his stomach. It grazed my hard cock as I slipped it in between us, to palm the cheek of his ass. My fingers were at the edge of his crack and I could feel the soft hairs there.

    Jake's face brightened, and he took a breath as if to respond, but seemed like he couldn't find the words. He surprised me by moving his head and shoulders up to kiss me. With passion, in a way we've never kissed before. I reacted instinctively and parted my lips to receive it. My heart had been beating fast but now I felt like it might stop. There was a sensation that ran across my entire body, like an electric shock but with no pain.

    Suddenly every part of my body that was touching Jake felt more alive. My arm clutched his torso tighter. Our legs rubbed together very slowly and sensually. I felt a new surge of blood to my cock as I pressed it into his side. My hand squeezed his ass as my fingers moved closer to the wetness I knew was there. And our tongues intertwined and explored one another's mouths as our lips pressed tighter together.

    In my entire life, I'd never experienced a kiss like that one. I lost myself in it for a while, unaware of how long it was lasting. At some point we pulled our heads away from one another and my eyes found Jake's again.

    "Show me more, Dad," my son said to me, and then turned on his side so his back was to me. I pushed my body into him and my cock was between us, pressed into his lower back. My hand remained on his ass as he moved, and I felt my fingers at his hole. It was warm and soft, already relaxing in response to my gentle pressure. I slid two fingers in slowly, and completely.

    Jake gasped for breath and leaned his head back toward me, reaching his arm around to my jaw, to pull my face closer to his. We kissed again, even deeper than before. I felt my son's entire body react as I moved my fingers inside him, spreading and flexing them. I quickly slid them out and let a third one join them as they went back in just as easily.

    I could see my son's erection jutting out in front of him, pulsing in time with the heartbeat I could also feel from inside him. Jake moaned through our kiss and pushed his ass back against my fingers. He also moved his body slightly further up on the bed, and our heads moved so our lips wouldn't have to part. This put my balls up against my wrist as I continued to work his hole, and my cock nestled into his ass crack. He definitely wanted even more.

    I removed my fingers again and grabbed the base of my cock, sliding it lower to get into position. I had wondered if I would be hesitant at this moment, but there wasn't a trace of that. Jake needed this. We both did.

    Jake broke our kiss as he felt the head of my cock press into him. His eyes remained closed as he slowly took in a breath. I kept pushing, feeling the pressure of him surround more and more of my cock. When I was completely inside him, he let out his breath slowly and I pulled him back tight against my chest. Jake's hand moved to rest on top of mine and our fingers intertwined. My mouth went to his jawline, right behind his ear. I kissed that spot tenderly, and whispered to my son how much I loved him.

    We shifted into a slow rhythm, neither of us in a hurry, both wanting to extend this powerful moment. Our breathing shifted into synchronization along with our movements. Each time I pushed I wanted to be even deeper inside him. We seemed to fit together perfectly.

    "I can't believe this is real," my son whispered in between his exhalations. "I've wanted this for so long but I never... I never thought..."

    "I know," I said, stopping his search for words. "I didn't know for a long time and... and I'm sorry for that, son. But I know now, and I know I want this too."

    Jake moaned again and his arm reached back up to pull me into another kiss. We were both sweating now, and the layer of moisture between my chest and his back made our contact even more intense.

    The muscles inside my son's body caressed my cock as it tried to slide in even further. I became aware of a warm sensation at the end of my cock. Suddenly I understood that it was Kevin's load, which I'd watched him leave in that spot just before I started fucking my son. The realization sent me to a new place of arousal and I knew some of my own precum was joining Kevin's seed.

    Reminded that we weren't alone, I broke away from kissing Jake to glance down past the foot of the bed, at the doorway where Kevin and his father were. Brent was leaning back on the door frame, looking down at his son. Kevin was kneeling on the floor and had his dad's cock in his mouth. I could see Kevin's eyes were open as well, and the two men were locked in eye contact as they shared their own intense and intimate moment.

    "Look," I whispered to Jake, and I heard him exhale in surprise as he saw Kevin and his father. We both watched them as we continued fucking. Kevin was taking all of Brent's cock down his throat with ease, and his hands roved across his dad's hairy chest and stomach. He was enjoying every inch of Brent, and every moment of this experience that I knew he'd desired for so long. I marveled at what was happening, and at the journey of the past week for all of us.

    As all our sighs and moans filled the room, we might have been like that for hours. Time didn't seem to have meaning at all. I know I whispered more to my son, but couldn't remember any words once they left my mouth. I know Jake said he loved me, and told me how perfect this moment was. Truly, I felt like this could go on forever.

    Motion and sound from the doorway made me aware that Kevin was rising back up to a standing position, still holding his father's thick cock in his hand. They stared at one another for a moment and then Brent embraced Kevin again. They both turned to look at us, as the son pressed his cheek against his father's shoulder. We all watched one another like that for a moment.

    "Come over here with us, babe," Jake said to his boyfriend, and he gestured to the space in front of him, the empty side of the bed.

    A moment later, Kevin and Brent were positioning themselves like a reflection of me and Jake. The boys were on their sides, facing one another. Not quite close enough to kiss yet. Each of them had his father behind him, also on his side. Brent and I, both a head taller than our sons, looked at one another. Brent seemed more at ease than I'd ever seen him. He still exuded that same magnetic confidence, and I saw that smile that had charmed so many people. I proudly counted myself among them.

    I saw Kevin hand a small bottle to his dad, and my cock surged again inside Jake. I realized Kevin was going to get his wish granted as well, the desire from his youth that he'd confessed to me last night. In a moment, they really were going to be an exact match to me and Jake.

    As Brent shifted his son into position, Kevin and Jake were pushed closer together, and I saw both their erections slide against one another. Their free hands joined together as well, and a look of pure contentment was on both their faces.

    "I need to kiss you while this happens," Kevin said to my son. And their lips met. Jake's rhythm with me never stopped, and my hand caressed his hipbone as I watched their passion let loose.

    There was the mild smell of lube and the sound of slick wetness, and I saw Brent's hand moving at his son's ass. Kevin made sounds of breathless pleasure as he continued to kiss Jake. I knew Brent was getting his son ready to take him. Kevin was as relaxed as his dad, and it didn't take long. We were all aware of the exact moment Brent's cockhead slipped inside his son. It was that same electric surge I'd felt between Jake and myself, but somehow it was shared across the four of us now.

    I realized my hand was now on Kevin's hipbone, my fingers curving onto his back and also feeling the hair on Brent's abs sliding up against them. One of Brent's arms was wrapped around Kevin and I noticed Jake's hand had slipped in to be touching them both. On the pillows, beneath all our heads and shoulders, my other arm met Brent's. Our hands clutched one another's forearms and we used one another as leverage to pull us all even closer together. We were all connected— in that moment, we were four, we were two, and we were one.

    I lost track of whose moans were whose, and whose hands were touching each body. All the sensations were overwhelming me in the most incredible way. Time passed, and then when I thought it wasn't possible, the intensity crossed another threshold.

    "I'm close," I gasped. The desire to cum was strong and pushed up against my desire to prolong everything. But I knew I didn't have long.

    "I'm there with you, Tom," Brent said with a quiet intensity, and I felt him grip my arm tighter. Our sons had resumed their kissing, though I wasn't sure if they had ever stopped. Things shifted from the slower rhythm we'd all fallen into, to something stronger and faster. My cock throbbed deep inside Jake and I felt my balls tighten as a wave of pleasure started to cascade across me.

    I cried out, and my son did the same, as we both felt the first surge. Jake was being filled with the seed that had made him, something he'd wanted for so many years. I was giving Jake my very essence, satisfying him in a way that only his father could. Again and again, my cum found the place it was meant to be. Suddenly I felt Jake's muscles tense, including the ones surrounding my cock. I knew he was cumming as well, taken over the edge by what was happening. Those intense few moments when we were both at the peak of the experience would be etched in my mind forever. No other feeling could ever compare to it.

    Moans, shouts and cries of "fuck" and "yes" filled the room, making it clear that Kevin and Brent were completing their own bond, Kevin coating his and Jake's stomachs with another load. All our bodies were intertwined as we pulled and pushed on one another in every direction. The sounds and scents of everything washed over me as I started to take deeper breaths again, beginning to come down from everything.

    My hand found Jake's and we clasped them together tightly. I felt Jake move to kiss me and our tongues found one another again for a few moments. I opened my eyes to see Brent and Kevin doing the same thing— a beautiful sight that, somehow after everything, still surprised me. They had shared so much with one another, even before today. But this moment felt like a culmination of so many things. I knew it was for me, and for Jake.

    Reality crept back in little by little, and I couldn't help but wonder what was next. In the immediate sense, but also in the longer term. But one thing I knew for sure was that I didn't need to be apprehensive about the future. My son was with me, and we'd guide one another and get through it together like we always had.

    The rest of that rainy Monday was filled with more passion, in varying configurations. I often found as much pleasure in watching as I did in participating. Brent ended up changing his flight so we all could spend a few more days together, but eventually we all had to get back to the real world and the needs of life.

    Plans were made for a week at Brent's in Miami in late June, not very far off. We tossed around ideas about the four of us vacationing in Berlin, or Greece. Of Brent opening up a restaurant on the West Coast and spending a lot more time out here. There was no longer any thought that I'd be finding my own place in San Francisco. My apartment hunting turned to looking for something for the three of us, which would really be for the four of us. Our new family.

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