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"Eli just smiled though, and I smiled back. I wanted to project that I was cool with it. And I was."
Single dad Isaac tries his best to show his teenage son Eli that he is completely comfortable him being gay. But just how comfortable is he when Eli starts pushing it?

Chapter 1

Single dad Isaac lives alone with his teenage son Eli. After Eli comes out as gay, Isaac is determined to show Eli he is okay with it and to let him have his freedom. But are Eli and his "best friend" Noah taking advantage of the situation?

Chapter 2 |  Supporter 

Isaac watches Eli and Noah as they have breakfast in their underwear, their hands all over each other. Later, the boys go shopping and go inside the same fitting room, which leads to one of them on his knees and something unexpected.

Chapter 3 |  Supporter 

With Isaac away for a few days, Eli spends the night at his best friend Noah's. The two boys share a bedroom with Noah's brother, a senior jock. And speaking of jocks, that's exactly what Eli finds in their room...

Chapter 4 |  Supporter 

Isaac takes his teenage son shopping, and is surprised to hear Eli ask for jockstraps. At the department store, they are helped by a familiar sales clerk, who is very hands-on when it comes to customer service. 

Chapter 5 |  Supporter 

Isaac and Eli have an awkward father-son conversation about sex. Later, Eli has his first time with his best friend Noah. Afterwards, while trying to come to terms with what just happened, Eli bumps into Noah's older brother Jacob. 

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