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    Three years ago, when Brett was a sophomore in high school, his football coach asked me over to his office to talk. I thought the topic of conversation would be my son's athletic performance, but Coach Kovach had something else in mind.

    "Brett was caught doing something in the locker room. Normally, I would need to report this to the principal, but as a favor to Brett I decided to talk to you first."

    "What… What was he caught doing?" I asked.

    "He and another boy… were engaging in oral sex," Coach Kovach replied bluntly.

    "When you say they were engaging in oral sex…"

    "I mean I walked in on Juan sucking Brett's dick. Students aren't allowed to perform sexual acts on school property. I didn't want to report the boys to the principal, but I also didn't want to let them off the hook so easily. I texted you instead of Brett's mom because… well, you probably understand better what it's like being a teenage boy."

    "Yes," I nodded, still struggling to process all this.

    "I'll let you decide what to do with that information. They're not in any trouble with the school. But I told them I better not catch 'em at it again."

    I drove home with a weird feeling in my gut. I wasn't mad at Brett. If anything… I was kinda proud of him. And maybe even a bit jealous. When I was his age, I was still a complete virgin. I WISHED I had the guts to hit on the girls I had crushes on. Even though my son was gay – which I'm sure made dating and sex more complicated, even in this day and age – he was still ahead of me when it came to his sexual experience.

    At the house, I had a conversation with Brett about what his coach had said, and I asked to know more about this Juan boy. It turned out that he was Brett's boyfriend, so I told my son to invite him over for dinner. A few days later, Juan came over and met my wife and me. We had a nice meal, after which the two teens said they were going to hang out in Brett's room.

    "You don't think we made a mistake, allowing them to stay in Brett's room with the door closed?" I asked my wife as the two of us cleaned up the kitchen.

    "Not really," she shrugged. "I mean, if he was up there with a girl I'd be more worried; I'd feel the need to warn them about teen pregnancy and all that. But I think this is fine. I mean, sure, boys can get in trouble on their own as well, but do you really think there's something we can do?"

    "No, I guess not," I said, before announcing, "Listen, I have a bit of a headache. I'm gonna go read in bed and I'll probably fall asleep early."

    Upstairs, I paused as I passed Brett's bedroom door. I could clearly hear making out on the other side, and even though I knew I shouldn't, I stayed and eavesdropped for a few seconds. Then, I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. In the bedroom, I put on the boxers and T-shirt I slept in, and I tucked myself into bed.

    Our bedroom and Brett's room shared a wall, and our headboard was right up against it. I tried reading my book but I couldn't focus on a single word with all the noise my son and Juan were making. I could hear a lot of slurping, and I wasn't sure if what I was hearing was kissing or something else. Finally, I got my answer when my son said,

    "How's my dick taste?"

    "Mmm, so good," Juan's voice came from across the wall. "I love it."

    "Yeah, that's right. Suck my cock, you slut!" Brett grunted, sounding aggressive.

    I was shocked. Not that my son was getting his dick sucked; I already knew that from Coach Kovach. But I was surprised by Brett's… confidence. He sounded like he had enjoyed hundreds of blowjobs before. For several minutes, he kept cussing and saying things like "Suck that dick!" and calling his boyfriend names like "slut" and "cocksucker." I had to assume this was a result of all the porn Brett had unfettered access to. When I was his age, porn was scarce, so it took me quite a while to figure out what I was doing.

    "Fuuuck, yeah, keep doing that. Keep doing that, you're gon make me cum!" my son suddenly moaned. The slurping and gagging got louder. I imaged Brett with his hands on the back of his boyfriend's head, fucking Juan's throat mercilessly. "Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah. Ahhhhhhh, fuuuuuckkkkk!" came a final moan as my teenage son emptied my nuts down his boyfriend's throat.

    "Mmmm, that tastes so good. Fuck, your cum tastes so good," Juan's voice said a few moments later. I realized I was hard as a rock, absentmindedly rubbing my boner through my boxers as I heard Juan repeat, "Your cum tastes so good, babe. Your cum tastes so good."

    Now, three years later, I finally found out that Juan wasn't lying, as I got a chance to taste Brett's cum for myself. As soon as we got back to the house from our trip to Canada, I proceeded to suck my son's dick. At age 44, I didn't think there were a lot of sexual firsts left for me, but this was the first blowjob I ever gave. 

    I felt like an inexperienced teenage virgin all over again, but my son was patient with me. I was nervous but surprisingly eager to please my son this way. I thought about how my wife did it, but then I realized my brother was even better at it. I tried reenacting what Austin did when he sucked my cock in the hotel room. As I first placed the tip of my son's dick in my mouth, I was ridden with thoughts of how dirty and wrong this was. As soon as I heard Brett moan in pleasure, those guilty thoughts went out the window.

    Feeling the soft, velvety skin of my son's cock in my mouth felt strange, but incredibly arousing. I could smell Brett's manly musk exuding from his pubes, which seemed to make my blood pump faster. And if I wasn't mistaken, that salty but sweet flavor I was tasting was Brett's precum. As I took in all these sensations of sucking dick for the very first time, I realized I kinda liked it, even if I gagged from his sheer size. Next thing I knew, my son was shooting a load down my throat.

    "So, Dad, want me to do you next?" my son asked earnestly as he looked down on me with his post-orgasm glow.

    I was nervous to cross yet another boundary with my son… but I was also hornier than I'd ever felt in my life. My hard cock was still throbbing in my hand as I held Brett's gaze, unable to answer. 

    "It's okay if you don't..." he said with a hint of disappointment, dropping his face.

    "No! I… I do," I stuttered, and he flashed a smile. Although I was anxious, I smiled back. "Yes. Please, son. Suck my cock."

    Brett and I ended up swapping places. I took his vacated spot on the couch while he settled on the floor, kneeling between my legs, my dick hovering inches from his face. Unlike me, he didn't hesitate a second before taking my tool into his teenage mouth. Also unlike me, he didn't gag once while his eager lips slid down my shaft until his nose was buried in my pubic bush. I gasped at the instant pleasure I felt as my cock was surrounded in wet warmth. God damn, my son knew how to suck a dick!

    As Brett skillfully worked my pole, I found my nerves slipping away. I managed to relax and enjoy the oral service I was receiving. My son didn't rush nor did he go slow: he found the perfect rhythm, bobbing his head up and down my dick, covering every inch in saliva. He even used his hands to play with my balls, much like he'd told me to do when I was sucking him. His fingers went further down my taint, pressing against it and getting dangerously close to my asshole, which only added to the satisfaction.

    Without notice, Brett's fingers then did something thoroughly unexpected. I felt the tip of his forefinger graze against my hairy hole. It was weird at first and felt like an invasion, but I didn't stop him. He continued more purposefully, toying with my tight pucker – something I'd never experienced before. I'd heard from buddies that they enjoyed a finger from time to time, but never considered it for myself. 

    My son's hand retreated and he briefly replaced my cock with his finger in his mouth, sucking on it and getting it all wet. Then, he went right back for my hole, noticing that I was enjoying the ass play since I was moaning in pleasure. I let out my loudest moan yet when Brett pushed his finger inside me two knuckles deep. There was the tiniest amount of pain, but that quickly subsided. The pleasure I was feeling from the blowjob seemed to multiply tenfold as my son began fingering me. This was the final straw that set something off inside me.

    "Ahh, fuck son, you're workin' me real nice," I growled.

    Sexually, I'd always been rather shy, including with my wife after decades of being together. Now, however, thanks to my son and my brother, I was starting to feel more confident and sexier than ever. I held down on the back of Brett's head while also pushing my hips forward to try and get his finger deeper inside me. My son responded by pushing a second finger in my ass, driving me wild.  He also managed to use even more suction, becoming a vacuum on my cock.

    "Suck my cock, you slut!" I commanded, using the same words I'd heard from Brett three years ago when I eavesdropped on his boyfriend blowing him.

    I stood up to get better leverage and began assertively fucking my son's mouth. I managed to spin us both around, so I was now facing the couch and Brett had his back to it. I put one foot up on the couch cushions and I really went to town, thrusting harder than ever. This shift in position and my added force caused Brett to gag momentarily, but he pulled on my asscheeks to let me know not to stop. I still couldn't believe what had come over me, but at that moment, I wanted to remind him I was still his daddy. 

    I felt like a porn star while I assaulted his throat. Brett eventually got the hang of it and was able to keep deepthroating me even as I pumped in and out of his mouth powerfully. I looked past his face and saw he was once again rock hard, jerking himself off with his free hand. Spit was dribbling down his chin and sweat and tears rolled down his cheeks, but he just looked up at me with lust in his eyes. Fuck, my son looked so sexy slobbering on my cock!

    "Yeah. You're my little cocksucking slut," I grunted while maintaining intense eye contact with my son. "Suck daddy's dick."

    Brett did as he was told, bringing me to the edge within a few moments. When I felt myself close to cumming, I pulled out of his mouth and fisted my cock. Brett opened wide and stuck his tongue out, wordlessly begging me to feed him my load. That's when I exploded: cum went everywhere – the couch, the floor, into Brett's mouth, onto his tongue, and all over his face! At the same time, my son shot off his second load onto the carpet. While my jizz ran down his cheeks, I took my phone and snapped a quick picture of my son's cum-covered face.

    "Let's show your uncle how good you look with my jizz all over you," I said and I sent the photo to my brother. 

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