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High school hockey player Brett gets along with both his dad Charles and his uncle Austin. What Brett doesn't know is that they're keeping a huge secret from him.

Chapter 1

Brett recounts a night spent at his Uncle Austin's apartment. Meanwhile, Brett's dad Charles struggles with a serious conversation he needs to have with his son… one that might change everything for the whole family.

Chapter 2

Young Brett gets caught red-handed going through his uncle's underwear drawer, leading to a confession. Later, Brett and his boyfriend hook up in Brett's car in the school parking lot… before getting interrupted once again.

Chapter 3

Austin's fiancé Rodney is an exhibitionist who likes to take risks. During a visit to Austin's brother Charles's house, the horny couple can't keep their hands off each other. Then, Rodney makes a bold suggestion that even he can't fully grasp.

Chapter 4

Charles is faced with conflicting feelings when he realizes his son is becoming a man. When Brett and Juan go to help Rodney with a project, Brett has a surprisingly sexy moment involving his uncle's fiancé.

Chapter 5

Brett and Juan are thrilled to score an invitation to Uncle Austin's surprise birthday party. There, they meet Taylor and Owen, a couple from New York, who jump in the hot tub and escalate the situation to new sexy extremes.

Chapter 6

As the sexy situation in the hot tub continues to escalate, Austin jumps out to clear his head. Feeling guilty about taking things so far with a family member, Austin tries to dial it down… yet the complete opposite ends up happening.

Chapter 7

After Brett walks in on Austin's shocking statement, Austin has to decide whether to tell Brett the truth. The following morning, the family duo finds a way to get closer than ever, and this time they're doing it one-on-one.

Chapter 8

During Thanksgiving at his grandparents' house, Brett stumbles upon his Uncle Austin's old porn stash. Together with Austin and Rodney, Brett gets to explore the dirty mags with sticky pages, which gets everyone in the room excited.

Chapter 9

The action between Austin and Rodney continues to heat up and get more extreme, even with Brett in the room watching them. Then, on the day of Brett's 18th birthday, Charles enters the birthday boy's room to find a surprising sight.

Chapter 10

At their family's Christmas party, Brett tries to get to the bottom of his uncle's awkward behavior. Later, the two of them find themselves in the back of Brett's dad's car, and Austin is shocked to see how far Brett will go with his dad there.

Chapter 11

On New Year's Eve, Brett and Juan get invited to spend the night with their favorite couple: Uncle Austin and Rodney. With the four horny men reunited, it's only a matter of time before this party turns just as sexual as the last.

Chapter 12

The New Year's party at Uncle Austin's apartment continues. Even after all of the cumshots, the crew continues to grow hornier and the two couples go further than ever. Then, the following morning, Brett overhears a shocking confession.

Chapter 13

On New Year's Day, Brett overhears an explosive family secret that changes everything! Months later and his relationship with his Uncle Austin is still on the rocks. But is it time for Austin and the teen to bury the hatchet?

Chapter 14

After taking some time to make peace with the truth, Brett decides to rebuild his relationship with his biological dad – the man he knows as his Uncle Austin. Together with Brett's boyfriend, it ends up being an unexpectedly hot evening.

Chapter 15

When Brett is caught misbehaving in school, Uncle Austin heads to the school to bail the teen out of trouble. There, Austin is acquainted his Brett's hunky Coach Kovach, which soon leads to some unexpectedly hot sex.

Chapter 16

After going to the city for a hockey game, Brett and his parents go to spend the night at Uncle Austin's apartment. Brett and Austin find themselves sharing a bed once again… and taking things further than ever.

Chapter 17

Rodney struggles to make peace with the fact that the guy he's been hooking up with isn't his fiancé's nephew, but his son. When Brett comes to the city to go shopping for prom, Austin and Rod show him a good time… turning sexual again.

Chapter 18

Charles is in awe that his little boy Brett is already off to his senior prom. Charles and Austin use this opportunity to bond as brothers in Brett's room… before moving to another part of the house, where the bonding gets even more intimate.

Chapter 19

Austin goes through a lot of changes in his life. A bachelor party, a wedding, and Brett's move to Minneapolis all take place within weeks of each other. Now that the father and son live in the same city, how will that affect their relationship?

Chapter 20

Now that Brett and Juan live together, they get to enjoy more sex than ever. But not everything is smooth sailing for the two horny teens. When Brett comes to Uncle Austin with a sex question, Austin offers a hands-on solution.

Chapter 21

After celebrating a bit too hard with the other hockey dads, Charles needs a place to crash. He ends up in his son's dorm room, where he witnesses a sexy scene and learns something new about his own body.

Chapter 22

Brett and his boyfriend Juan fill Uncle Austin in on the night they shared a room with Charles, who may or may not have been asleep during their sex. Later, when Brett sees Austin taking a dick, the horny teen decides: I want to do the same!

Chapter 23

Juan has an outrageous idea for a couple's Halloween costume, and Brett allows himself to be talked into it. Later, the two college boys get a late-night visit from Uncle Austin – but that doesn't hamper their plans to have sex.

Chapter 24

After a sexy dream, Charles is left with a case of blue balls. When his brother Austin shows up at the house, the two siblings reminisce about some hot moments from their past… before engaging in their hottest sexcapade yet!

Chapter 25

Brett's back in his hometown for Thanksgiving, and he is absolutely shocked when he heads to his childhood room and walks in on his dad and his uncle. Looks like someone in the family has some explaining to do…

Chapter 26

After a busy holiday season, Brett gets to spend some time alone with his uncle and dad when they go on a surprise boys' trip. It might be winter, but the trip gets hot as the three guys get to their cabin and slip into bed…

Chapter 27

Charles makes it to Canada with his brother and his son. It's an evening of firsts as the three men go bar hopping together… followed by an unexpectedly hot scene taking place in their shared hotel room.

Chapter 28

When Brett and his dad get back from their trip, it's finally time to talk about Brett's sexcapades with Uncle Austin. But also: the father and son share more than just sexy stories, as they proceed to take things to the next level.

Chapter 29

Charles has conflicting emotions about his son being more of an early bloomer than he was. Then, as soon as the father and son get back from their boys' trip, Brett makes an offer that Charles simply can't decline.

Chapter 30

Brett helps his team win a big hockey game, and goes on to celebrate with his uncle and his dad. Over at Uncle Austin's apartment, the three men take the party from the living room to the bedroom, where Austin has a special sexy request.

Chapter 31

Brett is aware how turned on his boyfriend Juan is by his pervy family – and he's happy to share with him! Back home for the summer, the boys get together with Brett's dad and Uncle Austin, and the four of them connect in an incredible way.

Chapter 32

As summer starts, Austin has a special surprise for his brother Charles. The two of them head to the campground where they used to go when they were younger – only this time, the action in the tent gets much steamier!

Chapter 33

Brett finds out what happened between his dad and Uncle Austin during the brothers' camping trip. Later, when Brett and his father end up alone in Brett's room, the question is: can the two of them go all the way, too?

Chapter 34

On Father's Day, Brett pays a visit to his biological dad. Brett shows up pre-loaded and has a sexy request for Uncle Austin. Soon, the two of them end up in the bedroom and make this special day even more special!

Chapter 35

During a clothing-optional pool party, Austin finally gets a chance to catch up with his oldbrother Charles. Soon, the two of them find themselves crossing the ultimate boundary in their brotherly relationship.

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