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    When I first met my partner Rodney five years ago, he was working as a personal trainer at the gym I attended. He caught my eye with his VERY revealing outfits, which certainly pushed the limits of what was appropriate to wear in public. His shorts were often tiny enough to reveal either the waistband of the jockstraps he always seemed to wear, or the ass straps that hugged his glutes tightly. As nice as his ass was, it faded in comparison to what Rodney was packing in the front. His prominent bulge and his clearly-outlined cut cock always caught my attention… and he could tell. Whenever I was around, he always seemed to put his hands on his hips or stretch in such a way that drew even more attention to his junk.

    After a couple of weeks of hoping to bump into him in the locker room, I got my wish. I don't think it was a coincidence either – he walked in right after me, as if following me. Five minutes later, and I was sucking his dick in a shower stall; a risky endeavor, considering the partitions were all glass and not particularly private.

    It came as no big surprise when Rodney got fired from the gym only a few months later. Someone had walked in on him jerking off with another guy in the sauna, and that complaint was the nail in the coffin. Luckily, by that point he and I had exchanged phone numbers, so we continued to hook up. Eight times out of ten, Rod liked fucking me in public. He was a huge exhibitionist (penis pun intended), and some of the outfits he wore out in the street in summer made his gym outfits look conservative in comparison. The fact he was over 240 pounds of mostly muscle was probably the main reason he didn't get much shit from disapproving strangers.

    When I first met Rod, I was fresh out of a long-term relationship, and I wasn't looking to get into a new one. I enjoyed being single and slutty, and he and I made the perfect fuck buds. As luck would have it, we soon started working together. A wealthy client of mine whose house I was decorating was building a home gym and expected me to acquire and assemble all of the equipment. I hired Rodney to help me do that, since he was knowledgeable on the topic. Soon after that, Rodney started his own business, assembling, repairing, and selling gym equipment for people's homes. He and I were no longer "just fucking." Somewhere along the way, we'd developed feelings for each other, leading to him getting down on one knee this past summer to ask me to marry him.

    I'd accepted Rod's proposal, even though there was one thing that was gnawing at my conscience. I was hiding a secret from him, a substantial one by most standards. The person Rodney thought of as my nephew, Brett, was in fact my own son. I wanted to be honest with my fiancé, but even Brett himself didn't know the truth, and I'd made a promise not to tell anyone until Brett knew. So, I kept quiet. I eased my conscience by trying to convince myself that in every way except biologically, I was Brett's Uncle Austin and there was no reason for Rodney to think otherwise.

    Brett came to visit us in the city every now and then, but we rarely went to his house, even though his mom Anne would consistently invite us over for dinner. One Friday evening, Rodney and I decided to take her up on it. We drove to my hometown where Brett, Anne, and my brother Charles lived in a three-bedroom house. 

    "Hey. You guys are early," my brother said upon answering the door.

    "Nice to see you too," I snarked, handing him the bottle of wine Rod and I had brought.

    "Anne's out getting groceries, and Brett's still at school. Football practice," my brother explained. "I was doing work downstairs."

    My brother was a self-employed accountant, who'd turned his basement into a very nice office.

    "No rush, we can wait," my fiancé said. "We wanted to beat rush-hour traffic so we left early."

    Charles retreated down to the basement, and Rod and I made ourselves comfortable in the living room. Rod went to sit at the far end of their couch, furthest away from the front door. He sat down and splayed out his thick thighs, barely covered by the shorts he was wearing. Even though it was fall, he still liked to wear shorts until the temperatures dropped a bit. This pair didn't even come down mid-thigh when he was standing. Sitting, however, they were pulled up almost to his taint, exposing his inner thighs. If they weren't so tight, his dick surely would've been hanging out. Rod made the outfit more "modest" by wearing a flannel button down with the sleeves rolled up over his muscular forearms. He had it unbuttoned almost down to his navel, partly because it was too small for him and the buttons wouldn't fit. Either way, his smooth pecs were in full view, including his perky, hard nipples. 

    I wandered the living room briefly looking at family photos. I smiled at the progression of my son – my nephew, rather – from innocent toddler to a handsome young man. A wave of paternal pride washed over me, and I realized how grateful I was to have him in my life as my nephew. A sound distracted me and I turned to Rod, who was looking at his phone.

    "Are you watching porn?!" I asked my fiancé, hearing the recognizable sounds of someone getting their brains fucked. This was further evident by Rod's hand gently massaging his fast-growing bulge. He watched for a few more seconds before locking the phone and silencing the video.

    "No, not anymore!" he said with a cheeky grin.

    "You're incorrigible. Can't take you anywhere," I replied before sitting next to him on the couch. Rod wrapped one arm around my shoulder.

    "It's fine, babe, we're all alone," he said, tugging gently on the hair at the nape of my neck. A simple, yet effective reminder of the dominance he had over me. He leaned in closer and gently bit at the sensitive skin where my neck meets my shoulder. I quivered and melted into his strong presence. He raised his head slightly, enough for my lips to meet his. Our mouths parted and our tongues took over. He took one of my hands and placed on his now-rock-hard bulge, and I squeezed his firm cock. Rod reciprocated by reaching over between my legs, and soon enough we were moaning into each other's mouths while stroking one another through our clothes. He had me so worked up, I completely forgot where we were.

    "Wait, stop," I said, breaking away from him. "Not here. My brother might walk in, or Anne, or Brett!"

    "Relax, babe," Rod said, kissing softly on my neck. "I'm sure we'll hear them coming."

    I was very nervous about getting caught, but that's never stopped us before. We'd fucked in public dozens of time without getting arrested, so I guess this was safe in comparison. We resumed making out, emboldened by the precariousness of the situation. At any minute, my brother, my sister-in-law, or Brett could walk in on us. The thought of it made me even more turned on. Rod seemed into it too, as he'd let his hard-on escape out his shorts and down the inside of his leg. With the shorts being so small and his dick so large, there really was no option, especially when he was going commando like today. The tip of his cock already glistened with precum, a thin trail of the sticky liquid dripping down and landing on the couch cushion. As soon as I noticed, I stopped him again.

    "Uh, hun, you're gonna stain the couch," I whispered.

    "Then you better clean it up for me," he growled back.

    In a flash, Rod unbuttoned his shorts and had them around knees. His unconstrained erection pointed straight up towards the ceiling. With firm pressure on the back of my neck, he pushed my face down onto his cock. I opened my mouth to accept him and pushed down until he hit the back of my throat. I was usually well-prepared to deepthroat him, but not bent in half like this on the couch. Even alone in my brother's living room, this still felt like the thrill of being in public, and I greedily slurped on Rod's knob, wanting nothing more than to please my man. 

    Soon, my partner was using his powerful legs to thrust his hips up into my mouth while keeping my head pinned down. I was drooling so much that my saliva left a wet spot on the couch cushion but I didn't care. When Rod got this way, there was no stopping him. I let him viciously assault my mouth with his hung tool. I was probably going to have a sore throat after this. I was putty in his hands. I was a human fleshlight for his pleasure. Ever since that first time in the gym showers when he commanded me to my knees, I completely and utterly belonged to him. I was reaching to release my own cock… when the front door banged open, making us stop abruptly. Two seconds later, in walked Brett with his phone to his face, allowing me the moment I needed to cover Rod's crotch with a large cushion.

    "Oh, hi. You guys are here already," said Brett who looked at the pillow over Rod's lap quizzically, giving me time to wipe the drool off my chin and Rod's precum off my lips. Brett had his backpack slung over one shoulder, wearing an undershirt and a pair of gray sweatpant shorts that displayed a prominent dick print, making me smirk in pride. Hell, an uncle can be proud that his nephew is packing, right? (And a dad can feel the same about his son?)

    "Let me go take a quick shower," Brett continued. "I didn't take one after practice. I'll be with you guys in a few minutes."

    With that, he left us alone again, taking the stairs up to second floor two at a time. In the time Brett was gone, Rod's boner had died down and he could stuff it in his shorts again. We both laughed at Brett walking in on us, and reminisced about other times in the past we'd been caught in public with Rod's dick either shoved down my throat or up my ass. Ten minutes later, a wet-haired Brett came thumping down the stairs in a sweatshirt and tight-fitting joggers that hugged the curve of his ass and still generously displayed his package. 

    "Mom's car broke down," he told us as he retrieved his car keys. "I gotta go pick her and the groceries up, otherwise no dinner. You should've heard her shriek when I suggested she take a cab! I texted dad that it could take at least half an hour with this traffic. He says he's gotta keep working until we get back. I hate to leave you guys, hopefully it won't take too long."

    "Oh, don't worry, no rush," said Rod. "We can keep each other company."

    I recognized that sly tone in Rod's voice and knew exactly what he was referring to. Brett waved and was out the front door. We sat silently until we heard him drive away.

    "We've got thirty minutes to kill," Rod smirked, throwing off the pillow. "Why don't we go finish what we started, upstairs… in your nephew's room?"

    "I dunno, seems too risky," I said, flabbergasted by his suggestion. Rod always thought up new kinky things for us to try, and I loved him for it. But this time, he had no idea what he was suggesting: fucking in my own son's bed!

    "C'mon, babe. I'm so worked up it won't take us very long," he pleaded.

    The idea of us doing this was daring and exciting. I shouldn't have been so turned on it by it, but fucking in Brett's sheets set my dick raging again. Without answering, I stood up and grabbed my fiancé's hand, leading him towards the stairs. We moved quickly, with Rod trying to tug my jeans down with every step. We went into Brett's room, and left the door ajar so we could hear anyone coming. 

    The floor of Brett's room was strewn with clothes, clean and dirty alike. There was a desk on the side of one wall covered with textbooks and lined with hockey trophies. The other walls were scattered with posters of popular bands, professional athletes I didn't know the names of, and scantily clad models – only, in my nephew's case, photos of hunky men instead of bikini babes. The air smelled like a mix between a locker room and the cologne that gets sprayed in shopping mall clothing stores. On the bedside table was a framed polaroid of Brett and his adorable teenage boyfriend, Juan. They made for a cute couple. I had a sudden vision of the two of them fucking on the unmade bed, coating each other in their teen seed. Picturing my son fuck his boyfriend made me even hornier now than before! 

    Rod came up behind me, already with his shirt off. He picked me up and tossed me onto the tousled bedsheets. The sheets themselves smelled of musk and ball sweat. The aroma was intoxicating enough on its own without the added taboo that it had come from my own biological son. I felt like such a perv, but at the same time, felt it was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life. Rod shucked his shorts as I pulled off my shirt and wrestled my jeans down around my ankles. Before I could pull the jeans all the way off, Rod had my ankles in his hands, lifting them up towards his chest. I held onto the back of my knees to free his hands. I lay on my son's bed, my pants around my ankles, exposing my hungry hole to my fiancé. 

    Rod crouched down and lapped at my hole like a kid enjoying an ice cream on a hot day. I relaxed, letting his tongue penetrate inside me, lubing me with his spit. Rod stood up and slapped his massive cock against my ass, making me whimper in anticipation. 

    "Want me to fuck you, baby?" he asked coyly. "Want me to fuck you in your nephew's bed?"

    Rod was enjoying this perverted action just as much as I was, only he didn't know how just far it went. I nodded and tried to reach for his cock.

    "Let me hear it, tell me you want it," he demanded.

    "I want you to fuck me!" I cried out. "Fuck me in my nephew's bed!"

    Rod jostled something on the bedside table, checking Brett's drawer. "I knew it," he chuckled under his breath, taking out a small container of lube and squirting some onto his dick. "I'm even gonna fuck you with your nephew's lube," he growled, lining his dick up towards my hole. 

    Without warning, Rod impaled me with his giant fuck-stick. Usually, we just used spit, but lubed up as he was, he was able to thrust all the way into me, right to the base of his cock. He moaned and sighed at the familiar sensations of my tight hole clenching onto his tool. Rod used the loose jeans suspended between my ankles to further push my legs back until my feet were practically behind my head. There was nothing I could do to stop him – not that I wanted to – as he moved my body into position and started slamming into me. I reached down with my hands to keep my cheeks spread and my hole exposed, occasionally grazing Rod's dick as skewered me in and out. The combination of sensations had me moaning loudly, practically screaming in ecstasy. 

    Then, Rod looked at the foot of the bed… and a wicked smile painted his face. I looked over and saw the clothes Brett had been wearing when he got home from practice. It was definitely the same T-shirt and sweatpant shorts. On top of the small pile of dirty clothes was a white jockstrap, undoubtedly freshly peeled off of Brett's body. 

    Rod reached to the pile and grabbed the jockstrap. He held it up to his nose, taking a deep breath. My jaw dropped and a stream of precum oozed from my dick to puddle on my stomach. Seeing my shock, Rod shoved Brett's dirty jockstrap into my mouth, unaware he was feeding me my own son's crotch sweat! I was stunned, completely helpless, and my mind reeled at having Brett's freshly-used jock in my mouth. I should have been disgusted, revolted even, but the smell of my son's taint and ball sweat was intoxicating. I moaned even louder into the soiled fabric as Rod picked up speed again to hammer my hole.

    Rod released my legs and retreated from my hole, pulling my jeans all the way off and tossing them aside. He flipped me over, getting me on my hands and knees before climbing onto the bed behind me. During the shuffle, I'd spit out the jockstrap. Rod proceeded to bury himself in my hole once again, then noticed the discarded underwear next to me. He picked it up and leaned over to whisper in my ear.

    "Put this back in your fucking mouth," he ordered. Obediently, I opened my mouth. He shoved Brett's jock in like a ball-gag, the straps hanging down like a goatee. Rod up-righted himself and took it a step further. Then, he reached forward with both hands, each one grabbing onto either side of the jockstrap. He pulled back like it was a bridle on a horse and rode me like it was the Kentucky Derby. All I could do was brace myself and take the pounding like a champ. 

    "Oh fuck, oh fuck! You ready for my load? You ready for my cum?" cried Rod. I tried nodding but he was pulling so tightly on the jockstrap I couldn't move my head. He released the underwear, causing me to topple forward onto my stomach. He lay fully on top of me with one muscular arm wrapped around my neck choking me. He humped into me forcefully, and finally, with a final grunt, unloaded his babies deep inside me. At the same time, the friction of my dick against the bed caused me to spew my load all over Brett's sheets. 

    Finally, Rod slipped off of me and off the side of the bed, looking for his clothes. I heard footsteps coming up the stairway and I quickly used Brett's jockstrap to wipe up my cum before tossing it back into the pile of dirty laundry. 

    "Brett? Is that you?" I heard my brother's voice from the hallway, giving us less than a minute to haphazardly put our clothes on.

    "Oh hey. I was just showing off Brett's trophies," I said to my brother, who stood in the doorway looking confused. He could doubtlessly notice the fact Rod and I were covered in sweat and out of breath, but thankfully he didn't ask any questions. Instead, the three of us headed downstairs to the kitchen, where we were soon joined by Brett and his mom. 

    "So, did you guys keep each other busy?" Brett asked Rodney and me as he brought in the groceries.

    My fiancé and I looked at each other and laughed.

    "Yes!" we replied in unison.

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