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    On a swelteringly hot morning in July, I woke up all sweaty and caressed my chest for a while before letting my hand slide down to my morning boner. I stretched in bed and then I finally got up, with my dick pointing the way forward like an arrow.

    "Anyone home?" I shouted into the hallway, holding my bedroom door open. The silence let me know I was home alone, so I remained naked as I went downstairs to make some iced coffee and crank up the A/C. Less than ten minutes later, I got a phone call from Uncle Austin's husband Rodney.

    "Hey, Uncle Rod. What's up?" I asked as I answered the phone.

    "Hey Brett. What you doing?" he asked. With the wind blowing in the background, I assumed Rodney was talking to me on speakerphone while driving.

    "Not much. I got the week off work," I said. "Juan's working today so I can't meet up with him. So I'm just… playing with myself," I added while stroking my still-hard cock.

    "Haha. Well listen, I'm in the area. If you want I can pick you up and drive you to the city. Austin's got a surprise for you," Rodney announced.

    "Uhh, sure. When'll you be here?" I asked.

    "In about half an hour. So feel free to keep playing with yourself… but don't cum just yet."

    "I promise I won't," I said with a smirk. 

    Half an hour later, I was in the passenger seat of Rodney's car.

    "Sorry I missed your party last weekend," I told him. "How was it?"

    "Oh, just your typical gay men's clothing-optional pool party," he said cheekily.

    "So it was one big orgy," I concluded.

    "Not quite. But there was some fooling around."

    "Was my dad there? How did he take it?" I asked.

    "Yup, Charles was there. I know it's not the type of party he usually goes to, but he was cool with it."

    "Did he get naked?" I asked next.

    "Not quite. But he did… get down to a jockstrap," Rodney explained.

    "Wow. Guess he really has changed a lot over the past year," I said. "I mean, Dad was never a prude, but wearing nothing but a jockstrap in front of dozens of people at a party? That's bold."

    "Not as bold as his brother. Austin got butt-naked in front of everyone," Rodney revealed.

    "That doesn't surprise me," I laughed. "Yeah, both of my dads are cool."

    "I love that you consider both of them to be your dads," said Rodney.

    "Yeah, I do. Which means you're my stepdad," I added.

    "Ha, I guess I am," he said with a smile. "In the future, call me Daddy Rod instead of Uncle Rod."

    "Yes, Daddy," I accepted his offer and groped his bulge playfully as he drove. While cruising down the highway, Daddy Rod took out his dick and let me give him road head until he blasted a load down my throat. I pulled out my own dick as well, but he advised me once again to save my load for later. By this point I was sporting blue balls, but I patiently waited to see what Austin's surprise was.

    When we got to the front door of their apartment, Rodney pulled out a black silk blindfold. He fastened it around my head and led me into the apartment. He navigated me through the living room and then to their master bedroom. My heart was already pounding with excitement and the lack of sight only heightened the anticipation.

    Rodney had me stand in what I assumed was the middle of the bedroom. I heard his heavy footsteps go back the way we came, followed by the sound of the door closing. From what I could tell, Rodney left the room. What was going on?!

    "Hey, son. Haven't seen you in a while," came the sound of Austin's voice. "Feeling horny today?"

    "Today and every day," I chuckled. For good measure, my dick twitched in my shorts.

    Someone came near, right in front of me. They were so close I could their breath on my cheek. They kissed my lips gently, causing my dick to twinge again, growing harder. Next thing I knew they were pulling down my shorts. They must've gotten down to their knees to do so. I was going commando and my meat sprang free. Soon after that, a warm mouth was swallowing my dick. 

    I started running my fingers through the cocksucker's hair, assuming it was Austin. His hair felt different – a bit shorter than usual – but his mouth felt amazing. I let Austin continue his work, listening to him slobber on my pole and loving how he tugged on my balls. This continued for several minutes, until the blowjob came to an end and I heard Austin's voice again.

    "Ready for the main attraction?"

    Austin took my hand and guided me toward the bed. He then took my hands and made them reach forward. I felt Austin's bare ass in front of me. It felt a little hairier than usual, but I guessed he just hadn't waxed recently. Instinctively, I started kneading his globes with my hands. Eventually my fingers went between his asscrack and found his hole. I gently teased it, hearing a soft moan emitting from its owner.

    I couldn't wait any longer and I pushed my hard dick against his hole. It popped in and I heard him gasp. Austin's ass felt so much tighter than usual, but I certainly wasn't complaining. His sphincter gripped my shaft with a vice-like grip. He was at least lubed up so I wasn't worried I might be hurting him. I kept pushing, sinking my cock deeper and deeper inside him, until I finally bottomed out. I hadn't felt anything this tight since I fucked Juan for the very first time!

    I started to slide back out, slowly. I got about halfway and then shoved my boner back in, causing Austin to grunt. I did this a few more times, trying to loosen him up a bit before I could really start fucking. With this persistence, his hole finally relaxed and I was able to thrust in and out at a steady pace. He even started pushing back with ass to meet my hips each time I drove in.

    "Ready for your surprise?" Austin suddenly asked. 

    I nearly jumped. Austin's voice was coming from BEHIND ME. What the hell?! If Austin was standing behind me… who was I fucking then?!

    Austin took the blindfold off. I blinked a few times, adjusting to the light. When I looked down, my jaw dropped when I finally learned I was doggy-style fucking my dad, Charles! He looked back at me with a grin, his hole still filled with my throbbing dick. I was stunned, unable to move. Charles merely started rocking backward and forward, fucking himself on my dick.

    "Dad?!" I sputtered, not sure what else to say, spurting a load of precum in Charles's ass. 

    "Mhm, it's me. Now, c'mon son, fuck your old man," he moaned, using a sultry tone I'd never heard from him before.

    It was all coming together. It was Charles who sucked my cock when I first entered the bedroom – that's why his hair was shorter. Now that I was fucking him, I could tell his ass was fuzzier and his hole much tighter than Austin's! Holy shit! I was completely mind blown but now that I knew who I was fucking, I was incredibly turned on.

    I held onto my dad's hips and began ramping up my pace. I was fucking him fast enough that my balls were slapping against his taint and my hips were smacking his ass. The sound of me clapping his cheeks competed with my dad moaning louder and louder as I drilled into him harder. The whole time, Austin just stood at my side with a huge smile.

    "You know, I fucked your dad last weekend before the pool party," Austin confessed, and I slowed down to stare at him in amazement. "He let his own brother take his virginity."

    Holy fuck, that was so hot!! I wish I had been there to watch my dad get dicked down for the first time. I was instantly jealous of Austin, but I was also happy I was now getting my chance to fuck Charles's tight hole. I went back to work, nailing my dad's ass as hard as I could for a few minutes, until Austin said,

    "Move over, I wanna try his ass again."

    Like an obedient son, I obliged him. I pulled out of Charles and Austin quickly took my place behind him. Charles surprised me even further by beckoning me to get in front of him on the bed. I did so and he started sucking my cock again, tasting his own ass on my tool while his younger brother fucked him from behind. Together, Austin and I gave Charles his very first spit-roast!

    For the next hour, Austin and I took turns fucking my dad. We had him in so many different positions as we swapped back and forth that he was probably getting dizzy. For such an inexperienced bottom, Charles was doing one hell of a job taking our cocks in both of his holes.

    Eventually, we had him lie on his stomach on the bed. Austin was pile-driving him and began to cry out as he bred his big brother's ass. I kissed Charles while Austin lay on top of him, until every last drop of Austin's cum was deposited in Charles's hole. Then, Charles broke away and looked at me, biting his lower lip.

    "C'mon son, I want you to breed me, too," he moaned.

    For the last time, Austin and I swapped places. As I pushed my cock inside the man who raised me, his hole felt different now that I was using Austin's cum as lube. I pulled Charles up on all fours and started pounding his ass harder than ever. Meanwhile, Austin leaned down and the two brothers began to make out. They looked so fucking hot that I only lasted a few more minutes before I added my own seed to Charles's no-longer-virgin hole.

    Finally, the three of us collapsed into a big, naked, sweaty pile. Charles lay on his back, with Austin and I on either side of him. We shared a sloppy threeway kiss while Austin and I took turns jerking off my dad until he finally orgasmed, coating all three of us in his cum. There were no more secrets between us; just love, and passion… and no doubt, a lot more sex to come.

— The End —

Brett and his dads might be back in a future story. If you'd like to see that happen, leave your feedback below

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