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The Webcam Model and His Dads, Pt. III

    It took me three whole days to recover from the photos Eric had sent me. I spent the whole time jerking off over and over again, right after texting him that "YES!! I'm available this weekend and we can do a webcam show." I'd get up in the middle of the night if I needed to.

    As the weekend approached, I decided to stop wanking the entire time, so I have some sperm left for the actual cam show. With it being my week off work, though, it was difficult to keep my hands off my cock, especially with the photos Eric had sent me on my phone. I decided to head to the beach, hoping it would provide a distraction.

    Turns out, going to the beach wasn't the best thing to do if you want to keep sex off your mind. With all the hot surfer boys walking around, riding the waves or playing volleyball with their friends, I hardly managed to keep my dick down. I spent the entire day lying on my stomach, hiding my erection, until I started to feel my back burn.

    "Looks like you could use some sunscreen, mate," I heard a semi-familiar voice and looked up.

    It was Zach. This time, I was the one who had to squint his eyes, looking up at him. Water was dripping down his muscular, tattooed body. Instead of speedos, he'd unfortunately opted for board shorts; but they were slung so low on his body that I could see his pubic hair peeking out.

    "Hey," I said with a hand over my eyes. I tried to act casual, even though I felt awkward. The last time Zach saw me, I was shooting cum all over my body and sofa in my living room. He had shot me the cheekiest grin when we made eye contact right after that. And I still didn't even know if he was straight or not.

    "Here," he helped himself to my bottle of sunscreen without asking, and squirted a generous amount on his large hand. Before I knew what was happening, he was rubbing it on my back in circular motions.

    "You need to be more careful, mate," he said. ("Definitely straight, by his way of speaking," I thought.)

    "Not working today?" he asked while rubbing my back and continuing down to my waist.

    "Week off," I answered, enjoying the sensation of his cold hand as it continued to slip lower and lower until it reached the waist of my speedos. The boner in my speedos was at full mast now! 

    "Ahh. So that's why you're at home, wanking in the middle of the day," Zach chuckled. As he said that, his fingers slipped inside my speedos, in front of everyone at the beach, and continued until he'd reached every point of my waist and the top of my arse.

    "It is," I laughed casually, as if this was a normal comment to make. Maybe it was, amongst him and his guy friends.

    "I got some beers in a cooler," Zach said as soon as he was done rubbing me down, and pointed to an empty towel a few metres down. 

    "Sure," I said, waiting for him to turn his back. Quickly, I got up and covered my crotch with my towel as I trailed after him, looking at the top of his arse crack peek over the waistband of his shorts.

    "So, is your… partner here with you?" I tried to ask nonchalantly, after we sat down on Zach's towel and opened a couple of beers.

    "Nah, he's back in LA," he said, the pronoun answering the question I'd really meant to ask. Bonza!

    "You must miss him," I said.

    "Yeah. Let's just say you ain't the only one who's been doing this in the middle of the day," he laughed, mimicking wanking on the beer bottle he was holding. Thankfully, I was already pink in the face because of the sun; otherwise, Zach would've noticed me blush.

    "We should do it together some time."
   Fuck! Did that really just come out my mouth?! I'd said it before I'd even realised. Shit!

    An excruciatingly long second followed, until Zach smiled and nodded.

    "Sure, man," he lifted his beer bottle and we toasted. "What were you watching the other day?"

    "Just this guy," I said, letting Zach know I was gay as well, in case it wasn't made obvious my my invitation. I was tempted to get into the story of Eric and his two dads, but it felt risky telling that to a stranger. Instead, I changed the subject. "Does your partner mind you wanking with other guys?"

    "Not at all, mate," Zach answered casually after taking a swig. "We're open. I've been sending him voice messages since I got here, telling him all about the men I've fucked." 

    "Sounds… great," I said, feeling impressed, but also somewhat jealous; I wished I had a partner like that. "Are you gonna tell him about me?" I decided to be bolder. Now that I knew that Zach was not only gay, but sexually adventurous at that, I was hoping our little "mutual wank" might even turn into him fucking me. 

    "I can do more than just tell. I can send him a video," Zach added confidently.

    He then took a look down at my crotch, and noticed my hard dick, impossible to hide in my speedos. He took one final gulp of his beer and said "Wanna go?"

    Half an hour later, I was in my neighbours' house. I'd never been here before; and I definitely hadn't imagined that the first time I'd be here would be to be fucked by my neighbour's brother. 

    "I hope you don't mind," Zach said, "but the guest room only has a single bed. We'll have to do it in my brother's bed."

    Mind?! Holy fuck, he had no idea how much he was turning me on.

    Zach was a let's-get-down-to-business kinda guy, no doubt. We went right up the stairs and in the shower to wash the sand off us, one by one, as the shower was too small for two. Zach went in first, and I stood in the bathroom and watched him soap up his body, lather running down the ridges between his muscles. Top or not, he had one great arse. As he turned around, I finally got a glimpse of his dick. Even though it was perfectly average, Zach definitely gave me the impression that he knew how to use it in above-average fashion.

    Five minutes later, we were walking into Zach's brother's bedroom; tastefully decorated by the lady of the house, undoubtedly. Feeling a tad chilly after that cold shower, Zach immediately warmed me up as he came in for a hug and stuck his tongue in my mouth.

    Fuck, he was one good kisser. Even though this was nothing but a quick hookup before he flies back to LA, he kissed me as passionately as if I were the love of his life. I appreciated his big hands stroking my back, gliding down just like they did earlier at the beach, until they got to my arsecheeks and gave them a strong squeeze. 

    "Are you gonna fuck me on your brother's bed?" I whispered, both of our cocks hard by now, crossed like dueling swords.

    "That turn you on?" Zach whispered naughtily, and I nodded. 

    "Okay then," he said, and gently bit my ear. He then reached for his phone, to record the whole thing for his boyfriend. "And just for you... I promise not to change the sheets after we're done, so my brother goes to sleep in them."

    I was beyond grateful I hadn't accepted my sister's invitation to go visit for the week. This was turning out to be the sexiest week of my life! First Eric's photos, and then the hookup with Zach… And to top it all off, the cherry on top of the horny sundae: the scheduled cam session with Eric and his two dads.

    Honestly, leading up to it, I kept expecting for him to cancel. This seemed all too good to be true. So as the appointment got closer, with half an hour to go, I was feeling both ecstasy that this was finally happening, and anxiety that they were going to cancel at the last minute after all.

    "Calm down, they're not gonna cancel," I tried to reassure myself. I'd already sent Eric the amount we'd agreed upon, and he didn't strike me as the type to take the money and run.

    Five minutes to go… Two minutes… Like clockwork, Eric logged in just on time.

    "Hey," he smiled and waved at me. I was used to seeing him on my screen, but never live like this.

    "Hey!" I answered, smiling back. But why was he alone? Was he about to tell me his dads "couldn't make it" and this wasn't happening?

    "Good to see you," he said friendlily. "What's the time over there?"

    "2 AM on the dot."

    "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize it would be so late for you."

    "No worries," I answered calmly, but growing concerned over the lack of dads on screen.

    "Anyway, I wanted to introduce you to someone," Eric said, and an older man appeared on each side of him. YES!

    "This is David," Eric said, pointing to the man on my left-hand side, a blond muscle daddy with a sparsely-hairy body, wearing a pair of white briefs and nothing else.

    "Hi," David waved at the camera.

    "And this is Sven," Eric pointed to the man on my right-hand side. He was smooth from the neck down, in a pair of identical briefs. Inside of them, I knew was his huge, pierced cock.

    "Hello," Sven waved.

    "So, you wanted to meet us?" David asked, leaning down to fit his face in the camera. His head was almost resting on his son's shoulder now. Eric was sitting down, so I couldn't tell what kind of underwear he was wearing (if any) but he was shirtless.

    "Y– Yeah, I–," I tried to control my stuttering. "I've been following Eric's… work, for a while. He seems like a very nice young man."

    "He is. He makes his parents very proud," Sven said, putting his hand on his son's shoulder and giving it a squeeze.

    "And when he mentioned you guys," I tried to continue, not sure what I was trying to say, "I just wanted to… see you all together."

    "I don't blame you," David continued to look friendly. "Our situation's quite… unusual."

    "Yeah," his husband Sven agreed. "It's safe to say we'd love Eric no matter what, but we lucked out that he turned out to be gay, just like us."

    "Why– Why is that?" I asked, one hand going down to the boxers I was wearing and squeezing my cock through them.

    "Well, we're the type of guys that always felt more comfortable around other gay men," David spoke slowly, "and we've always been very sexual. It's just felt to me like other queer people are… more likely to understand that."

    "Like your son?" I said, slipping my hand inside my boxers.

    The three men on screen all smiled.

    "Why don't you guys share a kiss for Ken," Eric suggested to his parents.

    I have no idea why Eric's dads had agreed to do this. From what I could tell, they definitely didn't need the money, judging by their nice furniture and how well-groomed they looked. This must've been a "special request" from their boy; a boy they never say no to. Even after only talking to them for a couple of minutes, I could tell they would do anything for their son.

    Standing over him, the two men put a hand on each of Eric's shoulders and started kissing. Even though it was "only" a kiss, it was all I needed to send all my blood down to my dick. With their hands on their son's shoulders, the three men were connected like a triangle; a threesome. I noticed that they were giving Eric's shoulders a squeeze while they were making out, more and more fervently.

    Just then, Sven's left hand slid down to Eric's left nipple and gave it a pinch.

    "Ouch!" Eric squirmed, then started laughing. "Welcome to my life," he addressed me in the camera.

    I pulled my boxers down and started stroking my cock. At first I wanted to hide it from them, but my arm movements made it obvious what I was doing. Still, if any of them noticed, they didn't say anything.

    The kissing and nip-pinching was hot, but I wanted to take things to a more sexual place.

    "Did you get your penis pierced to be like your dad?" I asked Eric boldly.

    Eric smirked.

    "Yeah," he said, getting up, revealing he was also wearing a pair of briefs. "I'm not quite as big as him but it's getting there."

    Then, Eric casually pulled down his underwear and let it drop to the floor, right there next to his parents. I took a deep breath and started stroking myself faster and faster, but still careful not to cum. 

    "Show him, Dad," Eric asked Sven casually. His father seemed only too eager to comply.

    Next thing I know, Sven's underwear was down as well. Father and son stood side-by-side, each of their pierced dicks in clear view, inches from each other. Unlike his father, Eric was circumcised, and he had a neat pubic bush.

    "So when you said 'not as big,' you were referring to the ring," I laughed nervously. "Because size-wise… You're up there with your dad."

    "Nah," Eric smiled humbly, giving his cock a wag. "I'm decent, but nothing can compare with this one," he patted his dad's back proudly.

    "Doesn't look like it to me," I persisted.

    "Just wait till you see him hard," Eric winked.

    "I'll be waiting," I replied, driven crazy by the fact Eric has seen his father's erect cock.

    "I feel out of place now," David complained, and dropped his own underwear. Similarly to Eric, he was also cut and sported some public hair.

    "C'mere," Eric told his dads and gave both of them a hug, squeezing them in closer.

    "I could die happy right now," I thought. After combing through the Internet for years and years for something like this, here it was: custom-made, just for me.

    "I might not have the biggest dick," Eric said next, "but I do got the biggest booty."

    He turned around to the side and gave his arse a playful jiggle. 

    "That you do," his dad David agreed, and gave his son's arse a smack.

    Fuck! It was getting harder not to cum every second.

    "Mmm, I wish I were there to touch it," I said, jerking off with one hand and pulling on my ball sack with the other. "I bet it's so soft."

    "Let me check," David said coyly, and gave one of his son's arsecheeks a big, strong squeeze. Eric moved the camera so I could see better, and I nearly came there and then!

    Again, I didn't know if David was Eric's biological dad, but for what any of us knew he might as well be. The fact he was squeezing Eric's arse so casually and playfully while they joked around and performed for me drove me absolutely insane. So late at night, it was starting to feel like this was all a dream, too fucking good to be true.

    David's one-handed squeeze soon turned into both of his hands kneading both of Eric's arsecheeks. Watching the whole scene and jerking myself off, I hadn't even noticed that Sven had been playing with his cock the entire time, and was now sporting a hard-on.

    "When did that happen?" Eric asked his dad when he noticed his erection.

    "I didn't want to keep our audience waiting too long," Sven smirked, and turned to the side to show off his tool.

    HOLY SHIT! I was expecting to see something big because of all the teasing by both him and his son. But fuck! That thing was one impressive dick, alright. I lost my breath at the sight of this über-hot daddy proudly showing it off in front of his own son.

    Everyone in front of the camera knew what I really wanted to see, but Eric more than anyone. He knew exactly what he was doing when he looked into the camera and put his fingers around his dad's cock, as if measuring its girth.

    FUCK! I was ready to cum. I let go of my dick, forcing myself with all my power to hold on a little longer.

    I stared at the screen hypnotised, unable to utter a word.

    "C'mere," Eric pulled his other dad closer to him. "I don't wanna give off the impression I love one of my parents more than the other," he winked.

    Pretty soon, all three men were jerking off for me. Eric, the youngest and prettiest of them all, sandwiched between his two dads, all three of them pumping away. I had a bottle of poppers on the desk I tried to reach for, but my hands were shaking too hard. 

    I humped the air, lifting my butt off the chair involuntarily. As I watched the three men's hands go up and down their cocks, it felt like all three of them were going up and down my own cock, stroking it, giving it the best sensation it's ever felt in all these years.

    "I'm gonna cum," I whispered to myself. I wanted this to go on as long as possible, but I couldn't hold it in any longer. "I'm gonna cum!" I repeated loudly, loud enough for the three men across the ocean to hear me.

    "Just hold on another minute," Sven said, starting to stroke his cock faster. His confident, manly voice caused my dick to obey.

    Eric and his two dads all increased the speed at which they were jacking. I stared at their three glistening cock heads, wishing I were there to take all of them in my mouth. Fuck, the three of them were such pervs, they would probably let me suck them all at the same time!

    I heard something that sounded like "You ready?" on the other side. Suddenly, in almost perfect synchronicity, three cumshots came spurting out one after the other, and landing on the desk. 

    "Fuck!! FUCK!!" I screamed as I watched the two dads and their son cum next to each other. My dick started shooting out as well, cum landing all over my legs and chest, making me feel like it was the sexy family on screen that was cumming on my body.

    "Holy, fuck. Holy fuck!" I just kept going and going. The men on screen were done cumming and now stroking their cocks more slowly, but my orgasm just went on and on. Then, just as I was starting to calm down, Eric reached for his camera and moved it further back.

    On the desk, a large puddle of cum lay glistening, three men's family sperm mixed together. Eric's and his two dads'... including the sperm that made him.

    And then, I saw two fingers I recognised as Eric's reach down and draw circles in the puddle of cum, stirring it. Next, I saw Eric's face, as he lifted his wet fingers and put them in his mouth.

    For the first time in my life, a second orgasm came right after the first one, causing me to shoot out another load all over myself, trembling, as I watched Eric eat his parents' cum on camera, just for me.

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