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"I can safely say I've explored every fetish under the sun (at least virtually) and for years now there was something I couldn't stop obsessing with: incest."
Ken is a man on a mission: find his online fetish for male incest out in the real world. What seems like only an Internet fantasy at first, Ken learns, can be found in reality if you look hard enough...

Chapter 1

Instead of spending the weekend jerking off to incest porn, Ken is frustrated he has to have painters in his house. But, when the painters turn out to be a sexy father-and-son duo, all of a sudden Ken feels a lot less frustrated and a lot more horny...

Chapter 2

After an abruptly-ended phone call with Jaxon, Ken loses all hope that he'll get to see the hot father and son do anything sexual together. That is until, a week later, Jack and Jaxon find themselves on Ken's couch, slowly undressing. 

Chapter 3

Ken makes Jack and Jaxon an offer he himself can't believe. He's even more shocked when the father and son say "yes." As things continue to escalate, the family duo keep going further, driving Ken insanely horny. 

Chapter 4

Ken hopes a good wank and an orgasm will help his messy sleep schedule; but he can't find anything to get him off. That is, until he starts chatting with Eric, a guy with an unusual gay family, who fuels Ken's fantasies...

Chapter 5

Ken finally meets the intriguing man from the neighbouring house. Later, he gets a message from Eric, containing several photos of Eric and his dads at the beach; and the pics are even hotter than Ken could've imagined.

Chapter 6

Bumping into his new buddy at the beach, Ken finally learns more about Zach, and accepts his invitation to go back home. At the end of the week, the scheduled cam session with Eric and his dads finally brings Ken's fantasy to life.

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