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… Tennessee

    So far, Nashville was proving to be the best stop of this trip so far. I looked around the busy diner I was at. So different from where I grew up, yet so similar. All the smiling, loud families reminded me of home… that is, before everything home turned to shit.

    As usual, I was an observer rather than a participant in all the hullabaloo. I sat at the bar and ate my burger and fries, keeping to myself. The few other people sitting at the bar were all on their phones. I preferred to people-watch instead, so I spent time looking at the diners in their booths.

    One man in particular caught my eye, a father of two, dining with his wife and kids. There was nothing particularly attractive about the man, he seemed fairly average, but that's precisely what attracted me to him. Maybe because he reminded me of my own father when I was little. Or maybe he reminded me of all my buddies at the military; men of all sizes and ethnicities, each of them possessing something beautiful about himself.

    When the man caught me looking, I averted my eyes quickly. I didn't want him to think I was some sort of creep. Indeed, when I saw him get up and walk my way, I panicked for a bit.

    "Can we get the check for that table? I can't see the waitress nowhere," I was relieved to hear him say to the bartender.

    The man and I made eye contact again, this time much closer.

    "How ya doing?" he said politely. 

    "Very well, sir," I smiled. "You from around?"

    "Yes indeed," he nodded, turning to face me. Now able to see his whole body, I wondered what it looked like under those clothes.

    "D'you know of any good bars around here?" I asked. "I was looking to head somewhere after dinner."

    The man smiled, and without saying anything, helped himself to a piece of paper and a pen that were at the bar.

    "Best joint around," he said, slapping the note on the bar in front of me. He then turned around and walked back to his table, as I tried to discreetly get a look of his ass in the tight jeans he had on.

    An hour later, I was at the bar the man'd recommended. A country bar that I'm sure was typical for this place; it was just popular enough to be busy, but not too popular as to be swarming with tourists. Well… except for me, I guess.

    I ordered the same kind bourbon the Arkansas cowboy has shared with me, and drank by myself at the bar. I was fully aware I probably wouldn't get any ass around here. I'd been lucky so far to get laid a few times on this trip. Not that that was my goal. I had no fucking clue what my goal was, really.

    Just as the bourbon started to hit, a familiar face walked my way.

    "You took my advice," the daddy from the diner said, taking me by surprise. I looked around. This time, he seemed to be on his own.

    "I'll have the same. And another one for him," he told the bartender, who served him immediately. He must be a regular round here.

    "Yeah, thanks for the tip," I said, accepting the drink and clinking glasses with the stranger. "Seems like a nice place."

    "Just visiting?" he asked.

    "Yes," I answered. Before he had a chance to ask too many questions, I asked him one instead. "So tell me about this place. You've lived here long?"

    "All my life and five generations back," the man humored me, and started giving me the story of his family in Nashville.

    He was a chatty man, a few years older than me. Or maybe he talked so much because he just needed another man to chat with, take a break from his wife and kids. He talked, and I listened, and we took turns ordering shots of bourbon.

    "Fuck. I won't be able to drive back like this," he said. "I didn't plan to stay this long." 

    I looked down and realized we'd been drinking for three hours.

    "I'm renting a room nearby. You're welcome to… come sober up for a while, if that helps."

    I knew it was a long shot. I wasn't even sure if I was just saying it to be polite, or if I wanted the man to take me up on it. But what if he did? Not like anything would happen, right? 

    "That might be a good idea. Half an hour and a few glasses of water and I oughta be fine," he said.

    We finished our drinks and headed out. The city was loud, jovial. The stranger and I joined in, joking and laughing loudly as we walked.

    When we got to my room, the man sat down on the bed immediately. I went to get him a glass of water. He accepted it and drank it bottoms up, handing me the empty glass, looking up at me as I stood in front of him.

    "Want some more?" 

    "I'm good, thank you," he said softly, slowly wiping his lips, then licking them, all throughout maintaining eye contact with me. 

    I stood there immobilized. I didn't want to make a mistake. I'd seen the man's family myself. He'd talked about them at the bar. There was nothing indicating he was into men. Nothing… except for the way we looked into each other's eyes right now, each of us daring and begging the other person to make the first move.

    I lifted my free hand and with the back of my fingers gently caressed the man's hairy cheek.

    "Do you kiss men?" he asked me, somewhat awkwardly.

    I answered by leaning down and putting my lips on his. Two seconds later and our tongues were in each other's mouths, roaming and exchanging saliva; my hand on the back of the man's head pulling him in closer; his hands on my ass, squeezing my cheeks. 

    I dropped the glass I was holding and climbed up on the bed, pressing the stranger down, all the while kissing him. The taste in our mouths was identical, that of bourbon and passion.

    We started to take each other's clothes off. While unbuttoning my shirt, I noticed the man's hands shake, so I stopped him and took them in mine.

    "Shh. It's okay. Do you wanna continue?" I whispered.

    "Yes," the man nodded and licked his lips again. I leaned down and kissed him, even more passionately than we had before. Two minutes later, we were both down to our underwear and socks.

    I let the man pull down my boxer briefs first. Excited to see what I was packing, he took my dick in his mouth and started sucking me off. I could tell he hadn't had many (if any!) dicks in his mouth. The teeth were a definitely turnoff, but the man's eagerness was making up for it.

    I pulled down his boxer shorts next. "Fuck, that's huge!" I said out loud, and it wasn't because I was trying to flatter him. His bush was unkempt and his balls hairy, but his huge, cut dick stood out in the middle of it all. 

    I took him in my mouth and gave him a proper good blowjob, as he kicked back and moaned in pleasure. During this time, my hands and fingers played with his balls, his taint, and his asscheeks, slowly moving to the man's asshole.

    "Ahh! MMM!" he exclaimed when I finally got to the his hole. This was clearly the part he wanted pleased most.

    I sucked him off for a few more minutes before scooting to get closer to him. By this point, both of us had nothing but our socks on, his legs up in the air.

    "I'm… not sure if I'm completely clean," the man said apologetically as I started to press my dick against his hole. He obviously hadn't planned on this.

    "That's okay," I said, hoping to reassure him and looking him straight in the eyes again as I started to go inside him. "I'll take it slow."

    The man reached for my hands and intertwined his fingers with mine. Maintaining eye contact all throughout, it felt way more romantic than we had the right to be under the circumstance.

    Little by little, inch by inch, I moved inside the man's asshole, assuring him everything will be alright. Finally, he started to relax. I could tell the exact second when my dick hit the spot! The man's eye rolled to the back of his head and his hole relaxed, finally allowing me to pick up the pace.

    Letting go of the man's hands and grabbing him by his ankles, I started fucking him as he moaned and shouted in pleasure. Even without touching it, his cock remained hard all throughout. I could tell this is exactly what he needed. What he got so little of.

    "Fuck, I'm gonna cum. Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" he said five short minutes later. 

    "Do you want me to keep going?"

    "Yes, please, man," he begged.

    I picked up the speed and continued to ride the man as he shouted, finally starting to shoot his load, reaching an anal orgasm handsfree. Judging by his reaction and the noise he was making, this might just be the first time he'd cum like this ever.

    I gripped his ankles tighter and fucked every last drop of cum out of him. Turned on by his orgasm, I got more excited as well and it wasn't long before I was on the edge myself. 

    "Fuck, I'm close. Can I cum inside you?" I panted.

    "Go for it, man," he shouted, his eyes closed, still shooting his load.

    I continued to thrust until my balls unloaded, spurting out all my cum inside the married man's guts.

    "Can you smoke here?"

    "I don't think so, but I don't mind," I replied.

    Five minutes after we'd both cum, we lay on the bed naked side-by-side. The man reached down for his jeans and lit up a cigarette. Instead of offering me one, he took a drag, and offered the same cigarette to me. 

    "No, thanks," I shook my head.

    "So, if ya don't mind me asking," he said after a few more drags, his voice going back to normal now, "are you gay?"

    "Umm. Yes. I am gay." 

    What he didn't know, was that this was the first time I'd admitted it out loud. 


    He took another long drag, ignoring my question.

    "No. Yes. Maybe. I dunno. All I know is I love my family."

    I didn't say anything. It didn't feel like my place to interfere. 

    "Ya think I'm and asshole for doing this?" he asked.

    Suddenly, I reached for his cigarette impulsively, took it from between his fingers and took a drag. 

    "It's not my place to judge. But still. I mean, I don't have any STDs or anything, but you don't know that. You're putting your wife at risk."

    I gave him his cigarette back, and waited for his reply.

    "It ain't that easy. It's 2020 but it still ain't that easy. Not with my family."

    "Ha! Mine neither, man."

    The man looked at me again and leaned toward me. We started to kiss again. The taste in our mouths was identical, that of cigarettes, bourbon, and passion.

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