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… Ohio

Preceded by: My Son's Boyfriend is My Age, Chapter 5: "Howdy, Partner"


    The farther north I drove, the more restless I got. With no destination and no plan where to stay next, I spontaneously pulled over in Columbus.

    The responsible thing to do first would be to find a hotel, I knew that. But as I drove past a busy bar, I was attracted to go in for a drink. With the large crowd both inside and out on the sidewalk, it seemed bustling, yet unpretentious. Just my kinda place.

    I ordered a drink at the bar and went back outside. It was a lovely evening; the air was crisp, yet warm enough to enjoy. The only thing tainting it was the smell of someone smoking pot nearby, but it didn't bother me too much.

    A few minutes of standing alone among the busy strangers, I realized the crowd was pretty mixed and around half the patrons seemed to be gay. Suddenly, someone approached me. A boy, a couple of years younger than me.

    "Howdy, partner," he sad with a bad fake Southern accent. "You visitin' from Down South?"

    I looked down at the cowboy boots I had on, and the large, shiny belt buckle I'd inherited from my friend Bubba.

    "No. I just like to cosplay," I replied.

    The boy laughed, gently slapping my chest with his hand as he did so. As he leaned forward, I could smell on his breath that he was one of the people smoking pot nearby a minute ago.

    "I'm Eli," he offered me his hand.

    I introduced myself and shook his hand. He was cute. Maybe a tad too drunk, but I soon learned it was his birthday so he had every right to celebrate.

    "Where are you staying?" the boy asked when I told him I'd just arrived to the city and that it was my first time here. The way he said it made me think he wouldn't mind coming over to my hotel and getting his ass fucked. I looked down discreetly: it was quite a nice ass.

    A few minutes later, the person he was here with joined us, and I was surprised to hear it was Eli's dad. Apparently, Eli grew up around here but now lived in Chicago. He was here visiting with his dad Isaac for his birthday.

    Isaac was a handsome man; in a different way than his cute son. Maybe it was his kind eyes that made him attractive more than anything. While Eli made me want to get on top and fuck the hell out of him; his dad made me want to go down on my knees and take his daddy dick in my mouth.

    I continued to chat with the two. Isaac and I took turns getting everyone drinks. Eli came up with some more weed and shared it with everyone. I had't smoked since… since when Bubba was alive. Quickly, I chased the thoughts away from my head.

    "You know, Dad, our new friend here just got to Columbus and has no place to stay. D'you think he can crash on your couch?" Eli asked his father, flirtily putting his arm around him.

    Isaac and I made eye contact for a second, before smiling at each other and looking away, as Isaac said "yes."

    Unfortunately, on the ride home it became evident I wouldn't be fucking the birthday boy tonight. Eli had had one too many and started rambling incohesively, mentioning someone named Greg more than once. When we got to the house, Isaac and I carried his son up to his childhood bedroom and laid him on the bed. I watched as Isaac carefully took off his son's clothes down to his colorful briefs, before tucking him in and planting a kiss on his forehead. A pang of jealously hit me as I witnessed that tender father-son moment, making me feel like I'd just swallowed a golf ball.

    "I'm just gonna grab you a pillow and a blanket," Isaac said softly to me as we left his son's room.

    "Thank you. And thanks for letting me stay here," I replied.

    I went down to the living room and waited, looking around without trying to be nosy. This house looked nothing like the lavish house I'd grown up in, yet it felt so familiar. It was as if someone had tried to recreate a set of "the quintessential average American home." 

    As much as I loved the boots I had on, I could only go for so many hours wearing them. I took them off, then instinctively continued to take off the rest of my clothes until I was down to my boxer briefs. A few seconds later, someone behind me cleared his throat.

    "Here you go," Isaac said and handed me a pillow and a blanket, that I put down on the armchair. 

    "Thank you."

    "Can I get you some water?" he asked gently. For a second, I wondered what it would be like if my own father talked to me like this.

    "That would be great, thanks."

    I sat on the couch and waited until Isaac had returned with two glasses of water. He sat down next to me on my left, and an awkward moment of silence followed.

    "Eli seems like a great guy," I said. It was obvious how much Isaac cared for him; besides, I'm sure every parent liked hearing that about their child. 

    "Yes, he is," Isaac agreed. "He seemed to really be into you, at the bar. I thought he was inviting you over to spend the night in his room."

    He let out a short laugh. So not only did he know his son was gay, he approved of Eli and I fucking under his roof the night we'd met.

    "He did," I said. "I just… don't really feel comfortable sleeping with someone so drunk."

    "That's… thoughtful of you," Isaac said after a second, and patted my leg with his right hand. Even though I was down to my underwear, this didn't feel sexual as much as it felt… paternal. There that golf ball was back in my throat.

    I could sit like this all night, feeling his hand on my bare skin. Yet, I worried that would make things awkward, and I didn't want Isaac to pull away. Quickly, I tried to think of something else to say.

    "Don't get me wrong, Eli's great. Any other night…" I mumbled, than stopped. I didn't want to be inappropriate, talking like this about Isaac's son in front of him.

    Luckily, his hand didn't move off my leg. Instead, it slowly started to slide upwards. With every second, it got more sexual. This moment of "is it or isn't it?" made my dick stir in my underwear, starting to get hard. A few seconds later (and a few inches higher) and we'd made the leap to "it definitely is."

    Isaac's fingertips had reached my thigh. As they crept on up, I started to feel tingles in my inner thighs and on my ball sack. My dick continued to pulse, a full-blown boner by now.

    Quickly, I moved down, knelt on the floor in front of Isaac, and placed my hands on his knees.

    "Go ahead, boy," he said. Precisely the words I was hoping to hear.

    Eagerly, I unbuttoned his pants and swallowed. The gold ball had finally slid down my throat. When I saw Isaac's cut daddy dick, all I wanted in my throat was it.

    Still soft, I started to stroke his cock and play with his balls. I felt happy as Isaac's dick started to grow. Slowly, I leaned down and planted a kiss on the tip of it, before taking it all in my mouth. 

    "Ahhh!" I heard Isaac exhale as I sucked him. His body relaxed and he kicked back, leaning back on the couch and letting me service him. I was very happy to do just that. Isaac's fingers found their way to the back of my head, scratching it gently and running through my hair, making me feel like an obedient puppy dog.

    For about ten minutes, Isaac continued to moan out loud and relax as I got even more into the blowjob. Then, just as we completely lost ourselves in the moment, a creak of the floorboards let us know we weren't alone.

    With Isaac's hand on the back of my head, I couldn't turn around. Suddenly, he tensed up, holding me even more firmly in place.

    "Go ahead. Don't let me stop you," a voice behind me said.

My Son's Boyfriend is My Age

    As soon as I heard the words, I realized Isaac's son was standing in the doorway, watching us. I had no idea how long Eli had been standing there, but whatever he'd seen didn't seem to upset him.

    Slowly and gradually, I felt Isaac's body start to relax again. With my face buried in his crotch, I couldn't tell what was going on between him and Eli. Just like most any other father and son, I'm sure this had never happened to them before.

    Yet, Isaac decided to let it continue. His hand went from gripping my hair to gently caressing it again. His thighs relaxed and opened up further. His body leaned back again. And his dick in my mouth was harder than it'd ever been!

    My right hand started to play with Isaac's balls again, as his legs spread wider and wider. "Mmm," he started to let out moans of pleasure again. A few moments ago, I was worried I was being inappropriate by talking about his son in front of him. And now he I was, sucking Dad off in front of Eli!

    My keen hearing came in handy, as I started to catch soft moans coming from behind my back as well. A smacking noise let me know Isaac's son was stroking his own cock as he was watching me perform my service.

    Confused, yet turned on by what was going on, I kept going even harder, bopping my up and down all along the shaft of Isaac's dick, loudly slurping for everyone in the room to hear.

    Isaac rubbed the back of my head even faster. "Fuck yeah, son," he suddenly said. I had no idea if this was aimed at me or Eli… or maybe, just maybe, both of us.

    Turned on by Isaac's comment, I let go of his balls so I could pull out my own hard dick and start jerking off. Behind me, I heard footsteps nearing closer and closer, as Eli walked forward to get a better view. 

    With my chin pressed against Isaac's balls, I could feel them start to pulse stronger and stronger, almost ready to shoot out with cum.  The cum that had made…

    Eli was now standing right behind me, I could almost feel his breath down my bare back. I continued to suck Isaac's cock vehemently, until a loud grunt from him announced that he was over the edge.

    "Fuck! FUCK!" he shouted, his voice echoing around the room. All at once, my mouth filled up with his warm cum as I continued sucking. I put my hand back on his balls, hoping to squeeze every last drop out of them. Isaac's daddy cum filled up my entire mouth and started sliding down my throat as I swallowed, swallowing every last drop of it.

    Behind me, Eli had gone down on his knees as well, petting my back as if to say "job well done." I still wasn't done, and neither was Isaac, as his cum continued to fill my stomach while his son stroked my back.

    As soon as I was certain I'd gotten every last drop out of him, I slowly started to rise up from from Isaac's crotch. Suddenly, I felt Eli's hands on the sides of my body. I was quite weak from the adrenaline rush, and I let Eli easily turn me around and lift me up. 

    I was now standing up as he kneeled in front of me, my boner bouncing right in his face. On the floor, I'd noticed Eli's colorful briefs lie abandoned. Soon, my own underwear was pulled down by Eli, and he quickly took my dick in his mouth.

    I had no time to react, and didn't know how to either. On my left, Isaac sat on the couch just a few inches from us. Leaning back, he was obviously spent after his orgasm. He breathed heavily and sweat like he'd just run a marathon.

    I could still feel the taste of Isaac's jizz down my throat and in my stomach, as his son made me shoot out my own load in his own eager mouth. I grunted, shook, almost passed out with how fast my heart was pacing. Noticing I might literally fall down, Isaac leaned forward and reached out his arm. I grasped it firmly and held on to it, as I shot every last drop of cum down his son's throat. 

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