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… Niagara

    At first, the sound of the waterfalls was welcome, like white noise filling my head, helping me not think about anything for a few seconds. That is, until it started to sound violent; like bombs falling from the sky, like guns going off incessantly. 

    I closed my eyes and shook my head, trying to shake it off. When I reopened them, I saw a couple had come to stand close to me. Two men in their 30s, and they couldn't look happier. They posed for selfies with the Niagara Falls sign behind them, until, suddenly, one of them turned to me.

    "Excuse me, do you mind taking a photo of all of us?" he said, passing me his phone with his left hand. It was a sunny day, and I saw the sunlight reflect in the man's wedding ring.

    I nodded mutely, as the man turned to his parents to beckon them forward. "¡Mamá, papá! ¡Vengan!"

    He went to stand on the platform in front of the falls with the rest of his family, one arm around his dad and the other one around his husband. They all posed as I took a few photos and handed the man his phone back.

    Standing around awkwardly afterward, I walked up to one of the binoculars nearby and put a quarter in it just so I'd have something to do. I looked across, at the other country on the other side.

    A spontaneous urge came over me to get in the car and drive to Canada. I had my passport and enough cash with me. I could start a new life where nobody knows me!

    Quickly, I got excited. This is it! This is the solution to all my problems. Everything would be perfect there, right? Right? Nothing would ever go wrong.

    The bubble of excitement grew and grew inside me, until it finally burst. I remembered I had some distant family in Quebec; it's not like no one in Canada knew me. Not that it fucking mattered. Of course moving wouldn't solve all my problems. Maybe nothing ever will. Except…

    For the next hour, I walked around the scenic falls and back to the parking lot. There, I bumped into the married man who'd handed me his phone. This time, he was all by himself.

    "Hello there!" he greeted me when he recognized me, like an old acquaintance. 

    I smiled and nodded silently.

    "Do you speak English?" the man asked, confused.

    I realized I hadn't said a single word to him.

    "Yes. Yes, I do," I chuckled.

    "Lovely day, isn't it?" he said, looking up at the blue sky with his shades on. Just then, his phone rang. "Excuse me," he said to me before answering.

    "Dr. Martinez," he said, and talked for a few seconds with whoever was on the phone before hanging back up.

    "So, what kinda doctor are you?" I asked the first thing that came to mind. I wanted to keep the conversation with the handsome doc going.

    "A psychotherapist," he answered politely.

    "Funny. I was just thinking how I might... need to see one," I said openly.

    "Well, if you're ever in Chicago..." the man reached for his pocket and pulled out an elegant black-and-white business card with the name Dr. Miguel Martinez on it, and handed it to me.[1]

    "Unfortunately, I'm headed the other way, " I said, pocketing the card. "I'm going east."

    "Are you... okay?" the man asked kindly, taking a couple steps to get closer to me.

    "I'm fine. Didn't mean to worry you. I'm not here to jump."

    It was my attempt at a joke, but it only made the man look more concerned.

    "My family's back to the hotel for a nap. I came out for a walk. Would you like to walk together?" the stranger offered.

    "I'd love to," I nodded.

    For a good while, the two of us walked by the Niagara River, away from the tourist crowds, getting lost in our conversation.

    "So, what made you think you need therapy?" the man asked.

    "I just got out of the military."

    "Ah. That'll do it," he nodded.

    "A buddy of mine died there," I said, gently touching my belt buckle.

    "I'm sorry to hear that."

    "Thank you. Even just saying it out loud to you right now kinda helps."

    The man smiled, and we continued walking.

    "Your family looks really nice," I said to him. "Your parents, and your husband, you… you look really happy together."

    "Thank you," he gave a soft chuckle. "But don't jump to conclusions from the outside. You never know."


    The walked a few more yards in silence.

    "Vaughn and I… have been having some issues," it was the stranger's turn to confess now.

    "I'm sorry," I said, stopping in my tracks.

    "No need," the man said, stopping beside me and turning to look at me. 

    Without saying anything, we veered off the riverway and into a more secluded little spot. 

    Face to face, the man continued to inch closer. Suddenly, I regained my confidence. I no longer felt nervous or afraid. I looked him in the eyes, and watched him slowly get to his knees.

    Next, he put his hands on my large belt buckle, exploring it and looking for a way to undo it. He finally got it and unbuckled my belt, before unbuttoning the fly of my jeans and reaching inside.

    "It really is a lovely day," I thought, looking up at the sky, as I felt the man's wet lips around my semi-hard cock. Slowly, he stroked it with one hand and twirled his tongue around my mushroom head. A short while later, I was looking back down at my rock-hard boner now going inside the man's mouth.

    "Fuck," I encouraged the cocksucker as I started fucking his mouth. He relaxed his neck and his throat, letting me put my hands on both sides of his head and start thrusting inside his mouth rapidly, almost violently.

    "Don't jump from conclusions from the outside," he'd said to me, and he was right. When I saw him by the falls earlier I thought of the perfect marital bliss between him and hubby dearest; and how here he was, with his knees in the dirt, letting me use his mouth like a fuck hole.

    "Umm. Mmm. Mppff," the doc chocked on my cock, starting to slobber all over himself. His saliva mixed with my precum leaked out of his mouth in long streaks, dripping down to his nice clothes.

    I kicked my legs even closer to his face, creating a small cloud of dirt and dust. The man could barely breathe by now, but his puppy-dog eyes looking up at me let me know he was enjoying every second of this.

    I kicked into overdrive. The man's hands gripped my ass through my jeans, holding on for steadiness, at the same time giving my cheeks a firm squeeze. I could tell how much he wanted my body in that moment, all of it. Including the ultimate prize I was about to give him.

    My hands over his ears and temples, I squeezed his head even tighter, thrusting back and forth in it, hitting the back of his throat with my dick. He gagged and struggled, and I came closer and closer to the edge. In the distance, the waterfalls roared. I let out a grunt and I started cumming. The cocksucker's hands tight on my ass, I unloaded the biggest load I could ever remember getting out. A part of me wished my dick was out just so I could see exactly how much jizz I'd spurted out. In the man's mouth, I felt one rope of cum after the other after the other, flooding his throat like a waterfall as he barely managed to gulp it all down, shaking and moaning all throughout. 

    This is it. Finally here.

    I took a deep breath as I looked at the building from outside, trying to count the floors and windows, figure out which is the right apartment.

    "Just fucking do it!" I egged myself on, determined to get over my nervousness.

    I walked in, and was discouraged immediately when I noticed the building had a doorman. Shit! Would he let me in?

    "Good afternoon," the elderly man greeted me politely. "Are you here to see someone?"

    I gave him the name, hoping he wouldn't need to make a call first. Thankfully, he smiled at me and said I could go up.

    Two minutes later I was upstairs… Knocking on the door…

    "Hello," a man answered, wearing nothing but a pair of white, almost translucent briefs. I was taken aback to see him answer the door like this so casually, but I didn't forget my original mission.

    "Hello, sir," I said formally. "Sorry to bother you. I am looking for David Hill."

    The man looked shocked to hear that name come out of my mouth, but I could tell by his face I was at the right place.

    "It's David Hillbecker now," he said after a brief moment. "That would be me."

    "Hello, sir. My name is Nathanael Hill. I am your nephew."[2]

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[1] More of Dr. Martinez and his husband in "A Martinez Family Thanksgiving (2018)," "A Martinez Family Thanksgiving (2019)," "Flight 2F6," and It's What Brothers Do 

[2] Read the story when Nathanael was first mentioned: "Valentine's Day Surprise"

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