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Cool With It


    Time never goes faster than when you have kids and you get to watch them grow. I often marveled at how quickly my son Eli changed, and I'm not just talking about growing physically. For years he was the timid, quiet kid. The one who was smart and funny but seemed shy about showing it. But now, after a year and a half of high school, suddenly he was a social butterfly with loads of friends and more confidence than I remember having at that age. He'd really come into his own and I was proud of him, though a little mystified about the cause.

    It was tempting to think it had to do with Eli coming out as gay around the time he started high school. While he'd certainly become more comfortable with himself and his sexuality recently, there wasn't some big revelation of a secret. The signs had been there from early on. Even before our divorce, his mother and I had had a conversation saying "if our son turns out to be gay, we'll be cool with it." I was proud that I'd seen fit to give him a very inclusive version of the sex talk when he was ten, using terms like "two people" instead of "a man and a woman." Of course, Eli was just grossed out and embarrassed to hear his dad talking about it. We mostly just laughed it off and hadn't mentioned it since.

    Whatever the source of his more recent exuberance, he was clearly enjoying life and as his father, it was a pleasure to witness. Even with a great son like Eli, being a single dad had its challenges and it was nice feeling like I'd done well by him. He was one of those kids that found a place for himself in multiple social groups and so I felt like every week I was meeting some new friends after school or during weekend activities. The names and faces were tough to keep track of, but Eli's good friend Noah was the one that seemed to be around the most.

    Over the last few months, Noah had become a fixture at our house. He and Eli often studied together after school, and had both gone out for the lacrosse team in the fall. Neither had made the cut but they didn't seem too disappointed. Noah had started sleeping over almost every Friday night and we'd started to make a weekly tradition out of getting pizza and watching a few hours of shows and movies. On Saturdays they usually slept in and then went off on their bikes for the afternoon. It had become a comforting routine. Noah was a nice kid, and I was glad Eli didn't feel lonely even though he was an only child.

    Noah's mom was a single parent as well. She often worked on weekends and so was grateful that Noah had a place to hang out. She and I were friendly but not too close — I'd gotten some not-so-subtle flirty signals from her a few times, but I wasn't interested so I tried to keep things at a comfortable distance.

    One thing Noah's mom and I had discussed was that both the boys were gay and might be experimenting with one another. Like Eli, Noah had just turned 16 and I felt it was important for his mom and me to be on the same page if there were going to be sleepovers. Her attitude was as low-key as mine, though she said it a little more crassly than I would have:

    "If they're gonna do stuff, it's better for it to be with each other than some stranger from the internet."

    Indeed, I wasn't going to try and fool myself; my son and his best friend were likely messing around. It was natural and I was certainly doing my own explorations with girls when I was their age. So I felt I should give Eli the same latitude. I definitely didn't want to apply any double standards or make Eli feel like I was judging him in some way, treating him differently because he was gay. I had to trust him to be responsible, at least until he gave me a reason not to.

    So I gave the boys a good amount of freedom at my house, and in the last few months I'd noticed that they were taking advantage of that more and more, or at least becoming more open about it. Like most teenage boys, Eli often walked around the house shirtless, and Noah adopted the habit too when he was here. More recently though, the pants had been absent as well, and I'd often find the boys lounging in the living room or Eli's bedroom in nothing but their underwear.

    This was a bit of a gray territory for me at first. I mean, if my son had a girlfriend, I wouldn't be thrilled to catch them walking around the house in just their underwear, but we were all guys here. I myself didn't mind lounging around in my boxers in front of my son, so I guess having Noah around didn't make that big of a difference. 

    Interestingly enough, I was always the one buying my son's underwear up until recently. Eli had told me there was "no need" for me to do it anymore and he started shopping for himself and spending his allowance on stuff he liked more, which when it comes to underwear, seemed to be tighter and more colorful that the stuff I would buy for him before. It was definitely a surprise the first time I saw him in boxer briefs that were skin tight, and would stick not only to his ass but to his junk in the front as well, almost showing it off. I'd only seen those on some of the more fashion-conscious clientele at my gym in the locker room. Yes, it was weird to see my son in something sexy like that, but I didn't want to embarrass him so I kept my mouth shut. 

    I had also noticed that the boys' comfort extended beyond what they wore (and didn't wear) around the house. Eli and Noah had started to be more openly affectionate with one another around me. Playful touches, friendly nudges and lots of hugs were becoming more common. It used to be that when I'd come into a room I had the sense that they had just scooted away from one another, but now they were almost always right up against each other, sometimes even sharing one of the bigger easy chairs in the living room.

    A few days ago I'd decided to ask Eli about it at dinner, when it was just the two of us. He'd just mentioned something Noah had said, so I seized the moment and brought it up.

    "Speaking of Noah," I asked my son, "are you guys... boyfriends?"

    "DAAAD!" Eli replied, already sounding weary of the topic. "Come on. No, he's my best friend."

    "Just to be clear," I hurriedly added, "if you guys are dating... or whatever... it's no big deal. I guess I was just wondering since you've been pretty inseparable this year."

    "Like I told you, he's my best friend," Eli said, seeming a little less annoyed. "He... gets me. We get each other. And it's just cool, like, we don't get tired of hanging out."

    "That's great," I said. And I meant it. But I did want to ask one more question.

    "Even so, I still want to ask... have you guys... as friends, I mean... have you had sex?"

    Eli's eyes immediately got big and I regretted asking him so sheepishly, but it was going to be an awkward question no matter what.

    "No..." my son slowly replied, trailing off a little. "I mean, no, not really." He suddenly became a lot more interested in his plate of food. I realized I had my answer, or a semi-answer at least.

    "Well, you know you can talk to me about anything, whenever you want," I said, trying to give a little bit of closure to the topic. My son nodded and grunted acknowledgement with a mouthful of food, and soon we had moved on to discussing other things.

    I was thinking back on that conversation tonight, a Friday night like most others. Noah was over, we'd torn through a pizza, and we were all settling down to watch one of the latest superhero movies. We were assuming what had become our standard arrangement for such evenings: me in the big chair, Eli at one end of the couch and Noah at the other. They were both in their briefs and nothing else tonight. Eli's were bright red with white trim, Noah's were similar but in yellow. Like most nights, I figured they would probably grab some blankets to wrap up in as they reclined on opposite ends, with their feet almost touching. Long ago I'd worn out all the jokes about how they wouldn't need blankets if they would just put some clothes on.

    So, it surprised me when the boys scooted together at the near end of the couch and cuddled up together under the same blanket. "Like best friends," I wondered, "or boyfriends?

    I might have stared a second too long, because Eli looked over at me while Noah was nestling in, his head on my son's shoulder. Eli just smiled though, and I smiled back. I wanted to project that I was cool with it. And I was.

    As the movie went on, I found myself glancing over at them now and then. They looked cozy and comfortable, Eli's arm was around Noah's shoulders as they both stared at the screen. My heart swelled a little bit. Even though I'm sure they had cuddled before, this was the first time I'd seen it. And I couldn't help but feel like I was witnessing an important moment in my son's life and in my relationship with him, that he was comfortable doing this around me for the first time.

    The movie ended, and the boys immediately suggested we watch the sequel. I was feeling pretty tired but decided to stay and watch it along with them. About thirty minutes in, my eyes were having trouble staying open and like a typical dad, I let myself drift off in the soft comfort of the chair.

    Later, I was slowly brought back to consciousness by the sounds of the movie, but also another sound that was coming from the living room. I opened my eyes for a moment, and because my head was already turned toward the couch, I caught a quick glimpse of Eli and Noah engaged in what could only be described as a heavy makeout session. Their kissing and breathing was loud as they eagerly explored one another's mouths like horny teenagers (which, I guess they were). 

    I quickly closed my eyes again, feeling a little embarrassed and not sure what to do. Should I let them know I'm awake? Should I just get up and go to my bedroom? Should I try to go back to sleep?

    A moan from Noah let me know that that last option probably wasn't viable. The boys were only getting louder, caught up in their making out. For now, I decided to just act like I was still asleep. Listening to two teenagers make out was certainly a new experience. There was a breathless hunger to it all, quick inhales and slow exhales. And the occasional sound of skin on skin as they shifted positions.

    While I wasn't aroused by what was happening, my curiosity did get the best of me and I started to peek now and then through mostly-closed eyes.

    My son was on his back, propped up against one arm of the couch, with Noah lying on him. Their arms were wrapped around one another and their hands were going up and down each other's mostly nude bodies. The blanket had been kicked down to the other end, so I could see them from head to toe.

    As my eyes travelled I could see that they were both hard as a rock in their briefs, and their bugles rubbed together with intensity, up and down, creating what I could only imagine was a very pleasant friction.

    I was careful not to let on that I was awake. I didn't want to ruin the fun they were having. I saw Eli's hand move to Noah's left nipple and start playing with it. Noah responded with another moan and started kissing my son even more passionately. They started to slow down a little and I closed my eyes in case they were about to wrap it up and head upstairs. Still, they remained in the room, and for the life of me I couldn't fight the urge to peek.

    I opened my eyes just as I heard a groan. This time it was coming from Eli. Noah had slid his own briefs off and kicked them down by the forgotten blanket, and Eli's briefs had been moved down to mid-thigh. I inhaled sharply in surprise and for a brief moment worried that they'd hear me and look over, but they were far too fixated on each other to pay any attention to me.

    Noah was holding himself up with one hand, keeping his body a few inches above Eli's. His other hand was wrapped around both their erect cocks, slowly stroking them in tandem. "Jeez," I thought, "these boys are going all-in on this, right here." They thought I was asleep, of course, but still: it was a pretty bold thing to do for two sixteen-year-olds.

    From then on, I was a little more hypnotized by watching them. It was pretty wild to see two very inexperienced (as far as I knew) but very eager boys going at one another like this. Noah's hand was full of both their hard-ons, and he'd occasionally take a break from the kissing and bring his hand up to spit in it, before returning to the mutual stroking. Eli's hands alternated between holding Noah's head and playing with his hair, moving up and down Noah's back and squeezing his naked ass cheeks.

    From the glimpses I could get, both of them were pretty evenly matched in the dick department. Eli might have been a little longer, and Noah might have been a little thicker. Like good Jewish boys, they were both circumcised, and I could see they each had a good patch of short, curly pubic hair. I'd already known my son trimmed his pubes from the day I found my own clippers in his bathroom and his pubic hair in the toilet.

    "Oh my god..." I heard Eli mutter, his face still mashed into Noah's. The pace of their breathing picked up and things were suddenly escalating in a way that seemed familiar. The breathing turned into gasping and suddenly they stopping kissing. They both pressed their chins to their chests to look at the sight of their cocks mashed together in Noah's hand. The stroking had also been going faster and I saw my son start to cum as his friend's hand took him over the edge.

    Eli's load sprayed across his smooth chest and stomach in four spurts, one almost hitting him in the face. I could tell he was trying hard to keep quiet and I could see his teeth clenching as his moans were stifled.

    Just as Eli stopped shooting, Noah started and sprayed his own load all over my son. This time one spurt did land on Eli's chin but he didn't move to wipe it away. They were both fixated on their cumming cocks. And I remembered how it was at that age, when orgasms were still so new and fascinating, each one different somehow. This one was no doubt pretty special for them. Even if they had done this before, I could feel how thrilling it was for them now.

    When Noah was done, he lowered himself back onto Eli, their wetness mixing together as they resumed kissing, this time more slowly and tenderly. I decided to close my eyes fully again and started to think about how I could convincingly "wake up" slowly enough for it to seem real.

    It turned out, I didn't have to wait too long. I had stopped paying any attention to the movie long before, but after a few minutes had passed I could hear that the music had changed and it sounded like the credits were rolling.

    "Dad," I heard Eli say. "We're gonna head to bed."

    "Um... what?" I mumbled, trying my best to sound sleepy, and taking my time opening my eyes. When I did, I could see Noah sitting up next to Eli, fully wrapped up in the blanket. My son was still reclined on the couch as he had been the whole time, but he started to sit up when I did.

    "Oh man," I said. "I guess I was more tired than I thought." I looked around the room and mussed my own hair a little, hoping it was all convincing.

    Eli stood up and stretched. His briefs were pulled back up but his erection wasn't completely gone yet, so his bulge was fuller than usual. My son was unaware that I knew his entire torso and abdomen were covered in cum. To be fair, it was almost impossible to tell in the low light, and if I hadn't known it was there I never would have noticed. A second later, Noah stood up, still wrapped in the blanket and they both said goodnight and headed off to the back of the house.

    I stayed sitting in the chair for a moment, pondering what I had just seen. I felt a little weird for having watched them secretly, but also a little proud that my son was growing up and having more adult experiences. There was also a bit of sadness that my little boy wasn't so little anymore, but only for a moment. Eli was an amazing young man and I was happy that he had such a good friend to explore with. I clicked off the television and stood up, scanning the room for anything that need to be put away before I headed off to bed. That's when I saw Noah's fancy yellow briefs crumpled in the corner of the couch. I thought about grabbing them to toss in the laundry, but decided I should leave them for the boys to find. After all, part of growing up was learning to cover your tracks a little, and I smiled at the thought of them seeing those the next morning and wondering whether or not I'd noticed that Noah was naked when they'd gone off to bed.

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