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The first gay erotic story I ever read was called The Parking Garage. As fuck stories go, it’s rather run-of-the-mill, but I have vivid memories of rubbing my young teen cock while the imaginary voices of the characters rang in my ears. (“Your insides feel like velvet, man,” the top whispered. “Flex your dick inside me,” the bottom begged. “I love a good show!” shouted the anonymous voyeur whose headlights illuminated their encounter.)

It was the beginning of a journey all through high school with a string of stories that soon led me to Nifty. I used to print them out in secret from the family desktop computer because they took less time to load with dialup internet than pics or videos… and they weren’t salacious at a glance because they were just text, so I could hide them in plain sight to some degree. I also used the smallest font possible in order to get away with using the least amount of paper.

Another story is Billy the Hitchhiker. I liked this one so much I recorded myself reading it on audiocassette so I could listen to it while masturbating. (Wish I hadn’t thrown that away!) A naïve young twink loses his virginity on the way to visit his brother at an Air Force base… and then in Part 2 gets fucked by his brother’s hunky Latin “roommate” who reveals afterward that he’s actually the brother’s lover. The possibilities of the non-existent Part 3 that swirled through my young mind…

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