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I spent several summers during my high school and college years living with an aunt, uncle, and cousin and working at their Jersey shore business. Their house had three bedrooms, so my aunt and uncle had one, my cousin another, and I had the third. This worked out great until family, usually my grandmother, would visit for a few weeks at a time. My cousin would move into my bedroom, which was fine because there were two single built-in beds along one wall. The foot of each bed met in the middle. 


I didn't have a problem with this. My cousin and I always got along and were pretty inseparable while I was down there. We'd take joy rides up the main strip and "check out the chicks." He's just about a year older than me and is one of those people who everyone is drawn to, so by default, I benefited by being his cousin.


I should also divulge that as a horny, closeted, gay 16-year old, I had the biggest crush on him and was always thankful for the warm weather which allowed him to spend the bulk of his time in a pair of shorts and not much else. He wasn't bodybuilder built, but he was toned and tanned from spending so much time outdoors almost naked.


We would spend most nights at a local arcade, go home around midnight, and when my grandmother was there, would head to the same bedroom where we'd shoot the shit before going to sleep. We were two typical, horny teenagers. The only difference between us was that only one of us liked girls. Like most teenagers, a good breeze would cause our dicks to get hard, so when our conversations invariably turned to sex, we were both sporting wood in our underwear.


One night while bullshitting before bed the conversation again turned to sex. My cock was throbbing in my underwear. Somehow, we decided to see who had the bigger cock, so my cousin grabbed his 12" ruler from the desk, walked over to my bed, pulled his waistband down and his throbbing cock jutted out in front of him. He placed the ruler along the top of his shaft and we both peered down to see his piss slit stop just short of the 7" mark. I joked with him that he was cheating by pressing the end of the ruler into his groin to increase the length, so he handed the ruler to me and told me to measure it myself if I wanted to be sure. I knew he wasn't cheating and it was meant as a joke, but I wasn't about to pass up the opportunity to get my hands near his hard cock. I placed the ruler along the top of his cock with my thumb against it and curled my fingers on the underside to keep it in place. It was the first time I ever felt a cock other than mine and my own pulsed even stronger. Now it was my turn. I allowed him to measure me (I wanted to be fair, after all) and he copied my measuring technique. I was so turned on by this that when his fingers grazed the underside of my cock I almost came. The fucker beat me by a quarter inch. 


By this time, we were both so worked up and hard that we started groping our own dicks through our underwear and were desperate for relief. Somehow, we decided to jerk off with each other. He returned to his bed and me to mine. Since the beds were configured in the manner they were, we were able to prop our pillows against the far walls behind us and lean against them. We both pushed our underwear down our thighs and started working our cocks. My cousin, being the straight guy he is, had his eyes closed and I'm sure was fantasizing about a pair of big tits or tight pussy. I, on the other hand, was looking directly at the live show that was the source of my stimulation. I watched my cousin slide his hand up and down his shaft while I did the same to mine. I watched his cockhead turn from crimson to almost purple as he continued his stroke session. I was getting incredibly close to shooting my load and needed to slow down. I didn't want this to end. 


After about ten minutes, I could see his muscles tightening. His quads and pecs flexed. I could tell he was getting close from the expression on his face and his mouth opening up as if he wanted to scream. Within seconds, ropes of cum shot from his cock and landed on his chest and stomach as he stifled his orgasm so his parents wouldn't hear. That's all I needed. Upon seeing this, my cock erupted and shot volley after volley of teenage spunk all over myself. Now it was my turn to stifle my orgasm.


We caught our breath and cleaned up while laughing over what we just did. 


We were comfortable enough with each other that we repeated this scene many times, often betting on who could edge longer or shoot fastest. 


For a closeted, gay, teenager it was a fantasy come true. 


If the readers like Part I, I have Part II, which takes place on my cousin's 18th birthday. 


to be continued...

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