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It was late spring. We were at Scout camp, converting it from winter camp to summer camp. I was assigned to a cabin with a boy from my neighborhood, but who wasn't in my troop. We set up tents on the platforms and were taking the mattresses off of the cots and piling them in the middle of the floor so we could get two cots into each tent, and then the mattresses. Chris and I decided to play "King of the Mountain" on the pile of mattresses, and of I slipped. My face ended up in his crotch. He was hard. Then I leaned back and felt him up. He definitely didn't object, and then he undid the belt button and looked at me. I unzipped him, and he lifted his ass. I pulled down his underwear and now I saw what I'd been feeling up. I maneuvered a little, still below him on the "mountain" and took his probably 5 inches into my mouth. Again, he didn't say a thing. No objection, no encouragement. He just let me do my thing. We were both probably about 14 or maybe 15, and I think this was the first time I'd ever sucked a guy, but I guess I was doing okay, because when my jaw got sore, and I tried to pull off, Chris pushed me down on it and came. I didn't know he was so close. Then he just buttoned up again and didn't say anything. It wasn't like we were totally silent, but neither of us said a thing about the fact that I just gave him a blowjob.


Later in the day, an older kid, probably about 17, came to be and said "I came to check you on guys and I saw what you did with Chris." I looked at his face, then at his hands, which were kind of groping his stuff. I got hard again. I looked back up at his face. "You want to do that for me, too?" I wasn't sure, but he took my hand and put it on his hard junk. I kept it there and tried to feel what was his dick, what were his balls. I'd seen it in the group showers one or two times, but this was my first time actually knowing he was hard. He was on camp staff, and had access to the "staff only" restroom. One sink, one toilet, one shower. "We'll go take a shower now." I nodded. We went to that staff shower and he locked the door. That wasn't weird. Everybody did.


"Tell me what you want before I tell you what I want."


I kind of blushed, but then just said "suck your dick."


He said "yeah, I figured. But you ever had one up your ass?"




As we were talking, he dropped his shorts and his dick was right there. I reached for it and started to kneel down, but he said I needed to get naked too. I did.


"After you get it all slobbery and wet, I want you to bend over so I can fuck your ass with it."


"I'm not so sure, Larry."


"Yeah, well your hard dick says you like that idea."


And Larry, the archery instructor, took my cherry, and I never even yelled when it popped in.

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