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This story is one of my biggest secrets, regrets, but also my hottest moments. Just a bit of background, this story takes place during the Christmas break of my first year at uni. I was 19 and my best friend was a girl who used to live next door to when we were in primary school, even though she was younger (17 going on 18 at the time of the story) we were super close even when she moved to the other side of town. We were inseparable, so when I left to go to uni it was really hard to adapt.


Jess decided that on New Year's she would throw a house party because she and her boyfriend were not 18 at the time, so a house party would be the only way she would be able to drink and celebrate with both her boyfriend Freddie and me. Freddie was the year below Jess and was the typical straight lad, into football – everything I as an out, slightly camp gay guy did not connect with. So it was safe to say Freddie and I did not really know each other.


On the night of New Year's Eve I came to Jess' house prepared. I was dressed in my best gear, skinny jeans, a button down loose shirt with 3 buttons undone and my hair coiffed. I also had my sleeping bag and enough cheap booze to last a week let alone a night. Jess and I were so happy to see each other that she rushed me to her room before everyone arrived. At that moment I saw Freddie return from the shower. I took an inhale of breath. His body was smooth, with water droplets delicately sitting on his lean 6-pack abs. His skin was pale and unblemished. He had a brown treasure trail that lead to the white towel that hugged low around his hips. "Hey Chris, nice to see ya," he said and gave me a laddish hug. The feel of his wet skin and the smell of his freshly washed body was enough to send my dick to come out of hibernation. "Fuck," I thought to myself "this cannot be happening".


As the night went on the drinks were flowing. Freddie and I got joking and chatting as Jess was playing hostess to our other friends and those who joined the party. I went outside for a cigarette, Freddie followed me out. "I've never had a cig before," Freddie said as he perched next to me on the garden wall, his skin seemed to glow in the moonlight. "Would you like one?" I offered him the packet. "Jess would kill me, it'd be a waste if I didn't like it". I don't know what came over me, it must have been the drink, but the next time I inhaled the cigarette I brought my mouth to his, blew the smoke into his mouth and let him exhale. "What do you think?" I asked coyly. "I don't know, lets try that again". We did this two or three times and eventually just ended up kissing. He broke the final kiss by saying "I best get a beer to get rid of this taste before Jess finds out". I knew he didn't just mean the smoke. 


When midnight came everyone made sure to kiss each other. When Freddie kissed me I felt my heart stop. I was totally boning for my best friend's boyfriend, it was so bad but so right. We spent the next few hours chatting, talking rubbish before we decided to go to bed. I was set up on an airbed right next to Jess' bed. I started to drift off but was awoken by something touching my face. It was a hand... it was Freddie's hand hanging over the bed. Was he asleep? What was he doing? The questions were answered when he started to trace my lips. I opened my mouth and started to suck on his finger, going deeper. He then inserted a second. I was showing him how deep I can go, sucking his fingers to the knuckle. 

Suddenly Freddie burst out with "Jess stop hogging the bed. Fuck this, mind if I share the airbed with Chris?" Jess mumbled in he semi consciousness, "Go ahead, just let me sleep". I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but I didn't have time to think because next thing I knew Freddie was in my bed wearing nothing but grey boxers that showed off his tenting cock. Oh my god, was this really happening? Freddie lay next to me and started rubbing my body, he then sucked on my fingers to prove he was just as good as I was. Each suck my cock spat out more pre. The patch on my Calvins was getting bigger and more sodden. Again bravery got the best of me and I slid under the covers kissing his abs. I lowered his waistband to reveal a nice, thick, 6-inch, uncut cock with a tidy bush. I was so hungry and no longer thinking of Jess who was just feet away. I swallowed his cock tasting his sweet straight boy pre. I could feel him pulsating in my mouth. I wanted him to have the most intense experience as I didn't know if he would ever experience this again. I slid my finger, freshly lubricated with his spit, into his tight boy hole. Hearing him lightly moan as I entered but still take it made my already hard cock reach peak hardness. I started finger fucking and sucking Freddie simultaneously. I loved the feeling and wished it could last forever. After about 5 minutes I felt his cock twitch and he started to spurt down my throat. As he started to cum in my belly I myself filled my own boxers with cum. I cannot remember anything from that moment until being woke by Freddie with a bacon sandwich in the morning.


Still to this day not a soul knows about what Freddie and I did that night.

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