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Rory's Bachelor Party, Pt. II:
Gimme That Daddy Dick

Read Part I Here



    "… and my brothers," Rory said while looking at Taylor and me, thanking us for coming to his bachelor party along with the rest of his friends. It made me melt hearing him say this; refer to me not as his friend, not as his brother-in-law, but as his brother. He'd done this when talking to me before but never out in public like this, addressing a group of people he was closest with. 

    Rory's bachelor party had started off at a straight strip club. I'd been to a couple of places like this before so I knew what to expect, especially during a bachelor party. The second half of the night was spontaneously spent at a gay club. After watching the dancers for a while, I was pulled aside by Gill, Rory's friend who had suggested coming here. 

    Gill took me to one of the VIP booths in the back, and it was clear to me what he was after. He'd been making eyes at me all night, and I had to admit I looked pretty good in the black tank top I was wearing, showing off all my muscles and tattoos. Gill had sucked my husband's dick before, and I knew he and his husband Deacon were in an open relationship as well. As soon as we were in the private booth in the back, Gill's pants were around his ankles and his ass up in the air, ready to be fucked.

    I rimmed Rory's friend for a while and I stroked my cock until I was fully hard. Then, I spit on Gill's smooth asshole and I stood up, ramming my dick inside his hole, finally giving him what he'd been craving all night.

    I fucked Gill for about ten minutes before blowing a load inside his ass. He thanked me and we hung out for a few moments, until he noticed a text on his phone.

    "Deacon's asking where I am. I'm going back to our table. Wanna come?" he asked me.

    "In a minute, I just wanna hang out here for a while," I said. "The music's not so loud and I wanna relax."

    "Suit yourself. I paid for this booth for an hour," said Gill. "I'll see you in a bit."

    Gill left me to finish my drink by myself, until I was joined a few minutes later by no one else but the groom-to-be.

    "RORY!" I roared joyfully. "Where've you been?" I asked, patting the empty space on the couch next to me.

    "Just talking to my brother," Rory said as he took a seat next to me. "Well, 'talking,'" he laughed, using finger quotes.

    "Uh-oh. You've you fuckers been up to this time?" I laughed.

    "Not much, he just gave me a handjob while one of the strippers danced on our table," Rory replied, cuddling up against me and putting my arm around himself.

    "Shit, why wasn't I invited?" I said.

    "You weren't around, it was kinda spontaneous. What are you doing here anyway? I asked Gill and he said this is where I could find you."

    I told Rory about what Gill and I had just done. As I told the story, I rang a bell and a server showed up to take our order and bring us two more drinks.

    "So we both just got to cum," Rory said, still nuzzled up against me. 

    "Yup. I'm still upset I wasn't there, though," I said half-jokingly. "You two are out here having fun without your third brother."

    "Aww, don't worry about it, bro," Rory said, making eye contact with me and reaching for his drink. "I'll make it up to you, I promise. Now, cheers!"

    "Cheers," I raised my glass. "To you, and your wife-to-be, and your new baby."

    "Thank you," Rory said. He took a sip and put his glass down, and then quickly found his way back in my arms. 

    "You're mighty cuddly today," I noted.

    "Doesn't everyone like to cuddle after they cum?" he asked.

    "I don't know about everyone, but I certainly do. Let's hang out here for a while, we got this booth for another half hour."

    Rory and I made ourselves comfy, and he even kicked his shoes off so he could lie on the couch against me. I ran my fingers through his long hair and tickled his stubbly chin, while we enjoyed a few moments of silence, with only the music playing from the main area of the club. Then, we got to chatting, and soon I found myself saying,

    "Thank you for referring to me as your brother earlier today. It meant a lot."

    "Aww, c'mon, you know I love you as much as I love Taylor," Rory said. "Even more, when he gets on my nerves."

    "You know, when your brother and I got married, I thought it would always be just the two of us. And I was okay with that at first. We were in an open relationship, and we got to have fun with all these hot guys all over New York. But honestly, that gets old after a while. To be frank, I found myself wishing for more. More than just me and Taylor. Something more like… a family. But having kids never felt right; plus in our case it's a lot more expensive and complicated. And then you showed up and things were perfect. We got to be a little family… and I never even had to change your diapers."

    "Haha. Don't worry, there'll be plenty of diapers to be changed. If you ever feel like it just drop by my place," Rory sat up and turned to look at me. "That's sweet, what you said," he added, looking deep into my eyes. In that moment, I felt an intense desire to kiss my brother… and that's exactly what I did. I parted my lips and closed my eyes, leaning forward until I felt Rory's tongue in my mouth. We made out passionately – and more importantly: lovingly – for a few minutes, as my arms hugged his back, keeping him from falling off the couch.

    "I just got to cum with Taylor… and I'm already hard again," Rory admitted, whispering in my face as our noses touched.

    "No wonder you're out here making all these babies," I said, biting my brother-in-law's lower lip. While still holding him with my left arm, I used my right hand to reach down between his legs and feel his bulge. "Yup, you're hard alright," I noted.

    Rory and I went back to kissing, as the lust inside of me grew and grew until I couldn't hold back any longer.

    "Fuck me," I asked of Rory. "Do it right here."

    Quickly, we started to pull our pants down. We knew we only had this booth for a limited time. If it were up to me, I would be getting fucked by Rory for hours. 

    With my pants down, I exposed my bare ass to my husband's little brother, who gave it a few gentle smacks. I'd shaved my hole earlier today – as if I'd known this was coming somehow – and I made it pulsate in Rory's face, pushing it back and forth, open and closed.

    "Fuck, that looks so hot," Rory said. Looking back, I saw him stroking his dick with one hand, and using his other hand to apply some of his saliva on my hole. As soon as I felt his fingertips, my asshole started to pulse by itself, without me even pushing it. Very few men had this effect on me, and Rory was high up on that list. He made me crave his dick up my ass every day, and envy the person who was lucky enough to be marrying him soon.

    "Fuck, I love you," I said, talking to him as a brother, as a friend, but also as a lover.

    "I love you too, buddy. Now, take this dick," Rory said, rubbing his precum-soaked cockhead against my hungry hole, and starting to penetrate me a moment later. As I felt his cock inside me, my ass opened even wider and I moaned out in pleasure, feeling inch after inch of my brother-in-law's dick push its way through my insides.

    "Fuck!" I moaned loudly. There was no lube except for Rory's saliva and his precum, but I knew I could take it. After all, I'd recently taken both his and his brother's dicks at the same time, a feat I was proud of to this day. 

    "Yeah, take that!" Rory grunted, pushing in balls-deep and developing a steady rhythm of thrusting. Outside, the music was thumping, along with occasional woos and cheers from the crowd. They were all out there enjoying the hot men on stage – most of them twinks, some of them muscle daddies, all of them super hot – but no one was hotter than the man whose dick was thrusting inside my ass right now.

    "Fuck yeah, gimme that daddy dick," I asked, getting hard and starting to drip precum myself. "Give it to me and cum inside me."

    "Yeah? You want that baby-making jizz inside you?" Rory teased. "You want me to nut inside you and knock you up?"

    "Fuck yeah," I grunted. Suddenly, I remembered Phoenix's recent birthday party. Rory looked like such a picture-perfect dad on that day, with his son in his arms. Most people at the party had no idea about this side of young Daddy Rory: the side that was fucking my ass right now, promising to breed my guts.

    Grunts and moans echoed in the little private room, coming from both of us. Rory picked up the pace even more, probably feeling that we were almost out of time. With every forward thrust, Rory was now poking my prostate, making me feel incredibly good and close to cumming. I unwrapped my hand from around my boner, since I didn't need it there anyway. This felt so good, I knew I could cum hands-free, all thanks to Rory.

    "Fuck me with that daddy dick," I continued to grunt, my whole body shaking back and forth as Rory nailed me.

    "Yeah. I'm gonna cum soon," he grunted. "I'm gonna dump my load inside you so you can feel all my swimmers inside your guts."

    A few moments later, Rory made good on his promise. With a loud "FUCK!" he started breeding my insides, dumping his fertile load inside me, marking my insides with his DNA. The mere thought of it – in addition to the continued poking of my prostate – made me blow my load hands-free, just like I'd expected.

    "That's right, cum inside me, bro," I said to Rory encouragingly as he continued to unload. "Fucking cum inside me. Breed my fucking ass."

    Slowing down his thrusts, Rory kept fucking until we'd both shot our load. Then, he started to pull out and I said, "Careful! I wanna keep all your load inside me."

    My brother-in-law humored me and went extra slowly as he pulled out. Then, we both pulled up our pants and I used some of the napkins on the table to clean my jizz off the red leather couch.

    "Fuck, I love having your load inside me," I said to Rory. We both stood up, face-to-face, and we came in for yet another hug and a gentle kiss, as Rory rubbed my ass with one hand and my belly with another. 

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