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Rory's Bachelor Party, Pt. I:
Fertile Seed

This story was available to  Gold Supporters  in May 2021, which is when it takes place, following My Brother and His Husband, Chapter 30: "Fraternal Cum"



    🎶 Happy birthday to you

    Happy birthday to you

    Happy birthday, dear Phoenix

    Happy birthday to youuu 🎶


    The two Rorys held their now-one-year-old son in their arms and blew out the candle along with him as the rest of the guests clapped. About two dozen of us were all gathered at Girl Rory's apartment, with her girlfriend Laetitia and me in charge of videoing the candle-blowing from two different angles. 

    Shortly after the birthday song, my brother handed his son to our parents and he pulled Girl Rory, my husband, and me to the side to talk to us.

    "I'm thinking of proposing to Jordan," he said, making the three of us instinctively turn to look at his girlfriend (who, thankfully, didn't notice our conspicuous behavior).

    "That's great news, man!" my husband Owen was the first to react. "When're you thinking of doing it?"

    "Today," Rory said. "Unless you think it would steal the thunder from Phoenix's party," he added, turning to Phoenix's mom.

    "He's a year old, I don't think he cares," Girl Rory replied. "Feel free to go for it."

    "Wait, do you have a ring?" I asked, finally getting over some of the initial shock. MY LITTLE BROTHER, GETTING MARRIED??!!

    "Yeah. I picked one out online a few weeks ago and I just picked it up at the store the other day," my brother said, beaming. "I think I wanna ask her in about an hour, toward the end of the party. Owen: I brought a bottle of champagne to pop open right after the big moment. Can I make you in charge of that? It's in the kitchen in the fridge."

    Owen nodded and went to the kitchen with Girl Rory so she could show him where all the glasses were. They wished my brother good luck and left, leaving Rory and me alone.

    "You alright? You seem shocked," Rory said, putting his right hand on my shoulder.

    "I'm just… taken aback," I said. "It feels like a big step. But you've got my total support," I quickly added.

    "Thanks, Taylor," Rory smiled even wider. "That means a lot."

    "I'm just… I'm kinda surprised you didn't tell me earlier," I admitted. "I thought you would've needed help picking out a ring or something."

    "Well, the first person I told was Will, Jordan's brother, when we were all in Miami for spring break. He and his husband helped me pick out a ring online. Jordan's all anti the diamond industry, which made picking out a sensible ring much easier. Wanna see it?"

    My brother pulled me further aside, until we were huddling in the corner of the room and he was showing me the ring as if it were a secret illegal artifact. It was pretty but modest; "sensible" was probably a good way to describe it. Considering his young age and the fact that he had a child to look after, I was happy to see Rory make responsible decisions. I gave him a big hug and said,

    "Good luck. I love you so much."

    "Okay, okay, stop it. You're acting suspicious," Rory laughed and pushed me away. 

    "Do Mom and Dad know?" I asked.

    "No, I want it to be a surprise for them. But I wanted you to know in advance."

    Hearing that made me feel some sort of fraternal pride as Rory's big brother. An hour later, when he asked for everyone's attention in the room, I seemed to be more nervous than he was, so much so that Owen had to whisper "Relax" in my ear and rub my back. My brother got on one knee and popped the question without too much delay. I waited with bated breath until Jordan said "Yes," followed by another round of applause from all of the guests. 

    As instructed, my husband opened the champagne he'd been hiding behind his back, and poured two glasses for the newly betrothed. After he handed Jordan her glass, she held it up without taking a sip before saying,

    "Rory, I've been waiting a couple of weeks to tell you this since I found out, and I can't imagine a more perfect moment than right now. I… I'm pregnant."

    The cheers and applause that followed this time around were even louder, so much so that they startled Phoenix and made him cry. I stood with my mouth literally agape.

    "Damn, your brother's got some fertile seed," my husband said in my ear. "Maybe I should take a pregnancy test as well."

    Jordan's pregnancy expedited all of Rory's plans. Since she was two months along and she didn't want to get married during an advanced stage of pregnancy or right after giving birth, that meant the wedding would have to either wait at least a year, or take place as soon as possible. They decided on the latter option. Jordan's best friends were recruited as bridesmaids and tasked with planning a June wedding, just a few weeks away. They were doing a good job, which I was happy to hear, even though I was kinda bummed to be kept out of the process.

    "Trust me, you do not wanna be in charge of planning a quickie wedding for straight people," my husband told me when I shared my feelings with him. "Besides, you're Rory's best man, which makes you in charge of the bachelor party."

    When my brother asked me to be his best man the day after the proposal, it almost brought tears in my eyes. I took my job as bachelor party planner very seriously, even though Rory insisted he didn't want a huge blowout. He vetoed Vegas on account of it being "too much," so I was left planning a local event. Luckily, New York City had no shortage of strip clubs for us to go to.

    Obviously, I'd selected a straight strip club, even though more than half of the guys attending the party weren't straight. There were eight of us: Rory, my husband, and I; along with Rory's roommate and the four men in Rory's Dad Squad.

    The club was fun, pretty much how I'd expected it to be. The girls were beautiful and the music was excellent (at least after a few drinks). We were invited to go to the back but Rory insisted there was no need, so we just partied in the main area with all the patrons. There was a week to go until the wedding, and although my brother enjoyed the novelty of strippers and lap dances, he stressed how it's more important to him that he's here with his buddies – "… and my brothers," he added, looking at Owen and me. 

    Somewhere after midnight, we were ready to leave the club. Instead of heading home, Rory's friend Gill said he was in the mood for going to a gay strip club next. I wasn't too surprised to hear this coming from Gill; he'd sucked my dick in a public bathroom once so I knew he enjoyed getting freaky just as much as I did. He said he knew the perfect spot nearby and after some back and forth, everyone agreed to come with – including the groom-to-be.

    At the gay club, I felt much more in my element. I did a line of coke in the bathroom and hired a stripper to give my brother and me a lap dance at the same time. Rory seemed to enjoy this even more than the lap dances he got at the previous venue. (Afterwards, he told me that getting a lap dance from a girl felt too close to "cheating," whereas having a guy in a thong shaking his bulge in his face felt more funny than sexy to him.)

    Unlike the straight club, which had been packed, this place was more than half-empty. After our lap dance, my brother and I got to share a booth just by ourselves, so we could have a chance to talk.

    "Thanks for doing all this, Taylor," Rory said, looking rosy in the cheeks.

    "That's alright. I still can't believe my little brother's getting married," I said, putting my hand on his thigh and giving it a squeeze. 

    "You know what they say: things move fast in New York," Rory smiled.

    "Yeah, no shit. You're about to be a father for the second time. How do you feel?"

    "I feel okay. Much more prepared than last time. Besides, Jordan's moving in with me now, so we'll be doing this whole thing together. I think it'll be alright."

    "I have no doubt that it will," I said proudly, amazed to see how grown-up my baby brother was. Much more grown-up than me, in many ways. "I don't know if I could do everything you're doing," I admitted out loud and squeezed his thigh again.

    "Nah, I'm sure you could. Besides, I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. You gave me a place to stay, you introduced me to the city…"

    "Oh shush, don't give me too much credit now," I insisted.

    "And you don't sell yourself short," said my brother, and pulled me in for a hug. In doing so, my hand slid further up his thigh and ended up right on his bulge.

    "Are… are you hard?" I asked in surprise when I noticed what felt like a semi-erection in Rory's pants.

    "To be honest I've been going hard on and off all night, with all the lap dances and everything," my brother chuckled.

    "Do you want us to get you a stripper to take care of that?" I suggested, pointing at some of the boys on stage dancing not too far from us.

    "Nah, they're not really my type," Rory winked. 

    "Well, maybe I can help you with that?" I said boldly, with my hand still on my brother's crotch, rubbing it slowly. The semi-erection felt like it was quickly growing into a full one.

    "I don't think anyone's looking at us," Rory said. "Plus I doubt we'd get in trouble here."

    Indeed, the rest of the crew we'd come with were all in a different booth, with a stripper dancing atop their table. Since Rory and I were in a dark corner, no one at the club was paying particular attention to us.

    My fingers skillfully found their way to Rory's zipper and pulled it down. After some maneuvering, I managed to extract his dick, which wasn't easy considering how big it already was. My brother wasn't necessarily a shower when he was soft, so I was always amazed by how much bigger he got when he was erect.

    "Fuck, you've got a gorgeous dick," I complimented Rory as I started to stroke his shaft up and down slowly. "You know, when Jordan announced her pregnancy, Owen cracked a joke that he should check if he's pregnant too, since you're out here making babies left and right."

    "Yup, that's one potent dick," Rory smiled, kicking back and letting me take care of his baby-maker with both hands now, as I used one to go up and down the shaft and the other to rub Rory's cockhead, which was now glistening with precum.

    This sort of action made my brother even harder, and I reveled in the feeling of his dick growing firmer within my grasp. Like it was yesterday, I remembered us growing up, sharing a room, keeping secrets from our parents. How here he was: about to get married, soon-to-be father of two. "Fuck, I love you, baby bro," I said, unable to keep my affection to myself. 

    "I love you too. And I love what you're doing with your hands," Rory moaned as my right hand rotated clockwise on his wet cockhead before switching direction. 

    Just then, we were spotted by the stripper who had given us a lap dance earlier. He noticed what we were doing but had no objection to it; he just climbed on our table and asked if we'd like to watch him dance for a while.

    "Go for it," my brother said, leaning back and enjoying the handjob. 

    The stripper seemed half hard in his orange thong, which was of course the only thing he had on. Now he was definitely a shower! He bounced his cock up and down for us, but it wasn't too distracting. Even though it was fun to have him here dancing for us, this still felt like an intimate moment between two brothers – something unknown to the stripper, who probably assumed Rory and I were a couple.

    As my brother continued to produce more precum, I brought my hand to my lips several times to lick it off and swallow it. With each taste I got, it made me jerk Rory off faster and faster, as I got hornier and knew he felt the same. His beautiful dick was now pulsing in my hand, his balls begging for release. I picked up the speed even more, as the stripper on top of our table pulled his thong off to fully reveal the huge boner he was donning. He gave himself a few strokes and turned around, making sure we got a good view of his ass as well as his dick.

    "Fuck," my brother swore out loud. As impressive as the dancer's body was, I was certain Rory was reacting to my handjob rather than the show the stripper was giving us. I stroked even faster, feeling Rory start to squirm. He was close. He was so fucking close. He was…

    "Fuck, I'm cumming!" Rory shouted, his words drowned out by the music as a huge load of cum started to shoot out his dick, landing all over the table as well as my hand, which was still rubbing Rory's super-sensitive cockhead. He was squirming in pleasure so intense it was almost painful, and I continued to polish the tip of his dick until I was certain I'd extracted every last drop of my brother's jizz. Next, I scooped up as much of it as possible in one hand and brought it to my lips, swallowing my little bro's fertile seed.

    "Fuck," Rory said one last time and started to relax.

    "You boys are fun," the dancer said as he watched me swallow my brother's babies.

    "Thanks," I said, taking out some cash and stuffing it in the stripper's sock. He waved his hard cock in our faces to say goodbye before getting off the table and walking away, leaving my brother and me to hug once again and catch our breath.

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