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    Working for my dad was not what I'd set out to do. Unfortunately, I'd fucked up and missed the deadlines for most of the good summer jobs and internships. Usually, my mom and I would spend the summer in Croatia, where my family was from. Now that I was in college, Dad insisted I get a job, and if I couldn't get one anywhere else it would have to be at his company.

    "You'll use your mom's maiden name," he told me at the beginning of summer, "I don't want people to know you're my son, I'll be accused of nepotism. It's only for the summer anyway. You'll have another supervisor, and we'll stay out of each other's way as much as possible."

    Easier said than done! Mom decided to leave for the summer as usual, so it was just Dad and me at the house. With only two people there, you'd think we'd have plenty of space. Yet for some reason, maybe because Mom wasn't there to "keep the order," Dad and I kept bumping into each other, barely able to feed ourselves without her. It was the first summer that we were spending just the two of us… and it was gonna be a long one.

    Luckily, I made a friend at work right from the beginning. The only other new intern was Sam, a college kid from Boston who was my same age. We clicked right away, and we got even closer when we realized we were both gay. We worked side by side, and all in all it made for a very pleasant experience.

    Even though Sam was cute, I wasn't "into him" that way. I had a thing for older guys, always have. Although to be fair, when I started following Sam on Instagram I almost changed my mind. His feed was extremely hot! Sam was almost naked in most of his posts, showing off his body shamelessly. I scrolled through his feed until I stumbled upon something even more interesting: a photo dating a few weeks back, right around Father's Day.

    "Happy Father's Day to the best (and hottest!) dad ever. Love you, Dad! 🥰👨‍👦" said the caption. 

    In the photo, Sam's dad Ben sat by a pool in a pair of stylish swim trunks, flashing his brilliant smile and looking like a model (which I'd later learn, he was). I was insanely drawn to him, even though he wasn't your archetypal daddy: he was still a couple of years too young for me, and honestly, I preferred more of a dad bod rather than his sculpted muscles. Still, there was no denying this was one extremely attractive man. I jerked off several times going through Ben's photos on his profile, which was even hotter than his son's!

    One day, Sam invited me to have dinner with him and his dad. I have to admit, I was proud of how I managed to maintain my composure throughout dinner: Ben was one of those people that were so hot it was intimidating. Somehow, I'd managed to get through the evening without stuttering and making a fool of myself.

    Well, for the most part. The most awkward moment was when Sam and I started talking about people from the office. By this point, we'd had several glasses of mine (Ben didn't mind us drinking even though we weren't 21 yet) and Sam went on to say how sexy he found Mr. Horvat, our boss. Our boss, who just happened to be my father.

    Granted, Sam had no idea he was my dad, but as he went on and on about how turned on he was by him, I had to shut him up. I was surprised anyone would say that about my father! Granted, he wasn't ugly or anything, but he was perfectly average in my opinion.

    And then it hit me: so were all the men I was attracted to! "Average dads" was just my type. Could it… did it… have anything to do with my own dad?!

    "You okay?" I asked Sam at the office a week later, when I noticed him rushing back from the restroom all flustered.

    "Umm. We're friends, right? I can get inappropriate with you, you won't like, report me to HR or something?"

    "Of course, man, fuck that shit."

    "I was in the bathroom taking a leak… and Mr. Horvat comes in and starts pissing right next to me. I caught a glimpse of his dick. It's really nice! Uncut, which I wasn't expecting –"

    "Okay, stop!" I interrupted Sam, and told him the truth: Mr. Horvat was my dad.

    Sam apologized several times, and I told him it's okay. I explained why my dad and I didn't want to talk about it at work, and Sam promised to keep our secret. From that moment on, there were no more inappropriate comments from Sam about my dad, no matter how attractive he found him.

    Still, one thing stuck to my mind. People always said I looked just like my father, but I feel like that's something everyone tells their kids about their parents. Being born in the States, I was circumcised. I'd never seen my father naked, yet I couldn't get Sam's words off my brain: "I caught a glimpse of his dick. It's really nice! Uncut, which I wasn't expecting…"

    For the next several days, I had Dad's dick on my mind. This was highly unusual for me! I was mad at myself for it, and mad at Sam for putting the thoughts in my head. But I couldn't stop thinking about what it might look like, how it might be similar to mine or might even look just like mine but with a foreskin. I'd never thought much about being circumcised until now, but now I couldn't help but wonder. 

    Whatever Dad's dick was like, it was obviously enough to impress Sam. I didn't know too much about Sam's sexual history, but he seemed like someone with a good amount of experience under his belt. If he thought my father's dick was nice, it probably was. Which made me want to see it even more.

    Bumping into Dad around the house just made it worse. My obsession made every interaction feel a little awkward. I was always tempted to look down at his crotch, but then I'd get worried he would notice me looking, so I made a point to stare him in the eyes whenever we were talking, which just made things even weirder. Ugh! What was wrong with me?!

    One Sunday, I happened to wake up super early. The sun was barely out and I would normally just go back to sleep, but for some reason I felt wide awake. The house was quiet and my room was mostly dark, but I couldn't get back to sleep no matter what position I tried. After a while I gave up, and decided to go get some water since my mouth was feeling dry. 

    I got out of bed and started to make my way to the kitchen, wearing just the loose shorts I slept in. The wood floor felt cold on my bare feet, and I made an effort to walk quietly so I wouldn't wake up Dad.

    When I walked past his room, I noticed his door was open, just a few inches. I went even more silent, almost holding my breath. Dad usually slept in on weekends, but he and Mom always slept with the door closed. Now, I wasn't sure if he was awake or not so I went to take a peek.

    I crept closer to the door and peered through the opening as much as I could. What I saw made my heart stop. My Dad was indeed awake… and jerking off. While I couldn't quite see his hand on his cock, the motion of his arm was a dead giveaway. I knew I should back away and give him his privacy; I'd certainly be horrified if one of my parents caught me jerking off. But with my fixation of the last few days, there was no way I was going to let this chance pass me by. It was almost like a sign! I never thought of Dad's cock before, and he never jerked off with the door open. Now Sam put the thought in my head, and Dad does this? What're the chances?

    I stepped back from the door for a moment to collect myself. From what I had glimpsed, my father was watching something, presumably porn, on his tablet. He had headphones on so he probably couldn't hear me. Due to the angle of the bed, he was facing away from the doorway. All I had to do was push the door open another inch and I'd have a clear view of everything. Without waiting another moment for doubt to creep in, I went for it.

    As I expected, I was able to look right at his hand working his dick. He hadn't noticed the small motion of the door, so I felt like I was home free and I could relax a little bit and take it all in.

    My first thought of my dad's cock was that it was thick. Thicker than mine, at least. I could see that his fingers just barely met his thumb as he gripped it. Dad was stroking slowly at that moment, so I was able to appreciate its length as well. At this distance it was tough to guess exactly how long it was, but it seemed about the same as mine, which I'd measured at seven inches.

    I noticed the big difference though. The extra skin was repeatedly covering and uncovering most of his cockhead as he stroked. It was fascinating to watch! Even without the foreskin, the whole picture was fascinating, since I'd never really seen anyone jerk off in front of me before, let alone my own dad.

    I was starting to get hard myself, and I reached into my shorts to play with my cock a little bit. Was I getting turned on watching my own dad whack it? I wasn't sure about that, but the illicitness of what I was doing was certainly a thrill. And there was also the satisfaction of finally seeing the thing that had been the focus of my curious thoughts for several days now, even since Sam had mentioned it. Ever since Sam had seen Dad's cock...

    That thought sent a surge through me, and my own dick suddenly got harder in my hand. Watching Dad was interesting, and even kind of hot. But what really turned me on was thinking about Sam watching Dad. Maybe that's why I was so resistant to Sam talking to me about it: because it pushed some buttons that I didn't really know I had.

    Sam's own dad was hot as fuck, there was no denying that. So even though I knew it was wrong, I felt proud that Sam found my dad hot. It was like the weirdest, childish pissing contest ever: "My dad is hotter than your dad!"

    As I continued to watch my father, I imagined Sam jerking off next to me, both of us spying on my old man. Now that was a hot idea. I shifted from playing with my own cock to fully stroking it. I noticed dad was picking up speed in his own motions, and I tried to match them. I imagined Sam, shirtless like in all his pics, jerking off his own cock, both of us fixated on my father's uncut cock. Sam was like a little devil on my shoulder, pushing me to sin.

    "It's really nice," Sam whispered in my ear. "See how thick it is? Look how that extra skin rubs on the head. Imagine how that must feel. Your dad's cock is sooo hot, Luka."

    Much to my surprise, I was suddenly close to cumming. I had gotten there very quickly. It looked like Dad was too, and I could hear his heavy breathing. It even sounded like he was whispering something to himself, maybe reacting to whatever he was watching.

    "Yeah," I could barely hear Dad mutter. "That's it."

    After another second, he made a sound that was something between a sigh and a soft moan, and his stroking stopped. A big spurt of white cum shot out of his swollen cockhead and landed across his hairy stomach. Then another, and another.

    "Your dad's cock looks so hot shooting that load," my mental Sam whispered to me. "Watch him! Watch your own father cumming!" Before I knew it I was cumming as well, into my hand inside my shorts. I could barely catch my breath and tried my best to be quiet and still, but it was difficult. The burst of pleasure was strong and spread all over my body, almost knocking me down.

    Dad's orgasm was winding down after two more spurts had landed on his pubes, and I watched him milk his dick slowly, squeezing out the last of his load. As his hand squeezed up toward the end of his cock, the foreskin almost totally covered the head and it looked like some of his load was getting sucked down into the folds. Then, as his hand moved lower and pulled the skin back again, he loosened his grip and brought his hand up higher to clean off the head and the area right below it.

    Dad sighed, loudly this time, and I realized he might get up in a second, so I backed away from the door silently. As I made my way back to my room, I felt some of my cum trickling down my leg. The loose shorts hadn't absorbed it all and my hand and crotch were a sticky mess.

    After quietly easing my bedroom door shut, I took my shorts off and cleaned up. "What the fuck was that?" I thought to myself. I just came while watching Dad cum. It was a lot to process but one thing was for certain: after shooting that load, I was feeling sleepy again. I got back in bed and before I knew it I was asleep.

    When I woke up a few hours later, I felt weird, almost hungover. "That was the weirdest dream!" I thought. I had had a wet dream of Dad jerking off, and me spying on him. Disturbed by the thought, I got out of bed and realized I was naked. Looking at the floor, I saw the shorts I went to bed in, a big wet stain on them. "It… It wasn't a dream."

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