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"He started to kiss me passionately in front of all of Baker Beach. Both of our eyes closed, I could feel every bit of happiness and gratitude my son felt at that moment."
It's summertime, and Ben and Sam decide to get away to San Francisco. Renting a place in the Castro and hitting up Baker Beach, there's plenty of trouble for the two of them to get into!

Chapter 1

After spending time with Eric's family, Sam reexamines his priorities and what kind of relationship he wants to be in. Still in San Francisco, Sam and his dad decide what is next for them, and they give everyone at the nude beach a show.

Chapter 2

At the beach, Sam's eyes are drawn to a man who has the biggest dick he's ever seen. The father and son make friends with him and take him back to their place, where Ben takes over as coach and trains his son how to be a good sport.

Chapter 3

On their first Fourth of July together, Sam is still getting used to the unusual relationship with his father. The two of them are invited to a pool party thrown by Ben's friend Josh, where they also meet a young fan of Ben's.

Chapter 4

Young Blake describes his early fascination with porn, men and discovering Ben online. Years later, Blake is now in the same room as Ben and his son, and he cannot even imagine what's in store for him...

Chapter 5

Sam has a young coworker over for dinner. Even though they need to keep their relationship secret, Ben and Sam can't help themselves. Back at the office, Sam catches a glimpse when his boss comes to use the urinal next to him.

Chapter 6

After talking to his coworker Sam about his father, Luka feels awkward. Home alone with his dad, he tries to "act normal" but only makes it weirder. Then one morning, Luka's treated to an open bedroom door and an unexpected show.

Chapter 7

Ben's friend Josh puts some new ideas about parenthood in Ben's head. Later, Ben revisits an old sex tape he and Sam made, before answering the door to the delivery guy and getting really close with him.

Chapter 8

Delivery boy Dylan gets another chance to see Ben. When he gets there, he meets Sam and cannot believe what he's hearing (and seeing) when he learns the two are father and son. Dylan has a request for Ben and his boy.

Chapter 9

Ben and Sam allow Dylan to direct the action as all three men get naked. Dylan, aware that this might be his one and only chance to ever play together with a father and son, fully takes advantage of it and guides them.

Series Finale

Ben gets an email from Eric, and plans the next trip together with his son. Back at the apartment, Sam also has a surprise for his dad as the two get ready to say goodbye to San Francisco in a way they'll never forget.

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