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    All my life I've been teasing Cody, my four-years-younger brother. I wasn't particularly a bully (although there was some of it when we were younger); mostly just brotherly taunting and boyish pranks. To Cody's misfortune, all of the boys on our street were closer to my age than to his, so I was the one they hung out with. We often ran from him or rode off on our bikes when he tried to follow, leaving him crying to our mom. Of course, as an adult now I feel some remorse for that, but at the time it was typical childish, dickish behavior.

    Things weren't much better by the time we got to high school. Cody was awkward and had a knack for drawing attention to himself with his clumsiness. To make matters worse, he was one of the shortest kids in his class. I was a senior when Cody started going to the same school as me. I was obsessed with graduating and scoring at prom, and retaining whatever levels of coolness I had going for me. The last thing I needed was my gawky little brother embarrassing me, so I kept my interactions with him to a minimum.

    When I went away to college, my personality rapidly changed. I realized the world was much bigger than just my hometown, and that my reputation there didn't matter one single fucking bit. I started to feel bad for the way I'd treated Cody my whole life. It was about that time that he came out to everyone as gay, and I felt even worse for being a dick to him. Whenever I went back home for the holidays, I tried to have a chat with him and get a bit closer, asking if he was dating anyone and stuff like that. Cody just laughed at the idea of dating another boy at school, and I didn't blame him. There probably weren't that many openly gay kids at our high school. I assured my brother that meeting boys after high school would be much easier, and I could tell that he was grateful to have these brotherly moments with me.

    When I was in my junior year at college, Cody started looking at colleges as well. I invited him to come visit my school during our open-house week, saying he could stay with me. I lived in a small apartment close to campus with two roommates, who I knew wouldn't have a problem with my brother staying with us for a few days.

    Cody liked my school well enough, but it probably didn't make it high on his list of preferences. My brother was a much better student than I was and he had his academic sights set higher, to bigger and better schools, even a couple of Ivy Leagues. He spent the week skipping most of the open-house events, hanging out with me and my roommates instead. After avoiding my baby bro when we were little, I was now more than happy to have him hang out with my buddies, share a few beers, and shoot the shit together. Cody was still kind of shy, but he was slowly coming into his own, and I felt a burst of big-brother pride to see him this way.

    Midway through the week, I bumped into one of my roommates coming out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist.

    "Did you just take a shower?" I asked him.

    "No, your brother's in there. I walked in on him changing. I'll go take a shower when he's out."

    "Aight man, I'll go after you," I said.

    "Yo, Gavin… Have you ever seen your brother naked?" my roommate asked out of the blue.

    "Man, the fuck?! Of course I haven't seen my brother naked, stop being weird."

    "Fuck off, that ain't weird. We've all seen each other naked here and we've lived together less than a year."

    "Aight whatever, man. Why would you even ask that?"

    "Nothing," my roommate smirked. "It's just… your brother's huge."

    "What do you mean?" I asked, confused. I wasn't used to people calling my 5'6" brother "huge."

    "Man, your bro is hung," my roommate continued, swinging his forearm between his legs in an exaggerated manner with his tongue out.

    "Fuck oooooff," I said, pushing my roommate playfully. Just then, Cody came out of the bathroom, fully dressed, his longish brown hair still wet and dripping down his face.

    "What're you guys laughing about?" my brother asked.

    "Nothing. We were just waiting for the shower," I said, pushing my goofy roommate into the bathroom. Behind my brother's back, my buddy kept swinging his arm between his legs.

    That night, my friends, my brother, and I got drunk in our living room and we went to bed around 4 AM. During his stay here, Cody slept on the couch, but now one of our other friends needed a place to crash, so we decided that he would take the couch and my brother would come sleep in my bed for the night.

    In my bedroom, Cody and I got down to our underwear. We were both wearing gray boxer briefs from the same brand, his were just lighter than mine. As my brother stood by the bed checking his phone, I couldn't help but eye his bulge and think back to what my roommate had said earlier in the day. Cody's bulge did look impressively big, as if he had a semi when he was probably perfectly soft. I actually looked down at my own bulge to compare, realizing his looked definitely fuller than mine. I was almost tempted to bring it up and say something, but I realized that would be too fucking weird so I dropped it and went to sleep.

    I didn't sleep too well that night, thanks to all of the different kinds of alcohol I'd mixed. I woke up in the middle of the night, probably less than an hour after I'd gone to sleep. During a hazy moment of half-sleep, I felt some movement next to me and wondered if I might be dreaming. As I grew more awake and sober, I realized the movement was very much real. It was my younger brother, jacking off! There was no mistaking it. 

    During my freshman year, I'd shared a room with a roommate who had the tendency to jack off in the middle of the night, thinking I couldn't hear him. I could, and I caught him at least a dozen times, but I never said anything since I didn't wanna embarrass him. Sometimes I would even join him, discreetly masturbating under the cover to help put me back to sleep. After a while, I think both of us were aware of what we were doing. We started to get louder and we'd even let out little moans while working our cocks. By the end of the semester, we would loudly grunt "Oh, fuck!" as we shot our loads just seconds from each other and just a few feet apart. Then, we'd go back to sleep and never mention it during the day.

    So I was well acquainted with the sounds of late-night bating in bed. I was surprised that Cody was bold enough to do it in the same bed as me while our legs were literally touching, but he was a high school senior so his hormones probably often marred his mind. Besides, he didn't get any release in the form of sex with a boyfriend, so he was probably used to jacking off to blow off some steam. 

    In bed next to Cody, I stealthily reached for my own bulge. I was rock hard, like always when waking up in the middle of the night. There was nothing else to do but start stroking my rod, catching up to Cody who was working his dick faster. I was unsure if my brother could sense me, but in the middle of the night, drunk as we both were, this all seemed less taboo, just like with my freshman-year roommate.

    As the minutes went by, I started to spread my legs wider and let out little moans of pleasure. Cody pushed back against my leg, eventually crossing his leg over mine. He was getting louder as well, and by now there was no way we didn't know what the other person was doing. 

    "Fuck, I'm close," my brother whispered. I wasn't sure if he was talking to me or to himself but I replied.

    "Mmm, fuck yeah," I moaned softly, getting closer to the edge. We were both going harder and harder under the cover until...

    "FUUUUCK..." we both moaned out in near-unison, blowing our loads while kicking our feet. The joint orgasm lasted for over a minute, at which point I heard the waistband of my brother's underwear snap back against his skin. He'd tucking his dick back in and passed the fuck out. I usually cleaned up after myself after cumming in bed, but this time I simply placed my prick in my cum-wet boxer briefs and drifted back to sleep, my brother's leg still crossed over mine.

    The following morning (technically afternoon, by the time we woke up) I thought the whole thing might've been a dream, until I checked the sheets and realized there were two cum stains side-by-side. Cody and I never mentioned the event. Being the disgusting college student that I was, I didn't even bother changing the sheets, and I slept on mine and my brother's cum for another three weeks.

    The next four years were quite eventful for me. I graduated, got married, and had twins with my wife. With some support from our parents, we put a downpayment on a house. We were living the suburban dream, with all of its down- and upsides.

    My brother ended up getting into a prestigious university in New York City. He was in his senior year, when my company asked me to go to a three-day event in New York. It was my first time receiving an invitation like this, so I was quite happy. Rather than book me a hotel, my boss gave me the money and let me pick out my own accommodation. 

    "You can stay with me if you want," my brother offered when I told him I was coming to the city. Frankly, with mortgage payments and two young kids, my wife and I were always strapped for cash. The temptation to just pocket the hotel money and crash with Cody for free was too big, so I took him up on his offer.

    Cody lived in Brooklyn with three roommates, two girls and one guy. One of the girls was very flirty and clearly coming on to me, but I didn't bite. After dropping my stuff off at the apartment, I spent all day attending work events. Once that exhausting charade was over, I joined my brother, who wanted to take me out for dinner and drinks in Brooklyn. Cody had recently turned 21, and he was visibly psyched to go out with me and show me his cool neighborhood.

    When we returned home that night, all of Cody's roommates were out. The apartment's living room had been converted into a bedroom for one of the tenants, so once again I was to share a bed with my brother. We got down to our underwear and brushed our teeth, when Cody announced he would also take a shower before sleep.

    "Okay," I said, and I lay in bed, reading some stuff on my phone. Ten minutes later, my brother reentered the bedroom with a towel around his waist.

    "Argh, now I gotta put underwear on just because you're here," he grunted in mock exasperation.

    "Ha, what, you usually sleep naked?" I asked.

    "You bet I do," Cody replied.

    "Hey, don't let me stop you," I said.

    "Alright then, I won't," Cody took me up on it, even though I was joking. (Or was I? Even I wasn't sure.) He put down the fresh pair of underwear he was holding, he got rid of his towel, and stood next to the bed stark naked.

    My reaction was one of shock. As much as I tried to look away, I couldn't. And I wasn't just surprised by my brother's brazen display of nudity. No, I was in shock by what I saw hanging between my little brother's legs.

    Cody's dick had to be at least 7 inches, maybe 7 1/2 fully soft! He'd never grown past 5'6" so on his tiny frame it looked even more obscene! My jaw literally dropped as I stared at my brother's trunk, the way I'd never looked at another man's penis before.

    "Damn, bro. I knew you were big but not that big," I said in admiration.

    "Haha. What do you mean you knew I was big?" my brother laughed.

    "One of my college roommates told me after he saw you naked. And I could kinda see it whenever you were wearing tight underwear," I admitted.

    "Thanks, Gav," my brother smiled, scratching his balls absentmindedly, probably showing off a bit as well.

    "How big does it get when you're hard?" I couldn't help but ask.

    "Like, 9 inches? So not too much bigger," Cody replied with faux modesty.

    "Holy shit, good for you," I commented. I expected my brother to turn off the lights and go to bed, but he took his time, drinking water while standing up and still tugging on his nut sack. Receiving compliments on his member from me clearly had an effect on Cody: he started to get hard right in front of my very eyes. And I didn't need a ruler to tell: that was more than 9 inches!

    "Watch where you aim that thing, you're gonna poke my eye out," I joked, since the tip of my brother's cock was almost poking my face now. I waved my hand in front of my face as if shooing a fly, and I accidentally hit Cody's prick, which started swinging left-to-right.

    "Ouch, watch it!" he laughed, still proudly displaying his boner in front of me. 

    "You definitely need a boyfriend to help you take care of that," I said.

    "I got a couple of jack-off buddies," my brother told me. "Including my roommate, the guy you met earlier."

    "Really, he's gay? I wouldn't have guessed," I said.

    "Nah, he's straight but he's single as well. He just likes having a buddy to bust a nut with every now and then."

    "Good for you guys," I smiled, looking up at my brother's face before looking back down at his disproportionately large prick.

    "What, you didn't have jack-off buddies when you were in college?" Cody asked me. Now, instead of scratching his balls, he was gripping his hard dick and slowly letting his fist slide up and down his long shaft.

    "Well… my roommates and I jerked off together a few times," I admitted. "But I never called them my 'jack-off buddies.'"

    "Remember, we did the same?" Cody said with a smirk, for the first time acknowledging the mutual wank we had four years ago.

    "I wasn't sure if you even remember that," I laughed. Under the cover, I reached down in my underwear to adjust my cock and I realized it needed adjusting because it was growing harder.

    "Of course I remember. I don't know about you, but for me it was… pretty hot," Cody admitted.

    "Oh yeah?" I said, always happy to tease my brother. 

    "Yeah, I mean… I'd never done anything like that with another guy up to that point," Cody continued. By now he was full-on stroking his boner right in my face, as if showing off his size. My little brother with his huge cock. He must've noticed me looking because the next thing Cody said was, "You can touch it if you want."

    I looked up and made eye contact with him, making sure I was hearing him correctly. Touch what, his dick?? I couldn't tell if Cody was kidding or not. Then, he let go of his boner and stepped even closer to me, wagging it in front of my face as if tempting a dog with a bone.

    "Are you fucking serious?" I laughed.

    "Only if you want to," my brother smirked. "When you and your college buddies used to jack off, did you ever help each other out?"

    "Nah, we didn't," I said truthfully. "Although, once…"

    I stopped myself, but it was too late. Cody kept nagging to hear the rest of the story so I went ahead and told him something I'd never told anyone, not even my wife.

    "Once in our junior year, five of us played soggy biscuit together. We did it with this large chocolate chip cookie, in the middle of the table and we jacked off in a circle around it. We were all drunk and high off our asses. The last person to cum had to eat the whole thing. After a while, three guys shot their loads all over it. After each one, I started to freak the fuck out. By the time there were only two of us left," – I laughed uncontrollably for a minute – "By the time there were two of us left I was going HARD on my dick. Man, I'm telling ya, I was freaking the fuck out! I was like – hahaha – I was like, 'There is no way I'm eating these guys' jizz!' So I gripped my dick as hard as I could and I finally blew my load, literal seconds before the other guy as everyone clapped."

    "Whoa!" my little brother said, stroking his dick once again while listening to my story. He wasn't even trying to be subtle about it anymore; there was a large glob of precum oozing out of his piss slit. "Did the guy eat the cookie?"

    "He did! Although to be fair, he only ate half of it. But I think he got all of our jizz in there," I laughed, wiping tears off my eyes.

    "Fucking hell. I've never done shit like that," Cody said, and he unexpectedly turned around and opened one of his cabinets. I realized he was rummaging through his stash of snacks, and he turned back around holding a pack of chocolate chip cookies.

    "Wanna play?" my brother asked, placing a single cookie on a chair between us.

    "Man, fuck you," I laughed it off.

    "What? You chicken? Buck buck buck!" my brother teased and dared me.

    "Oh, it's on!" I decided, determined to beat him at his own game. I jumped out of bed and tucked my underwear under my balls, stroking my dick until it was fully hard in a matter of seconds.

    "Okay, we both seem ready," my brother noted, looking down at our rock-hard pricks. "Ready, set, go!"

    With that, we both went to town on our boners, standing on opposite sides of the chair. My underwear started to fill restrictive so I dropped it down to the floor and stepped out of it. My attention was aimed at my hard cock, at the cookie, but most of all: at my brother's incredible throbber, looking bigger than ever, probably reaching 10 inches.

    "Man, I can't get over your dick. How the fuck are we even related?" I said, pointing down at my modest 6.5-incher. If Cody and I didn't share very similar facial features, I would genuinely start to wonder whether one of us was adopted.

    "Hey, I'm sure it gets the job done," my little bro stuck his tongue out at me as we continued our wank race. "To be honest, yours looks really nice as well."

    "Thanks. The missus seems to like it," I said proudly.

    "Can I touch it?" Cody surprised me with his next question. 

    "Oh, what the hell, go for it!" I gave my brother my blessing to touch my cock. I hadn't been planning on it, but this was by far the closest thing the two of us had ever done, and it just seemed right to roll with it in the heat of the moment.

    I let go of my hard prick and I let my brother wrap his right hand around it. By now, we were sort of forgetting about the game we were playing. Cody's boner throbbed and bobbed up and down, dripping precum on the cookie on the chair as he stroked my cock. The feeling of someone else's hand doing this to me felt even better, and I let out a loud "Mmm, fuck!"

    After a while, I couldn't hold back anymore. My brother's huge dick was hypnotizing me. I reached across the chair and put my right hand around Cody's tool, giving it a firm squeeze, touching another man's penis for the first time in my life.

    Up until that point, Cody had been gripping my cock kinda loosely. Once he felt my firm grip on his own boner, Cody started to grasp me tighter as well. "That's it," I grunted, stepping closer to my brother as much as the chair between us would allow. I leaned forward with my upper body and I placed my left arm around my brother's shoulders, pulling him in for a manly hug.

    "I love you, Gavin," my brother said, leaning in and giving me a one-armed hug as well.

    "Love you too, bro," I admitted, realizing this might be the first time I ever told Cody that. Due to that, I repeated myself. "I do love you, Cody. You're the best brother in the world," I said in my sibling's ear.

    Professing our fraternal love for one another while stroking each other's dicks felt out of this world! Our breathing got heavier; I could feel Cody's breath on the side of my neck, making my hair rise. Then, his lips started kissing me there, and I did the same to him. Our kisses traveled up each other's necks, our jawlines, our cheeks, until we ended up kissing one another on the lips. At first we were just sucking on each other's lips with no tongue, until I went ahead and thrust my tongue into my brother's mouth.

    "Mmmm," he responded by kissing me passionately. Both of our cocks were like leaky faucets, dripping prejizz all over the cookie by this point. We stroked each other's dicks without missing a beat, all the while tongue-wrestling with our eyes closed. 

    "I'm gonna cum, baby bro. Fuck, I'm gonna cum," I whispered in Cody's face. Instead of letting go of my cock, he only stroked me faster, as if he wanted me to win the game. 

    "Let it go, bro. C'mon, shoot your load," Cody encouraged me and then kissed me again. As his tongue entered my mouth, I lost control and I bust my nut, cumming all over the chair as well as my brother's naked body. I thought I was winning the game, when I realized Cody was cumming at the same time, his whole body shaking with satisfaction. I milked his cock as we held on to one another for support; our orgasms were so powerful that we might've lost balance otherwise.

    After two whole minutes of cumming over the cookie and slowly stroking each other's cocks post-climax; Cody and I finally let go. We looked down at the chair, which was covered in cum, as if a dozen people had just blown their loads over it, not just two. 

    "So… Who won?" I asked and laughed.

    "We both did," Cody replied with a smile.

    "So, no one eats the cookie?"

    "We both do," he winked. My brother reached down and broke the cum-cookie into two equal halves, handing me one.

    "That's one soggy cookie alright," I said as I took a bite of my half. The taste of chocolate barely registered in my mouth, all I could taste was cum.

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