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Category:  BROTHERS  


Brothers Thad and Earl Harland are up for an interesting turn of events one Sunday after church, egged on by Thad's fun-loving wife.


Category:  STRAIGHT MEN 


Adam spends his whole life envying his older sister's romantic conquests from the sidelines. Then one day, life takes him in an unexpected direction…


Category:  BROTHERS  |  COLLEGE 


After a turbulent relationship as children, brothers Gavin and Cody get closer in college. Gavin is especially shocked by one revelation about his "little" brother…


Category:  UNCLE-NEPHEW 


Forced to move back to Iowa, Alex expects his sex life to go rapidly downhill, until he finds comfort in a piece of fabric under his Uncle Oscar's bed…




Preston and his younger brother Kayden go to a large house party behind their parents' backs, also attended by Preston's (very horny) boyfriend Seth. 


Category:  STRAIGHT MEN 


With his sick wife away on New Year's, Arthur is left to chaperone his son's sleepover by himself… until one of the dads of the other boys offers to help.

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Category:  STRAIGHT MEN 


On his daughter's birthday, Todd has a chat with his buddies on how to reignite his stagnant sex life. Later at the party, he finds himself alone in the room with the attractive young face painter, who gets Todd down on his knees.

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Category:  FATHER-SON 

Alvin's small-town prom is small and underwhelming, leaving the teen with little to look forward to. In an attempt to cheer his son up, Alvin's dad chimes in. The two of them spend some quality time together, with some intimate father-son bonding.

#09 |  Supporter 

Category:  BROTHERS 

A year after their fraternal fuck, the Harland brothers revisit a special place from their youth. In desperate need to relax, they find the perfect way to do so.

#10 |  Supporter 

Category:  FATHER-SON 

Every time it comes around, Felix dreads Friday the 13th. Convinced something's about to go wrong, he's on high alert when a series of unpredictable event unravels.

#11 |  Gold Supporter 

Category:  FATHER-SON 

When his son Felix breaks his leg, it's up to Lance to take care of him. After Felix's recovery, the dad and son bond by going together to the gym… and the showers.

#12 |  Gold Supporter 

Category:  FATHER-SON 

When Jasper's first time having sex with his boyfriend doesn't go as planned, Jasper turns to his dad for advice, which his dad is all too happy to provide.

#13 |  Gold Supporter 

Category:  FATHER-SON 

Barry is shocked to find out about his son Cody's endowment – especially considering his own modest manhood. When Cody comes home for Thanksgiving, Barry gets to have some first-hand experience with his huge tool.

#14 |  Gold Supporter 

Category:  FATHER-SON 

Chad is back to spend another summer with his dad, and he is stunned when he stumbles upon a folder full of nude photos on his father's computer.

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