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    My 24th birthday was a big party that ended up in a grand, dramatic manner: with me hugging all of my Seattle friends and drunkenly crying, saying how much I'll miss them. All of my boxes were packed already. I was officially moving out.

    I'd been living in Seattle for three years, ever since I graduated college. Even though I made okay money, I spent every single cent on rent and it still wasn't enough. I now found myself in more debt than ever and I had to make peace with the fact that living in a big coastal city simply wasn't in the cards for me right now. I applied for jobs all over the country and ended up with a decent job offer in Des Moines. I'd grown up near Iowa City and I considered having to return to my home state a personal failure, but it was a financial necessity. Plus, I had an uncle that lived in the Des Moines area so at least he'd be able to help me get on my feet right after the move.

    Uncle Oscar was my dad's younger brother. He was 38, and now that I was an adult as well the age difference between us didn't seem so big. He was always the life of the party during family get-togethers but even though he talked a lot, he revealed very little about his personal life. I wasn't even sure what he did for a living; HR for some medium-sized company, I reckon. He was single and especially skilled at changing the topic if someone started talking to him about girlfriends or marriage. He lived in his house with his three dogs and he seemed happy that way.

    My biggest concern about going back to Iowa was dating (and equally: fucking). Although some friends tried to convince me "gay life in Des Moines ain't that bad," I knew it couldn't hold a candle to Seattle. Even though I didn't date anyone super serious over the past few years, I still had fun with a lot of guys. I expected to go through my entire Grindr grid in a month in Iowa.

    After landing in Des Moines, I was picked up by Uncle Oscar, who put my bags in the back of his tailgate truck and drove us to his house several miles outside the city. Every time I saw Oscar he was a bit chunkier, and this time was no exception. He was very handsome, however; he had one of those faces where if you gave him a makeover, took him to the gym for a few months and put him in some new clothes, he'd look every bit as hot as a professional model. His deep blue eyes were to die for, making me feel ordinary for having inherited my mother's "boring" brown eyes. However, Uncle Oscar didn't care too much about appearances. He showed up at the airport with coffee stains on his shirt and a couple of days' scruff on his face. Upon analyzing it more closely in the car I noticed it featured several gray hairs mixed in with the blond. 

    The plan was for me to stay with Oscar for a couple of weeks until I got my own place. He had a second car, so getting around wouldn't be a problem. He also had a guest room; "As long as you don't mind sharin' it with the dogs cawse they like sleepin' in there." The only problem – he told me during the ride – was that he shower in the guest bathroom was broken, so I'd have to use the one in his room.

    "I don't mind," I replied, staring at the endless corn fields we drove by. As much as I tried to tell myself that I hated being back… there was a warm tinge of nostalgia burning in my chest. I was home.

    At my uncle's house, I left my bags in the room that I vaguely remembered from when I was younger. I'd stayed here a couple of times as a kid over the summer and I reminisced as I walked around, touching the old furniture. The house was stuffy and heavily dog-scented, but Uncle Oscar's pets were all such playful scamps that you couldn't help but love them.

    The first thing I wanted to do after being on two planes (I'd had a layover in Denver) was to go take a shower. My uncle showed me to his bathroom, guiding me through his untidy bedroom full of piles of dirty clothes on the floor. "No wonder he's single," I thought, judging my uncle's messiness as much as I loved him.

    After coming out of the shower, I wrapped a large towel around my waist and grabbed my dirty clothes to carry them out. Walking through my uncle's bedroom, my phone slipped out of my jeans pocket, falling onto the carpeted floor and rolling under my Uncle Oscar's bed.

    "Shit," I muttered quietly as I knelt down to look for my phone. I saw it next to a small black towel that was under the bed, and when I reached for it I accidentally grabbed the towel along with it. When I saw the white, crusty stains over it I instantly knew what this was: my uncle's jizz rag! Stashed under the bed and with dried-up stains on it, there was nothing else it could be.

    Immediately, my cock started throbbing between my legs. As I kneeled on the floor, my towel came undone and I was staring down at my hardening tool. As if in speed motion, its foreskin peeled back and my pink mushroom head appeared. My parents never had me circumcised and I'd met quite a few guys who had a fetish for it. Holding my own uncle's cum rag, I was surprised just how fast it'd managed to make me bone up. Yes, I always thought Uncle Oscar was handsome, but I never tried to look at him in a sexual way before. Except… that one time when I was staying over at his house in middle school and rummaged through his underwear drawer; but that was just typical pervy puberty behavior.

    Although I now used tissues to clean up after cumming on myself (or if I wanted to be more eco friendly I just licked it off myself), I used to have a cum rag not unlike this stashed under my bed. A nasty college kid at the time, I think I washed that shit like once a month, if that, even though it got used multiple times a day more often than not. The habit might run in my family, since my unc's jizz towel seemed just as well-used and unwashed. Unable to control myself, I brought it up to my face and took a big whiff. I held it there for several minutes, almost suffocating myself, all the while stroking my dick like the pervert that I was. I imagined Uncle Oscar naked in bed at night, taking care of business before sleep. Or maybe he liked doing it in the morning? Maybe both? Either way, he clearly wiped off the evidence on this rag, leaving a pungent, manly smell behind for me to enjoy. 

    I knew that I didn't have much time, but luckily I was horny enough to reach the edge quickly. I took one final big whiff of my uncle's cum rag, feeling his pheromones blur my mind like poppers, when there was a knock on his bedroom door.

    "Alex, you alright in there?" my uncle asked loudly. 

    "Yes Uncle Oscar, I'm just getting dry. I'm – mmmmmm – I'm cumming."

    That second, I shot my load under my uncle's bed, praying to God that my uncle doesn't open the door. Even if… even if a kinky side of me thought it would be hot to be caught by him like this, naked, kneeling next to his bed, sniffing on his jizz rag like the kinkiest nephew in the world. However, Uncle Oscar's footsteps just walked away from the door. As soon as I was done cumming, I used the towel to wipe some of my jizz off the carpet, thankful that I'd unloaded under the bed where my uncle wasn't likely to see it. I put the towel back where I'd found it, grabbed my phone and all my clothes, wrapped the towel back around myself and as soon as my cock was soft enough I rushed back to the guest room.

    The real-estate hunt went smoother than I could've anticipated. I found a room in a house with two other guys my age, both of whom seemed cool and gay-friendly. It was a bit outside the city but I planned on getting my own car soon so that would be okay. The room wouldn't be free for another three weeks, but Uncle Oscar said I could stay with him as long as I wanted, so I signed the lease.

    I started work at my new company and – knock on wood – that was going splendidly as well. The office was SO MUCH more chill than my job in Seattle, and I found myself performing much better without all the constant pressure. Since I was just getting started and going through training, my manager let me go home around 2 or 3 every afternoon. I found myself with more free time than I'd had in years, and I used it to sneak into my uncle's room daily, pressing his cum rag against my face and jerking off, sometimes for ten minutes and sometimes for an hour. Every single day, I could tell there was more and more of my uncle's seed on the towel, making it more and more pungent. Sometimes the cum was even still wet, allowing me to lick and taste it. It was like a drug, and I was hooked.

    The wanks that I had in my uncle's bed were some of the best I'd had in my life. Every day, Monday through Friday, I shot a large load in my uncle's bed with the help of his jizz rag. Then, I either used the towel to wipe myself clean or I just swallowed my cum. Every now and then I would get some of it on my uncle's sheets, but I hoped that it was too little for him to ever notice when he arrived home after work and got into bed at night. 

    The only interruption during my pervy jack-off sessions was the dogs' barking from downstairs. The three of them seemed to go crazy whenever they saw as much as a leaf fall in the backyard, but with time I learned to tune it out. One Friday though, it became a problem. I was in my uncle's bed, his cum rag wrapped around my face, when the dogs started barking up a storm. I ignored them, figuring they'd seen a squirrel or something… but with the sound of their barking I never heard my uncle returning to the house early and climbing up the stairs. It wasn't until his bedroom door opened, making the barking much louder to my ears, that I realized I'd been caught red-handed.

    "What are you doing?" my uncle screamed at me in shock. The answer, as fucked up as it was, was pretty evident: I was lying in his bed butt naked, my clothes on the floor, my hard cock in my hand… and his spunky cum rag pressed up against my face.

    "Unc– I– You're back early," I stuttered stupidly. 

    "Yeah, it's Friday so I left early thinking I'd spend some extra time with you, but I see now that you're busy," he replied sternly.

    I felt like a child again; I almost started crying. Yet for some reason my dick only got harder. I could feel it throbbing in my fist, and I let my hand slide up and down a few times, slowly and discreetly… but not discreetly enough for my uncle not to notice.

    "Unbelievable! You've been caught and you're still going?! Stroking your cock right in front of me?!!" he yelled in disbelief and I couldn't blame him. I was surprised he didn't jump up and punch me. Instead, he just stood in the doorway and… watched. We looked each other in the eyes, until his eyes started to wander down and focus on my cock, wet with precum and harder than it's ever been.

    "I'm sorry, I just… It's become a little thing I do after work, to relax," I said, my right hand still traveling up and down my prick, gripping it tightly. I placed my uncle's cum rag on the bed and then I grabbed hold of my nut sack with my left hand, gently tugging on it in front of him.

    "You've done this before?!" he bellowed.

    "Umm, yes. Almost… every day," I admitted.

    "Sniffing my fucking cum rag? What kind of perverted shit is that?!" he continued shouting sternly but making no move to stop what I was doing.

    "I'm sorry, I– found it under your bed and I couldn't resist," I said, picking up speed and jacking off faster, regardless of the fact that my uncle was looking. If anything… it only made me hornier.

    "Is that what those stains on my sheets are?! You've been jizzing all over my bed!" he concluded.

    "No, I– I do my best to clean up after myself," I said, dripping precum on my stomach and letting it gather in my belly button. 

    "I oughta call your father and tell him what the fuck his son is up to," my uncle threatened.

    "No, Uncle Oscar, please!" I said, finally letting go of my cock. This wasn't funny anymore; if my parents found out, this would ruin my relationship with them for life. "Please," I pleaded.

    "Tsk. Why should I do you a favor, huh? What've I got out of it?"

    And then, my uncle did something I wasn't expecting: he placed his hand on his bulge and gave it a hearty squeeze, and then another one. After a few more squeezes he removed his hand to show off his package, which was now visibly tenting his jeans.

    "If you keep this secret I… I'll let you fuck me," I said. I was no stranger to cruising, I knew what groin-grabbing and intense eye contact alluded to. My uncle walked to the bed wide-legged like some sorta sheriff, eyeing my naked body up and down as if assessing if I was worth the fuck.

    "You'll let me fuck you, huh? Is that what you like, letting men fuck yo ass?" he spat.

    "S– Sometimes," I stuttered and I spread my legs, lifting my balls and flashing my uncle my asshole. As he looked straight at it, I made my hole pulse, letting him know he was free to come in.

    "You'd even get fucked by yo own uncle, huh? You fucking slut," he shook his head, once again rubbing his crotch.

    "Yes, you… You look like you have a big cock," I said. "And your cum smells and tastes amazing."

    "You been lickin' it off that towel, huh? You really are one twisted fuck, you know that?" he said, standing at the foot of the bed and unbuckling his belt.

    "Yes, Uncle Oscar. I know," I nodded, taking what he said as a compliment. Then, my uncle just smirked and said,

    "You really are my nephew."

    With that, my dad's brother dropped his jeans and his underwear to the floor, revealing an eight-inch, cut cock. On all fours, I crawled to him and took his dick in my mouth, snatching it quickly as if it might run away. As soon as it was in my mouth I felt better. I gathered saliva and started licking Uncle Oscar's bone, which almost tasted familiar thanks to me licking his cum off his rag all this time.

    I had no idea if this was my uncle's first time getting his duck sucked by a dude, but he took to it like a fish to water. He placed his large hands on my skull and started fucking my face just the way I liked it, as if we'd prearranged this. The last time I'd sucked a man off was a couple of weeks ago, during my Denver layover. In the airport bathrooms, I'd sucked a straight daddy's cock while his family waited for him outside. He was hot but he wasn't a good throat-fucker, probably used to his wife's daintier blowjobs. I kept trying to get him to really pound my face, but he merely dipped in and out of my mouth until he'd shot his babies on my tongue and cleared off.

    Uncle Oscar on the other hand, was one merciless throat-fucker. If he could do this to my mouth, my asshole tingled in anticipation of what was coming next.

    After getting his cock sucked for 15 minutes, my uncle grabbed me by the hips and flipped me over like a pancake without giving me notice. I found myself with my ass up in the air; a position all too familiar to me. Moments later, I was surprised to feel a stubbly face dive in between my cheeks, scratching me with his beard. My… My uncle was about to rim my ass!

    "Aaaaaaah!" I moaned out as soon as I felt Uncle Oscar's tongue on my pucker. "Fuuuuuck, Uncle Oscar. Fuck, that feels good!!"

    "Shut up and enjoy. Relax," he commanded, and went back to eating my hole. This couldn't have been his first time doing this!! Whether he'd done it to men or women, he'd certainly done this before. He knew just what he was doing: working around my hole until I started opening up, and then darting his tongue back and forth inside my asshole, making me twitch and tingle and throb.

    "Fuuuck Uncle Oscar, that's really good," I panted as he tongue-fucked my slit.

    "I said shut up!" he repeated. He noticed the cum rag on his bed and he grabbed hold of it, stuffing it in my open mouth. 

    "Mmmmmpf," I grunted while my eyes rolled back. I could no longer moan loudly, but the taste of Uncle Oscar's cum in my mouth made me lose my mind. "Mmm, mmm, mmm!"

    My uncle didn't want to waste no more time on rimming, it seemed. I felt him getting on his knees behind me, getting in position with his rod ready to penetrate me. My hole was wet, loose, and ready. A second later I felt my uncle's precum-coated cockhead as it began to coax its way into my ass. 

    "MMM!" I grunted as if fighting off a kidnapper. In reality, it was more than open to the incoming invasion.

    Inch by inch, my uncle moved inside of me until all eight inches were in my hole. I felt my cock dripping with precum, making a fresh mess on Uncle Oscar's sheets. I bit into the cum rag in my mouth as my uncle started thrusting back and forth, giving it to me nice and long, shoving his cock up my ass balls-deep and then almost pulling out before sliding back in. He worked my hole this way for fifteen or twenty minutes, never saying anything except for an occasional "fuck" or "you fucking slut." Once again, I took it as a compliment.

    Finally, after so many days of tasting my uncle's sperm off his cum rag, it was time for me to finally get it right in my stomach. Uncle Oscar's thrusting accelerated, and I could tell he was close. Less than a minute later he let out his loudest "FUCK!" and started unloading inside of me. 

    "Mmm!" I grunted and blew my own load handsfree all over my uncle's bed. Without missing a beat, he continued to thrust back and forth inside of me, all the while shooting his spunk up my bowels.

    Breathing deeply, we started to calm down. After a few slowed-down strokes, my uncle pulled out of me. We plopped down on the bed, and when Uncle Oscar noticed the wet patch I'd made he used his cum rag to clean it up as much as possible. Then, he handed me the towel.

    "Keep it, it's yours. Consider it a housewarming present," he said and he put his arm around me. 

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