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    "And watch the road, drive carefully."

    "I will, Mom. I always do."

    "And look after your brother."

    "He's old enough to look after himself."

    "Kayden is younger than you, and as such–"

    "It's my responsibility to keep an eye out on him. Okay, okay, can we go now?"

    "What time will you boys be back?"

    "I dunno, but it might be late. Don't wait up."

    "Call us if there's an emergency, no matter what time it is."

    "Sure, yup. All done?"

    "C'mere," my mother said and pulled me in for a hug. I rolled my eyes and hugged her back in an effort to get this over with as soon as possible. As soon as we were done exchanging affection, I ran to my little brother Kayden's room.

    "You ready, twerp?" I burst into his room without knocking to witness the funniest scene: Kayden in his underwear, flexing his barely-existent muscles in the mirror.

    "Preston, don't you know how to fucking knock?!" my brother shouted at me, quickly moving away from the mirror and reaching for a T-shirt.

    "Oooh, baby's learned a new word. Don't let Mom hear you swearing, or she's not gonna let you go to Pedro's."

    Pedro Hernández's parents were away for the weekend, and he was throwing a HUGE party at his house. Of course, our folks didn't know that; they just thought we were going over to his place to play video games. Most parents would be suspicious, but my brother and I were "good kids" and rarely gave them a reason for concern. The way I looked at it, this was a harmless white lie. I had no intention of drinking at the party – I was driving after all – and Kayden was even less likely to do anything irresponsible. 

    My brother was only a year younger than me but I often rubbed it in his face, calling him a "baby" and shit like that. He was a bit shorter than me and much skinnier – which is why it was so funny to catch him flexing in the mirror when there was nothing there. I was quite chubby so we didn't look too much alike; many people at school didn't even know we were brothers. 

    We lived in a small town in New Hampshire where a house party like Pedro's was considered the "event of the season." Even though it was early November, it was already freezing out. After Kayden got dressed, he and I ran to my car in the driveway, shielding ourselves from the bitterly cold wind. As soon as I was behind the wheel, I felt a rush of adrenaline and a sense of freedom was over me. Even though I'd had my license for a few months now, the novelty still hadn't worn out. My parents were even nice enough to get me my own car – under the condition that Kayden and I share when he gets his license next year.

    "Sit in the back," I told my brother. "We're picking up Seth."

    "Why doesn't he sit in the back?" Kayden protested.

    "Because. I'm the driver and I decide who sits where," I insisted.

    Seth was my boyfriend of a little under a year. We'd met at school last year when I was a freshman and he was a sophomore. We'd already exchanged "I love yous" and we had exciting plans about our future together. Neither of us wanted to go to college ("A lifetime of debt? No thank you," said Seth) – instead we aimed to save our money and start a small business. We were both good with our hands and we enjoyed working with wood specifically. I carved little objects and I was getting better and better by the week, producing some intricate detailing by now. Seth helped his dad manufacture furniture in his workshop, and I intended on joining them soon and learning from them as well.

    Of course, Seth and I had our differences as well. He was my first boyfriend, but he'd already had three boyfriends before me (an impressive feat in a sparsely populated area like ours). He was a year older, and that was intimidating at times. I know adults don't care about that – my mom was seven years older than my dad – but in high school a year's difference can feel huge. Although we made out all the time, we'd never had sex yet and it wasn't for lack of Seth trying. I just didn't feel ready just yet so we limited ourselves to handjobs (although, to be fair, there were a lot of handjobs in the past year).

    "Hey Seth!" my little brother greeted my boyfriend from the backseat as we picked Seth up from his house, who came to sit next to me and gave me a kiss. "Did your father not let you borrow his car tonight?"

    "No, he did. It's just, carpooling is good for the environment and all that," Seth said.

    "Aha, yeah right. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact you plan on getting shitfaced tonight and you don't wanna drive," I smirked at Seth.

    "I'm not gonna get shitfaced, baby," Seth replied, his left hand on the back of my neck, playing with a strand of my hair. "Besides, I love driving around with you."

    Since we were still parked in his driveway, Seth leaned over and gave me a kiss, placing his right hand on my right thigh and sliding it higher as we made out, almost reaching my crotch.

    "Can you guys do that when we get to Pedro's?" my brother protested from the back seat. "Can we get going already?"

    I started driving, which was a bit more challenging now that I had a raging boner in my tight jeans after making out with my boyfriend. Seth spotted my hard cock and winked at me, grabbing my crotch for a second and giving my boner a quick, playful squeeze.

     When we got to Pedro's house, the party was already in full swing. It really was the event of the season; it felt even bigger than our school's homecoming but that was probably because everyone was drunk and the music was explicit. Although the house had a nice backyard and a large pool, everyone was confined indoors due to the cold weather. Even the weed smokers were allowed to smoke by the window so they wouldn't need to go out.

    As per usual, Seth and I were the only gay couple around, but this wasn't an issue. Although I could tell some kids at our school were homophobic, they knew better than to be open about it and as long as they stayed out of my way I didn't fucking care. 

    Seth gave me another long kiss and he went to get rid of the bottle of vodka which he'd brought along. He placed it by the rest of the booze over on a makeshift bar, and he helped himself to some spiked punch.

    "Hey Preston… Do you think I should have a drink?" my brother suddenly asked me, almost bashfully.

    "Are you asking me for permission? I dunno, man, do what you want."

    "I wasn't asking for permission, I was just asking if you think I should do it," Kayden rolled his eyes and started to walk away.

    After a second, I realized I was being a dick. I mean, it was actually really sweet for my little brother to check in with me before having as much as a beer.

    "Hey, Kayden," I yelled after him and I approached him. "Listen, if you wanna drink and you end up getting drunk… don't worry about it, okay? I'll look after you and make sure you make it home alright without Mom and Dad knowing."

    "Thanks," my brother smiled and he went over to the bar, where he grabbed a beer and struck up a conversation with a freshman girl he knew. By the way she laughed she seemed to be into him, and I wondered if my brother was trying to hit on her. Kayden had never had a girlfriend that I knew of. Some friends even asked me if he might be gay, but I think that was only because Kayden wasn't very "butch" and he preferred to be quiet and tidy rather than act like the football players who were currently raucously shotgunning beers in the living room. 

    Over the next couple of hours, most people around me were drunk and/or high off their faces. Seth was tipsy, but he never got drunk. I actually enjoyed the taste of alcohol on his tongue as we kissed – and we did a lot of that! My cock was hard more often than not, and I had to make sure to keep it hidden from everyone. Some of the straight couples at the party were even less discreet than we were.

    "Guys! Pedro is fucking Claudia Lewinsky in his parents' bedroom!" a junior who I didn't even know came to inform all of us on the couches in the living room.

    Poor Claudia Ledinski had an unfortunately similar name and was the only reason kids at my school even knew who Monica Lewinsky was. It didn't help that Claudia was quite… sexually liberal as well. According to the rumors, she'd been giving blowjobs since the seventh grade, although whether that was true or just mean gossip I have no idea.

    "They're doing it in his parents' bed?! That's gross!" a girl from my history class commented.

    "Come see! They're doing it with the door cracked open and some people are spying on them," the junior boy added and went back up the stairs. A few other people – mostly guys – ran after him.

    "Maybe we should find a room as well," Seth whispered in my ear, placing his hand on my hard cock for a second, which I had to swat away before anyone noticed. For a while I actually considered going with him to the bathroom and jerking him off, but when I went to take a piss I realized there was a non-stop line of people waiting to use the bathroom, so we wouldn't be able to do it without others noticing.

    After I was done with my piss, I went to look for my brother and found him in the kitchen talking to a few friends of his. They all seemed drunk but they weren't too bad considering everything else going on. I had a soda with them and then rejoined Seth in the living room, where we continued sucking faces for over an hour.

    Around midnight, I decided it was time to leave. Some of my friends had already left and the party was getting a bit rowdy, which was annoying for a sober person like me. There were rumors of several couples fucking upstairs but I had no intention on "spying" on any of them… even if a part of me did think it was hot.

    It wasn't difficult to talk Seth and Kayden into leaving with me. The more difficult part was actually getting Kayden to the car. My brother had gotten more drunk than I realized, and he passed out as soon as he sat down in the backseat.

    "That's gonna be fun, dragging him to bed when we get home. At least he's skinny, I might be able to carry him," I said to Seth, who was rosy in the face after drinking. He and I made out for a few minutes (leading to another boner) and I started the car, heading to Seth's house first.

    "Pull over here," Seth said when we were halfway to his place.

    "Why? Are you gonna be sick?" I asked, freaking out for a moment. I immediately pulled over on the side of the road, even though we were in the middle of nowhere.

    "Nah baby, I'm not gonna be sick. I just wanted to give you a kiss," Seth said, leaning over the make out with me some more. As eager as I was to get home, of course I was down for more making out with my boyfriend. 

    "Mmm," Seth moaned, rubbing his hand against my rock-hard dick. I decided to return the favor and I reached for his crotch as well, feeling up his bulge to see he was just as hard as I was. I groped and squeezed his prick as our tongues kept darting back and forth in each other's mouths. "Mmm, fuck, baby, that's good. Fuck!" my boyfriend moaned louder and louder.

    "Shhh, you're gonna wake Kayden up," I said, nodding to my brother in the back seat. 

    "Nah, he's blacked out. There's no waking him up tonight," Seth said, placing his thumb and index finger on my zipper and attempting to pull it down.

    "What're you doing?!" I asked.

    "C'mon. Your brother's asleep, we're in the middle of nowhere. Let's have some fun. What do you say?" Seth whispered while kissing me.

    The truth was that I was just as horny as he was. I decided to answer his question by pulling on his zipper first, extracting his hard dick from its denim prison. 

    "Ahhh, yes baby. Fuck, I love you," my boyfriend moaned as I wrapped my right fist around his boner and started pumping up and down. The first time I'd given Seth a handjob was in the locker room at school last year, when it was just the two of us there.  We knew what we were doing was risky as fuck, but that just added to the excitement. Even now, having Kayden in the backseat kinda titillated me, even though he was passed out. I mean, if Pedro Hernández and Claudia Ledinski could have sex in his parents bed with the door open and half the school watching them, this wasn't even that bad in comparison.

    As soon as I felt my boyfriend's warm precum running between my fingers, I let go of my remaining inhibitions. I let Seth unzip my pants and take out my dick as well. We were now fully jacking each other's teen cocks, going faster and faster by the minute for what must've been at least five minutes. Every now and then, I checked in the rear-view mirror to make sure Kayden was still asleep. The poor guy had his head back and his mouth wide open, saliva dripping down his chin.

    Seth and I still had our seatbelts on. He took his off and then he looked back to check on Kayden, before suddenly leaning down… and taking my boner in his mouth!

    "Whoa!" I said in both surprise and pleasure as my cock entered my boyfriend's wonderfully warm mouth.

    "This okay?" he asked me, taking my dick out of his mouth for a second and then kissing its excited mushroom head, which was pinker than I'd ever seen it.

    "Yeah, that's fine," I nodded, keen on going back inside Seth's mouth. Just like Claudia Ledinski, Seth first sucked his first boyfriend when they were both in the seventh grade. He had years of cocksucking experience over me, and I couldn't believe how good this felt! I mean, I always knew it would feel good, but not this good. Somehow, getting your dick sucked felt nothing like getting a handjob. The pleasure was sooo much more intense, every friggin' second of it! It was so good that I thought I was cumming when I wasn't. It happened several times that I thought I was about to start shooting my jizz, but Seth always knew to stop and slow down, gently stroking my shaft with his hand while nursing on my cockhead, which was gushing with precum straight into my boyfriend's mouth.

    "Fuck, that's good!" I admitted to Seth.

    "It is, isn't it?" he smiled up at me while stroking my cock. "See, I told ya. That's why I couldn't wait for us to start doing this."

    "Fuck!" I closed my eyes and moaned louder than I'd intended to. "I shouldn't have made you wait. We should've done it that very first day in the locker room."

    "Don't worry, we're here now. And we'll be back in the locker room on Monday," Seth winked at me and went back to sucking my cock, this time taking it balls-deep until it was hitting the back of his throat. I'd seen plenty of blowjobs online but I was still unsure how people managed to deep-throat someone. Apparently, it was a talent my boyfriend didn't lack. He buried his nose in my neatly-trimmed pubes and he kept going, faster and harder and deeper. 

    "Oh, fuck. Fuck, baby! I'm gonna cum. Babe, I'm gonna cum!" I warned my boyfriend, wondering if he would pull out. Of course, I should've known better; this was Seth we were talking about. Instead of pulling out, he somehow managed to take my dick even deeper, so when I started cumming I shot it all straight down Seth's gullet. "Fuuuck!" I moaned, unable to contain myself even though my brother was sleeping in the back.

    "Mmm. Yum," my boyfriend finally came back up after swallowing every last drop of my teenage load. He put his lips on mine and we immediately started kissing – our first ever cum-flavored kiss. 

    "Let me do you now," I offered. "But I don't think I'll be as good," I confessed.

    "Don't worry, baby. I love you," Seth kissed me and leaned back in the passenger seat. I unbuckled my belt and went down on Seth, taking his rigid penis – a good inch bigger than mine – in my mouth. 

    The taste of it was… not what I imagined. It wasn't bad, just… different. I always thought it might taste like piss or something, but it didn't. It tasted… good. After only a few moments, I realized: I loved doing this!

    I tried taking as much of my boyfriend's dick in my mouth as possible, but I failed miserably at deep-throating on the first go. I could barely fit half of Seth's member in my mouth. He told me to take it easy, running his fingers through my hair. "Breathe through your nose. Cover your teeth," he offered useful tips and I followed his instructions. Soon, he was leaking copious amounts of precum in my mouth, which was such a fucking turn-on! I lapped it all up, savoring the taste. It motivated me to take even more of his dick, and I was happy to see that with every passing minute I was able to fit more of it in my mouth. 

    "Baby… I wanna fuck your ass," I heard Seth say suddenly.

    "What?" I asked, making sure I'd heard correctly.

    "Ahh. I wanna fuck you," my boyfriend moaned down at me. "Whattaya say? It'll feel even better, I swear."

    This sounded crazy; I did not plan on losing my virginity when I left the house this evening. But Seth had been right about the blowjobs and how good it would feel. More than ever, I was confident that he was right about this as well. I realized: I really wanted to do it with him. Maybe tonight wasn't the best time or place… or maybe it was better since it was so spontaneous.

    "Do we have what we need?" I asked Seth, still stroking his cock as we spoke.

    "I brought some lube," he said, taking a small bottle out of his backpack, "and condoms. But I… haven't been with anyone else in really long and I know you haven't. So if you want..."

    "We can fuck bareback," I finished his sentence, using a word I'd learned online. "I don't know if I'm… clean enough," I confessed.

    "Well it's unplanned, so if anything happens I won't hold it against you. I brought baby wipes just in case as well," Seth smiled at me. Just then I realized how much I loved him.

    I sat back up and looked at my brother in the backseat. Kayden still seemed to be sleeping, although his mouth was now closed and he was no longer drooling. Then, I looked around at the abandoned street we were on. The weather was even colder than before, so there was no way of doing this out of the car without freezing.

    "Let's go!" I said, my short hesitation to an end. Even though I'd just blown a load, I was still horny beyond belief and I wanted to feel Seth's dick inside of my ass.

    "With or without?" he checked, holding up a condom.

    "Without. I wanna feel you bare," I answered.

    "Fuck, baby. You're so hot," my boyfriend replied and gave me the most passionate kiss we'd ever exchanged. We made out like crazy for a good minute or two while he flipped open the lube bottle and started lubing up his big, hard cock. The sound his hand was making while doing up and down his wet tool now made me even hornier, and I couldn't wait to feel his cock inside of me.

    "How're we gonna do this?" I asked, looking around at the restricted space.

    "Get on your knees," he said, and I knelt with my ass facing him. Of course, it would've been much easier doing this in the backseat, but that was currently occupied by a knocked-out Kayden.

    "Let me know if it hurts or something, okay?" Seth said. Then, he got as close to me as possible and I felt his wet tool throbbing between my asscheeks, slightly sticky with both lube and precum. Seth's hand spread open my cheeks and a couple of seconds later…

    "Ahhhh!" I moaned MUCH louder than I'd intended when I felt Seth's cock pushing inside of me.

    "You alright?" he asked.

    "Yes. Keep going," I replied. I tried turning back to make sure I hadn't woken my brother up, but I couldn't get a view of him in the position I was in. "Ahhh, fuck," I moaned a little louder as I felt my boyfriend's engorged cockhead penetrating my tight hole. I'd played a bit with it in the past, shoving a finger or two down there, but I'd never used any toys or phallic vegetables or anything like that on myself. This was a (w)hole new territory.

    However, soon, the pain became negligible. Seth seemed to be moving slow, even though I couldn't see back there so I wasn't sure how much of him was in me. After a minute or so, I definitely felt more and more of his stalk sliding inside of me, filling my ass up. 

    "Halfway there," my boyfriend whispered in my ear, kissing the back of my neck. I could definitely feel him going deeper now, and I… I loved it! Fuck, Seth was right: this was even better than blowjobs. I knew instantly that he and I would be doing this on the daily now, every chance we got.

    "Fuck, there we go!! All in, baby," Seth told me triumphantly, and I felt proud to hear that. Now that I knew that I could take him, I found it even easier to let my hole relax. Pretty sure there was no more pain at all, just the pleasure of getting fucked by the boy I loved.

    "Fuck, baby. Fuck me. Fuck me!" I started panting, my eyes closed and losing myself in the moment. I began bouncing up and down on Seth's hard dick and it felt amazing! Without me even realizing it, my cock was hard again and swinging up and down as I fucked myself on Seth's dick. I wanted to give him a kiss so I craned my head back as far as it would go, which is when I looked in the rear-view mirror and I saw… my brother with his eyes open and his dick out of the fly of his pants.

    Since I was getting my ass fucked by Seth for the first time, it took me a while to focus on anything else and realize what was going on. Kayden was awake?! And he was watching us?! AND jerking himself off while looking?!!

    "Hey buddy," I suddenly heard Seth say. He was obviously talking to my brother – he must've spotted him as well. "Having fun back there?" my boyfriend asked Kayden casually.

    "Mhm," my brother nodded. I couldn't tell if he was still drunk or not, but this all felt so surreal. Kayden might wake up tomorrow and not even remember this, or think it was some sort of drunken dream. Either way, I was enjoying getting fucked WAY TOO much to stop now. Seth didn't seem to have a problem with our audience, and Kayden looked comfortable as well. If they didn't mind – neither did I.

    "Ah, fuck me," I asked Seth, taking his cock balls-deep in my tight hole. Now that we were no longer trying to keep it down, my boyfriend really went to work on my ass, fucking me significantly harder than before. Thankfully, my asshole was used to being penetrated by now, so I managed to take it like a trouper. When I started to feel an even more intense, tingling sensation deep in my ass – deeper than I ever thought possible! – I realized that must be what they called the G-spot. Seth was hitting my prostate with each inward thrust of his powerful cock, right in front of my brother. 

    I'd never seen Kayden's dick hard before, with the exception of the couple of times I saw him sleeping with a morning boner but he was always wearing pajamas or underwear when that happened. I was surprised to see he was bigger than me, maybe even bigger than Seth! Kayden held the hilt of his mighty cock with his left hand while his right hand stroked up and down in rhythmic motions. He looked in my eyes in the mirror, before looking down at my boyfriend's hole splitting my recently-virgin hole in two.

    My own cock was making a mess, dripping precum all over my car as it flung around. I gripped it tightly, feeling indescribable pleasure. Just then, my boyfriend said,

    "Fuck, babe, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum inside you."

    I tried to look back at Seth, but I could turn my head enough to look in the rear-view mirror, where I made eye contact with my brother again. Kayden was jacking his dick even faster now, probably approaching orgasm as well. I had a feeling all three of us might cum at the same time, which was such a hot thought that it pushed me over the edge.

    "AHHH, fuck!" I moaned as I started to shoot my second load of the night all over the window. I felt my asshole clenching as I came, and at first I worried it might be uncomfortable for Seth but just the opposite turned out to be true. Squeezing his cock with my ass muscle made my boyfriend shoot his nut inside of me. I couldn't believe how much teen cum came out of Seth – he must've kept cumming for over a minute, much longer than I did. I could feel it inside my ass and belly, which was such a bizarre and wonderful sensation! It was no surprise that at that very moment, Kayden started to blow his own load in the backseat, pulling up his sweatshirt so his jizz would land on his naked stomach and chest. 

    "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck," Seth panted, giving me my first breeding ever. When he was done, he slowly pulled out of my ass and reached for his backpack.

    "Here," he gave me the wet wipes so I could clean myself up. I used one to clean the window, and then a second one to wipe the cum off my cock and the lube off my ass. Seth's cumload was safe inside me, and I planned on keeping it there.

    "Kayden?" Seth said, offering a baby wipe to my brother. Kayden accepted it and wiped his jizz off his stomach and chest.

    "At least I don't have to carry you to bed," I said to my brother, turning around to make direct eye contact with him now. We both smiled and I started the car, driving us all home with my boyfriend's cum inside my freshly fucked ass.

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