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The Perfect Present


    I woke up that morning to a text from Greg: "Holy shit, are you serious?!! That's INSANE."

    It took me a few moments of sleepy pondering to even understand what he was on about. I read my last message to him and it said "Dad had sex with a guy in LA!! 🍆🏳️‍🌈👨🏽‍🤝‍👨🏼."

    "Fuck, that's right!" I suddenly remembered. I sat up in my childhood bed, thinking back to everything that happened last night. My conversation with Dad after his birthday dinner. His confession about fucking an 18-year-old boy in California. My cum on his face after we were done jerking off...

    "So is he gay now?" Greg's next text said.

    I started typing back.

    "Not sure. He hasn't said and I don't intend to ask him. Way too early for that. But he DID say he'd try it again......"

    Between my legs, my cock was hard as a rock and pulsing underneath the cover. I couldn't tell whether it was morning glory or my reaction to talking about my father's sex life.

    Just as I opened my door to go to the bathroom, I bumped into Dad out in the hallway. It was a Thursday, so I didn't expect to see him home this time of day. I was naked, with my boner pointing forward at 90º. 

    "Morning," Dad smiled at me casually.

    "Hey," I said, rubbing my eyes. "You're not at work?"

    "I took the day off so we can hang out while you're here. I told you last night."

    "I forgot," I yawned. "Last night's a bit hazy." 

    "Yeah, well, hope you're not hungover. I'll go make you some breakfast."

    "Thanks, Dad. You're the best."

    We passed each other in the narrow hallway, neither of us acknowledging my raging boner. In the bathroom, I brushed my teeth while waiting for my cock to go soft so I could finally take a piss. I got dressed and joined my dad in the kitchen, and after a few sips of fresh coffee I felt much better.

    "So, what do you wanna do today?" I asked while chewing the French toast he'd made for me, feeling like a child again.

    "Don't talk with your mouth full. I don't know, what are you in the mood for?"

    "Let's go to German Village," I suggested. 

    "What's there?" my dad wanted to know.

    German Village was one of the city's gayborhoods. Now that Dad was... Gay? Bi? Curious? Queer? What're we calling him? ... I wanted to take him shopping to a place like that, but I also didn't want to be too obvious and rub it in his face.

    "I just haven't been there in a while," I said. "I wanna check it out."

    Less than an hour later, the two of us were walking along South High Street. Unfortunately, the weather was miserable, and not even the rainbow flags hanging from several establishments did much to brighten up the atmosphere. Thinking of what to do, I suddenly got the perfect idea.

    "C'mon," I said, dragging my dad. "I wanna get you a birthday present."

    "But my birthday's over. Plus I told you, save your money, don't get me anything."

    "This won't be that expensive. Come on, I got the perfect thing in mind," I insisted, feeling giddy. I walked fast until we were standing in front of a store with a muscular mannequin in the window, wearing leather shorts and a very revealing tank top.

    "Hiii," the shop assistant greeted us enthusiastically as we made our way in. He looked a couple of years younger than me, and he was wearing the same tank top as the mannequin but in a different color.

    "Hi. Where are your jockstraps?" I asked, and watched my father's eyes go wide.

    "Over here," the boy led us to a wall full of hundreds of jocks. "What size were you looking for?"

    "I don't know. Dad, what size are you, large?"
   If the shop assistant was surprised to hear me say that, he didn't even blink an eye.

    "Umm, I'm not sure," my father stuttered, somewhat shell-shocked to be here. "Probably extra large."

    "Everyone loves an EXTRA large," the boy joked flirtatiously. "What color?"

    "Plain white," I said. After last night's talk of my white jock, I wanted to get my father something similar.

    "There you go," the boy took out five or six pairs and handed them to Dad.

    "I– I can try these on?" he asked, surprised.

    "Yeah. Right over there," the assistant pointed to a fitting room.

    Dad took the underwear and walked zombie-like to the fitting area. Even though he didn't look thrilled to be here, I knew it was only because he was taken aback. I was confident this was the perfect birthday present!

    "By the way, some of the underwear is buy-one-get-one-free," the assistant said to me. "So if you wanted to check something out while your boyfriend's trying his stuff on, feel free."

    "Thanks, I might just do that," I said. "He's not my boyfriend, by the way, he's my father."

    "Oh! I'm sorry," the boy smiled, taking a second to process. "When you said... I just thought..."

    "Nope, he's my full-on dad. No worries. I might try some of these on as well," I said, picking out some size-small jocks for myself and heading to the second of the two fitting rooms.

    "You alright in there, Dad?" I asked over the divider.

    "Yup. Just getting this on."

    "Hold on," I said, putting on a red jock and checking myself out in the mirror in nothing but the jockstrap and socks. I jiggled my asscheeks a couple of times before leaving my fitting room and opening the curtain to Dad's.

    In the small stall, my father stood wearing a white jock and white socks, looking at himself in the mirror. I could see his ass right in front of me, and his front side in the mirror. His chest was covered in salt-and-pepper hair and his bulge looked much bigger than it did in the underwear that he usually wore around the house. I wondered if it was because the jock was just that good, or maybe Dad was currently getting excited.

    "Wow!" I said. It was my turn to feel shell-shocked now.

    I always found my father to be ruggedly handsome, but I never thought of him as a sex object. Now, being with him in what was basically a sex shop, trying on jockstraps together, felt totally new. Whoever used the fitting room earlier had left a pair of leather boots in it. Suddenly, I could see my dad in them, with a harness around his hairy chest and a thick cigar in his mouth. (Quickly, I had to shake those thoughts out of my head. I needed to remind myself that Dad was NOT acquainted with the fetish world the way I was.)

    "You look... You look great," I smiled. By now, the shop assistant was helping a new customer who'd entered the store, and Dad and I were on our own, admiring each other in the sexy underwear. "What do you think?" I asked.

    "I was just thinking about that first time I took you shopping for jockstraps when you were 16," Dad smiled. "I never expected you to return the favor someday."

    "I remember."

    "Maybe I should've brought you to a place like this instead of the department store," he laughed.

    "Oh, don't worry. I had plenty of fun at that department store."

    Dad raised his eyebrows at me, and I just shot him a mischievous wink. Even though my father and I had been getting MUCH closer lately, I still wasn't sure if he was ready to hear about my sexcapades from when I was a teenager, using every chance I could to get away from under his watchful eye and have some naughty fun.

    Dad and I both looked at ourselves and each other in the mirror in front of us, rotating our bodies and analyzing the way we looked in our jocks. Then, I realized I was hearing a familiar voice...

    "It can't be..." I said, and walked out of the fitting room. "Noah?!"

    The new customer who'd entered the store was my high-school best friend! We both let our jaws drop and I went to give him a big hug, which he returned even though I was wearing nothing but a jockstrap with the price tag hanging off it. Noah and I had "experimented" together when we were younger, and he gave my bare ass a few playful smacks as he greeted me.

    I hadn't seen my friend in a couple of years, but we were that kind of good friends where no matter how much time goes by, you always feel like it's barely been a day since you last saw each other. After high school, Noah went to college out of state and I moved to Chicago; but regardless of where life takes us, I will always consider him one of my best friends.

    "What're you doing here?!" I asked, feeling thrilled to see him.

    "I work in the neighborhood. You know I moved back to Columbus after I graduated last year. My office is nearby so I pop by here every now and then. What 'bout you?"
   "It was Dad's birthday last night so I'm taking him shopping," I replied, pointing toward the fitting rooms.

    "Wait, your dad is here?!"

    "Oh, hi Noah!" Dad came out of the stall, still rocking the white jock.

    "WHOA! Hey, Mr. G!" Noah looked positively stunned to see my father like this. "Happy... birthday!"

    "Thanks. Good to see you again."

    "Come," I said and took my friend's hand. "I'm trying on some underwear. Help me pick out what to buy."

    I dragged him to the fitting room, me in a red jock and him in the nicest suit he could afford.

    "So... you and your dad are shopping for jockstraps together now?!" Noah whispered to me when we were alone in my fitting room.

    "Aha," I nodded, grinning.

    "I... I don't know what to say to that. Wow."

    "Wow is right," I agreed. "He looks great in a jock, doesn't he?"

    "He does. And so do you!" my friend admired my body as I pulled down the red jock and took my time putting on another one. By now, I was getting excited and since I hadn't blown a load this morning, my cock was slowly starting to chub up.

    "Thank you. I'm sorry I suck at staying in touch online," I said, pulling on a jockstrap with a particularly small pouch that my cock barely fit in. I checked the tag and realized I'd taken an extra-small by mistake.

    "No worries," my friend said. "You're a big shot all over Chicago and California now, I get it."

    "Ha! I doubt I'd call myself a big shot. But I get around. My boyfriend's over in LA so I go to see him as much as I can. As much as I can afford. What about you? Seeing anyone?"

    "No. You know I had a boyfriend for all of college, but then he decided to move to China to teach English, which I had no interest in. So now I'm just enjoying being a ho, taking every load I can get."

    Just hearing the word "load" was enough to get me almost fully hard within seconds, as horny as I was.

    "You might wanna take those off before you soil them with precum," Noah said with a smirk on his cute face.

    "You're just tryna get me naked and get a load out of me," I said, pulling down the jocks and stroking my rock-hard boner now.

    "Why don't you take a seat?" my buddy suggested and pushed me onto the chair in the fitting room. Next, he loosened his tie and got on his knees, taking my cock inside his mouth in one expert gulp.

    "Fuck!" I sighed in pleasure. "I haven't had a blowjob in WEEKS."

    I made myself comfortable as Noah stroked my shaft and licked my cockhead like a pro. I let out soft moans as the blowjob went on for five minutes. Then, I heard my dad's voice on the other side of the curtain.

    "Eli? Are you ready?" 

    "Not quite, Dad," I said loudly, and then I got a kinky idea. I pulled open the curtain and saw the surprise on my father's face as he looked down at my buddy sucking my cock. Noah was startled by the curtain opening as well, but I pushed his head down onto my lap, until he was gagging on my dick and he just continued sucking.

    "We might need a few more minutes," I said to my dad casually. He was still wearing a jock (a different one, but still white). I looked down at his crotch, and his cock was definitely growing now.

    "Uh, uh... okay," he mumbled, unaware of just how sexy he looked.

    "Everything okay here?" the shop assistant showed up next to my dad as if summoned. I wouldn't be surprised if seeing people getting blowjobs was a common occurrence here, because he didn't seem one bit surprised.

    "Yeah. Sorry, we got dickstracted," I chuckled at my own pun, pointing down at Noah's face bobbing up and down on my cock. He was still working the shaft with his hand and loudly slurping all of the precum I was producing.

    "No problem," the salesboy said. "And who's taking care of Daddy?"

    He looked at my father up and down with lust in his eyes, and I didn't blame him one bit.

    "I'm not sure. Dad?" I asked, watching my father's cock grow enough to start poking out of the white jock. "You in the mood for anything?"

    "Yeah, sure. Ahem," my father cleared his throat, finally finding his confidence. "I'll have what he's having," he nodded in my direction while making eye contact with the cute boy.

    "Gladly," the boy dropped on his knees and reached for my father's bulge. When his low-rise jeans slid down in the back, I noticed that he was also wearing a jock underneath. 

    Two seconds later, my dad's cock was in the boy's mouth. Dad and I made eye contact while getting our dicks sucked simultaneously, and I winked at him as if to say "This is cool, isn't it?"

    Noah really was an expert cocksucker. And as I watched the young shop assistant sucking my father's thick, hairy cock, I got even hornier. I put my hands under Noah's armpits and pulled him up. 

    "C'mere," I said, and made him stand up and lean against the wall. My friend knew what I was after. He unbuckled his belt without needing direction. He pulled down the back of his slacks and I noticed he was going commando today, which was hot to see. He poked his ass out as much as he could, and I spread open his cheeks. I stroked my cock a couple of times, and then placed it next to Noah's hungry hole. I was super wet with saliva and precum by now, so it was very easy sliding inside his asshole.

    "Fuck, look at that!" my dad said with amazement in his voice. He was standing just a couple of feet from us, still getting his cock sucked by the cute boy.

    "Yeah, right? Look at him take it all at once," I said as I slipped my entire cock inside Noah and he barely flinched. "Well-used hole."

    "Not enough. I need more," my buddy moaned. "Breed me."

    "I don't know. What do you think, Dad?" I said as I started to thrust back and forth, speeding up with every thrust. "Do you think I should breed him?"

    "I think you should do what your friend asks you, son," he replied paternally. "If he wants you to cum inside him, then it's only fair."

    Hearing that drew a devilish, shit-eating grin on my face and I looked at my dad, who had an identical expression on his face. Again, I felt like I was looking in Greg's eyes for a second; he was usually the one acting naughty and perverted like this, always pushing the boundaries, always getting as provocatively verbal as he can.

    "I haven't cum since last night," I said, thrusting faster and maintaining eye contact with my dad. "But you know that."

    "I do. But I'm sure you have a nice load for Noah here. You haven't seen each other in a while."

    "I know. And now he's gonna go back to work with my babies in his stomach."

    I fucked even faster, while the shop assistant slurped and sucked my father's cock.

    "What about you, Dad? You gonna shoot down that boy's throat?"

    "Fuck yeah. I'm getting close," he announced.

    "Hold on," I requested, and started to fuck Noah at top speed, finally making him moan out load. I put my hands on his shoulders and piston-fucked him for a couple of minutes, while Dad and I still looked at each other.

    "I'm close. I'm so fucking close. I'm 'bout to blow my load, son. I'm 'bout to– AAAARGH!!" 

    Suddenly, my dad put both hands on the back of the shop assistant's head and pushed him in, making the boy gag. Dad didn't seem to care, as he unloaded down the cocksucker's throat, all the while grimacing and grunting loudly.

    "Fuck yeah, Dad!" I said and it pushed me over the edge. I coated the insides of my best friend's hole with my seed, feeling Noah's hole pulsing around my cock, milking it. We all moaned and swore loudly, my father and I loudest of all.

    Finally, I shot my dad one last wink as I carefully started to pull out of Noah.

    "Careful, now. You're not wearing any underwear. Squeeze that hole shut and keep my kids nice and warm in there," I smacked my buddy's ass as he pulled up his pants.

    Meanwhile, the shop assistant was still sucking the last drops of my father's cum, reluctant to take his dick out of his mouth. Finally, he stood up, and Dad took off the white jocks he was wearing.

    "I think I'll get these," Dad said casually.

    "And I'll get the red ones," I smiled at him. "See, Dad? I told you I had the perfect present in mind."

    A short while later, Dad and I were having lunch at a casual restaurant nearby. Noah wished he could join us but he had to go back to the office, so we made plans to have dinner together instead. 

    At the restaurant, Dad and I were both in a great mood, even though he seemed quite distracted with his phone, something my father wasn't known to do. 

    "Everything okay?" I asked, thinking it might be work.

    "Yeah, fine. It's just... It's that guy in LA. The one I had sex with. Toni."

    "Oh, you guys still in touch?"

    "Yeah, we've been texting. Every day, actually."

    "Wow, Dad. That's... a lot. What kinda texts?"

    "Just conversations about life. He tried initiating other kinds of chats as well, but I'm really not into sexting," he seemed to use that last word reluctantly. 

    "Aha," I nodded. "And is he okay?"

    "I think so. He just said he has a big day ahead of him. I thought he might be talking about an exam, but he said there's something 'big he needs to do.' So I'm just a bit worried about him."

    I found it touching that my father cared so much about this boy, even though they'd only fucked once and hadn't seen each other in months since.

    "Dad... You're a good guy, you know that?" I said and I squeezed his hand, happy to call him my dad.



    "Dad had sex with a guy in LA!! 🍆🏳️‍🌈👨🏽‍🤝‍👨🏼."

    I reread my boyfriend's message over and over again. It'd been a year since I got that waiter in Columbus to suck Isaac's dick, but even after that happened I wasn't sure if Isaac would go on to have more experiences with guys, or if it was just a one-off, instigated by me.

    It was early in the morning in LA, and I wondered what Eli and his dad might be up to as I got ready to go to the office. I was feeling tired today, but at least it was a Thursday and only two days to go until the weekend.

    Just as I was about to leave, I heard my doorbell ring unexpectedly. I opened the door to see a young man, who seemed to be either in his last year of high school or first year of college. He just stood there quietly, looking at my face like he was scared of me.

    "Hello. Can I help you?" I said curtly. I didn't want to be rude, but I needed to leave and I wasn't interested in whatever he was selling.

    "Hel– Hello. Gregory Richards, ri– right?"
   "Yes. And you are?"
   "I was..." – he started fidgeting with his fingers like a nervous child – "I was wondering if you know a María Martínez?" he pronounced the name the Spanish way.

    "Umm, I'm not sure. This is Southern California, that's a pretty popular name round here."

    "No, she doesn't live here. She's from Monterrey. She was visiting family here in 2001."

    "I'm sorry, who is she?" I was getting impatient with this doorstep exchange.

    "Uh, she's my mother. My name's Antonio Martínez, but I go by Toni. And... uhh... I believe that you're my father."

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