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"It was weird to see my son sit on another man's lap when he'd previously only sat on mine."
Isaac meets his 21-year-old son Eli's boyfriend for the first time, and tries to make peace with the fact he's almost his own age. It doesn't help that Eli and Greg don't hide their affection for each other either...

Chapter 1

During the holiday season, Isaac is nervous to meet his son Eli's boyfriend for the first time. Greg is only two years younger than Isaac, and he and Eli don't seem to mind hooking up anywhere... including in front of Eli's father.

Chapter 2

Isaac plans on having a quiet day on his birthday, home alone. That plan is turned upside down when his son's boyfriend shows up at his door unexpectedly; and from there on, it's one surprise after the other for Isaac...

Chapter 3

Eli remembers what it was like growing up with his dad when it was just the two of them. Later, he is thrilled to be reunited with his boyfriend. As the night heats up, Greg has a very special plan and a surprise for Eli.

Chapter 4 |  Illustrated 

Eli is back in Columbus to see his dad. Even though Greg's not there, his presence is unavoidable: Isaac can't get him out of his head both day and night. Alone in his son's room, Isaac gets a text meant for Eli.

Chapter 5 |  Illustrated 

It's Eli's birthday and he's celebrating it with his dad! After an elegant dinner (and a familiar face at the restaurant) Eli starts to wonder if his father is hiding something. The two go to a bar where they pick up a visitor to take back home.

Chapter 6 |  Illustrated 

Isaac comes to Chicago for his first Pride ever, but he's surprised to see his son's boyfriend will be staying together with them in the tiny studio apartment. Greg thinks of a way to get Isaac to show his son just how proud of him he is...

Supporter Exclusive |  Illustrated 

Greg is invited to a work conference in Sydney, Australia, and decides to bring Eli and Isaac along. There, they meet Eric, his husband, and his two dads. What follows is plenty of fatherly and inter-generational fun.

Chapter 7

Eli and Greg spend Thanksgiving with Eli's dad Isaac. After eavesdropping on their nightly fucking, Isaac goes inside his son's room and finds a very special object. Later, Eli has an interesting invitation for his father. 

Chapter 8

Isaac gets ready for a holiday season in California. But first, he gets to spend the night in a hotel room with his son and Greg... a hotel room which only has one bed, that the three men are about to share. 

Chapter 9

Eli is in LA with his father and his boyfriend. The holiday season is well underway, and Eli decides to check in with his dad. Later, the three men settle down in Greg's living room for movie night... and an unexpected movie selection.

Chapter 10

Isaac and Greg talk about Eli's future, and Isaac finds out more about his son's boyfriend's past. On New Year's Eve, Isaac meets up with Toni and has sex with a man for the first time... accompanied by a hot verbal exchange.

Chapter 11

On New Year's Day, Isaac has a conversation with the man he just had sex with. Several months later, Eli is over in Columbus for Isaac's birthday, and the father and son mark the special occasion in a way like no other.

Chapter 12

The day after Isaac's birthday, Eli thinks of the perfect gift for his dad. The father and son go shopping in a store where Isaac's never been before, and bump into an old friend. Meanwhile in LA, something is about to rock Greg's world!

Chapter 13

Isaac and his son Eli are back together in Columbus, where they're joined by Eli's best friend Noah for what turns out to be a very fun day among the three of them. A week later in LA, Isaac learns a secret which rocks his whole world.

Chapter 14

Isaac tries to come to terms with the news about Greg's son. That weekend, the two fathers and two sons all get together at Greg's house for a formal introduction. The night ends on a much less formal note when the men go to bed together…

Chapter 15

Eli celebrates his birthday at a gay club, and Isaac, Greg, and Greg's son are all invited. Later that night, while the two dads are asleep, the two sons get to bond in the living room, discovering just how much they have in common. 

Chapter 16

Greg wakes up on the morning after Eli's birthday and decides to bring his son breakfast in bed. There, he is met with a surprising sight. Later in Greg's bed, he and Eli take things further than they ever have before.

Chapter 17

Toni gets what he wants as he and his dad continue to get close. Even Toni is surprised to see just how close, one day as the two of them hang out by the pool together with Greg's boyfriend Eli, who is as horny as usual.

Chapter 18

Isaac is back in LA. With Father's Day, Pride, and Greg's birthday one right after the other, there is a lot to celebrate. The two father-and-son duos spend a lot of time together, ending with a very unexpected combination in bed.

Chapter 19

After getting fucked by Isaac on Father's Day, Greg spends the summer getting closer with his son Toni. For Toni's birthday, the father and son throw a pool party for two; and before long end up taking off their speedos.

Chapter 20

Isaac is back in LA, and no one is happier to see him there than Toni. The two father-son duos attend Eli's graduation party, where things quickly get steamy… and Isaac gets to dump more than one load that night.

Chapter 21

After a cocktail party with Greg and Toni, Eli and his dad Isaac are left home alone. Feeling tipsy and jovial, they get to reminiscing and talking about some of the steamier moments in their past. And then, the steamiest moment yet takes place.

Chapter 22

Greg and Isaac are having their morning coffee (naked) in the kitchen, when they are joined by Greg's son, who immediately falls into Isaac's arms. Greg keeps his eyes on his son and Isaac, and his hand on his cock…

Chapter 23

Eli picks out his dad's Halloween costume and surprises Isaac with his sexy selection. The two of them attend a Halloween party along with Greg and Toni, where the two father-son duos have fun… all together for the first time.

Chapter 24

Greg is having a hard time focusing at work, thinking about the events of the night before. When he returns home, he gets to say goodbye to Isaac before he leaves LA. And later, Greg and his son cross a new line…

Chapter 25

Encouraged by Eli, Isaac travels to LA for a belated birthday celebration. Eli and Greg take Isaac out to a leather daddy party, where Isaac feels right in his element now. Soon, Eli finds himself sandwiched between his two daddies…

Chapter 26

While spit-roasting Eli at the club, Isaac and Greg decide to switch positions. This leads to Isaac's closest connection with his son, along with plenty of verbal exchange between him and Greg, and a competition between the two daddies.

Chapter 27

When Toni returns from Mexico, he heads to a party at his dad Greg's house, where his parents get to meet for the first time in 19 years. Later, Toni and Greg have some alone time… until they're joined by Isaac for an unexpectedly kinky scenario.

Chapter 28

Greg is awe-struck by how quickly Isaac seems to be making a name for himself in LA. With their two sons in tow, the four men head to an exclusive invitation-only sex club that Isaac has access to. Once there, it's Isaac who calls the shots…

Chapter 29

Eli is impressed and taken aback by his dad Isaac becoming a part of the fetish scene in LA. After Isaac takes the whole crew to a club called The Dungeon, the surprises keep rolling when Greg and Toni switch roles and positions.

Chapter 30

Isaac decides to make a life-altering change that will affect the entire family. He has a heart-to-heart with both Toni and Greg, and after he shares the news with everyone, he ends up in bed with the two of them as well as his horny son.

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