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Your Father Should Be Proud



    "Dad!! Mmm, it's so good to see you!"

    My son gave me an extremely tight hug when I picked him up at airport, as if I'd just returned from war.

    "Whoa, buddy, everything alright?" I laughed.

    "Yeah. I'm just sorry I didn't make it earlier."

    "Don't be silly," I said, as I took his suitcase and started rolling it toward the car. "There's still two days to go before Passover."

    "It's just that one of the bartenders quit, and there were extra shifts to pick up. And I could really use the money, and –"

    "No need to explain yourself," I said, buckling up my seatbelt. "Unless, do you need some money? You know you can always ask me."

    "No, it's fine, Dad. I'm just trying to save up. Everyone already thinks Greg's my sugar daddy, so I gotta prove them wrong," Eli stuck his tongue out as I started driving.

    Ever since I'd met Greg, he seemed to become an inescapable third party in my relationship with my son. Eli seemed fine; he seemed happy. Yet, I couldn't help but worry: how much did he know?

     Not a day went by that I didn't think about what happened on my birthday. If I did some mental gymnastics, I could somehow justify getting my dick sucked right next to Greg. "Oh, it was another guy sucking us"; "He and my son are in and open relationship". But the kiss… There was no way to justify kissing my son's boyfriend with such eagerness and passion. So I wondered: did my boy even know about it? And do I bring it up now?

    Eli arrived the day after my birthday and stayed with me for two days, but I never got the opportunity (or courage) to tell him. He and Greg were having a nice time, and I told myself that I didn't want to get in the way of that.

    As time went by, I realized I just didn't have the chutzpah to do it. Besides, Greg must've told him already, right? He and Eli seemed open and honest with each other. Yes, I'm sure he told him. They probably just had a laugh about it and decided to ignore it. 

    Finally convinced it was better to just ignore everything, the knot in my stomach loosened up. I pulled up in front of the house and my son and I left the car. Greg wasn't here this time, but I could still feel his presence here with us.

    Lately, my son had gotten more confident with his body, or at least less embarrassed about being seen naked. When he was growing up, since it was just us boys in the house, catching a glimpse of each other in just underwear or naked wasn't a huge deal, but we were never the type of people who paraded around nude. 

    Now however, I saw Eli in the buff every single day. He didn't bother covering up first thing in the morning after sleeping naked, or closing the bathroom door when taking a piss. I wondered if it was because he was a grown man now, or if it was all Greg's influence.

    No doubt Greg walked around naked 24/7, flaunting that dick of his. I'm sure I would do the same if my cock were that big. "Stop it!" I scolded myself when I caught myself thinking that way. Yet controlling my thoughts was easier said than done.

    Truth is, I don't even know if Greg was that huge. Not like I had much to compare him to. He was definitely bigger than average, but in the weeks that had passed since I'd seen his dick, I seemed to add an inch to it every time I saw a mental image of it in my head. 

    My daydreaming turned to nighttime dreams, which were even more vivid. Greg walked around with a humongous schlong flopping between his legs, while my son kneeled and begged, "Mmm, yes. Ah, Daddy."

    In my mind, Greg's cock grew until it was as big as his forearm. 

    "You Daddy's little boy?" he asked my son. "Take Daddy's cock."

    I saw my son slobbering over Greg's giant balls, as his dick only continued to grow impossibly big. The verbal exchange between them was made up of things I'd heard them say to each other at my house.

    Then, I realized I was there as well. In my dream, standing on the side, timidly watching them. When Greg noticed me, he smirked and his cock rose even more, as if you say "You wish yours were this big."

    "He likes sucking Daddy's cock," Greg said to me, looking me straight in the eyes as my son tried to swallow his cock. Eli could barely fit the cockhead in his mouth; Greg's dick was too big for him. It was too big for any human being.

    "Do you wanna swallow Daddy's cum?" Greg turned to Eli. "Your real daddy?"

    "No," I begged, shaking my head. Greg snapped his fingers and suddenly my clothes disappeared. 

    He pointed his finger at me. Like a puppy, my son obediently crawled from Greg's gigantic cock to my smaller-than-average penis. I felt embarrassed and inadequate. Eli managed to take all of it in his mouth easily. 

    "Good boy," Greg said, looking me dead in the eyes as my son sucked my cock. I couldn't tell which one of us he was addressing…

    "FUCK!" I woke up with a jolt, as if electrocuted while I was asleep. Looking down, I noticed I'd shot my cum all over myself in the middle of the night again.

    "I'm off! I'll see you in a couple of hours," I heard Eli yell to me in the laundry room, as he shut the front door and left the house.

    That morning, Eli found out a high school friend of his was back in Columbus, and they arranged to meet up. As for me, I decided to spend the day doing chores in an attempt to keep Greg (and last night's dream) off my mind. First on my list was laundry. The first load was done just as Eli left the house.

    I went to his room to drop off the couple of pairs of underwear and socks he'd left to be washed. I folded them neatly and laid them on his bed, just as I heard his laptop chime. I tried to ignore the notifications, but there were quite a few of them and they piqued my curiosity. 

    The computer was open and still unlocked. I moved my finger on the trackpad so the screen wouldn't lock. On it, Eli's messaging app was open. From his phone, Eli was currently texting back and forth with Greg, and the messages were popping up on his computer in real time as well. 

    I started reading from the first message Greg had sent today.

Shot 1.png

    "Oh, fuck!" I thought. Looking down, I realized my son wasn't the only one getting hard. My cock was filling up the boxers I was wearing around the house, and starting to poke out of the leg.

Shot 2.png

    As I read their exchange, my hand wandered between my legs. At first I simply let it rest on my thigh, telling myself that No! I will not be masturbating to my own son sexting with his boyfriend. There was no use in kidding myself, though. Mere seconds later, my fingers were wrapped around the shaft of my cock, stroking it up and down. On a bus nearby, I pictured my son doing the same.

    And then, just as I was starting to feel guilty over what I was doing, Greg did something to make sure I wouldn't stop now: he sent a video!

    With my hand shaking, I clicked to open it full screen.

Untitled_Artwork 13.png

    "Yeah, look at Daddy's big cock, boy," Greg's smooth voice came from the computer. Fuck, he sounded so sensual! He talked like a fucking actor. On screen, I watched my son's boyfriend stroke his boner, precum dripping from its pick mushroom head down its long shaft. 

    Everything about the video made me envious. Greg's huge tool. The expensive watch around his wrist. The elegant furniture in his room. The California sun shinning in. I just wasn't sure if I was envious of him… or my son.

    "Daddy's saving this cock just for you boy," Greg continued and I watched, imagining my son jerking off on the bus just like I was doing right here in his childhood bedroom. "When I see you next, I'm gonna give it to you soooo good. Oh, I'm gonna make you moan and beg for it. I'm gonna spread you tight little boy hole and fuck you until you can't take it no more."

    I followed as my son's boyfriend sped up his stroking and started to grunt aggressively.

    "Fuck, I'll fuck you so good. You'll be shooting your cum up to the ceiling, just like the time we watched the video of your dad and me getting our dicks sucked."

    WHAT?! I almost fell of the chair when I heard that. There was a video of what'd happened on my birthday?! And Greg had shown it to my son?? Eli… Eli had cum watching it?!

    "And you know what?" Greg continued. I was in shock. Yet, the entire time, my fist didn't leave my cock for a second. And the punches just kept on rolling. "Next time we're in Columbus, I'm gonna fuck you in your father's bed."

    FUCK! For some goddamn reason, I almost came hearing that. 

    The video ended, giving me a chance to catch my breath. Not that I could do that no matter how hard I tried. I was too fucking horny and amazed.

    Just then, my son sent an audio note to the chat. I pressed play to listen to it.


    "You can fuck me anywhere you want, Daddy," my son whispered in his phone, the noise of the bus in the background. "You can fuck me in my father's bed. You can fuck me in front of him, I don't care. Whatever you say, Daddy, I'll do."

    I tried to swallow, almost choking on my own saliva as I heard my son say this.

    To top it all off, another video from Greg popped up shortly.

    "Oh, I'll fuck you in his bed alright," Greg continued to beat his meat, harder and bigger by the second. "I'll fuck you there so he can feel your sweat and my cum when he goes to sleep. So he'll know what a fucking shameless slut his boy is. You Daddy's slut, boy?"

    Another voice note from my son. 

    "Yes, Daddy! I'm your slut. I'll do anything you tell me. Fuck, I love you."

    "I love you too, baby boy. Your father should be proud of what a good little cock-hungry slut he raised."

    Ah! Ah! I squirmed. That was it! I couldn't take it anymore. It'd sent me over the edge. With my fist firmly gripping my cock, I started to cum all over my son's desk and his computer. My toes curled, my balls pulsed, and my head rang with all the filthy obscenities said by Greg and Eli. My son… the cock-hungry slut… 

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