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The Men of Stag Meadow Lane is a series of interconnected stories taking place on an idyllic, family-friendly suburban street… but only on the outside.

Behind closed doors, the men of Stag Meadow Lane hide secrets and get to live out their dirties fantasies.

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Chapter 1  Silver & Gold Supporter 

Stag Meadow Lane is an idyllic suburban street… on the outside. Behind closed doors, the men of the Lane get to live out their dirties fantasies. All of the neighbors have secrets they're hiding, including father and son Tom and Henry…

Chapter 2  Silver & Gold Supporter 

Henry is thrilled to have a conversation with his father for the first time in ten years. Tom has an awkward question for his son. Henry reminisces about his 21st birthday, when things between him and his father went from wild to wilder.

Chapter 3  Silver & Gold Supporter 

The men on the Lane meet a mysterious new neighbor. Afterwards, everyone attends Stephen Johnston's birthday party. For Henry, the night takes an unexpected turn when he walks in on his dad in a compromising position. 

Chapter 4  Silver & Gold Supporter 

Tom invites his son Henry to go hiking with him. Unbeknownst to Tom, the two of them end up on a gay cruising ground. Pretty soon, they're joined by a sexy stranger who has his eyes on Henry, and Tom is determined not to be a cock block.

Chapter 5  Silver & Gold Supporter 

Home alone one Sunday, To